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2023.06.04 05:16 MaakuKooru [USA] [H] PS3, DS/3DS, Wii/U, Amiibo, GB, GBC, GBA, etc [W] Paypal

Back again to clear out some more games I haven't played in quite some time, shipping for single games is $4, if you're interested in more than one game we can discuss bundling to save on shipping costs! I can get more detailed pictures upon request if I'm at home, if not I will certainly get it to you as soon as I can.
F&F is preferred, but it's understandable if you want to do G&S. I usually have orders packaged up same day and dropped off with post office if I'm off work (or my lunch break if I can swing it), otherwise drop-off will be next morning.
PS Vita
Wii U
Amiibo (all loose)
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2023.06.04 05:16 hunteroseven I made these wallpapers for my iPhone. Figured I’d put them on here also just in case anyone else liked them.

I made these wallpapers for my iPhone. Figured I’d put them on here also just in case anyone else liked them.
There are named and unnamed wallpapers here. I obviously didn’t do all of the fighters, but if you would like me to make one for a character not already done I would not mind.
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2023.06.04 05:11 stealthepixels Strong web browsing privacy: proxy + 2VMs!

Goal/Threat model

To navigate while hiding your IP and real identity, by using proxies like Tor or i2p, while minimizing the risk that a browser exploit may leak your IP or identity (e.g. by contacting the attacker bypassing the proxy)


Usually people just use Tor, or other browser with a proxy, from their host, and that's it. That is risky IMO , especially if javascript is enabled, since a malicious site/eepsite can inject malware into the machine, that can leak the user IP by contacting the attacker, and/or can send OSF info to the attacker.
Some smart user may
- set firewall rules to force the browser to only pass through the proxy
- launch the browser as a unprivileged user, so that even if it gets hacked, it cannot change the firewall rules to bypass the proxy (okay, unless the vulnerability allows privilege escalation, but that's lower chance)
Still not safe. Even as a unprivileged user, it can still read the host NIC MAC address, which is also known by the ISP (most ISPs must log the MAC addresses as well, by law. Source
If the attacker is state-level, it may obtain the MAC by the ISP, associated with the user identity (pwned).

My solution

I would have 2 nested VMs
- the outer one running Tor or i2p, or some other proxy server (and having some firewall rules to force the inner VM to only connect through proxy of the outer VM)
- the inner one, which i use for browsing, will have bridged networking, to be able to reach the proxy (bridged mode solves this because it puts in the same subnet a VM and its host, in this case the inner VM and its host which is the outer VM)
This has pros and cons


The resources for running 2 nested VMs. Not a big deal, just have a middle tier PC.


Better security. I may run both the outer and the inner VM as an unpriviledged user, so even if a browser exploit is able to escape the inner VM, it will have a hard time trying to escape the outer one.
I may uninstall as many software as i can from the outer VM, to lower the chance of the malware running further programs that can have VM escape vulnerabilities (like a browser) that may help with escaping the outer VM to go to the host.
And of course being unprivileged it cannot install any other software, nor can it change firewall rules. (Unless it is able to escalate privileges, which is less likely).
And about the MAC address issue, it will be no more, since the outer VM would be in NAT mode, which prevents its OS to see the real host NIC.
Let me know if you think my solution is a good practice for web browsing privacy, or if you see any flaws or better solutions, thanks!
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2023.06.04 05:00 Monthemod AVOID GETTING SCAMMED

When working with a writer, many will ask that you pay them up front for the work. This is typical and should be expected. However! We recommend not using Cash App, Venmo, Western Union, or BTC due to payments being impossible to reverse specifically through these platforms. Only use the above if you fully trust the writer you work with!
We highly recommend using PayPal to pay for your project! When sending a payment through PayPal for "Goods And Services" your payment is protected by PayPal in the case that you get scammed or receive work that doesn't match what you ordered! All that you need to do is file a dispute under that payment and provide evidence to their dispute team!
Some have mentioned that Venmo is backed by PayPal. While this may be true, their platform doesn't allow senders to protect their payments.
For those who may not feel comfortable paying in full, contact your writer and request if you can pay as you go! For example: If you have a $60 four page assignment, pay the freelancer 25% ($15) upfront for the first page. Once they turn the first page in, pay another $15 upfront for the second page. And so on and so forth until the project is complete!
Never reveal your name, birth day, social security, home address, phone number, or any piece of info that can expose you!
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2023.06.04 04:54 gliese1337 A phonology for symmetrical rimes

In a hierarchical analysis of syllable structure, nuclei and codas are more closely associated than nuclei and onsets, leading to the creation of rimes (or rhymes). Suppose they were so closely associated as to be completely symmetrical, such that the set of all possible nuclei is the set of all possible codas; what would that look like?
One possibility is just a slightly weird analysis of strict CV syllables with long and short vowels and diphthongs, like Hawaiian. But if the set of possible nuclei includes syllabic consonants, things look a little more interesting.
So, consider the following phonemic inventory, divided not into consonants and vowels, but into onsets and rimes:
Onsets Rimes: p f m w t s n j r k x g q l
( is the velar nasal, and is the pharyngeal approximant.)
Note that in this case I have also maintained some symmetry between the onsets and rimes, but that's not really necessary--it just keeps things simple for the sake of the example.
In coda position, the rimes are all just consonants. But in nuclear position, they take on their syllabic values--which for w, j, and q means being realized as [i], [u], and [a], respectively (and for the rest, you just put a little vertical line under them in IPA).
By putting both a nucleus and a coda into the rime, you get some regular old long vowels and diphthongs (ij, uw, aq, iw, aw, aj, etc.), and some long syllabic consonants, but also some combinations that look like short vowels and coda consonants (/jn/ > [in], /q > [ar], etc.), and some syllabic consonants with other consonants as codas (nm, rl, gw, etc.). It kinda ends up looking like a 3-vowel system on the surface, but there's something completely different going on underneath!
With no other phonotactic constraints, this sketch inventory gives us 72 possible rimes, 48 possible light syllables, and 384 possible heavy syllables. If we make onsets a superset of rimes, then we get 112 light syllables and 896 heavy syllables.
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2023.06.04 04:53 NetwSec Problems with Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi 6 Gaming Router(XR1000)

How can I get an Escalation to Netgear Australia? I have an Issue with an Nighthawk and appart from wanted money from me in the 12-mth-warranty period I get nowhere. Occassionaly I get send a link to a document e.g. updating the Router Firmware or hooking up my external Drive I get no help. I just got 34 min call back from the US as I escalated the case only to be hung up when the technician read the ticket after the supervisoManager put the call through (waited 20 minutes for that)!
Support is nil and bad!
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2023.06.04 04:52 BrightDevelopment202 Spent more or less 10k usd then got banned

I was doing a solo hidden lair yesterday morning then suddenly got boot out of the game telling me that my account was banned for policy violation. I checked my email and saw that my account was for closure due to code of conduct. What the hell is that? I'm so pissed because a few days ago i just bought 2 sets of 7200 orbs and the new bundles. All my purchases were legitimately from apple and google. I never engage in toxic chats and whatsoever. I don't use PC bots or anything because we only play using phone and iPad. They didn't even explain why my account was banned. The only reason I can think of is when my 12 year old daughter posted a silly message in shadow chat months ago (3-4 months i think) that my account was for sale. If that's the case, that's totally crap. Who sell an account but still continue to purchase monhtly battle passes, orbs and bundles? Me, my wife and my daughter play the same character in the account so to to enjoy the reso, secondary stats and max rank gears. We change class every week and take turns playing it on the same devices (phone and iPad). Me as barb, wife as necro and daughter as crusader. I sent two appeal tickets and hope for a favorable reply. If not, I will seek professional legal consultation regarding this and demand a full refund because it's so unfair investing too much time and spending so much money LEGITIMATELY then gets banned just like that without giving any warning or explaination what went wrong.
IGN: Hel Server: Azmodan
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2023.06.04 04:39 Vast-Ad4879 Lost phone on the SkyTrain

Well, it was finally my turn. Had that very relatable moment where I got off the train earlier today, felt around in my pockets to discover my phone was missing, followed quickly by a sinking feeling as I realize it's still on the train just as I watch the doors close and the train pull away. Was even more surprised when I got home and realized that at some point I'd turned off Find my Phone off and never bothered to turn it back on.
I've tried calling but wherever it is no one's picking up. Translink customer service is closed until Monday so while I've filled out their nice form I'll be waiting a couple days for news.
If by all miracles you've found a white iPhone on the Millennium line and you're looking for it's owner: that very likely could be me. And it would sure as all hell make my day if it were the case.
And in the more likely event that it doesn't show: for anyone reading, I highly recommend double checking that you too haven't turned off Find my Phone (or the equivalent on other phones). Also a reminder not to, you know, leave your phone behind.
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2023.06.04 04:35 Bogey247 Do I need to repair broken back glass?

Dropped iPhone 8 Plus on its back with a case and all the back glass is cracked. Is it necessary to repair it? What’s the cost for this sorta thing?
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2023.06.04 04:33 stealthepixels Is virtualization the best tool to prevent malware from leaking my IP?

Goal/Threat model

To navigate while hiding my IP and real identity, by using proxies like Tor or i2p, while minimizing the risk that a browser exploit may leak my IP or identity (e.g. by contacting the attacker bypassing my proxy)


Usually people just use Tor, or other browser with a proxy, from their host, and that's it. That is risky IMO , especially if javascript is enabled, since a malicious site/eepsite can inject malware into the machine, that can leak the user IP by contacting the attacker, and/or can send OSF info to the attacker.
Some smart user may
- set firewall rules to force the browser to only pass through the proxy
- launch the browser as a unprivileged user, so that even if it gets hacked, it cannot change the firewall rules to bypass the proxy (okay, unless the vulnerability allows privilege escalation, but that's lower chance)
Still not safe. Even as a unprivileged user, it can still read the host NIC MAC address, which is also known by the ISP (most ISPs must log the MAC addresses as well, by law. Source
If the attacker is state-level, it may obtain the MAC by the ISP, associated with the user identity (pwned).

My solution

I would have 2 nested VMs
- the outer one running Tor or i2p, or some other proxy server (and having some firewall rules to force the inner VM to only connect through proxy of the outer VM)
- the inner one, which i use for browsing, will have bridged networking, to be able to reach the proxy (bridged mode solves this because it puts in the same subnet a VM and its host, in this case the inner VM and its host which is the outer VM)
This has pros and cons


The resources for running 2 nested VMs. Not a big deal, just have a middle tier PC.


Better security. I may run both the outer and the inner VM as an unpriviledged user, so even if a browser exploit is able to escape the inner VM, it will have a hard time trying to escape the outer one.
I may uninstall as many software as i can from the outer VM, to lower the chance of the malware running further programs that can have VM escape vulnerabilities (like a browser) that may help with escaping the outer VM. And of course being unprivileged it cannot install any other software, nor can it change firewall rules. (Unless it is able to escalate privileges, which is less likely).
And about the MAC address issue, it will be no more, since the outer VM would be in NAT mode, which prevents its OS to see the real host NIC.
Let me know if you think my solution is a good practice for web browsing privacy, or if you see any flaws or better solutions, thanks!
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2023.06.04 04:31 Expensive_Pace_1545 How to get old text messages, iMessages and/or Facebook messenger messages that have been deleted.

I hope this is the right place to ask this but about a year ago I was setup in a drug deal by they police online. We talked via messenger and text/iMessage. I am a drug user and befriended an undercover cop online. He sent me a friend request on messenger and we talked for many weeks. During the time he asked me for drugs a couple times and I told him I wasn’t a drug dealer and that I wasn’t driving all the way to him to bring him drugs. I told him even that he could try some of my stuff and I would introduce him to my dealer if her wanted. Then our conversation shifted a bit and we ended up making plans to “hook up” . On my way down there he called and asked me to pick up some drugs for him and I said yes. Then when I got there I was arrested and I freaked out so when they asked for my phone I gave it to them hoping it would prove I wasn’t a drug dealer. Then when I finally made bail and got my phone all our messages were erased. They were gone from my phone, from my iCloud, from recenty deleted , from the archives, they deleted them everywhere possible. Then when I went to court they used my messages both text and messenger as evidence but they removed statements where I declined to sell him drugs or said that I didn’t sell drugs. It’s actually kinda obvious that stuff is missing and the flow of our conversation is off because of the erased messages but I need proof of our exact entire conversations and I don’t know how to obtain them? Please let me know if it’s possible and how I could go about doing so. My lawyer sucks and is a public defender and won’t help me so I’m desperate. If I can show how the cops changed the data and evidence then it will hopefully get my case thrown out because it was definitely entrapment and they definitely are lying. Thanks for reading this and any help is much appreciated.
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2023.06.04 04:30 RaphaDaehn I've been working hard for the past 14 days on my first YouTube video. But to avoid making mistakes, I was wondering what account/channel I should use to post it, because I don't know how the platform works exactly when it comes to management and monetization. Could use some help from people who do

My sister and I created a shared G-mail account over 10 years ago when YouTube wasn't what it is today. Since then, we have created our own accounts and use it individually, but that first account has remained the one we use for YouTube (and YouTube only) since, since the content we watch overlaps a lot and we have plenty of important playlists there. It has the default name "name + surname" and back in the day it wasn't considered a channel, as far as I remember. Has that changed to the point where I could use it as a channel? And does the algorithm hurt decade-old accounts?
I have obviously thought about making a new one where I'd post the video, but I read you have to at least have 4,000 watched hours on YouTube in the past year before you can start monetizing content. And since we only ever use YouTube with that first account, that means I can't use my own unless I want to start over. Is that even true? Plus, we already have a few shorts in there from video testing through the years, if that makes any difference.
What should be the ideal move, for people that have experience with the topic?
Also, I apologize it this isn't the proper place to ask these questions, this is my first time browsing this sub and I figured it should be helpful, but I'll remove the post in case this doesn't belong here.
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2023.06.04 04:28 chbmg Easy Fixes To Make Survivors and Demons Happy – Saber, Please Read

NOTE: This is a very long post. There’s a tl;dr summary at the bottom
This is coming from a long-time lurker, first time poster, and an Evil Dead fan for decades. For background, I have previous game dev experience, including Unity and Unreal, so I’m (mostly) not talking out my ass, and I've played both sides of this game roughly equally for more hours than I’d care to admit (primarily solo q, sometimes survivor with friends, and otherwise just playing demon when survivor queue times are high, as they have been many times since release). Usually, I just play whichever side has the lowest queue time.
Despite its flaws, this has been one of my favorite games of all time. The original development team was clearly passionate about the Evil Dead. The art, audio, and overall atmosphere are excellent and have superb attention to detail. I love all the random chatter from my survivor, the feeling of rushing through the woods as the Kandarian demon, and the intensity of a close game regardless of who wins. However, most of us would agree that this game has been held back by very poor "balancing" patches since release, as evidenced by polls on this subreddit confirming it is indeed the most frustrating problem.
We've endured shemps duping, brokenly OP characters, fear looping, and many other game-breaking exploits throughout. Bugs can be tolerable and are even to be expected, but the "fixes" almost always cause new issues and take far too long. It is painfully obvious that there has been very little time or effort expended on these issues by the post-release support team. Some patches have been so bad that they shouldn’t even make it to QA, let alone production – I’d be ashamed, esp. given that some of these issues can be fully and precisely patched in a few lines of code. I don’t need to see the source code to know that – even a rat’s nest of blueprints and disorganized C++ code can’t justify it.
I can only hope the skeleton crew that's continuing support for this game will take a few hours to address these issues. More importantly, I hope someone higher-up will recognize that this game still has millions of copies floating around and a lot more opportunities for profit, so it’s worth it to invest just a little time/thought into balance to keep new players and veterans happy. Frankly, each issue could be hammered out in minutes by someone familiar with the codebase, but I know it takes some time for building and testing across multiple platforms - days is fine, weeks/months is insane, esp. given the current state of the game.
I think it is important to first precisely define how the game is unbalanced, and how this imbalance can ruin the fun of many matches. Based on previous posts and my own personal experiences playing with friends and family at various skill levels, the following pattern becomes clear:
3+ Bad/Low-Level Survivors – Essentially 99% Demon Win
2+ Bad Survivors, All Others Decent to Excellent – Heavily demon-sided (~90% Demon Win)
1+ Bad Survivor, All Others Decent to Excellent – Somewhat demon-sided (~70% Demon Win)
All Survivors Decent, Not Very Cooperative/Sharing – About Equal (~50/50 on Win)
All Survivors Decent, Mostly Cooperative – Somewhat survivors-sided (~70% Survivor Win)
All Survivors with Good Skills/Teamwork/Knowledge – Heavily survivors-sided (~90% Survivor Win)
All Survivors with Excellent Skills/Teamwork/Knowledge – Essentially 99% Survivors Win
Note: Skills/teamwork/knowledge are not necessarily related to prestige level nor gameplay style, though usually survivors with prestige levels have stuck with the game long enough to at least be “decent” (even if they’re still not perfectly cooperative/sharing/etc.). This pattern is only somewhat altered by the demon’s skill level – new/low-level demons skew much more to higher survivor win rates in every scenario, and excellent high-level/prestige demons playing the current “meta” demon skew toward higher demon win rates. Any level 45+ demon that’s decent to good and usually plays non-meta demons like the current versions of Warlord or Necro (that’s me) will likely not skew these results.
I believe my personal experience is a microcosm of the overall balancing issue, and we’ve seen posts on this subreddit that consistently confirm the above pattern. It should be painfully obvious by now to anyone who’s played both sides long enough, and it should also be even more painfully obvious to any developers/publishers pouring over analytics data for the game. What adds insult to injury is that, at the more extreme ends of the pattern, a lot of toxicity emerges. Many survivors go into flashlight-clicky mode when they have the upper hand, and many demons retaliate by dancing with possessions over corpses or other means, whether it’s in the current match or against some innocent victims in the next match (I’ve sometimes been guilty too – I usually just take a break when toxic matches get to me and I turn toxic, but I’m truly sorry to anyone who’s had to deal with any of this crap from me)
Anyway, what will happen if the above pattern continues over time? Well, newer players who are consistently getting absolutely destroyed and possibly taunted at the same time (as either survivor or demon) will either (a) quit the game, or (b) get better. Now, run through that scenario while looking at the pattern and assume the game remains roughly in the current state. There will be more and more new/”bad” survivors quitting the game entirely, and a smaller portion that will only stick with the game if they level up and “git gud” over many hours (becoming good to excellent players). The same thing will happen to demon players. What happens when all we have left are good to excellent survivors and good to excellent demons? Well, check the chart again. Every match will be at least heavily survivor-sided if not a guaranteed win. Survivors get bored, even most masochistic veteran demon players give up, queue times for survivors reach new heights, and the game “dies.” This sequence of events has happened at various times in the game’s lifecycle, but I fear it’s headed toward extremes that will eventually make the game unplayable.
Obviously, it’s no fun to win virtually every time and it’s no fun to lose almost every time. Competitive games are most fun when you have close matches – ideally, there’d be a win rate of about 50% for either side. “But wait,” you say, “the pattern above indicates that there already IS a roughly 50/50 balance for that scenario!” And yes, that’s true. But how many matches are actually like that? How many matches have you personally played that felt close and competitive the whole time? It certainly wasn’t common when we had strong SBMM, and it isn’t common without SBMM either. Why? Because players who stick with the absolutely brutal intro to this game today are almost guaranteed to at least become good/high-level players with solid game mechanics/knowledge (though some will still become toxic/uncooperative teammates or toxic demons). Those who don’t become competent players are virtually guaranteed to quit in frustration, some after just the first several matches where they are either getting consistently annihilated by all the veterans, or clearly being “allowed” to win if the other side takes pity. In essence, the game is just plain brutal for HOURS on end for newer players and can become stale for solid veteran players. For veterans, we have survivors who team up with 3 other veterans (boring due to easy wins, low challenge), demons who can only win by repetitively attacking an inanimate stationary book (boring due to minimal ability to challenge survivors throughout match), or demons who see 2+ bad survivors and have to decide whether to let them win or immediately stomp them to move on (both of which can be boring due to low challenge, and frankly feel bad if harassing beginners). I absolutely LOVE any close matches, win or lose, but they are unfortunately exceptionally rare.
Clearly, the goal of balancing patches should be to make as many matches as close as possible. How? Well, it’s very simple – give beginners a chance and give veterans a challenge. Specifically, force or incentivize gameplay that elevates beginners, challenges veterans, prevents toxicity, and basically “evens the playing field” so that the chart above reads more like “20% through 80%” win rates for survivors rather than 1% through 99%. Thus, the fixes below mostly take aim at mechanics that are abused by veterans of the game or seek to better prepare beginners. Additionally, nearly each of the fixes below can be implemented with the equivalent of just a few lines of code.
I fully believe that this game can achieve a decent balance as a 4v1 asymm. It only seems impossible because the patches for balancing have often failed to address root causes and/or caused new issues. The game can be more welcoming for newcomers (both survivors and demons alike) while still having a lot of the same learning curves and leveling systems to reward higher level play without it becoming outright oppressive to either side.
Anyway, based on a lot of previous posts and my own observations, here are some easy fixes for the next patch:
1. Revert demon traps to their previous behavior (i.e. make it so possessed survivors can be walked into a trap) and fix the fear looping mechanic for SchemeBaal specifically
The latest "fix" for this had a workaround from the community within hours to fear loop survivors anyway and nerfed all other demons for no reason.
This can be easily resolved by reverting to the previous code/blueprints/whatever (or hell, going back to the previous build if necessary), and then implementing a simple solution for Schemer. This solution requires a scalpel, not a sledgehammer, so it should apply ONLY to Schemer. I can think of two easy possibilities, either of which would only need a few lines of code.
First possibility: If a survivor has set off a trap that was set by using the Schemer's special ability, then that trap now has a normal cool down and cannot be "reset" again by Schemer's current use of the special ability. This would allow Schemer to set a trap manually, possess a survivor, run them into it, get the trap reset immediately by their special ability, but then only run the survivor into the same trap a 2nd time. Thus, Schemer would still be the demon associated with traps and fear, but wouldn't be able to loop a survivor in one spot endlessly. A survivor that's slightly separated wouldn't necessarily immediately die, but a demon could still down a lone wolf by harassing, lowering health, raising fear, and then doing this method.
Second possibility: The trap setting special ability of Schemer could be disabled when Schemer possesses a survivor. This may nerf Schemer specifically a tad bit too heavily, but is still a far better fix than what we've got. It's also super easy to program with something like the following pseudocode:
If (demon.ability == true && == "Schemer" && demon.possessing == true)
demon.ability = false;
2. Implement a stamina cost for vaulting windows/railings (e.g. the stamina cost could be the same as dodging)
This helps keep gameplay fair for both sides. It's clearly unfair and unfun to have a demon that can easily fear loop a survivor to death even if their teammates aren't far away, and the same holds true for a survivor that can "loop" a demon and never die. Survivors can still use objects, dodges, and other means to postpone death if they're alone (as I've done myself and seen done as demon) but it's at least possible for a demon to get in an occasional hit and whittle down health (i.e. it cannot be done indefinitely, at least if vaulting also uses stamina). Alternatively, at least give demons the ability to vault all the same objects as survivors, such as railings, so a 1v1 chase is fair – it just doesn’t feel great when a survivor jumps over a porch railing and looks back to flashlight click your possessed unit, knowing that there’s somehow zero threat in this 1v1 encounter in a 4v1 game due to a simple exploit. Personally, I think just adding a stamina cost would be fine to try at least, and many others in this community seem to agree. Plus, it should again only be a few lines of code to adjust the stamina bavariable of a survivor whenever he/she vaults.
3. Edit the text for the "hints" when a match is loading. There are absolutely no CLEAR tips about giving the right resources to the right players, nor hints about any newer demons (i.e. the hints have never been updated)
Regardless of which side we've played, we all know solo q for survivors is a total crap shoot. None of us started playing this game knowing that we should be gathering supplies for ourselves AND our teammates, dropping shemps for support, dropping ammo for hunters, etc. Many players quit before learning these things and there is no in game explanation for them (besides one single vague tip I can remember about how you can share resources with teammates, but no clear indication of sharing based on class).
I think the lack of instructions for basic team play is one of the major causes of low player retention for the game. The tutorials are helpful for basic controls, but there needs be a lot more emphasis on the basics of this game that many of us on this subreddit take for granted.
I’d start by making sure the following tip text is the first to be shown to all players for a few matches after this is patched in:
“Stay close to your teammates and focus on the current objective to survive. Going off to loot alone is very dangerous”
(yes, veteran players can often get away with this, but man, it feels terrible playing on either side and watching someone just wander off to loot the whole game)
The other tips could be a lot more direct:
“Players should stay within the blue aura of leaders whenever possible to get additional buffs”
“Warriors should generally be given the best melee weapons but do little ranged damage”
“Hunters should generally be given the best ranged weapons but do little melee damage. Drop ammo for them if they ask”
“Support players are generally weakest, but can heal or shield all their teammates by using shemps and amulets near them. Drop spare shemps for support”
Now, the above “tip texts” at the loading menu are super quick and easy to add to the game. However, if the developers would like to go a little above and beyond, it would be amazing to add some additional text boxes within the game to warn players about bad choices. For example, there could be blinking text in the center bottom half of the screen for awhile if you’re carrying another survivor’s specialty weapon and they don’t have one (or if yours is a higher rarity). Also, there could be similar warning text that you’ve wondered more than, say, 100m from your team. Again, just trying to give simple, clear instructions to beginners (and those that are somehow still selfishly playing after reaching level 25+). And yeah, there are always arguments and exceptions to be made about how to play optimally, but some updated/clear tips could go a long way.
4. Implement a bonus XP on the results screen after a match is over that gives each side a bonus based on how many points the other side gained. Also, fix demon leveling based on survivodemon level
This one sounds a little weird and complicated, but it's really not. What I'm saying here is that veteran survivors should be rewarded for taking it easy on a baby demon, and a veteran demon should be rewarded for taking it easy on baby survivors.
Basically, regardless of which side you play or if you win or lose, I believe you should get a bonus XP based on how the other side did. For example, let's say you're a veteran pup player that gets matched to novice survivors and down them all with a power possessed basic before they even get the first map piece. In this case, those survivors will have very little points after the match (maybe even under 1000 per person) and the demon should get no bonus reward. The survivors here should at least get a bonus for enduring the slaughter and staying in the match. Let's say the demon takes it easy on them though, let's them progress, maybe even just throws AI at them (hell, I've personally spawned a boss and walked them to good crates when they're clearly new and can barely take on bots). Let's say they get 10k points per player this way - the demon now gets bonus XP for good behavior.
I'd say that there should be a bonus XP for each player if the other side reaches a certain point threshold, say 30k, or if the survivors are wiped before first objective (as in, survivors get a bonus for enduring such a match and demon gets no bonus). This would help discourage immediately stomping new players and help retain them (remember everyone, this game will die if it's just a few hardcore people with long queue times all doing cheesy strats and stomping anyone who dares try joining as a newbie).
Anyway, in psuedocode, something like this could work:
If (survivor.totalscore >= 30000)
demon.bonusxp = 3000;
If (demon.totalscore >= 30000)
survivor.bonusxp = 3000;
[Loop thru survivors to apply bonus to each - obviously, these values can be tweaked]
Obviously, you may have survivors or demons who go AFK and then it may make it impossible for the other side to get a bonus. Therefore, there could also be some basic code for checking if someone is AFK (i.e. hasn’t not moved more than a certain small distance in a decent amount of time, hasn’t set a trap or possessed anything in a certain time, etc.). Frankly, I have no idea how we still don’t have AFK checks – just about any other online game I’ve ever played automatically disconnects you if you’re not playing.
As a bonus idea to this bonus idea, you could also cancel ALL XP points for a player for a round in which he/she is toxic, such as a check for repetitive flashlight clicking. I find this irritating whether I'm a survivor or a demon (and I def didn't deserve a bunch of XP the few times I've been guilty of it when I felt a demon was being toxic). I don't think there's an easy way to detect all toxic demon behavior with code, but it would be trivial to keep track of flashlight clicking in code. Maybe if a demon is "hovering" (dancing) directly over a dead body too long with a possessed unit or survivor, then they also have their XP completely canceled for the round - that would also be easy to check via code. The key to promoting good, non-toxic behavior would be to implement these checks without specifying precisely how many flashlight clicks count or how long dancing over a corpse counts – just note that specific toxic behavior will result in zero XP for the round for the offender and automate it in code.
Finally, as another incentive for fair play, the leveling up of demons should be dependent on the level of the survivors they are harassing AND on the demon’s current skill tree level. In other words, there should be modifiers so that new, low-level demons get leveled up more by the same actions as high-level demons, such as downing a player, and there should also be modifiers so that high-level demons cannot get leveled up as much by harassing low-level survivors, such as constantly downing a newbie, but can get slightly more leveled up by downing a high-level survivor. This goes back to the idea of elevating beginners and challenging veterans, esp. since it’s incredibly frustrating to be constantly singled out as a brand-new survivor. This could be something like:
Lvl 1-24: x1.5 for demon leveling up
Lvl 25-44: x1.3 for demon leveling up
Lvl 45: x1.1 for demon leveling up
P1+: x1.0 for demon leveling up
Survivor (being attacked, hitting traps, or otherwise affected by demon):
Lvl 1-24: x0.5 for demon leveling up
Lvl 25: x1.0 for demon leveling up
P1+: x1.1 for demon leveling up
Specific examples:
Lvl 10 demon somehow downs a P3 survivor – demon levels up 1.5 x 1.1 = 1.65 times as much as now
Lvl 45 demon downs a Lvl 4 survivor – demon only levels up 1.1 x 0.5 = 0.55 times as much as now
P5 demon downs a P5 survivor – demon levels up 1.0 x 1.1 = 1.1 times as much as now
5. Disable the ability to start both the dagger and pages objectives at the same time
This "split cap" method is usually only used by high-level teams and can be almost impossible to counter by anyone who isn't a very experienced demon, at least on certain maps or when these objectives are at certain locations. I've managed to counter it myself most of the time as demon, but it can be very hard to deal with, esp. given that survivors are resurrected after either objective finishes. Depending on the map and RNG (esp. light sources at objectives and other variables), it can be impossible to counter.
Basically, if the timer is running on either objective, it should be impossible to start the other objective. This still allows creative play by high-level coordinated teams (e.g. maybe Pablo hides at the next objective waiting to kick it off immediately while waiting for others to race there by car). It also feels a lot more fair, particularly to less experienced demons.
Again, this could be fixed in just a couple lines of code. Literally, just check if a timer is running for daggepages and if so, don’t allow interaction with the other objective.
6. Add a call out in the in-game communication wheel to say "demon is on me” or “I need help” for survivors
We know from polls on this sub that most people are dropping into solo q most of the time (I’m sure Saber’s own analytics could prove this too). Also, many people don't have or don't want to use a headset. These are just common facts for most online games.
I know some people have resorted to using the "need matchsticks" chat option to indicate they're being attacked by a possessed unit but this is frankly absurd. We need a simple chat option for survivors for this. Honestly, if the text for “I need matchsticks” were simply replaced with “I need help!”, I'd be satisfied because I often need help fending off a possessed unit or boss a lot more than I need matchsticks in solo q.
This should be easy to add to the game (it’s more than a few lines of code and would require minor image/text adjustments and possibly kicking off existing voice lines, but should still be doable). I’m pretty sure that most characters already have a voice line recorded that could work (I picture Scotty already literally saying “I need help”) and if not, we’ve already been shown that voice lines don’t really have to match their context anyway (I picture Mia saying “fire’s lit. Anybody needs fire, it’s here” when turning on her flashlight – so hell, just make that what she says when she uses “I need help” on the wheel – we’ve already accepted she’s crazy anyway and the text would be clear at least).
7. Keep car possessions consistent on all maps. Demons either can't possess them until they "spawn" when survivors are near (like Castle Kandar) or they can possess them at any time anywhere
Personally, I think that it should only be possible to possess cars when survivors have "spawned" them by being close to them like on the Kandar map. The method of flipping all cars on a map at the start of a match is generally only used by a few high MMR demons and feels cheesy to me (I also feel it's cheesy to drive 3 cars to each objective, but cars are always going to be divisive and they can also be used to cause a lot of damage at objectives at least).
I think car possession should've followed the lore of AvED, kept survivors inside, and done something different like having both driver and demon fighting for control of the vehicle, like maybe survivor controls keep randomly reversing while demon controls it normally and the driver tries to counter the demon driving until infernal energy runs out - survivors take a little damage whenever the car crashes. However, this idea is complex, so I'll stick to easy fixes.
No matter what, it just seems like the ability to possess cars should be consistent across all maps and it should be easy to implement, esp. since there's already code/logic for the two scenarios.
8. Add a single menu option at the main menu when choosing a game mode to select "random"
This could immensely help queue times. I know there are others like me who just want to play and don't care about whether they're survivor or demon.
This may take a tiny bit more work to implement than some of the pieces above (e.g. need a little artwork for the button, menu programming, some matchmaking programming, etc.) but it would help queue times, which have been problematic at various times in this game's life cycle.
9. Adjust RNG based on the overall levels of survivors
Again, this goes back to elevating beginners and challenging veterans. I’ve been in too many games with all prestige survivors that can split up and loot a large portion of the map without fear of consequence until each character has his/her own purple/gold specialty weapon (which also goes back to looping/vaulting endlessly and depends on map, demon character, etc.) – those games are a wash for demon. On the other hand, I’ve been in too many solo q matches where people are bringing grey weapons to defend the book and hobbling in without shemps knowing it’s just a slaughter. I’d really like to be in more balanced matches where veteran teams don’t all have perfect weapons for an easy win, and novice players don’t all hobble around with garbage for a guaranteed loss.
As a simple fix, it would make sense to simply increase the odds of chests being purple/gold if 2 or more survivors are under P1, and decrease those same odds if all survivors are P1 or above (in all other cases, odds can remain the same). And yeah, I know prestige does not perfectly equal pure skill, but odds are you’re at least “decent” at the game if you’ve made it that far (if not good or excellent). This RNG adjustment for chests could be multiplied by whatever Ed brings to the table. For example, if the decrease for all prestige players is to have 0.75x the amount of purple/gold chests and the increase Ed brings is 1.5x, then there would still be slightly more purple/gold chests on the map than normal even for all prestige players (and a lot more good chests for new players, who definitely could use the boost).
10. Give out more XP/SP – we need more double XP/SP events and there should be a bonus given to any low-level players (say, anyone who hasn’t gotten a single character to P1) to get and retain new players
This last point shouldn’t need much explanation. The community obviously overwhelming voted to have more double XP/SP events. It would take such an incredible number of hours to P5 every single character that I’d imagine only those who have literally played non-stop for thousands of hours since release could have done it already. For some, like me, who only took a brief hiatus from the game since release, it feels like a herculean task to even get 1 or 2 characters to P5 on either side. Such events literally help with balance by elevating beginners and they also give a reason for veterans to return. Queue times were noticeably lower during the last event, even though it was poorly announced, clearly timed to try and mess with TCM (which is just a bad look, esp. since there was nothing for this game’s own anniversary), and wasn’t even VISIBLE in the game menus. Despite all this, it was still a success. Saber, unless you’re actively trying to eliminate your player base, it makes no sense to not do these regularly. And since you timed it to try to pull attention away from TCM, it would seem as though you want to retain players (or you’re just petty, but I’m guessing you’re more motivated by profits than such emotional considerations).
Anyway, more XP/SP please. Also, please put some kind of indication that an event is planned and/or is actively occurring in your game. I mean, it could literally be a freaking sprite on the main menu screen with some text announcing a double XP event and the duration – this is really basic stuff.
Finally, I don’t think anyone here would argue with giving away a large number of spirit points to every newish player the next time they open the game. I think a one-time bonus of at least 100K would be very reasonable for anyone who has not reached P1 for any character. I personally know several people IRL who would be back to playing the game if this were done (and almost certainly give you money for DLC when they get a chance to actually enjoy the game in a semi-competitive way) – these people just don’t have the time or patience to grind through hours of straight losses to even have a chance.
Closing thoughts:
I know there are a lot of other great ideas from the community on future content for the game (maps, characters, etc.) so I've just tried to stick to simple, easy to implement fixes for the developers.
Saber, this game could still generate a lot of (mostly passive) revenue if you support it well. There are many of us who are ready to throw money at any random DLC or cosmetic (myself included as a huge Evil Dead fan). However, the fans will only stick around to throw money at the game if the basic fundamental gameplay is somewhat balanced and glaring exploits/bugs are addressed. Seriously, if it's tweaked to feel good to play either side without major exploits being used by anyone, I (and many others) would keep throwing money at literal outfit accessories that could be crafted by a single 3d artist - it should more than pay for servers and labor, at which point you're just watching the money roll in.
Anyway, I've tried to stick to easy fixes that could improve the game for both novices and veterans. It would be easy to just say "buff the other side" whenever queue times are long for one side. At this time, it's obvious that average to excellent demon players are at a disadvantage when compared to equally skilled survivor players (as evidenced by queue times). I also remember times when demon queue times were long and I just played survivor because a certain demon was overturned or using cheesy exploits, so more people wanted to play demon.
However, I've been honestly sad that playing either side has just not felt good lately. It doesn't feel good to sit in a long queue for survivor, and it definitely doesn't feel good to crush noobs or get crushed by full prestige teams on coms. I can count on one hand the number of fun/close matches I’ve played in the last several dozen – I’d love to play more like those. Even if none of the changes above happen, I'd at least enjoy receiving some love for the older demons so they're at least fun to play and a challenge to go against (Plaguebringer Witch getting her original movement speed back, Necro and Warlord getting some minor buffs in any areas since they're pretty universally considered weak right now, etc.) – I mention these buffs in case you want to fall back on the tired old “just buff the other side” method.
Saber, please implement some quick and easy fixes for this game . Even if you're just in it for the money at this point, I'm literally here wanting to throw more money at this game, but only if some basic balancing changes are made. If the next patch surgically tweaks some major pain points rather than bludgeoning fundamental gameplay elements, then I'll be here waiting to throw money at any random DLC you've got. Otherwise, I'll sadly have to find another game (as many others have or will, given the overall sentiments after this latest patch and some patches before it). You can still turn the ship around - you have 3 million copies of this game floating around. That's literally millions of fans who likely want to return to the game and throw money at DLCs if the gameplay experience is fun. It's up to you now.
Tl;dr Summary:
The game can be balanced by elevating novices and challenging veterans. Here’s how…
  1. Revert demon traps to their previous behavior (i.e. make it so possessed survivors can be walked into a trap) and ACTUALLY fix Baal specifically
  2. Make vaulting cost stamina
  3. Edit/create hints for new players at the match loading screen that are clear and direct
  4. Give out a bonus XP for "good behavior" (not demolishing newbies), cancel XP for “toxic behavior” (flashlight clicking as survivor, dancing on corpses as demon), level up demon based on levels of victims
  5. Do not allow dagger and pages objectives to run simultaneously
  6. Add a call out in the in-game communication wheel to say "I need help" for survivors
  7. Keep car possession rules consistent on all maps
  8. Add a "random side" menu option to be able to play either survivor or demon, whichever happens to get matched first
  9. Adjust chest rarity RNG based on the overall level of survivors
  10. More XP/SP events. Also, give a bonus 100K+ SP to anyone with zero prestige characters
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2023.06.04 04:27 One_Maintenance4555 Could the Save and Load mechanics be "canon"? (Theory/Headcanon)

This is a theory I've been thinking about for a long time, but I've been trying to figure out how to put it into words that would make sense. I should also note that I have not played Half-Life: Alyx, so If anything that happens in that game contradicts what I say in this post, feel free to let me know in the comment section.
As we all know, Half-Life features a save and load mechanic where players can rewind to a certain point in the past, usually due to a death or low health, or for really any other reason the player wants. Most saves will occur when dying or near death, however, and that's the main point I want to focus on.
Our 3 protagonists in the OG Half-Life Games (Adrian, Gordan, and Barney) face a variety of fatal circumstances and unpredictable hazards, including but not limited to:
What do all 3 of these guys have in common? They've overcome all of these hazards and then some, demonstrating extraordinary luck and complete mastery of even the most unpredictable events. It's almost as if they've performed these tasks several times before. No one who has never experienced these hazards in the past could be expected to survive the events that await them inside the Black Mesa Facility or elsewhere, but that's what makes these 3 special, isn't it?
All this leads me to my next point, what if the G-Man is behind all this? We know the G-Man is able to warp with time, we've seen him do it multiple times, most notably at the end of Half-Life 2, where he seems to freeze Gordan and Alyx in place for an indefinite period of time until the Vortigaunts intervene. I don't think it's unreasonable that he's also able to rewind time when he needs to elicit a certain result.
In my opinion, I believe that the save/load mechanic is actually the G-Man rewinding time whenever one of his "Employees" die or is mortally wounded to illicit the result he wants. Banking on any one man to accomplish what you want through some of the most fatal and unpredictable hazards imaginable isn't reasonable or intelligent, and we know the G-Man to be an extremely cold, intelligent, and calculating individual who is able to manipulate events to his whim. At any moment in the Half-Life series, all of these people could have easily died or messed up by getting Mission Critical Entities compromised, and yet we're left to assume that it never happened.
When one of the protagonists die, they are rewinded with memory of this death. Obviously more terrified and more cautious, of course, but smarter.
NOTE: This is just a theory and isn't meant to be taken as canon/fact, I'm open to discussing it and changing my view based on what I hear, any feedback is much appreciated :)
TL;DR: The G-Man has the ability to rewind time in the HL series using the save/load mechanic to illicit a certain result he wants without compromising his end goal.
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2023.06.04 04:26 Warm-Lecture After trauma, does anyone feel that their life is always going to be bad?

hello, i am new to this trend, but not on reddit. I was looking for PTSD support groups online and I did not find any on zoom, so I joined here. Thank you for reading me !
I have PTSD from the sudden and violent death of my partner of 10 years and best friend of 3 years, occurred three years ago, after he was on the phone with me for five days of craziness talking about very difficult and strange things and basically knowing that he was about to die (no illnesses, nothing similar). He also confessed all the cheating on me he had done but how he loved me etc. The case has been mediatic, and still is in my country, his face has been portraid everywhere in my citiy and neighbourhood. It is far more complicated than just that but I do not want to bother you, just tell you that he died two hours after the last call with me (we were in two different cities) and that the PTSD has been huge for me and my family and still is: today my father got drunk and started writing me horrible WA messages me insulting my late boyfriend for destroying my and my family lives and other very mean and horrible things about committing suicide with me, my sister has redeveloped bulimia and PTSD after I tried to commit suicide but survived (same PTSD of my father), and unrelated to that, my mother died three months ago for a brain stroke super suddenly (no idea she had that). I live very, very far from my family, another continent actually as for my job I always work abroad.
I am worried for some health issues I could have. I am in love with someone but our relationship is not formal and is more a situationship. Despite all, I love arts and try to do always drawings, paintings, workshops with actors and musicians, I take singing classes and aerial acrobatics, among lots of travels. My field is social work and I have to hear horrible lives stories everyday. I do Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I am on antidepressants and xanax of course !
Briefly, my PTSD has fu***** up my life completly. I have processed the grief of my partner and my mother, I got in love again, but my partner's death has provoked so much pain and trauma on me and all around me that now I CONSTANTLY think that everything in my life is going to be very bad. I have grown up in a super disfunctional family, my partner and my travels and career ambitions were core to face my family's problems and go away from that house, and my story with him has been beautiful in the first years especially. So I now only think that good things ALWAYS end bad. I see that nothing is easy for me. My mother was young and died suddenly less then three years after the death of my partner; my father is wonderful sometimes but he could be violent and crazy and alcholic; i could have some mild health issues; my personal life is always a mess with men who get in love with me or really care about me and stay with me for a while, but they are often very afraid of relationships for their own traumas (I really attract ppl with traumas...) so those are never official relationships that I can build something with.
I am almost 34 and i feel my life will always be like this. I have friends but I leave alone and I feel lonely when I come back from work and a loser, a widow at a young age, despite i never wanted a marriage and kids, and I do not know how much time I will spend in the place I am now for work reasons, and coming back to my home country is not an option.
DOES some of you think the same after PTSD, that their life is always going to be bad, that it is meant to be like this and that every good thing does not develop or ends well and will always be like this? I feel so alone in this thought, and I am intense with people around me talking about it and how sometimes I want to die but I will never do it again for my family. As my partner's death was related to the work we did, I stopped having career ambitions and my motivation for the future is very low.
Thanks so much for reading and answering :)
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2023.06.04 04:20 Cephalomagus 2023 Season 3 Release Notes [Pre-Release Version]

The Release Notes for 2023 Season 3 have been posted on the iRacing Forums!
Find them posted here:

Or read them below!

2023 Season 3 Release Notes [Pre-Release Version]

This is the iRacing 2023 Season 3 Release! This release contains both content and upgrades for 2023 Season 3, which officially starts on June 12th! This season update includes three new cars: Cadillac V-Series.R GTP, Ligier JS P320, and Porsche 911 GT3 R (992). iRacing also expands its track offerings to include MotorLand Aragón (7 configs) and Willow Springs International Raceway, as well as a new 2023 Cup config for Chicago Street Course.
Our Dirt Taskforce has completed their work on the Dirt Refresh Project shared with the community back in February, and we are excited for you to experience the fruits of their labors. The Spotter System has received a Race Control-focused set of updates and new calls that will liven up your racing and keep you better informed about what is happening on the track and in the race. New challengers approach - you will now have the ability to add AI Opponent Rosters to your Hosted Sessions that utilize the Heat Racing format! We are excited to announce we have been investing time into saving you time, loading time to be precise, and this Season Release includes a first phase of loading optimizations that should get you into the driver’s seat just a little bit faster. Willow Springs International Raceway is proud to pioneer a new 3D Foliage System that automatically populates the environment with grasses, shrubs, and other creations of Mother Nature. USB Audio Hot Swapping is now fully enabled and supported by iRacing for all of your headset and speaker needs. A new Graphics Option has also been added which controls the display of all cockpit obstructions instead of this parameter being car setup specific.
The New Damage Model has been put into practice on eleven additional cars. And last but not least our AI Drivers have mastered eight new cars and twenty-four new track configurations. Welcome to iRacing 2023 Season 3!
Season highlights include:
Visit our 2023 Season 3 features page here:
Full 2023 Season 3 Release details are below.



Hosted Racing

AI Racing



Paint Shop



Windows Support

Race Servers


Dynamic Track

Race Control

Qualifying Scrutiny

Dirt Racing

AI Racing

New Damage Model

Auto Fuel



3D Foliage System

Visual Effects






Force Feedback



Official iRacing Sporting Code

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2023.06.04 04:19 JamesL73 Aurora R14 Ethernet overheating???

Aurora R14 has been running great for a little over a year. I recently upgraded to fiber internet on a 2 GBps plan for now. Obviously, I had to upgrade to a multi gig modem with the 10 G SPF+ Fiber adapter and running the TP Link AXE-300 / 16000 router. I also added in an Asus ROG 10 GBps Ethernet card in the PCIe 4 slot. Now I am seeing an issue where when doing some heavy downloading of around 250 mbps, I lose internet only at the pc. It is not dropping at the modem or router. It is acting as if the Ethernet card or the PCI lane itself is overheating and shutting down the ethernet traffic. A quick reboot gets internet back but once downloading resumes it only lasts about 30 seconds or so. If I reduce to traffic to only about 50-100 mbps then it stays running fine. It is not my cables either, I am running all brand new DaBillion Cat8 cables. Also, this is not an issue with GPU temps, not like hard core gaming tends to overheat the 3090 in these this is strictly when downloading larger files from online straight to storage. It is only shutting down my ethernet connection, the rest of the pc continues to work as normal. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue or might have any ideas??
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2023.06.04 04:18 myranda__panda Cheers to the scammers that fooled me out of $913.56

This wasn’t recent but I thought I’d share a funny and stupidly embarrassing story that happened to me a few years ago when I first started working at Walmart.
I was hired as a fitting room attendant and after a year, I was moved over to jewelry as well. I just started being trained on the register that’s at jewelry to obviously check people out there when they purchased anything in the cases. A month or two into me being in that dept, still learning the ropes of everything, I get a phone call transferred over to me. I pick up and it’s some “IT guy”. He asks me if my register has been updated to follow some new gift card policy and I say no. (Please do not roast me for not seeing the many red flags 🥲) so he goes on to say my terminal number so surely this guy is legit right? He knows every step to log in, what to press to check out, etc… he HAS to be legit right? So he tells me to get a gift card and read him the numbers on the back, including the pin under the scratchy stuff, and that we will void the card right after the transaction.. (those red flags still didn’t hit me yet) I went through with it. He tells me to type in 4 5 6 . 7 8 and press “cash” twice. Surely typing in 45678 is some secret code right? But here’s where one small red flag flashed before me.. I can’t hit cash twice because obviously I received no cash….. he assures me it’s fine and it’s just procedure. Sure! I go against my smallest better judgement and do it… he asks me if something prompted before checking out and I say no.. so he instructs me how to restart the register and we can do it all over again… and we do… with another gift card for 456.78…. And THEN that’s when I got skeptical. Yep. Only after doing it twice did I realize what was happening and started panicking… I called my supervisor literally bawling. I was so scared of getting fired, feeling so stupid and embarrassed for letting that happen, and just defeated… I ended up getting a level two coaching and had a nice laugh with my managers because they saw how terrible I felt and how much I was crying and they were trying to make me feel better with joking around about it… so there ya go folks :) don’t be like me and be gullible enough to fall for such a stupid phone scam 🥲
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2023.06.04 04:11 PotentialAd996 Asked out a tattoo artist and got rejected

I recently went to a tattoo shop near me and met a gorgeous woman my age (I am a male with 20 years of age).
The first time I saw her I went in to get a Berserk tattoo and she took care of me because she also liked Berserk. We talked the whole time and I felt like everything was going great. I laughed and sometimes I made her laugh. We kept talking even when I was just there, waiting while my brother got his tattoo. I am not sure if this us correct for me to say but it felt like I fell in love. I hadn't felt like this since high school when I had my first crush. This woman had similar tastes in music, films and spoke both English and Spanish in such a beautiful way that just caught me off guard.
Second time I went in to get a Slipknot tattoo and she was there to help me yet again. As soon as I walk into her station I hear music from Los Enanitos Verdes which I love. I started asking her about any other artists with spanish music and she brought up Alejandro Sans while singing one of his songs. Again, hearing that voice and seeing her have fun just had me feel like the child I used to be, enjoying every bit of her presence and joy. We conversed the whole time more about our life, our pasts and kind of coveted our current self. As she was doing the tattoo she started to play Deftones as per my request and I loved it. I was getting ready to ask her out or just get her phone number but I chickened out. It felt like the wrong place and wrong time considering that she works there and I am a customer. It felt like it wasn't fair for me to put her in a position where she had to deal with me in front of her coworkers.
Third time (today) I took a friend of mine to get a tattoo and, just like the previous times I was there, I felt like I was in love. She was looking great and had that wonderful attitude that lowered my defenses the first time. I was reading while waiting for my friends tattoo to be finished so I didn't converse much with her. After the session was done I took my chance with her and told her that I found her interesting and was wondering if she was down to grab lunch or dinner any other time. Her response was polite as she explained that she was flattered but was not looking for a relationship right now. She said I was a cool dude to talk to and it was nice meeting me. I took the rejection and politely left while telling her to have a great rest of her day.
I intend to go back there and get more tattoos. Their artists are quite talented and I still the intent of getting my entire body tattooed. Even though that is the case, I fear that what I did might affect our employee-client relationship or even the chance at a normal friendship which is hard to take in. I have recently found myself without many friends and feeling more alone than I ever felt at any point in my life. Even though that is the case I still take this with a positive outcome. This is still pretty fresh and I like to believe that maybe in some distant future I might have a chance at dating this wonderful woman, but I don't like to get my hopes too high up. This hasn't brought me down as I still have a long way to go with myself. I am happy as I am and wish to better my physical and mental health, but I wanted to share this story as a means of venting and letting my emotions out. I don't have many people in my life that hear me out about how I feel right now but I think this will help me get over it quicker than expected. Asking this female out could be the best decision I made in my entire life or it could be the biggest mistake in it, but I took the risk and will live by it with no regrets.
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2023.06.04 04:10 RickyOzzy The obvious answer is because Mr. Boyle hasn't been making millions in donations to the LNP and Labor party all these years.

The obvious answer is because Mr. Boyle hasn't been making millions in donations to the LNP and Labor party all these years. submitted by RickyOzzy to PoliticsDownUnder [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:07 BigBlueMagic BE HEARD!!!! Last chance to stop TERRIBLE STADIUM HANDOUT!!!!

(I also posted this in /vegaslocals. If reposting here isn't allowed, I apologize, and feel free to take down).
Hey Everybody!!!
I just want to keep you in the loop on what’s going on with Oakland A’s owner John Fisher’s request to have the Nevada Legislature give him up to $380 million in public funds for a new stadium. The Legislative session ENDS MONDAY, which means that they will ram this through very quickly in the next 48 hours or so or call a special session.
NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO SPEAK OUT!!!! I have put together a fairly well-documented argument below demonstrating that this is a bad deal and Fisher is a terrible partner. Please share this post and information as widely as you can! Most importantly, contact members of the Legislature and BE HEARD!!! Be sure to tell them that you live in Nevada!!!
Contact your Assemblyperson and State Senator!!
Assembly contact info:
State Senate Contact info:
If you would like, you could use or modify this sample letter which contains URL links supporting the claims.
Dear Senator or Assemblyperson [Last Name], I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed public funding for John Fisher's baseball stadium in Nevada. I believe this project should be stopped for several reasons: Lack of transparency: Fisher and his team deliberately released funding details at the last minute and scheduled the only public hearing on Memorial Day evening, during a Golden Knights playoff game, limiting public awareness and participation. This is a shameful subversion of democracy and I hope you had no part in it. Neglected education system: Nevada ranks 49th out of 50 in educational attainment. Our focus should be on improving public schools, not funding a billionaire's stadium. Unrealistic economic projections: Expert analysis discredits the claim that the stadium will attract an additional 400,000 tourists, which, even if true, would only be a 1% increase on an annual basis. A Stanford economics professor expressed his belief that Fisher’s Stadium will result in the equivalent of a few hundred, permanent, long-term jobs. Fisher’s economic projections are detached from reality and unreliable. Fisher's history: His track record with the San Jose Quakes, another publicly funded stadium venture, raises concerns about his commitment to investing in player payroll and creating a competitive team. Fisher owns the Quakes. After he was given a public handout for a stadium, he did not change or competitively fund his soccer team. Troubled partnerships: Mark Davis of the Raiders, who shared the Oakland Coliseum with the A’s, has expressed frustration with Fisher's management group. MLB owners are also frustrated by doing business with Fisher. Nevada should expect to have the same experience if we proceed. I urge you to oppose public funding for John Fisher's stadium. Let's prioritize transparency, education, and responsible use of public funds for the benefit of all Nevada residents. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please consider my perspective as you make your decision. Should you require further information or have any questions, I am available to discuss this issue. Sincerely, [Your Name]
Feel free to modify, expand or use as-is. You can also write your own letter too. I'm just trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone so that we are HEARD!
TLDR Bullet Points For Big Argument Below:
1. They Don’t Want to Hear From You
Fisher and Kaval strategically waited until the 11th hour to release details about the handout. From USA Today:
The A’s, their cadre of lobbyists in Nevada and friendly politicians and tourist officials are doing their best to hide the sausage, introducing, finally, legislation for state funding of myriad projects on the Friday night of a holiday weekend, and then offering public discussion on the evening of Memorial Day. Pretty slick! And it sounds like Gov. Joe Lombardo’s signature would be waiting.
The only public hearing on giving away hundreds of millions of dollars occurred on Memorial Day. And not just on Memorial Day — it was in the evening during Game Six of the Western Conference Finals where the Golden Knights punched their tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals. A hearing at 4:00 AM on Christmas morning would have received a higher profile and greater public scrutiny.
They didn’t want you to know about the hearing and your opportunity to be heard. And if, by chance you did hear about it, they didn’t want you to be able to show up and be heard. They are not very subtle about their preference to not hear from you, the unwashed masses.
Guess who else wasn’t there? A’s owner John Fisher and President Dave Kaval. I am not making this up. They didn’t bother to show up to the Memorial Day hearing. They want us to give them hundreds of millions of dollars, but couldn’t be bothered to show up at the hearing and answer questions themselves? Where were they Monday night? What was so important they couldn’t be bothered to show up for a public hearing to answer questions in public? Fisher and his army of lobbyists have had weeks to meet privately with lawmakers behind closed doors. Are you telling me Fisher couldn’t give us regular folks two hours in public?
2. What Are Our Priorities?
There’s no way to sugarcoat it. Nevada, and in particular the Clark County School District, fail to provide adequate public education. Nevada ranks 49th out of 50 for educational attainment. Of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Las Vegas ranks second worst for schools. This is unacceptable, yet real education reform is never a priority for the same politicians who are willing to pull the Memorial Day/Stanley Cup Playoff hearing shenanigans for Fisher.
If our elected officials can turn on a dime to hand out hundreds of millions of dollars to a billionaire for a sports stadium, why can’t they act with similar urgency for our disastrous public school system?
Our failed public schools, especially CCSD, are the most significant impediment to economic growth and diversification. The number one reason companies and individuals are reluctant to relocate to Las Vegas are our terrible public schools. If we want to create economic growth, we need to fund and fix our public schools, not build another billionaire a sports stadium.
3. The Numbers Don’t Make Sense. They’re Basically Fraud.
Whenever a billionaire asks the public to finance his stadium, the ask is always accompanied by a series of fantastical economic projections. If you watched the Memorial Day/Stanley Cup Playoff hearing, you saw a powerpoint presentation made by Fisher’s hired lobbyists. The numbers presented by Fisher’s lobbyists aren’t simply slightly embellished, they are disconnected from reality.
First, there is the claim that Fisher’s publicly funded stadium will bring an additional 400,000 tourists. John Mehaffey breaks down this non-sensical claim in the Nevada Independent:
The 400,000 number seems inflated to me. The A’s host 81 baseball games per year. This projection assumes 4,938 tourists at each game that would otherwise not be in Las Vegas. Considering only one American League market is within a reasonable driving distance, most of these tourists would fly to see their home team. Many or most of these tourists would go to two or three games in a series to justify this travel. If the average number is two games, that puts 9,877 visitors in the stadium per home game. If those fans go to an entire three-game series, that number is 14,815. If the 1.8 million locals attendance prediction is accurate, and visiting fans tend to go to a series as opposed to just one game, the A’s project that they will sell out the stadium's 35,000-seat capacity every home game. If visitors go to only two games, that is 90 percent of capacity. That is a bold projection for a team that was last in attendance in 2022 and at the bottom so far in 2023, especially since no MLB team comes close to selling out all its home games. The lack of flights makes 400,000 new visitors seem impossible Most teams that would visit the Las Vegas A’s stadium are in the American League. Most are in the east where nonstop flights to Las Vegas are scarce. For example, I found five or fewer nonstop flights per day from six of the other 14 American League cities. Four of those six teams had home stadium attendance below 20,000 per game in 2022. It’s hard to imagine that 10,000 or 15,000 fans will fly across the country for a series when that is around the average attendance for the 81 home games in their own cities. Some displaced fans may be within driving distance, but the point is one that needs to be considered. Las Vegas would need dozens of flights per series that don’t exist to accommodate this prediction.
Mehaffey also points out that Miami, which recently built a publicly financed stadium, also has 40 million visitors a year, just like Las Vegas. However, the Miami metro is substantially larger than Las Vegas. “In 2022, the Miami Marlins averaged 11,204 per game. A market with a much larger metro population that posts similar tourism numbers does not come close to the A’s projections. There is no reason to think Las Vegas will be different.”
Stanford economics professor Roger Noll agrees with Mehaffey that the attendance numbers Fisher projects are not credible. From USA Today:
“Baseball is different than the NFL,” Roger Noll, professor of economics emeritus at Stanford University, tells USA TODAY Sports. “This notion that of those 162 baseball games, I've got to see those three that are between the A's and the Royals in Las Vegas - it's just nonsense, right? It's not true, it's not going to happen. “That's the fundamental reason why economists, when they do research on the impact of sports teams, typically find that the effect on local incomes and employment is slightly negative.”
But what about job creation?
Noll says the hours that stadium workers put in – for 81 games a year – computes to roughly 15% of a full-time job. “So the 500 people who work at the stadium on game day, you got to multiply that by .15 to get the number of full-time equivalent jobs, which means it's less than 100. Wow,” says Noll. “You know, $1.5 billion to create less than 100 jobs, right? Wow.”
4. Grossly Underfunded Payroll
The total payroll for the 2023 A’s is just $59,630,474, just 37% of the MLB average payroll of $116,112,414 and just 17% of the highest-spending New York Mets ($345,474,042). To provide context, the highest paid players in the league, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, will each make $43,333,333. Verlander’s salary, by itself, is 72% of the entire A’s roster!
This meager spending is by choice, not necessity. It’s a strategy that works. From Sports Illustrated:
The A's were a top-5 team in 2022. Not on the field. The A's finished with a 60-102 record, second-worst only ahead of the Washington Nationals. On the spreadsheets though, they netted $62.2 million according to a report from Forbes. The only teams they finished behind were the revamped Seattle Mariners who made the playoffs for the first time in two decades, the San Francisco Giants, the Boston Red Sox, and the Baltimore Orioles who had a Mariners-esque upswing and an A's-esque payroll.
When the A’s do develop talent, they quickly jettison those players to avoid paying them their true worth on the market. As Review-Journal columnist Ed Graney explained, when Fisher’s A’s have experienced success, the response has been to break down the team and sell off the parts. Graney concluded: “John Fisher is an owner with deep, deep pockets who (incredibly) has always acted in a way that he can’t afford to hand out exorbitant contracts to his best players. About him, an overwhelmingly popular opinion is that he simply doesn’t want to.”
Why do this? Wouldn’t a competitive team generate more revenue? In Major League Baseball, there is a revenue sharing agreement among the franchises, intended to help smaller markets field competitive teams. Fisher uses revenue sharing, and dumping talent, to be one of the most profitable owners in baseball. From the New York Post:
At least a few rival MLB club owners are annoyed at the Athletics for conducting a major fire sale to enhance their bottom line soon after being added as a new revenue-sharing recipient in a vote by owners. “The idea of revenue sharing is not to make money, it’s to field a competitive team,” one rival owner complained Thursday during the owners’ meetings at MLB headquarters in Midtown. “That money is supposed to go toward player salaries. [The A’s] took the money and put it in their pocket.” Yet another owner, also upset that the A’s didn’t use the money to buy new players, but instead did the opposite and sold three major stars and drastically cut their payroll, referred to the franchise generally as “a mess.”
Fisher will not fund a competitive team in Las Vegas if we give him a stadium handout. That would destroy his very profitable business strategy. Why would he do that? The payroll of the Las Vegas A’s will be 30th out of 30 MLB teams, just like the Oakland A’s.
5. History Repeating: Quakes Publicly Funded Stadium
There seems to be some hopeful thinking that if we give John Fisher a stadium handout, he will increase the A’s payroll to become more competitive. A’s President Dave Kaval stirred excitement when he insinuated that the franchise would bankroll a World Series championship team with a new stadium in Las Vegas. “But with more revenues, we want to turn a playoff team into a World Series team. That’s why we’re fighting so hard for a new stadium, whether it’s in Las Vegas or Oakland,” Kaval told the Review-Journal.
Many people, including our elected officials, want to believe this, in good faith. It would be awesome to have a Las Vegas MLB franchise win a World Series!
This isn’t Fisher’s first rodeo with a publicly funded stadium. Fisher is also the owner of the San Jose Quakes of Major League Soccer. From an Associated Press article in the May 25, 2006 Salinas Californian on public financing for a new Quakes stadium: “The Quakes won MLS championships in 2001 and 2003 led by former star forward Landon Donovan but attendance slid to an average of just 13,037 fans last season.” Sound familiar?
So what happened? Did Fisher increase player payroll once he obtained his publicly financed soccer stadium?
From the San Jose Mercury News:
Out of the 29 MLS teams, the Earthquakes rank 21st in guaranteed player compensation and base salary, both on a per-player and teamwide basis. The Earthquakes’ average salary came in at $434,079, nearly $100,000 lower than the overall average salary for an MLS player ($530,467). San Jose’s total spending ($13.022 million) comes in at more than $2.8 million below the average team spending across the league (15.822 million). It’s a continued trend for the Quakes, even after they moved into the state-of-the-art PayPal Park in 2015. The Earthquakes have consistently ranked in the bottom half of the league in spending, per Spotrac, even as the MLS has continued to add new expansion teams over the years. Earthquakes spending rank in MLS by year · 2015 (20 teams) — 15th · 2016 (20 teams) — 11th · 2017 (22 teams) — 16th · 2018 (23 teams) — 19th · 2019 (24 teams) — 19th · 2020 (26 teams) — 17th · 2021 (27 teams) — 24th · 2022 (28 teams) — 22nd · 2023 (29 teams) — 21st That has been reflected in on-field results, too. Since the Earthquakes moved into their new home, they have never finished a season with more wins than losses — the closest they came was in that first year, at 13 wins, 13 losses and eight draws.
Nevada should expect Fisher to act in the future as he has in the past. His business strategy is clear: spend as little as possible on player payroll regardless of venue. If Nevada gives Fisher a handout, nobody — nobody — can act surprised when his miserly payroll does not change.
The Raiders and A’s shared the Oakland Coliseum for decades. Aces and Raiders owner Mark Davis is very familiar with what it means to “partner” with John Fisher. Davis did not hold back when he spoke with the Review-Journal:
“I won’t forget what they did to us in Oakland. They squatted on a lease for 10 years and made it impossible for us to build on that stadium,” the Raiders owner said in a phone chat Thursday afternoon, referring to the stadium the A’s and Raiders once shared, the Oakland Coliseum. “They were looking for a stadium. We were looking for a stadium. They didn’t want to build a stadium, and then went ahead and signed a 10-year lease with the city of Oakland and said, ‘We’re the base team.’” … Davis was asked if he could envision an environment where the Silver and Black would cross-promote with the green-and-gold Las Vegas Athletics. “Not with that management group,” Davis said. “I just have, again, a lot of personal animosity toward the front office. But with a new management group? Absolutely.”
Mark Davis did business with John Fisher for decades. Davis knows Fisher. Nobody in Nevada has done business with Fisher as much as Davis. Davis’ reaction to Fisher, basically unfiltered instinctual revulsion, should be a massive red flag to our elected leaders who are being plied with sweet nothings by Fisher’s hired guns.
“A’s Stadium Math Doesn’t Add Up.” The Nevada Independent, May 30, 2023.
Graney, Ed. “Graney: A’s Penny-Pinching a Reason for Las Vegas to Reassess.” Journal, March 18, 2022.
Gutierrez, Ana. “Nevada Ranks as the Second Least Educated State in America.” KLAS, February 17, 2022.
Jenkins, Bruce. “MLB Has Punished Other Owners. Why Is A’s John Fisher Getting a Pass?” San Francisco Chronicle, June 3, 2023.
Katsilometes, John. “Raiders Owner Rips Oakland Athletics’ Likely Move to Las Vegas.” Journal, April 27, 2023.
Lacques, Gabe. “Why A’s Las Vegas Stadium Gambit May Be a Losing Bet: ‘It’s Just Nonsense.’” USA Today, June 1, 2023.
Lozito, Nick. “‘this Is Not Our Fault:’ Oakland A’s Fans Are Defending Their Image.” The Oaklandside, May 5, 2023.
“MLB 2023 Payroll Tracker.” Accessed June 3, 2023.
Oakland Athletics made over $60 million in 2023 - Sports Illustrated ... Accessed June 4, 2023.
Shea, John. “Don’t Believe John Fisher’s Propaganda: A’s Fans Are the Best in Baseball.” San Francisco Chronicle, June 1, 2023.
Simon, Alex. “Would New Oakland A’s Ballpark Lead to More Spending? John Fisher’s Other Team Shows That May Not Be the Case.” The Mercury News, May 17, 2023.
Wootton-Greener, Julie. “Las Vegas Area Schools Ranked Second-Worst in Nation for Quality.” Journal, December 9, 2021.
submitted by BigBlueMagic to Nevada [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:01 siskyfizzler #List: Grooming / Love Jihad Cases All Over India

Delhi (5)
Uttar Pradesh (18)
  • On May 27 this year, a pregnant Seema Gautam was k!ll€d by her live-in partner Mohammad Naved in Shahjahanpur. Source
  • Chanda Singh, a widow and mother of two daughters, was trapped by Arif Hussain who took on the identity of Guddu Singh. Hussain strangled Chanda to death after she refused to perform namaz. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) Kaushambi on 14 February. Source
  • Slurs like “kaafir ki aulaad”, abuse of Hindu deities, thrashings and dowry harassment by her Mu$l!m husband Faheem Qureshi and in-laws drove Varsha Raghuwanshi to su!c!d€ in February last year. Source
  • On 4 March 2022, a Hindu SC girl studying in class 9 was @bducted by one Sahil Muqarram who [email protected]€d and subsequently, muπdeπed the girl by forcing her to consume poison. The case was reported from Saharanpur. Source
  • In March 2022, Shakir and Faiz muπdeπed Bulandshahr resident Sushilavati and usurped her house. Source
  • In September 2022, Junaid, Sohail, Arif, Hafeez, Chhote and Karimuddin were arrested for the πap€ and muπdeπ of two minor sisters in Lakhimpur Kheri. Source
  • In a shocking incident, Mohammad Sufiyan pushed 19-year-old (17 as per Zee News) Nidhi from the fourth floor of an apartment in November last year. Nidhi’s family has alleged that he was forcing her to embrace [email protected] Source
  • In a spine-chilling case, Wasi Ahmed muπdeπed his wife Uma Sharma alias Arfa Fatima by giving her an electric shock on 22 December. The police recovered the victim’s body on December 24 from her bedroom in Lakhimpur Kheri District. Source
  • National-level kho-kho player Babli Rani (24) was stπ@ngl€d to death in Bijnor in September 2022 by railway labourer Shahzad (26) after she resisted his attempt to π@p€ her. Source
  • In October 2021, a Hindu woman Nisha was muπdeπed by her husband Dr Iqbal for refusing to embrace [email protected] . Already married and a father of four Iqbal trapped Nisha saying he was a Hindu and when the victim learnt his Mu$l!m identity, he said each could follow their religion. The couple has two daughters. However, Iqbal started pressurizing Nisha to convert to [email protected] . The incident was reported from Bareilly. Source
  • In a gruesome case of grooming [email protected], Shakib and his family had ch0pp€d Ekta Deshwal into pieces and buried her in a field. The horrific crime was reported from Meerut and took place in June 2019. Source
  • In June 2020, Naina Kaur was brutally [email protected]€d to death by stalker Sheru Khan (22) while out shopping with her parents in Ghaziabad, NCR. Source
  • In yet another case of Love Jihad & muπdeπ, a Hindu lady Priya and her daughter were muπdeπed by accused Mohammad Shamshad who introduced himself to her by the name of Amit Gurjar on Facebook. After befriending her and getting into a relationship with her, he muπdeπed the woman & her daughter Kashish and buried their bodies in his drawing room in July 2020. Source
  • Priya Soni married Ajaz Ahmed without informing and seeking permission from her family in July 2020. In September, Ahmed with the help of his friend brutally muπdeπed his wife for refusing to convert to [email protected] . The case was reported from Sonbhadra in UP. Source
  • In a case of grooming [email protected] reported from UP’s Badaun in September 2020, Asif, who had married Neha assuming the identity of Rajkumar, muπdeπed Neha after she protested on learning his real identity. Source
  • Nadeem Khan was arrested in Lucknow for muπdeπing his third wife Seema Soni by sl!tt!ng her throat on 10 October 2019. Source
  • Archana (18) who had eloped with Javed, a married man with three children, di€d four weeks later due to excessive consumption of some medicines. The man was arrested after Archana’s family alleged foul play. Source
  • On 4 July 2017, Adnan Khan got his pregnant wife [email protected]@p€d by his two friends and then muπdeπed by sh00ting her in the head at point-blank range. Furthermore, to ensure that she doesn’t survive, he sl!t her throat with a knife. The two had frequent fights after Adnan took a second wife by performing nikah according to his family’s wishes. The case was reported from Prayagraj in UP. Source
Maharashtra (7)
  • In January 2023, Rehan Khan was arrested by the Mumbai Police after his wife Yashoda, who had converted and become Rubina Khan, was found hanging from the ceiling rod in their Dharavi home. Source
  • A disturbing case of grooming and muπdeπ was unearthed from Mumbai’s Goregaon West in April last year. 23-year-old bakery owner Mohammed Ansari was arrested for brutally k!ll!ng 18-year-old Hindu girl Sonam Shukla. The girl, residing in Goregaon’s Prem Nagar area, was preparing for her NEET examinations. Source
  • Zakir Ahmed and his two aides were arrested for @bducting and muπdeπing Ambika Maraskolhe in September 2022. The case was reported from Maharashtra’s Amravati. Source
  • Mohammad Iqbal Sheikh muπdeπed his Hindu wife Rupali Chandanshive (20) by sl!tt!ng her throat for not following [email protected]!c traditions and demanding a divorce. The incident occurred in the Tilak NagaChembur area of Mumbai. Source
  • Urvi Vaishnav appears to be the latest victim of live-in gone wrong if the allegations by her family members are to be believed. The 27-year-old was found d€ad in Navi Mumbai and her family has accused her live-in partner Riyaz Khan of k!ll!ng her. Source
  • Mohsin Khan sl!t the throat of his alleged girlfriend’s grandmother and minor brother for objecting to their relationship in Nagpur in December 2020. Source
  • Model Mansi Dixit was muπdeπed and her body was stuffed into a bag by her boyfriend Muzammil Sayyed. The muπdeπ took place in Andheri West’s Millat Nagar on 15 October 2018. Sayyed he hit her on the head with a stool and [email protected]€d her to death following an argument. Source
West Bengal (2)
  • Minor girl Rubi Kumari (13) was reportedly [email protected]€d and muπdeπed by one Sheikh Raja (19) on the day of Vijaya Dashami in October last year. Rubi Kumari’s dead body was recovered from railway tracks near Sheoraphuli (Sheorafuli) rail station in the Hooghly district. Source
  • Sheikh Sultan sh0t his girlfriend Subhologna Chakraborty d€ad after his fake Hindu identity was exposed, which led to the cancellation of their wedding. Things were at an advanced stage and the 35-year-old Subhologna was all set to have a court marriage with Sultan. But then the marriage was called off after the girl’s parents came to know of Sultan’s real identity. Source
Jharkhand (6)
  • Mamta Devi, a married Hindu woman, has been muπdeπed by a Mu$l!m man who was insisting she leaves her husband and elopes with him. This incident took place in Jharkhand’s ​​Ramgarh district. According to the deceased’s sister Jaya Devi, she was muπdeπed by Rocky Baba alias Armaan Khan. Jaya told the media that her sister Mamta was married and she also has a three-year-old daughter. Source
  • A girl, 14, was found hanging from a tree in Jharkhand’s Dumka in September 2022. She was [email protected]€d and muπdeπed by Arman Ansari, a construction worker, who has been arrested. It is believed that the grooming [email protected]! had been exploiting the child, who belongs to a poor vanvasi (‘tribal’) family, for months. When she got pregnant, Ansari first muπdeπed her and then hung her from a tree to make it look like $u!©!de. Source
  • In yet another spine-chilling case of grooming & ‘marriage’ followed by a brutal muπdeπ, 22-year-old Rubika (Rabita according to some reports) Pahadin was muπdeπed by Dildar Ansari and his family in the Borio Santhali village of Sahibganj district, Jharkhand. Reports state that the victim was ch0pped to pieces using an electric iron cutter. Ansari a scrap dealer, was already married to a Mu$l!m woman Gulera. He pretended to be single and groomed Rubika for 2 years, convincing her to first enter into a live-in relationship. Source
  • In October 2022, a minor girl was reportedly muπdeπed by Chand Ansari and his friends in Jharkhand’s Simdega. The victim’s family also alleged that Ansari had first [email protected]€d and subsequently assaulted her to muπdeπ her. Source
  • In November 2017, Chayanika Kumari (30) was [email protected] to death by her alleged boyfriend Mirza Rafiqul Haque, a doctor by profession, for refusing to convert to [email protected] and marry him. After muπdeπing Chayanika, Haque stuffed her body into a suitcase which he left at the Tata Nagar railway station, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Source
  • In December 2017, a Hindu woman was [email protected]€d and later muπdeπed by her ‘In-laws’lover’ Adil Ansari’s family as she refused to convert to [email protected] in Jharkhand’s Bokaro District. Source
Uttarakhand (5)
  • In March 2022, Gulbez muπdeπed Ramsa after she refused to undergo nikah ([email protected]!c marriage) against her family’s wishes. The incident was reported from Uttarakhand’s Roorkee. Source
  • Neha was muπdeπed by her husband Abrar Ahmed who sl!t her throat on 23 May 2022 in Udham Singh Nagar. Neha’s father alleged dowry harassment. Source
  • In August last year, after a 24-days-long investigation, the Nainital police solved the mystery of Anjali Arya’s disappearance and arrested her “lover” Mohammad Yameen Ahmed. The accused had k!ll€d Anjali by sl!tting her throat because she was asking him to marry her after their courtship. Source
  • Mamta Bisht was muπdeπed by Mohammad Ashraf in Haldwani on 3 November 2022. Ashraf then fled with jewellery and cash as per his plan. Source
  • Another harrowing end to a grooming [email protected] where Hyder and his two friends, Arif and Farhan muπdeπed a Hindu girl named Nidhi Paswan by sl!tt!ng her throat with a paper cutter in broad daylight inside her house. The gruesome muπdeπ was reported this Saturday from Rourkee near Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Source
Haryana (3)
  • Newlywed bride Tanishka Sharma was sh0t five times by Mohammad Sahil and his friends while she was on her way to her in-law’s place after the wedding ceremony. Sahil had been stalking Tanishka and the situation worsened to the extent that the family made her quit her studies after she passed Class 12. Source
  • Shivani Khobiyan was k!lled by her neighbour and stalker Arif Khan who stπ@ngulated her in her salon on 26 June 2020 in Haryana’s Kondli. As per reports, Shivani’s family had complained against Arif three years back and he was made to apologize for stalking Shivani back then. Since then, Arif was holding a grudge against them and wanted to avenge his humiliation. Source
  • Another Hindu girl was muπdeπed by a Mu$l!m stalker. 20-year-old B.Com final year student Nikita Tomar was sh0t d€ad by her stalker Taufiq in Faridabad in October 2020. The accused had kidnapped Nikita in 2017. Source
Rajasthan (2)
  • Ajmer police arrested Arshad Khan and three of his accomplices for their role in the gang r@p£ and muπdeπ of a 17-year-old minor Hindu girl in March 2022. Source
  • In a shocking incident reported from Kota 26-year-old Rizwana, who was earlier Antima Shekawat, was k!ll£d in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Antima was groomed by Imran; then converted, s0ld for money and k!ll£d after 11 years of ‘marriage’. Source
Himachal Pradesh (1)
  • In April 2022, 15-year-old Prachi Rana was brutally muπdeπed in her home in Una District by Asif Mohammed, a newspaper vendor who used to deliver the newspaper to the victim’s home. On April 5, when Prachi was alone in her house, the accused entered the house around 1 PM on the pretext of giving a newspaper bill. After entering the house, he ‘proposed’ to her and tried to m0l£st her. When she resisted, the accused sl!t her throat and fled the spot. Source
Chhattisgarh (3)
  • A teenage Hindu girl was [email protected]£d and k!ll£d by 23-year-old Sabir Ali, aka Baba Khan in Chhattisgarh’s Surajpur district. The incident took place on March 24 and the accused tried to pass it off as a case of su!c!d€. Source
  • Shahbaz has been accused of muπdeπing 21-year-old Neelkusum, janjatiya by birth who had converted to Christianity, by brutally [email protected]!ng her 51 times with a screwdriver. The horrific case occurred on December 24 last year in Korba. Source
  • A woman named Sunita Kushwaha was brutally muπdeπed in Navagarh town in the Janjgir-Champa district in November 2019. As per reports, the woman had been duped after a long relationship with a man named Zameer Khan and was muπdeπed after she confronted Zameer’s family members. Source
Assam (1)
  • Two minor tribal girls belonging to the indigenous Rabha tribe were found hanging from a tree in a forested area near their native Abhayakuti village in Assam’s Kokrajhar district. The police have taken seven people into custody in connection with the [email protected]£ and muπdeπ of the two minor girls. Of these, at least three are said to be Bengali Mu$l!ms. Three of the accused have been identified as Muzammil Sheikh, Nazibul Sheikh and Rahman. Source
Andhra Pradesh (1)
  • Hindu girl Nagakethana, an MBA student, was [email protected]£d by Muhammad Tanish in Chittoor District’s Chandragiri Mandal in June 2017 after she turned down his marriage proposal. Source
Madhya Pradesh (2)
  • Neelam Ahirwar who converted to [email protected] and became Afroz Begum after her nikah to Talib d!€d under mysterious circumstances on 6 July 2021 in Chhatarpur. Police began investigations after her family alleged she was muπdeπed. Source
  • In July 2021, 21-year-old Kashish Parmar’s body was found in a gunny sack lying in a drain in Bhopal’s Khajuri area. As per her maternal uncle, Kashish had gone out to meet Akhtar Ali (33) who brutally muπdeπed her. Ali hit her with a stick, [email protected]€d her, and then packed the d€@d body in a sack and flung it in a sewer near his house. Source
Bihar (2)
  • On 8 February 2023, Prabha Bharti, a police constable from Katihar was sh0t d€@d by a man identified as Mohammad Hasan alias Hasan Arshad. The accused had been stalking her for quite some time and was pressurizing her to get married to him. He used to threaten to make her private videos public and ultimately muπdeπed her by firing two bullets into her head. Source
  • Sheikh Shakeel Miyan muπdeπed a 42-year-old married woman named Neelam Yadav in broad daylight in the middle of a market area on Saturday in the Pirpainti police station area of ​​Bhagalpur district. Miyan was aided in this crime by his brother Mohammed Zuddin. The two men first brutally [email protected]€d Neelam in the back and head, causing her to fall down. They then cut off her hands, ears and breasts and gouged her eyes. Source
Punjab (1)
  • Hindu girl Mamta was muπdeπed by a married grooming [email protected]! Mohammad Shariq (25) at her house at Burail village in Sector 45, Chandigarh. The girl had started avoiding Shariq and blocked him on her phone which incensed the [email protected]!st sexual predator and drove him to muπdeπ. Source
Telengana (1)
  • On 10 January 2020, Mohammad Shahid muπdeπed his ‘girlfriend’ Munigala Harathi by sl!tt!ng her throat using a blade on suspicion of infidelity in his home in Hanamkonda in Warangal District. Source
These incidents are mere indicators of the threat posed by [email protected]!sts whom the pseudo-secular cabal wants Hindus to embrace in the name of ‘communal harmony’. For some love/grooming [email protected] is ‘propaganda’ but will they be able to give back the lives of these Hindu girls?
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