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2023.06.01 19:46 Last-Swimming Can't pick up my package and 4 delivery "attempts"

hi, so i am expecting to receive a 27 inch monitor from a manufacturers repair site however for two delivery dates i have not been able to catch the fedex driver despite being home all day and looking around. i was not able to select a pick up location due to unable to verify the address on the website yet was able to have it selected for pickup at my local walgreens over the phone menu. the first pick up day, they do not do pickups that day (according to walgreens website), and then the other day, it failed despite it being a normal pick up day. according to customer service, they say its because the package is too thick for it to be held (it's 27x21x7 in.) but i just found out on the website that the max package size is much higher than that, as well as up to 55 pounds? last night my package says it is pending, despite customer service telling me yesterday that it will be delivered on Friday with my updated instructions (i had it as to bring it to the front door as my address is on the back but now also included ringing the top buzzer as if that was not obvious enough)

what should i do? should i call back for like the 4th time?

EDIT: i am super frustrated at this point i called and they said its already at the pick up place however it is not yet ready to be picked up yet? every single time it feels like i call them i just get a different response
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2023.05.30 21:58 thekaiserkeller Where can I get a passport photo taken of my baby?

Hoping to hear from folks who have successfully gotten this done but happy to take any leads anyone has! Willing to drive anywhere in the Portland area (or Vancouver). I’ve tried taking the photo at home but easier said than done. Tried FedEx but they said they can’t do babies. Walgreens and FedEx websites say they do it but this is feeling like a wild goose chase. Any suggestions?
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2023.05.26 18:59 Mendizzlesss Missed a delivery that needs signature(passports). Fedex says it’s in walgreens. And walgreens says they dont have it.

Expected a delivery on 5/23 and i missed it. Waited for them to reattempt the next day. And nothing. Called customer service on 5/25 and they said their system says it’s ready for pickup at a walgreens at rockaway blvd in Queens. Went there that day only for walgreens to tell me they dont have it in their system or with them. Called customer service again and waited for update. None. Called again today 5/26 and am told again that it’s in walgreens. Went again today only to be told the same thing. It’s not there. Called customer service again and was told they spoke to the driver and driver said he dropped it off at walgreens. Called and asked walgreens AGAIN. But they still didnt have it. So who really has my package and are they lost? Im freaking out. This is insane.
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2023.05.05 01:07 ghostpepperlover I work for Walgreens and I need help with two packages but same label.

I need help figuring out what happens when a shipper puts the same label on two packages. At Walgreens, we’re solely a pick up/ drop off center and I’ve found it difficult to find a direct human to try and find a package. How does FedEx ground handle these issues? Will the second package get sent back to the return center or the shipper? Im dealing with an difficult person and need help.
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2023.05.05 00:40 littlelotuss RANT: ship to store order, back and forth between Walgreen store and Fedex

Put an walgreens.com online order and chose to pick up in store as I live really closeby. Tracking shows delivered 2 days ago. The tracking info was a bit confusing and I contacted Walgreens online agent to confirm I need to pick it up in store instead of another Fedex location. Called the store to confirm and they said it's there instore. Thought everything should be fine and went to the store. They looked a couple of places and didn't have it. Was asked to call Fedex. Called, and Fedex insisted that the package had been delivered to the store and suggested me go to the store again? Tried to call the store and they transferred me to the department, and after minutes as soon as some one picked up the phone, and I barely finished saying "hi there", the voice came as "sorry we are experiencing a technical issue. Please call again." EXO ME????
I will go again, but really doubt if I could find it. This really ruined my day.

Edit: Went in this morning and told them "it's a walgreens.com ship-to-store order, and I came yesterday." Apparently they had sorted out after I left yesterday. The gentleman immediately knew what I was talking about and handed the package to me.
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2023.04.27 03:07 cottoncandyboy97 FedEx Pickup Location Unable to Hold

Hi y’all! I’m living in a hotel right now for work and after delivery failed the first time, I arranged, through FedEx, to have it go to a nearby Walgreens, a FedEx pickup location. Two days in a row now, I’ve gotten the “your package is ready for pickup” email, only to discover by the time I’m off work, the tracking has updated to DELIVERY EXCEPTION UNABLE TO HOLD and I can’t pick it up.
What do I do here? What’s the point of FedEx pickup points if they don’t actually hold the package?
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2023.04.26 18:59 typicalhonduran S/O to FedEx pickup at Walgreens!! Got the text and went straight to pick them up.

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2023.04.23 02:49 Stogyyysocozy This is very frustrating and upsetting. Fedex Ground didn’t dropped off my package at the requested Walgreens location and decided to ship it back to shipper, which now seems to be lost on its way back and no customer service person has given me any type of useful information.

This is very frustrating and upsetting. Fedex Ground didn’t dropped off my package at the requested Walgreens location and decided to ship it back to shipper, which now seems to be lost on its way back and no customer service person has given me any type of useful information.
So I usually asked carrier to hold packages that requires signature in specific locations or stations since I’m always at work.
4/13: I got a notification from FedEx that my package is available for pickup at my selected Walgreens, so I drove there right after work. Employees told me that my package is not there and best to wait for another day.
4/14: Called Walgreens to check up on the package and still the same response. I got a notification suddenly from the app that says my package is being returned to shipper (says that I miss the window of the pickup which is supposed to be 5 days, but the fact is it was never dropped off)
4/18: Package is out for delivery to the shipper (which at this point I’m still calm and understanding and just need my shipper to receive the package so he can send it back to me)
4/20: No status update, called multiple customer service and they all reassured me that they all sent request to the station to make sure my package will be on route for tomorrows delivery.
4/21: No status update, customer service is no help still saying the same things as usual. They said to wait til Monday for an update
I’m still hopeful that they will find my package and get it back to the shipper. This package is not something that can be easily replaceable and it’s very upsetting. I’ve only insured the package for 3k even though the value is way higher so this kinda what brings my anxiety through the roof (my fault for trying to cheap out on insurance). If anyone has experienced something like this, would love to hear how it got resolved.
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2023.04.20 20:44 pppppaigeeee_13 passport renewal photos

Curious if anyone else out there has renewed their passport (US) online. (I wasn't sure where else to post, but figured I'd start here locally before I resort to calling the phone number on the renewal website- mytravel.state.gov
I started the online renewal process back in February 2023, submitted application, and just heard back that the photo I had to upload, wasn't sufficient. So now I have about 90 days to submit a new photo.
I followed the guidelines for photo size, specifications to my best abilities. I struggled with taking the photo at home without shadows.
I'm curious if I can just go to Walgreens, post office, Fedex to take a passport photo and submit with that, but then I have to make sure the photo size, specifications are met b/c that's a physical photo whereas I need a jpeg.
I'm in a pickle with this and regret doing it online just b/c of the photo situation/problems I have had.
I have time and am not planning on using my passport anytime soon, it was just going to expire in October 2023 and I wanted to renew it.
My fear is that I fail to upload the appropriate photo, my application gets denied, and then I can't renew my passport at all- even in person.
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2023.04.20 03:28 Jbc292 Delivery Pending?

Delivery Pending?
My package was originally to be delivered to my home last Thursday. The package required a signature and I wasn’t home so FedEx didn’t leave the delivery and said it would redeliver the following day. It was questionable whether I would be home when the FedEx delivery was made, so I switched it to hold at Walgreens in town.
Now the package is labeled as out for delivery with a delivery date of pending. Unfortunately, I called FedEx customer service and the package is being held at a ground facility with no pickup options. The customer service rep recommended I just wait until the package is delivered. Im going on 5 days with no updates and no way to just go get my package. Are there any options?
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2023.04.19 18:21 PinkMaiden_ Why can’t I use a FedEx airbill at Walgreens?

I was busy this morning and needed to ship an envelope for work (we use pre labeled airbills for this) and didn’t have time to drive to the actual FedEx location so I dropped it off at Walgreens. The lady took it but then called me ten minutes later saying she was mistaken and they can’t take Airbills so now I have to go back and pick it up. I don’t want to harass the employee about it but I couldn’t find anywhere online about airbill restrictions so maybe someone here can explain?? I’m frustrated that I can’t use this more convenient service if it’s true they don’t take airbills…
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2023.04.16 03:32 Dylan74177 Help with drop off

I recently brought a package to a Walgreens on Friday at 7:42PM Onsite and they told me the package would be picked up tomorrow in the afternoon. It’s a express and priority overnight if that means something. It’s 6:30pm the next day and when I checked the FedEx app it says “Shipment Exception”. Will it be picked up today still or will it take longer?
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2023.04.15 19:07 mikihaslostit If fedex says they will deliver a package to the hold at location today, will they deliver it today?

Im at my wits end with this package and service. the request to take it to a holding location was confirmed yesterday at 7pm and its 1 pm now and fedex number tells me theres nothing new to report. Should I even expect it to be delivered to walgreens today?
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2023.04.13 13:15 Ughleigh Fedex lost package, mercari screwing me over

UPDATE thank you for everyone who replied to try and help me! FedEx found the package FINALLY, so I'm just happy right now that I'm not losing out on a $100 sale. Yay!
So I shipped an item through FedEx on April 2nd with a mercari label, and they appear to have lost it. The only Scan they ever did on it was at the FedEx drop off, and not by whoever picked up the package from Walgreens where I dropped it off, so now mercari is telling me that the insurance doesn't cover this package because they never scanned it in, even though I have a receipt showing that I dropped it off at the Walgreens FedEx drop off. This is a $100 item and they're basically telling me that I'm screwed and out $100 and the item is lost and there's nothing I can do about it and the buyer can cancel. Has this ever happened to anyone else and did you ever end up getting your money back? The guy I'm talking to on mercari isn't any help at all, I've also called FedEx and I called Walgreens and everybody is giving me the runaround. I can't believe that I have a receipt for dropping off the package and they're still telling me that the insurance doesn't cover this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.04.11 21:05 Annual_Fall1440 Does anyone know why this package is spinning in circles?

Does anyone know why this package is spinning in circles?
It’s supposed to go to California. And it did, but then went back to Kentucky, back to California and now /again/ back to Kentucky. What’s going on?
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2023.04.11 08:16 UnPain-ed They put my package at a pick up location instead of delivering it to me. I need help.

I need help with my package. So I had a package supposed to be delivered to my shipping address on April 4. When I checked the tracking to where it was. I was confused that fedex drop it off at Walgreens for me to pick up. I didn’t ask them to do that so I was really frustrated since I want it delivered to my shipping address. I called them on the same day April 4. They told me they’ll fix it and would call me to update me. But now it’s April 10 and it still at walgreens and fedex haven’t gotten back my package.
Is anyone I been in the same situation? What will happen to my package now? I need answers.
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2023.04.07 07:25 Internal-Ad2599 things customers say

"do y'all sell nail polish?" (😟 me pointing to the entire wall of cosmectics right next to them)
"Do you guys sell like office supplies" (😤me having to direct them to the aisle with the office supply sign above it)
(advises customer to consult with the pharmacists on what would be best for them) "so would this be okay then?" (😮‍💨 me having to tell them three more times that they need to talk to the pharmacist)
"what do you mean I can't buy a label from you? It says on the website you are full service FedEx location!" (no it doesn't, cry about it 🥺, it says Walgreens on the building)
"What do you mean my prescription is not ready, I just came from the doctors they said they called you? I was there when they called you" (🙄 me knowing they're full of shit because there's nothing in the system.)
"Thanks for being here today." (🫥 me thinking about how it's a holiday, and I wish I was home with my family but this jackass needs something they can buy at a gas station so I'm here)
"do you guys take passport photos? I need a passport photo. It needs to be a 2x2, and it says here that I can't show my teeth. Here is guide for it." (😒 me who's taken thousands of fucking passport photos)
"waut the pharmacy is closed? When will the pharmacy open again? Are they going to open ever? I know you guys have to take a lunch but it's super unfortunate for me." (🫠 Me having to explain that it's closed at the exact same time, every day, at every Walgreens across the entire state, and probably the nation. As it's lunch time. )
"Why are you sitting down? It's so unprofessional when people sit down at work." (🤨 me sitting down on a stool, working on a reset thinking about how all office workers sit down all day and this jackass probably is one of them)
"The advertisement says there's a coupon. I want that price! What do you mean I have to get it off the app. I don't want to download another app. What do you mean it takes 30 minutes before it hits your system. I want it now!" (🤬 Me thinking about how much I hate corporate for getting rid of the paper coupon books, but they still send hundreds if not thousands of waxy paper tags every week)
Add your own in the comments
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2023.03.31 22:55 Guiltythrifter Does this mean usps will accept these for drop off? I scan my usps packages at a kiosk in the usps store and leave on the counter. I normally drop my FedEx packages off at Walgreens. Does this mean I can drop both off at usps?

Does this mean usps will accept these for drop off? I scan my usps packages at a kiosk in the usps store and leave on the counter. I normally drop my FedEx packages off at Walgreens. Does this mean I can drop both off at usps? submitted by Guiltythrifter to Mercari [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:48 Sad_Airport4755 Wic for sign stand

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2023.03.22 18:32 Azure_Entity94 Hold at locations almost an hour away...

Near where I work which is about 20 minutes north of my house there are 2 fedex facilities, for whatever reason it has been assigned to the facility that is 45 minutes SOUTH of my house. I've been pulling my hair out dealing with the virtual idiot and call center to not get a very expensive package delivered directly to my house after I found out I had this option. Unfortunately it weighs over 50 pounds and is quite large package wise so I can't pick it up at a store like walgreens who has a pickup thing. I already had my roomie tweet the help page on twitter.
TLDR: FedEx delivery areas are dumb, I want to make sure the Florida heat doesn't destroy my package because I'm going be out when it gets delivered. I also do not want to drive 45 minutes south and then back from an area I don't know.
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2023.03.19 13:06 Apprehensive-Neck-12 Someone opened my package then resealed before delivery

Cell phone returning to Samsung delivered empty. Dropped off at Walgreens for FedEx pickup so either Walgreen employee or FedEx employee stole it. Still waiting on claim but did see during tracking somewhere it said label damage had to be replaced so they opened it im sure
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2023.03.18 18:12 Schulze_II26 Pharmacy says they don’t have it. FedEx says the pharmacy does have it. Where do I go from here?

I had to have a package rerouted to a pharmacy. It was out for delivery all day yesterday and no update so I went in while they were closing and asked if it was there and they said no. Checking the tracking this morning it still said out for delivery but dated yesterday so I went back in and asked again and they said they still don’t have it. So I called FedEx and they said it was delivered to a “third party” which they assume is Walgreens but that it’s just not ready to release it yet. Which I don’t understand why that’s true if they have it. And why wouldn’t they say that instead of saying it’s not there. So if it’s not there where is it? I’m very confused to say the least.
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