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2023.06.01 17:08 Zwix51 Let's talk about Dominance Ice

It's the most popular tank item by far and the first core item of almost every tank build - but is it really worth it???
Looking at the stats, you might think of this item as essential especially against mms reducing their attack speed by a whopping %70, but it is not as simple as it seems.
  1. AOE: Dominance ice's passive only affects nearby enemies and unless ur against fighters/assassins which rely on attack speed/lifesteal (Zilong, Thamus etc.) it is completely useless against the opponent's mm unless ur a tank which can infiltrate backlines extremely well such as Khufra or Atlas. Unless fed, tanks such as grock, hylos and lolita are unable to approach mms, especially in higher ranks without being melted. That's why imo dominance ice is not as important as many make it out to be.
  2. Alternatives: There are imo many other alternative items which tanks can build which would benefit them more (immort, blade, athena's etc.) especially immort which essentially allows the tank to do suicidal plays w/o dying esp under turret. Thus immort may be a far better first core item over dom.
  3. Stats: Ignoring the additional mana and mov speed which barely affects tanks, dom ice provides 70 def which pales to the likes of blade armour's 90 def and antique's 920 hp anf 54 def
Overall: Apart from niche tankd such as Khufra and Atlas, dom ice may not be as important as a must have item, and could instead be a more niche item to be built situationally against certain types of heroes.
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2023.06.01 17:07 FantasticalThinker Leaving my alcoholic abuser

I’m scared, angry, and just so hurt right now. I’m in my hometown, 1,800 miles away, visiting my parents/family. I told my husband recently that I’ve been having a hard time explaining to the kids (5f & 4m) that we have to go back, they don’t want to go back. He pretty much said that’s fine, he’s not going to make us come back if we don’t want to. The way he said it was just so cold, like he was so ready for it? Like it was so easy. Zero sadness, no regret, remorse or anything.
I feel like an idiot because we had been separated before. Almost 2 years, I lived with my parents and decided to upend all of that to give us another shot. He told me his habits had changed, that he would limit his drinking. We have been back together 9 months. Nothing changed, things got worse actually. I realize now that I made the choice to return out of fear. Mainly afraid of our kids not having him in their day to day life, that they would miss him for certain milestones—kindergarten, birthdays, etc. I was also terrified of him having custody—long distance visitation without me.
I realize now we are so much better off without him in our day to day life. The chaos an alcoholic brings is so destructive, emotionally/mentally, physically. I now have the peace of knowing, which I didn’t have before. I know that must sound odd but our initial separation was not planned. He lost his job, we were almost homeless with 2 very young children. So I stayed with family, it took him almost a year to get a home, it was a weird time. This time is different, this time there is no doubt. The problem is not with where we live or what his job is, the problem is his substance abuse, his inability to regulate his emotions with anything other than drinking.
After he told me that we don’t have to come back. I told him I need to whether I want to or not, there are things I need to gather. He told me I also need to rehome “my” dogs because he cannot care for them and work full time. They were originally my dogs, I rescued them before I met him. However, years ago I wanted to rehome them when my second was born as I was having a really hard time caring for them in our 3rd floor apartment. He told me he would divorce me if I did that, and that I would be a terrible mother if I would be willing to give up our dogs. Yet here I am, having to rehome them now that they are older. So heartbroken, there is no room with my parents who already have 2 Great Danes one of which is dog aggressive. My border collie has helped me so much the last 9 months, she helped me through a couple of panic attacks. She would just lay across my chest until I calmed down, and she’s not much of a cuddler so I know that was her way of helping me. I hate that I will be causing them any insecurity or anxiety. I never imagined I would be taking them back to a shelter.
Anyway, our conversation ended after I told him, “I hope your proud of yourself”, snarky I know. He replied “ditto” and I said, “I am because I tried and you lied”. He hung up on me and told me he was too busy and does not have the capacity to listen to my “degradation and harassment”. I was just speaking the truth, so I guess that says more about him.
If you made it this far, thank you, I needed to say this to someone other than my mom. I love her and am beyond grateful for her support, but sometimes she says things that make me feel worse about my situation.
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2023.06.01 17:06 Tasty-Rutabaga1822 How much should I expect rent to increase?

Been living here for 2 years, rent didnt increase after each 1 year lease in the same apartment.
Lease is up soon and still waiting for a response from property manager. This particular property management company doesn't like to tell you what the new price will be until 30 days out, which is also the minimum time they want to inform them of not renewing. Pretty scummy honestly.
On a fixed income so we need to figure out if we should start looking for other locations ASAP, which we have already been doing.
Anyone have input on how much their rents were raised recently?
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2023.06.01 17:04 captainchippsixx Does filing w/court ever help reduce alimony/child support?

Need advice on way to approach this without using a lawyer if possible. Forgive my spelling please.
I’m in Ma. Divorced 5 yes. Paying alimony/child support that we used a mediator to come to an agreement. I cover 100% medical and dental expenses. We split extra activities. It’s been 4 years and the ex still doesn’t have a Ft job. Kids are in HS.
The problem. Everything is more expensive! It affects us both. But medical expenses are way up my aZz. My pay deductions keep going up and it covers less each year. My employer’s top medical plan costs $9k a year, the next plan is like $3k but $5k deductible! We end up taking them in for everything because she doesn’t pay for anything. My son has some specialists but he seems to be growing out of the issues and sees them yearly.
I make over 100K gross, but after alimony I have about $2500 to live on a month. No vacations and no eating out. No spending. $2500 doesn’t go far in MA. And I still have the kids weeknights, 1/2 weekends, 1/2 holidays etc. I live with my gf but my kids have to share a room (teens) because we can only afford a 2 bedroom for $2500 a month. Not much in retirement and no college savings. The only big asset is the house, which we won’t see money till we sell it- but it should net me $150k. But alas college will eat that up.
Is it worth it to file with the courts for an adjustment in court to reduce alimony/child support? Do they use any sort of % max percentage of income to go by or other metrics?
Also part of the agreement was that I get the tax deduction. MA eliminated the deduction so now I get screwed on taxes. Instead of a good refund I received just enough to pay the tax preparer.
Side note- ex has been trying to ask me off the deed of house, but I’m still on the loan so I have refused. She has not taken me off her vehicle loan as well. She also wants to remove cohabitation agreement and extend alimony/ child support for kids from 23-24. I said no. I have tried to transfer her share of assets from retirement but she is an idiot and can’t do the paperwork. It’s about $10k. I had already transferred her 50% of my mom’s inheritance which she burned though. Like $10k.
Any thoughts on how you would approach the tax situation? Should I negotiate to keep the $10 k for the tax change otherwise go to court? She will probably want more like the Cohab (So she can rent a room) and the increase age alimony. But the tax situation is going to cost me well over $10k the next 5 years.
Sorry I’m all over the place. As I think a lot of divorced guys do, dealing with the $$$, unfulfilling job, normal kids steer, college, retirement and so Much more. Argh! But I get up everyday and work at it.
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2023.06.01 17:04 MrDepresseo That was the sweetest revenge on a 6 team evr

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2023.06.01 17:03 bit4989 💯신뢰의 바이낸스 차트.

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2023.06.01 17:01 HecklerK Why aren't these comic makers fixing the game? We still have desync and I can't run streets

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2023.06.01 17:01 DarthVedik Consumed by Darkness

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2023.06.01 16:59 simplyfitmom Asking for tips on Finding an Apt on the Gold Coast (positive and helpful comments only please ☺️)

Hey everyone! My husband and I are going to be starting our search for a 1-2 bedroom apartment on the Gold Coast close to the beach between Coolangata and Broadbeach in August and would love any tips and advice you have to help us secure one.
We already have the basics covered, good rental references, pay slips, making a decent amount at our jobs to cover rent, excellent cover letters, etc.
However, we are excellent tenants and would love any tips from people who have recently secured rentals in the areas we are looking to live (close to the beach between Coolangata and Broadbeach) as to how you secured your apartments and how you stood out.
Looking forward to hearing from you all! 💕
P.S. again positive and helpful comments only please. Any unhelpful/negative comments will be ignored
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2023.06.01 16:59 Striking-Scientist46 Apartment Help

Hey guys, I am looking for an apartment right now coming from a house in downtown. I need some help finding something downtown or in mt p.
I need a two bedroom with a balcony and lots of storage, really just looking for something under $3000 that doesnt feel like a college apartment. Let me know if you have any good ideas, this is kind of an urgent move.
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2023.06.01 16:58 georgex7 Why I Quit Dating Apps

I tried using Tinder as well other dating apps, but I gave them up because of the reasons I detail below. I am not writing this from a supercilious place--I have friends and family who have found long-lasting love off of the apps--but only as a document of my experience. I hope you enjoy it. (You can also read it here for better formatting.)
I met Anna atop a toilet seat. You see, I met Anna on Tinder, when I was atop a toilet seat. Anna was the first girl I ever met atop a toilet seat. She was a Swedish girl who stood a self-reported five-foot-five. She had cold crystal blue eyes and blonde hair that fell in waves past her shoulders. Evidently, she had been surfing—though she was still learning—and liked dogs. She also seemed to like tight black dresses that emphasized her dimensions. I was an Indian-American boy who stood a slightly fabricated five-foot-eleven. I had bright green eyes and brown hair that curled above my ears. Evidently, I had several friends and liked poetry. I also liked tight black dresses and attractive Swedish girls, but I only implicitly revealed this information. Likely, it became explicit soon after, although I cannot remember exactly what I said to her because I felt nothing when I said it. However, I do remember that our conversation was both brief and curt: some chatter and then a sporadic series of “where are you?”s. § Two hours later, we were together. I met her by Union Square’s subway steps on a warm October night. She had her phone in her hand and was wearing a tight black dress and black boots that came up to her knees. “I thought you would be taller,” she said. “Thanks,” I replied. We walked five blocks to an apartment party. She had a few drinks and I had more. Ninety minutes later, we took an Uber Pool in the direction of my apartment. To the ire of our driver, she refused to stop fiddling with his music. Three or four times, he scolded her when passion prompted her to turn up Avicii’s latest radio hit. “There are other people in the car,” he said. But Anna really could not help it. Eventually, he gave in and all of us—her up front, me in the back with a couple who did not care for Anna’s fidgety fingers—drove up Tenth Avenue listening to electronic hit after electronic hit. Upstairs, everything proceeded quickly along the expected lines. Once we reached the end of them, I took out a book of TS Eliot poems I had recently purchased. I read her The Waste Land while she checked the quality of her manicure and tried to discern the exact white of my walls (eggshell) and listened to the slight hum of my refrigerator to determine if it was a signal of dilapidation. “I had not thought death,” I continued with ardor growing by the word, “had undone so many—” “Can we go back to bed?” she asked, her lips in a pout, her head cocked to the left. I read the next line to myself—“Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled”—and looked up at her. “Sure,” I said. She left at eight o’clock the next morning in the same dress and heels of the night before. We never saw each other again. We never spoke again. Expected lines. But I do still think of Anna fondly from time-to-time. She was my first and only experience on Tinder. She was the girl who inadvertently showed me that I should never use dating apps, not because the experience was bad, but only because of what constitutes their foundation. § The definition of bravery is the ability to face danger, fear, or difficulty. Before Anna, I had always needed to take a risk with an attractive girl. Anxiety would climb up from my stomach to my throat—sometimes my voice would quaver, sometimes my hands would shake—and I would be full of an atavistic fear that still arises today. I am not alone in that fear. Nearly every man I’ve spoken to is still filled with it—in spite of the eight beers sloshing around his stomach—because of how risky approaching a woman was in tribal times. Not only could rejection lead to a social ostracization that would make it harder to mate in the future, but the very act of talking to a taken woman could lead to a caveman depositing a rock on your head. Despite the irrationality of the fear in today’s context, most men still feel the boulder looming, which was the insight that made Tinder successful. With Anna, there was no nervousness to speak of: technology had finally helped our brains catch up with the abundance of modern society. I could not feel rejection from her because of the application’s design: had Anna not responded, it would have been another. Tinder showed me that there was a sea of Annas, all accessible as long as you were equipped a well-tuned profile and a sinewy thumb up to the challenge. Dating apps are similar to other modern “innovations” from the junk food that plays on our desire for the once-scarce sugar to the social media platforms that play on our craving for social validation and acceptance. Though there are certainly positives to these technologies, the removal of evolutionarily-coded frictions often has adverse consequences. Now, we die of obesity not starvation. Now, we feel alone despite having thousands of followers. Since the advent of the internet, we’ve learned that it is easy to hijack our lizard brains, but it is not easy to do so satisfactorily without insidious effects. When technology makes pleasure more accessible or discomfort less painful, the negatives often flow from one place to another. By removing much of the traditionally-required courage from dating, Tinder has made us weaker because bravery—like any other muscle—atrophies when one does not exercise it regularly. Avoiding opportunities to develop courage is a terrible idea. Bravery is more important than other qualities of body and mind because it is the cornerstone of a well-lived life. Courage enables us to uphold other virtues, and it is the defining factor of potential: much of the difference between what your life is and what it could be comes down to your valor in trying moments. But all forms of modern technology make it easy to live a life that is entirely uncourageous, and it is no coincidence that we’ve reached the nadir of our collective heroism. Societies break down when courage is winnowed out of them—should we be surprised that our world is in pieces? § The definition of romance is a feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life—an explanation so reductive that it is useless. Romance, like many sensitive emotions, can only be understood through experience. Unfortunately, dating apps in tandem with modern culture and technology are making it more and more inaccessible—not only in sexual relationships, but in all aspects of life. In the past, young adults went out to hear live music that played with their heartstrings—now it’s grinding to the Blue Remix. In the past, we stopped strangers to ask directions—now it’s Google Maps. In the past, we stumbled into small alluring restaurants—now it’s DoorDash. Our distaste for immersing ourselves in the intricacies of life does not stop there. Dating—once the nucleus of the romantic experience—has been reduced to one million faceless faces; countless one-night stands under the guise of sexual empowerment; calculated dating decisions based on curated photographs and physical dimensions; the quota of flirtation before the bedroom. As romance can still exist after the first encounter, perhaps it is possible to design a dating app that encourages it as Keeper is attempting to; yet in their current iteration nearly all of them are training us that sex without connection is the expectation, not the exception1. For a platform to successfully regain what we’ve lost, they must not only open us to emotion and train us out of our societal fetish for “body counts” the length of laundry lists, but also curate experiences that send butterflies fluttering with the same passion that used to be found in the Ritz Bar. Until that day—if it ever comes—Hinge, Tinder, Bumble and the like will continue to be partially responsible for the death of romance, a genocide we must take seriously as it is one of the core reasons to live. Without romance there is less love, regret, remorse, happiness—at times exhilarating, at times painful—but always bringing us in deeper connection with the feelings that make us human. Today we are moving towards a world where many of us only have a seed of this spirit inside of them, locked up in a solitary walled garden, nearly impossible to reach. § Bravery and romance are forces that are too strong to be wiped out at once. Instead, they will die the death of one trillion cuts. Every swipe is a cut. Every one-night stand without a trace of connection is a cut. Dating apps are responsible for billions of them.
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2023.06.01 16:58 alexxozo Long term memory for LMM

I am a SWE and I changed teams recently so I don't have full context of everything happening in the new team.
During one of the meetings, I noticed that one of the most senior members of the team (which also spent the most time there) was able to remember and bring up topics about the logic of the code and multiple dependencies we have with other teams, how because of some blocker we decided to do this or that and so on.

In summary, apart from the technical skill, she has lots of context that is crucial for the role. Now, LMM are already quite good on the knowledge part, but how about keeping context / having memory during query phase. I understand that most models are not able to have a long term memory in chats and they start hallucinating after a while.

So I was thinking about these 2 questions, would be interesting to get your input:
  1. What is the progress in this sense? Do you know if there are solutions for it?
  2. Do you think this is the missing piece to LMM really be able to replace highly skilled workers?
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2023.06.01 16:55 br0ckh4mpton Got the Keys, and had a breakdown

Hi there FTHB!
My fiancé and I have been working hard to accomplish our goal of buying our first home. We had a set budget, and knew we wouldn’t be getting a move in ready home. Where we live you can drive for up to 2 hours before house prices come down into a really respectable level for something that’s in good shape, but in our ignorance we thought we found the perfect starter home. To begin I felt that the price was a little too high BUT the house on the surface looked like it was recently renovated to a decent standard.
We got an inspection done, the guy was great, knowledgeable, and also LOVED the house. There were a few red flags but mostly reserved to poor workmanship on trim, the drywall had some not great patch jobs but hey, we aren’t all perfect right? Well now that we actually have the keys, the state of the house in terms of some level of neglect and cleanliness are really coming to a head. We are already getting the main washroom, but so many other things are popping up that are ugly and could be remediated but are not absolutely necessary.
The door jambs (front and rear) look like a dog lived between them for 10 years (fur, slobber, dirt) cleaning helped a bit, but the weather stripping is shot on both, will need to be replaced, the screen doors look like crap, I’ve already found 2 “vents” in the main floor that are not actually vents but holes into the floor joists with covers. The upstairs bedrooms each have 1 vent with VERY little airflow. The finished basement may have some underlying issues that were not obvious at first and we will have to take up all of the carpet more than likely.
My question to this sub is, where do we draw the line? How do I decide when to stop sinking money into these issues (I haven’t even started talking about the exterior and the absolute crapshoot the front and rear yards/decks are).
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2023.06.01 16:55 LieutenantSorilius Dumb question about breast growth

I've been on E for slightly over 1 year now (sick). Apart from the first four months or so, I barely feel them anymore, which worries me because people keep saying how their breasts hurt at the slightest touch. It also doesn't seem like they're growing quite as much.
One thing that might contribute is that I'm trying to lose weight (in part due to surgery requirements) and that the lack of things being eaten might play some part in it. I also know that breast growth generally stops completely after 2-5 years.
So here's the dumb question: if eating and gaining fat in that area is important for the eventual size, is that limited to the ~5 year window? As in, am I making a mistake to lose weight now, and would I be better off actively eating less in a few years, lest I risk permanently stunting my breast growth?
Hope that makes sense.
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2023.06.01 16:54 ashlaiz Which apartment do I choose?

So sorry, this might be kind of all over the place. Also sorry for formatting, on mobile.
Currently live in a 1bdrm basement that has a mold infestation and is effecting my health. It’s currently an hour from my friends/family, and 20 mins to work.
I have two options for apartments and would like some input if possible please.
Both apartments are 2bdrm just FYI. These are also the cheapest apartments I could find (I live in NYS).
Apartment 1: $1500/mo + electric. $750 realtor fee. 30 mins (when there’s no traffic) to friends/family, 45-50 mins to work, I only go in 3x a week and can carpool so I only have to actually drive maybe 1x a week which will save me money on gas. Not as nice as apartment 2, but still nice. 2nd floor, above a gun store.
Apartment 2: $1800/mo + electric (my dad has offered to give me $200/mo towards it). Have to pay for PO Box which will be $250/yr. No realtor fee. Landlady is awesome. Beautiful apartment. 5-10 mins to friends/family, who I like to see frequently. 50-60 mins to work, won’t be able to carpool. 3rd (top) floor, above a bunch of tenants.
I make $70k/yr for reference. I really want to save money to travel and buy a house, but seeing my friends and family is important to me too.
Off of those facts, which do you think is best?
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2023.06.01 16:52 Choice_Caramel3182 Can customers see if we rate them thumbs down?

I rated an order a thumbs down (my second only ever thumbs down), and straight up said a $2 tip is not enough to carry 6 gallons of water and a few cases of soda up 3 flights of stairs. The area i delivered to typically doesn’t have apartments, so I didn’t expect this (new build apartments just opened). They were also rude AF over chat.
I now have a 1 star with no reason (no order issues, communication issues, etc.) So could the customer have seen my note and rating?
Also, I think giving less than 5 stars without a reason shouldn’t be allowed. I’ve had this happen a couple times over the past year and it’s infuriating, as I’m always fast, friendly, and communicative. So I’d like feedback on what they think I’ve done wrong (especially when they don’t even decrease the tip?!)
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2023.06.01 16:48 monk_parakeet In honor of Pride Month I present...my (updated) queer VHS collection

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2023.06.01 16:47 Clear-Star3753 Boyfriend (31M) has a hard time talking about feelings. He broke up with me (30F) but I think it was out of fear, not because he wanted to break up.

I've been with my boyfriend a little under a year officially. Including all the time we've been hanging out, it's been 1.6 years.
When he broke up with me, it was following a fight about him working late hours. It was not a horrible fight. I thought we were going to make up. It never crossed my mind that we might be breaking up.
He came to my apartment, told me he wanted to break up, and I told him I did not want to break up but respected his decision. He then did not leave for 8 hours.
He kept standing at my apartment doorway saying he was having trouble getting himself to leave. And then I would say okay let's work these things out. He would talk about things that were upsetting him that I had never heard about before while standing at the doorway crying. He also mentioned he couldn't make me happy/give me what I want. But he does make me happy and give me what I want.
I was mostly upset because I had never heard the things that were upsetting him before and felt I had been given no opportunity to work on them. I did not beg him to stay and often when he would be "stuck" at the door I would say "Okay, if you don't want to work this out please leave." But then he wouldn't. He would sit back down next to me and cry or pace or sit on the floor and continue talking to me.
I was quite distraught but respectful. I was crying, but did not beg for him to stay, and he was crying. He would walk from the door, sit next to me on the couch, and then walk to the door again. He did this many times over 8 hours. He asked to hug me a few times but I told him no because it hurt too much. I told him our relationship is the happiest relationship I have ever been in. He agreed it was too.
I have never had someone linger like this after saying they want to break up or seem so upset and indecisive. They normally leave immediately after and do not respond to any calls or texts (and this is also how I handle leaving someone).
I believe he broke up with me because I had mentioned some things he is not ready for (that I only know now he isnt ready for) because turning 30 put me in a little bit of a crisis, but since this has happened I have come to realize that having a "timeline" of when things should happen doesn't matter to me - I would rather be on the adventure with him and make these decisions together as we go and that much of these things are not dealbreakers for me, I can compromise or they don't matter at all - and I think he thought I wouldn't compromise on them.
But I would.
There were also some things I have been doing that were upsetting him (but they are completely fixable things) he had never brought up to me. I thought he was happy.
He has a very hard time talking about his feelings. He went back to his brother's house after and apparently would not speak at all (I am friends with his brother's girlfriend) and did not tell them what had happened or even that he was upset, etc. He apparently just sat in silence in their living room for the remainder of the evening.
They are extremely confused because they think we are great together and had no idea he felt this way.
I did reach out to him and sent him some texts explaining my feelings. What I am sorry about, how confused I am that he didn't try to speak to me about things, how he didn't seem to want to break up, and that much of what I thought were dealbreakers because of my age were not.
He did respond saying he would read the text messages. We spoke on the phone briefly following that and then again the following night. I asked him if I could ask him some things about the break up and he said yes so I called him.
He was having a lot of trouble speaking about things, said he felt overwhelmed, so I said okay and asked if we could talk in a week. I reiterated we did not need to talk if he didn't want to but I did say I was confused and wanted to try to save the relationship. He said we could talk in a week and that he needed breathing room.
He has always needed space to process his emotions. He's frequently told me he has never shared his feelings with anyone like he does with me and he has always had a hard time saying things (can take him hours).
I don't feel like he wanted this and feel it is temporary (?) I think there were some major miscommunication between us and that he acted rashly and without seeing if I would compromise.
Am I silly to think this might be the case?
TD;LR Boyfriend has hard time getting in touch with his feelings and saying things that are on his mind - I think he broke up with me because he was afraid I wouldn't compromise not because he actually wanted to end things.
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2023.06.01 16:46 AE_Phoenix Played 3 games of new Rell today. Support, Top, Jungle.

Just worse. Passive not stacking off minions makes your engage so squishy. Riot say her combo should be EQW on support, but it just isn't. You cannot land Q before W if the enemies have any semblance of mobility. Movement speed increase on E is nice, but the nerf to it on W2 is painful early. Powerspike shifted from level 2 to level 3 because you can't take Q second if you want to be functional in armoured form on bot. Taking Q first is a no go, you will just be poked. Attack speed buff makes clearing wards not painful now which is nice. Not being able to easily peel for your adc getting jumped sucks.
Ran grasp + precision. Rell is a decent tank duelist now, with a very strong level 1 and 2. Not OP at all, but a decent team oriented pick for sure. I ran heartsteel which makes up for her lack of damage somewhat, especially now that she doesn't have any armour scaling anymore.
Ran DH + sorcery. Slow clear. Even using W and E to get around quickly, very slow clear. It wasn't an optimised clear being my first time on Rell jungle, but still, finished red buff as scuttle was spawning. Movement speed runes and blue smite are pretty much a requirement, but if you have them you have good gank potential, mostly reliant on W2+E to reliably hit ganks against mobile champs. I meant to take Radiant Virtue but forgot the build path changed, so I ended up with a Jaq'sho instead. Still very reliant on other teammates damage. Would try again with aftershock maybe, but the MS from celerity, watermarking and relentless is just too good to pass up.
Misc thoughts:
None of the changes have improved her in support, bar the attack speed increase. You're now very vulnerable to enemy CC on engage. Q is clunkier than old E ever was with its weird movement and stupidly long windup. W is still the best way to engage unless the enemy doesn't have boots or dashes. New is very fun to use, but less useful. The shield break and stun being on the same ability is painful into big shield champs, because you have to choose to save it for the shield or use it to stun. Sett is particularly bad for that. Lack of healing also hurts a lot.
I prefer her old kit. I like the new E, I like the attack speed increase on support specifically, its a bit pointless everywhere else. I like old E better and I don't like the W2 speed reduction. New passive just sucks a bit, especially into burst comps. New Q is just awful and clunky to use. I like the new champion overall, but I don't think that this rework is an improvement.
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2023.06.01 16:46 Randomcanuck8 Now we get Chatgpt to write a murder mystery set here

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2023.06.01 16:45 fancyclownx9 Apartments 1 bd move in asap with 800$

In need of an apartment preferably north okc im 19 no credit or renters history I have 800$ to move in with paper applications would be nice I have no way to put on an online application that I work two jobs and it wont let me past the rental history section in a lot of them anywhere anyone would recommend??
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