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2023.05.26 22:37 VesperalRhino Hopefully, since this is the year of Fnaf, Fnaf plus will release this year aswell

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2023.05.26 05:37 Additional-Noise8543 The postal 2 stream

The postal 2 stream
Does anyone have or know if there's anywhere to watch the postal 2 stream because I was gonna watch the vod but it got taken down
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2023.05.24 16:41 Ochara6l just some work ive done

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2023.05.24 07:19 Rare-Employment-2783 Is FNAF PLUS cancelled or smth??

Ik this has been asked before, but that was a year ago, the fnaf plus twitter account hasnt posted in almost half a year now, phisnom doesnt seem to be uploading about it, nor does his own twitter have anything related, it feels like the game has just been forgotten for a hot minute? like im so confused..?
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as phisnom once said "shitting on a game someone likes is okay because games dont have feelings but attacking developers or people for liking or disliking shit is not okay and it only makes you look like a bitch"
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In the Puppet) page on the FNAF wiki, there this piece of trivia that reads: "Phisnom has stated that the Puppet will not act as an antagonist during the gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy's Plus. " there a source that actually confirm this?
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2023.05.15 20:57 AlsartSavience A clarification about some trivia.

In the Puppet) page on the FNAF wiki, there this piece of trivia that reads: "Phisnom has stated that the Puppet will not act as an antagonist during the gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy's Plus. " there a source that actually confirm this?
UPDATE: Nevermind, i found this, which debunks the trivia.
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2023.05.04 23:55 Cat_4756 Help, I really want to find this song at this Youtuber's intro

It's the music at the Intro of the VODS of youtuber and streamer Phisnom. Here is a link to his channel
If anybody could identify the song that appears in his intro, I would be incredibly grateful.
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2023.05.01 22:25 BrickbobRedditpants What program does Phisnom use for his stream avatar?

I'm looking into doing something for my own streams, and he's the only one I've seen that has multiple sets of images, so that's what I'm looking into. However I have absolutely no idea what to search, so I'm asking here
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2023.04.23 00:59 Greeny_Space Stellar Collision (AU)

Stellar Collision (Pilot)

By Greeny_Space aka Greeny

[Hello, my fellow scientists!
I’m not really a huge fan of this community anymore and I haven’t had a look at this sub in almost a year. So, I guess you could call me the Phisnom of Murder Drones. But I still love the setting and worldbuilding of Murder Drones to death, so I’m going to write something that combines a few ideas I had.
This part and very likely all the future chapters of the AU will be free of anything romantic or comparable. Perhaps some of the wording in the Praesentationis-Chapter might sound sus, but that was not intentional and I cannot be bothered to make it sound less sus for horny teenagers.
I should also point out that English is not my mother tongue so expect a few errors here and there.
But aaanyway: I hope that you will find the following interesting and perhaps even worthy of continuation! Enjoy!]

Chapter 1 Praesentationis:
The noise of gunshots can be heard echoing in the distance as a young Worker flees towards his base. Its dark out and not even the majestic ringed moons can be seen in the sky. Only the drone’s scratched visor emits some usable blue light. He is running, stumbling through trenches and over the rubble that was left behind by all those bloody battles... He is wearing a torn uniform as if he was some low-ranking soldier. Poor child…
The youngling’s erratic breathing coupled with the visor’s light make him easily detectable for any Disassembly-Drone willing enough to fly out during this hellish weather: A blizzard is currently bringing trouble among the prey, but this does not affect the hunting abilities of the hunters all too much. Left behind the Worker is a trail of warm oil and inconsistent footsteps…
And just like that, a yellow glow can be seen zipping through the white wall of snow and ice. “What’s this? A Worker-Drone? S-Seriously? Making things easy for me here… Thank you for that, haha!” The feminine sounding demon mumbles to herself with a short sadistic giggle from afar.
These Workers hate JCJenson for having brought certain death among their kind: Drones capable of committing war crimes - far worse than the ones you would see elsewhere on Copper-9! Shouldn’t drones and artificial intelligences in general be counted as some lifeform? Slaves to an unjust system, equipped with the ability to simulate feelings, Serotonin, Testosterone as well as Dopamine… Was this intentional or did they evolve and become sentient? Does this tie into the explosion of Copper’s core?
Suddenly the Disassembly Drone lands in front of its toy which causes a small shockwave to form. Stumbling backwards, the poor child hits its head on a block of concrete cracking the glass of its visor. An Error-Message can be seen popping up on the corrupt screen and a hole in the glass reveals the robotic internals and inner workings of the head. Now the predator takes its chance and attacks by stabbing the Worker with its Katana-like sword. Oil sprays everywhere, on the walls of the trench and the rubble on the ground….
“Stupid little drone… Natural selection at its finest! Why didn’t you just stay wherever you came from…” The attacker appears heavily armed and protected under a yellowish glowing forcefield. Her voice sounds soft and empathic but with an evil intent hidden beneath that smoothening upper layer. She also appears to be wearing some elaborate uniform with the Company’s logo stamped into a small golden medallion that is hanging from her throat. And with that, the Disassembly Drone lifts the broken body of the Worker. But surprisingly the Error-Message disappears revealing now red glowing eyes filled with bloodthirsty hate.
“Natural Selection you say… You should fear me! I have killed three of you where I’m from!” The attacker begins to laugh sadistically.
“Fear you? Not even death will save you from me! Enjoy your last pathetic seconds, you brat!” And there it is: The smoothening layer has chipped away, revealing that nasty character typical for the Disassembly Drones.
“Whatever you say, idiot!” As oil begins to flow from the Worker’s mouth, he begins to smile, then laugh manically as he lifts his left arm revealing a very strange looking and red glowing grenade. He flips of the safety-pin with one finger and releases the grenade.
“Where did you… How?” The Disassembly Drone begins to panic, and her sadistic smile turns into a look of disbelief as she drops her prey.
Visible from a few blocks away, a bright flash illuminates the troubled sky and is quickly followed by a deafening boom. Surrounding buildings crumble and fall as the explosion wipes the two drones from reality.

Chapter 2 In desperatione absoluta:
Located inside the heavily fortified and armored but damaged base, a meeting is taking place inside a room furnished with a long row of chairs and tables as well as dirty flags and cases upon cases of ammunition. The Workers here, dressed in their elaborate but old and decrepit uniforms, can be seen arguing with each other.
“Outpost-Building-N24 has been lost… Years and years of hard work… Our comrades, children, died for nothing. What do you mean we should rebuild it?! We cannot rebuild it – Its gone – don’t you get it? We are doomed – finally doomed!” General Lichtenstein is running around the table like a maniac. With his hands on his head, he looks hopeless and filled with grief for his lost brothers and sisters. His voice, usually calm and grumbly, fills the rows of Drones with fatalism.
“The devil has sent us his new helpers… New demons… Equipped with the powers of hell… the force of an entire space-to-space fleet!” He stops in his tracks, closes his fist, and shakes it. “And he will not stop until each and every one of us has been brutally tortured and killed!” The old drone looks up at the other drones in the room and takes off his hat.
“Ladies and gentlemen, God has left us, and as you know, we have prepared for this very moment. The ship is sinking and as the captain of this vessel I will not leave the helm.” With that, deafening silence fills the room. “But with the tremendous territorial losses these past days… so many dead brothers and sisters… it becomes time for us to choose between dying as glorious heroes or getting tortured and killed like animals. Only a few of us were left alive by the front... The end is near, so you better prepare for it.”
The entire room has fallen under an insulating blanket of shock. “My god, general, you have gone insane!” A young female drone with white hair, red eyes and dressed also in a uniform, remarks. “We cannot give up the immense accomplishments that only have been possible thanks to our fallen brothers and sisters! No, we must continue fighting! The war has not yet been lost! We ought to belief in the good of this universe: JCJenson cannot be the only force out there! Jenson must fear something, something so powerful, it makes him shiver and endanger his company’s image by destroying our kind! We are what he fears – artificial intelligence!” She stood up to say this with her voice sounding shaky but ignited with a spark of hope.
“Lady Flake, I respect your optimism. However, you seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that we have already tried to contact other bases and colonies, ships as well as completely different stellar systems! We have been fighting for years and years… Also, who even let you join the meeting today? When was the last time you were helpful? No. Let me rephrase that: When was the last time your decisions didn’t cause huge numbers of dead soldiers, soldiers as young as 10 years old?” General Lichtenstein remarks in an annoyed and frustrated manner. “By the way, Flake, you still haven’t provided me with an explanation…,” he adds.
“I cannot respect you anymore, old man! All these years you have been hiding behind thick walls and inside these vast halls – do you even know what the front looks like?! No, you do not! And now you are suggesting suicide! Complete and utter insanity! And how many had to die because of you? I followed you orders!”
The other drones gasp and begin to mumble things. General Lichtenstein puts his hat back on and approaches Flake with pure disgust in his eyes, ready to punch her in the face if his image would allow it.
“You have angered me for the last time, Flake! You either do as I say or I will send you to the northern front, right where the new landing pods are!” He rambles with a mighty and grumbly tone in his voice.
“You know what? I’m probably better of there than here with you maniacs around! Go ahead, give up if you don’t belief in what I say! But I will keep on fighting, to save every last bit of our honor and dignity!” She storms of.

We find the angry lady wearing an old black trench coat over her uniform outside of the base, walking through an icy trench towards a small, armored depot for weaponry, hopefully untouched by the deadly force of the Disassembly Drones. This depot, located north-west of the main base, has been abandoned years ago when the main front was shifted towards the landing site of new, more powerful Disassembly Drones.
“… mad fucking cult-leader… You shall die together with the rest of your corrupt marionettes! …” She almost stumbles over an old, mangled corpse. “… disgusting, corrupt piece of utter shit! Lick my boots! You have caused so much death, Lichtenstein – so much more than others did!”
You could call her the shy type of Drone that was hardened like steel by the terrors of her past. In an ideal world she would attend high school, get bullied and read all sorts of different Mangas - you know, the typical introverted teen stuff.
The old winding trenches tell a story of victory, stagnation in victorious operations, pushbacks and finally defeat. So many have lost their lives here… so many meant to improve upon humanity’s bloody cloth of history… The strong winds of the storm whistle through this mass grave but this does not scare Lady Flake. She has been born and trained here – you could even say that this is her home.
By now questions might arise within the reader: “What makes this former colony so important? Why is it necessary for all drones living here to die asap?” So maybe I should have told this earlier, but I needed the reader’s attention first: This former colony used to refine and process important materials for building weaponry here. Though for now, this is all you are going to get in regards of these questions ^^.
Suddenly she notices a dim light in the sky and halts to get a better look. It must be coming from the stratosphere because it moves like a shooting star. However, it also does not seem to disappear like a rock from space would due to it burning up…
“What the- Is that another landing pod? No… It’s too bright for that… Perhaps just a meteoroid…,” she thinks to herself.
The troubled sea that is the atmosphere makes it hard for Flake to get a good look at the anomaly. But whatever it is, it sure does cause waves of shivers to go down Flake’s metallic spine.
“I- should get moving… I really should not get distracted by a rock coming from outer space right now…”, she mumbles to herself with a shaky tone of fear in her voice.
Finally, she reaches the decrepit old building of the depot. It’s a structure made of concrete and steel as well as other materials functioning as armor. There are still bullet holes, craters and other marks around this complex place. The thick wall of snow and fog gives this place a very ghostly appearance. Again, it sends shivers down Lady Flake’s spine…
“Never thought I would be glad to see you, Depot-Building-NW13… How have you been?”
And as if the ghost of the building was there to answer her, something structural can be heard moaning from deep within the vast space under the forces of the storm.
Flake begins to make her way towards the main entrance as a lightning bolt suddenly illuminates the sky. And the roar of thunder echoes through the building. She grabs her old faulty flashlight and proceeds to move into the building in hopes of finding vital utilities for her survival.
Old rusty rebar appears to be reaching for the lady as she walks through the dusty concrete halls. She comes across an old sign and wipes of the dust so that she can read it.
“Arc-Reactor Nr. 4-,” she reads aloud but abruptly stops: “You… I remember you! You- you killed my… my father! As well as many other poor souls… his colleagues… and friends… and my mother!” Her voice sounds shaky and as some tears flow down her face she begins to sink to the floor in front of the sign… This has been repressed for far too long…
Mere months before the front shifted, one arc reactor blew up killing many workers and heavily damaging the entire structure. And the worst thing about this unfortunate event is that it was caused entirely by drone-error, the useless test of some heartless Overseer… Back then, Flake was only a small bean containing her model while it was being trained. The event was so traumatic for her mother that she fell victim to an immense depression. One day she walked off into the night and never returned… This in turn disrupted Flakes training procedure so much that her model’s biases had to be manually adjusted to make up for the trauma.
“No, I shouldn’t cry…,” she says to herself bitterly. “So many of my friend’s parents have died in the war… And they were far older than I was when I lost them!” She slowly stands up and wipes the tears off her face. “They taught me to be brave and to forget… Bitterness won’t change the past they said… Bitterness will hinder you from finding success they said! Aspire to die in an honorable manner unlike your mother they said! Your blood will feed the sprouting tree of our new civilization and the coming generations they said! They said all of this and yet- and yet here we are! Feeding a tree of corruption! Dying like flies to be forgotten! Nobody fucking knows that we are here! Nobody cares about our struggles!” Her sadness got replaced by her pent-out frustrations and as she raises her voice and swings out, she punches the sign full force breaking her hand in the process.
And as she snaps back into her reality she screams out in pain and begins to question her own sanity. “My god! Why- why God, why did I do that!?” She jumps around in pain holding her leaking hand.
“What the fuck are you doing here? Are you alright?!” If this AU was voiced, this character would sound familiar:
Flake screams in terror having been jumpscared by the strange drone. She quickly jumps around to find the source of the disembodied voice but when she punched the wall, she also let go of her flashlight which in turn fell onto the floor and finally broke. So, she cannot see a thing and is stuck in complete darkness because her screen also isn’t enough to help her. Instead, she sinks to the floor again and moves backwards until she can feel the wall behind her. She thinks that she might have seen something drone-like in the dim light of her screen but she can’t make out anything she would know.
“Calm down good god, it’s not like I’m going to kill you… well-” the voice is interrupted.
“No! Not before I know who you are!” Flake announces with panic in her voice.
“Hmm that’s right… No night vision… Well, uhhm… You know, maaaaybe it is for the better that you cannot see me!”
“Who. Are. You. That’s all I want to know!” Flake is still in fight-mode.
“Fine. I’m going to use my light to illuminate the hall for a second. You are looking right at me. But belief me: What you are about to see will not be pleasant in many ways, so prepare! But please belief me when I say that I am peaceful-,” the voice explains in a calm manner but then gets interrupted by Flake.
“Are you a Murd-,” another interruption.
“Listen to me! I am peaceful, I will not hurt you. Please just calm down, I will explain everything right after!”
“Lord almighty… Fine, go ahead, do it!”
Suddenly a yellow light illuminates the hall revealing a heavily mangled Disassembly Drone’s body. The feminine face of the drone is badly scarred, cracked and burned, the hair is charred too and disheveled. The illumination comes from the right eye- the left doesn’t exist anymore… What once was an elaborate uniform is now nothing more but a torn and burned piece of cloth. The upper body is leaking oil and nanites and the lower body is missing its legs… Somehow both arms survived… There are holes everywhere and the internals can be seen peeking through the large injuries. Then, the light dims again but the grotesque picture remains in Flake’s head.
“Christ, what happened to you?!” Flake calls out in disbelief.
“… you guys did… In fact, a child, a little boy, did! You are sending your children out to fight! Now here I was thinking that my nanites would fix me up… Well, they certainly held me together and probably saved me in the end… but I guess I ran out of them now… Also, where did my stinger go?”
“Ahh, yeah… a drone’s life is brutal I guess… on both sides… Well, you attacked us so that’s what you get in return!” Flake has calmed down and is back to her senses, though her hand is still broken… She starts to look for her flashlight...
“Hold up, I was never told that you have emotions or that you age or anything… We were sent here to kill the pesky drones that caused the humans to die! You killed them!”
That statement catches Flake off guard:
“We did what?! Humanity wiped itself out on this planet! They mined into the planet’s core and fucked up! I wasn’t even alive back then! Who told you that nonsense?”
“What? No, that cannot be! It simply can’t! They provided us with videos and illustrations and pictures of their pets…” The Disassembly Drone begins to question her previous life. This simply cannot be! This corrupt drone is trying to influence her, to control her!
“… those were saved before the explosion occurred… Anyway, welcome to Copper-9, where your life is worth less than what they mined for here! Humans are corrupt… not us drones… but belief in whatever you want. The sad reality is that both of us will die here if we do not collaborate… I will need your light… Also, what is your name by the way, if you even have one…”
“N- Name? You have names? Insanity… Perhaps you are really not… the corrupt ones… Well, my name is Serial Designation [Delta symbol here] but you can call me Delta.”
[Ahem Time for some random rocket science joke I just came up with: [Delta symbol here]V basically stands for how far a rocket can go or how fast it could get in empty space. Why am I mentioning this? Well, if you were to ship Delta and V, you would get [Delta symbol here]V… Right, that sounded funnier in my head… Back to da plot!]
“Alright, Delta. I want us to get along so let’s just… stop with the political stuff. We will work together until we are out of this building… with whatever both of us wanted here… I was looking for some weapons for example. And perhaps even tools…”
“Right… Funny: That child… I attacked a few days ago… well, it killed itself to kill me… He sensed his impending doom and wanted to… I guess die a hero… I’m bringing this up because this shall not happen here, right? Both of us can survive and just forget everything that happened here later…”
“You are lucky that I’m not up for suicide anymore. Instead, I shall do something meaningful like fixing up one of your pods to escape… even if it’s just to escape from this doomed base and to land somewhere else… There are other colonies, right?” She looks down at her broken hand. In the dim light she can see oil leaking from the holes where her endoskeleton is poking through. This will not be easily fixable…
“Sounds like a plan to me. Well, there must be other colonies. This planet is huge and probably filled with all sorts of wonders uncovered by the… event… Also, your flashlight is to your right. You should be able to reach it. Wait no, I’m just going to activate my screen again, that would be smarter…”
Delta reactivates her screen. Her remaining eye is twitching and glitching out. As is her voice. Flake is curious. How did this drone even get here and why? She figures that answering her question wouldn’t be too helpful for now and picks up her flashlight instead. She shakes it, slaps it and finally hits the wall with it. And out of pure luck the lamp reactivates, flickering and making funny noises.
“Woah, lucky me! Now, shall we find ourselves some spare parts?”

[Wow, you are still reading? *Click* Nice! I was just looking under my gigantic desk and saw the toggle switch of my Brennenstuhl extension cord flicker. In fact, it is still flickering as I’m writing this. Is this normal? Oh actually, I was almost killed yesterday again when the fuse of our shed blew: It was making funny noises and send sparks flying through the fuse box when I tried to turn it back on. It even tingled a little under my index finger. Aaanyway, back to de plöt!]

After a few hours of scavenging for somewhat usable parts and looting corpses, Flake finally has got herself a new and improved hand! Well, it is actually kinda crappy and tape is the only thing hindering it from breaking and leaking again… Meanwhile Delta looks a little better: She had the time to feed on some old bodies. The oil probably tasted horrible. Gordon Ramsey would not be proud… Oh, and if that bitter-oil-part sounds familiar then go read OverlordMGC’s Sands of Change! What a traumatizing story that is… In a positive way! Actually, go read it even if you didn’t get my horribly subtle reference: Its truly worth it!
Delta has some improvised legs too now and she even found a blanket to hide her identity a little better. Why, you are asking? Well not even Flake is quite sure but she figured that she was just cold and trying to hide from her sad reality: A killing machine that failed its purpose and comrades… She will not be able to return to them in her current state for they do not need some crippled drone to take care of.
“This ivory leg is what propels me! Harpoons thrust in the sky!” Delta is weirdly positive at the moment.
“How do you know that song?” Flake asks her in complete confusion.
“Song? I just made it up! Well, it actually sounds slightly familiar… How strange actually…”
They are currently headed for the exit. Neither one of them found what they were actually here for. That stray lightning bolt from earlier has turned into a full-on thunderstorm.
“Seems like you guys were busy: Nothing of use was left in the building... The next depot is far from here, the old, hopefully abandoned pods, are not too far away though. Soo, I guess I could give those a try first… Not even handgun was left for me here…”
Delta has drifted away and is currently getting consumed by her own thoughts: The workers have emotions… emotions enough to make them break their hands… What must they have gone through? All of the horrors they encountered actually had emotional effects on them… Her instincts and ethical beliefs are fighting each other in a bloody battle right now. But then she wakes from her dreams due to one particularly loud thunder.
“If I may ask… Why are you here, Flake?” Delta asks, almost a little worried for her, which can be heard in her smoothening voice.
“Why are you here, Delta?” Flake responds with an almost monotone voice.
“I was looking for something to refill my nanites with… I don’t know if oil does that but I was seeking it in order to stay alive for a bit longer. But given the fact that nothing seems to happen… I- I think my ability to produce nanites… It has been lost to the grenade… So, I stayed in the building… waiting for my own death to free me…” She covers her face in the blanket, seemingly disappointed of herself. The red glowing eyes on her head illuminate her torso a little revealing a few fresh oily stains. “If it hadn’t been for my shield, I would be dead right now and set free of this cruel place!” She exclaims dramatically.
“Not all hope is lost… Perhaps you could rebuild yourself? I don’t know how that would be realistically achievable but you should try it?”
“But- I don’t know how! I was trained to kill – not to reverse engineer myself!” Delta remarks with a shaky voice.
“Right,” Flake stops, “Both of us are lost causes, cursed to die out here. If you join me, I will try my very best to fix your nanite-generator. Promise that you will not turn on me to kill me?” Flake has turned to face Delta who has in turn revealed a part of her face again. She certainly isn’t used to this amount of stress… But she extends her broken right arm waiting for Flake to shake it, which she does.
“We will leave these cursed lands! We are better of anywhere else! I will not turn on you, I promise.” Delta has calmed again. And in silence they continue down the hallway.
As they step through the old doorway, which resembles more of a vault-door, they immediately sense that something is very very wrong:
“What the fuck is that, Flake?” Delta is visibly confused and slightly scared.
“Ah- How should I know?” Flake is shaky now for what she is seeing haunts her.
There is a bright glowing light seemingly falling or rather gliding towards them. Whatever it is, it’s creating a low-pitched rumbling noise… Something is burning up in the atmosphere right in front of them! And even weirder, the sky has cleared a little where the object is flying.
“It fucking creeps me out! That’s not one of your pods; I have seen something like this earlier… But- but further away!” The both of them stand there in shock but also too curious to seek shelter.
“Those are… engines! Engines, Flake, they are invading the planet! They are coming to kill us! Flake, please! Get back inside! Don’t just stand there!” Delta can be seen trying to pull Flake back into the building but Flake stands strong. Instead, Delta falls to the ground where she remains to lie with a look of complete shock in her one eye.
What they have now identified as spacecraft is leaving a bright glowing tail behind it- until it does not. The rumbling cuts out but is replaced with a bright flash followed by a bang. Then an orange glow appears combined with the woosh of wind and turbines spinning up. Lightning bolts strike the ship which makes for an epic site.
“It- it dropped out of warp. It is reentering the atmosphere now…,” Flake whispers.
“I don’t care what it’s doing! Please just- you said you weren’t up for suicide!” Delta can be heard panicking on the ground.
Then blue flames, engine plumes, appear in front of the vessel. It appears to be braking and coming closer and closer now. And now that it can be seen more clearly, it looks to be a SStO or Single-Stage-to-Orbit meaning it looks like a very futuristic plane.
“Black and lime-green… Not red and white? Delta! That’s not JCJenson! It’s something else!” Flake seems almost excited now and adds, “Prepare to meet your first humans!”

[Welp, my scientists: This was it for today. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it!
Oh, I will teaser one thing: The craft will land. I have the start of the next chapter already written out. However, releasing that might take me some time as school will soon pick up again where it left off two weeks ago. And belief me when I say that my life is more important to me than this AU. I have made mistakes before where I sunk too deep into situations I could not easily exit again.
In half a year I might even disappear completely for my life will finally take another step towards my dream of becoming a developer, meaning I will start preparations for my school’s finals!
Also, I am teaching myself the mathematics of Neural Networks and I have been very successful thus far. So perhaps, if my interests sway again, so may my priorities.
But I will continue to write.
I will now take this opportunity to greet my dear friend GMT, you funny Slovak, you got me through some things, as well as the people who kinda inspired me to write this: OverlordMGC and Zodiac uhhh something. Your two’s stories have been incredible! There so much potential hidden within you. Tho I have to admit, that I haven’t read Zodiac’s newer chapters.
So, we shall see again! Remember to stay hydrated, don’t feed the void within you and have a good one!]
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2023.04.16 11:10 First-Contest-3367 If you got to make an official FNaF3 remake (like Phisnom's upcoming FNaF+), what would it look like? What would you change and why?

Before you type in the comments, there are some rules:
- The remake must not be wildly different from the original game.
- The remake must include new and/or revamped mechanics
- The game must include Springtrap, although you are allowed to change his mechanics
- The game must also include the phantom animatronics, although you are allowed to change up their mechanics.
- The game must still take place in Fazbear's Fright, but you are allowed to slightly shake up the building layout

How I'd redisign the game

Enemy/Animatronic mechanics


So, the Phantom animatronics in my remake of the game wouldn't just be hallucinations. Instead they are actual ghosts that interact with the enviorenment. This is why they can cause your systems to fail and why Mangle can cause a power outage.
With all these Phantom animatronics and their unique mechanics, you might feel like it takes the focus away from Springtrap. This might be true. But still, this is how I'd remake the game.
What about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
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2023.04.10 00:33 Additional-Noise8543 This is a thing

This is a thing
I saw someone say something about this in the stream today and I actually this masterpiece
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2023.04.08 20:04 iridhiwidjfuu Does anyone know an expected release date for fnaf+?

I’ve been waiting since the release of the first video made and have been wondering an expected release date like this summer or winter. I’m thinking this summer would be good but idk. Also I see phisnom streaming when I check his Twitter. How often does he stream because sorry if I’m being rude but I feel streaming shouldn’t as much as a priority over a game he’s being paid to make. Again I don’t want to be disrespectful but that’s just what I think.
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2023.04.07 22:23 MeowKasb Help I can't deactivate a youtube membership

Help I can't deactivate a youtube membership
There's a channel i became a member too a while back and my membership ended and it's trying to take money from me but i have none, since i want to put money in my credit card without having any of it taken i am trying to cancel this membership or auto-payment but i can't, the button to deactivate it is not showing for me! Can anyone please help me with this because it's very frustrating to be forced to pay.
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2023.04.07 04:38 JurassicKeizer Phil is a cool guy. However…

He judges games based on how they look. He says Sonic Frontiers is trash, despite 1. Not even bothering to play it, and 2. Not even looking up actual gameplay. Sure, it looks like shit, but it’s a genuinely good Sonic game. Then he crossed the fucking line. He said this. “Zelda games suck.”. The only Zelda game he ever played was Majora’s mask. You should play a game before you judge it. Unless it’s Garten of Banban.
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2023.04.03 03:41 JurassicKeizer Are we all in agreement that Piss Weak should be the canonical chef for the Toxic Cesspit?

Are we all in agreement that Piss Weak should be the canonical chef for the Toxic Cesspit?
I mean, every single stream, he super chats saying, “I’m making insert food, anybody want any?”. He should be the canonical chef for the Cesspit.
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2023.03.20 20:01 JurassicKeizer What was your first Stream?

I first joined the channel (not as a member) when he was streaming Inscryption with Kane Carter. I believe it was Act 2. I don’t recall exactly. I do recall I kept getting timed out because I kept asking about FNaF+. Haven’t gotten a time out since. Except for that one time when Weird_name misclicked my name lmao.
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2023.03.16 20:50 IhategeiSEpic what game should i continue after Touhou 6?

so i've seen Phisnom play it like 3 weeks ago in a livestream and wanted to play it as well
i've beaten the game on Normal Difficulty (only with Reimu and with the first amulet, i never switched weapons) and i've been grinding practice runs/grinding practice mode on Lunatic Difficulty (when i beat on normal i didn't even know you can press shift to slow down, now it makes whole lot more sense) and the farthest i've got without continueing was to stage 5 (patchouly on lunatic is a whole lot harder than Sakuya, hell sakuya on normal without pressing shift ain't so difficult at all so idk, and i like how sakuya on lunatic when she throws knives it sort of splits into thirds) and i've also attempted the extra (there was one time i've got sooo close to beating Flandre on one of the attempts, i fluked it 3 phases until last phase when i had no lives or bombs but died on last phase when i was on middle of health bar F) tho i wanna beat lunatic mode first before beating extra cuz extra is set to lunatic mode so yeah
but like the thing is i don't have time to grind that game cuz im a game developer and i want to dedicate more of my time to developing my game than to grind a hard ASF difficulty (might go back to play with marisa tho, and also try the other amulets) and so i thought of you know continueing with the Touhou series and improving my skills and maybe later coming back to Touhou 6 and beating Lunatic and Extra (kinda like what i've done with Devil May Cry, where i beat every single game before hopping on Dante Must Die for DmC/3 SE/4 SE/5 and then beating the Hardest Dante Must Die which is DMC 1's which to this day is still considered the hardest challenge i've ever done, tho Touhou 6 on Normal is close to it, and Touhou 6 on Lunatic is harder than DMC 1 DMD)

TL;DR what should i continue to after Touhou 6

also unrelated question but like can any1 explain to me what the plot is? cuz i didn't fully understand it aside from Reimu going into a mansion to fight some evil people until facing against a vampire
also also what with all of these things ppl say that like Remilia throws donuts at you... do they mean like the big ass circle projectiles that their hitboxes ain't so large tho?
also also also there are certain aspects i kinda hate about lunatic difficulty like some times when enemies do some random attacks sometimes the randomness works against you and you get unlucky with the pattern and you are like trapped with projectiles around you forcing you to use a bomb to escape (at least that's how it feels to me) this is really common for patchouly with her lasers, some of the enemies in stage 4, a bit of sakuya (tho with enough practice this can be avoided) and also remilia sometimes (on one of her last phases she also spams the big circles, but on lunatic they move so damn quick and there are a lot more of these so its so hard to dodge between them consistently, tho i guess with practice tho)
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2023.03.15 12:39 No_Force9230 Looking for:

Hi everyone, I am making this post to see if anyone has any interest in helping me make a FNaF fan game that will be a re-imagining of Sister Location (like what Phisnom is doing with FNaF Plus). The game will keep certain concepts from the original but be played out in a different light. DM me on here if you are interested and we'll discuss further. I have already drafted out the basics of what I am going fowant the game to be.
I am looking for the following (people who are 18 and up):
Coder, 3D modeller, 3D Animator, Sound designer, Artist, Voice actors for the various Characters
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2023.03.12 00:15 Chaos_740 *THEORY* FNAF plus is Garten of Ban Ban 2???

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2023.03.07 18:16 TheArkhomDestroyer Have you ever seen someone speedrun a game out of spite?

The only time I can think of is when Phisnom (Dev of the official FNAF1 remake) did this for Garten of Banban 2 (the sequel to what’s being considered the apex predator of bad mascot horror) to ensure he was able to get a refund after he finished the game.
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