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2023.06.04 05:20 SuperSaabicus Looking for a new laptop for college around OR below $400-$450

So I’m going to university soon and I going to need to buy myself a laptop since the school I’m going to doesn’t offer students school laptops.
My budget is $450 and I would need a laptop that
Has a SSD (HDD is too slow)
Is small (11 to 13 inches) so I can take it to classes without it taking up too much space
Great battery life (8-12 hours)
Has good build quality and a great screen and a nice keyboard
Decently fast and can handle a bunch of tabs open at a time (8gb of ram)
I’m NOT going to be gaming on this laptop
I’m mainly using this laptop for note taking, writing essays, and for Excel
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2023.06.04 05:19 _heburntmyshake_ PSA if you own a 3rd gen or earlier Prius

My catalytic converter got stolen recently and it's an estimated 6-9 months to get a new one because of the huge backlog for OEM prius cats. I'm sure most folks are aware of the cat converter theft problem at this point but I had no idea the wait was so long.
Mine was a 3rd gen (2010) and I hear these are a new main target. Highly recommend garaging yours or selling it to someone who can, otherwise you're risking being without a car for months without any recourse. Mine was street parked in the outer richmond.
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2023.06.04 05:18 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Young Lady Tames the Male Leads - Chapter 84 - MangaPuma

I was reincarnated as the young lady of a Marquis. Emir Sharon, who has no significance in the novel and her goal is to live a peaceful life! I met the main characters of the original novel as kids in the imperial kindergarten, which I'm currently attending to. I can't believe that I'm meeting all the main characters! I was happy for a while but somehow, everyone doesn't seem to be so happy with m ... Read The Young Lady Tames the Male Leads - Chapter 84 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.04 05:18 BackWoodsBoy941 How to fix "lb._dns-sd._udp.0..." DNS Discovery Service Requests Loop?

How to fix
To start with, I've read the hundred other posts concerning a similar issue, here and on The problem I have is that none of the responses fix or explain the real issue. At best, they provide a work around, which isn't what I want.
The Problem: I have a DNS Loop for the address "".
snapshot of query log
The Setup:
  • Ubiquiti UDM-PRO:
    • Is the DHCP Server. (No, I don't want the Pi-Hole as my DHCP server)
    • Both WAN DNS and DHCP DNS (for VLANs) are set to my Pi-Hole. (Yes, I have it this way on purpose. I want to ensure all traffic goes to my pi-hole, even the traffic from my router.)
  • Pi-Hole (RPI4-8GB):
    • Uses Unbound.
    • Conditional Forwarding is Enabled.
    • On Main VLAN.
    • Has been running for quite awhile now without this issue. Not sure why it started happening. The rate limiter has been going off every 10 minutes or so.
What I Already Know (from the other posts):
  • The "" has something to do with 'DNS Discovery Service' which is very likely originating from my many Apple devices on my network.
  • Setting WAN DNS to external DNS will break the loop.
    • I don't want to do this. There are a couple of devices that still use the UDM-Pro for DNS and I want all of these requests, including the requests originating from my UDM-Pro, to go to my Pi-Hole. No point in using Unbound if I have DNS queries leaking out through the UDM-Pro.
  • Disabling Conditional Forwarding will break the loop.
    • I don't want to do this. I want the Pi-Hole to retrieve the device names from my UDM-Pro.
  • Using Pi-Hole as DHCP Server would fix the issue.
    • I don't want to do this because I want it done by my UDM-Pro.
What I am Asking For:
  1. I'm hoping to learn some details about why this is really happening, not just why the requests get ping-ponged back and forth.
  2. What exactly is the purpose of the DNS Discovery Service requests and why doesn't the Pi-Hole have an answer for it? It is the DNS server after all.
  3. Or why doesn't the UDM-Pro answer it? It seems like "discovery service" stuff should be answered by the router and not a DNS server (like mDNS, UPnP, etc.)
  4. Is it related to mDNS?
  5. Can I safely use REGEX to add these requests to my blocklist without blocking features of my Apple devices? (and printers,
  6. What would be a legitimate response to one of these requests?
  7. Is there a reason I should not flat-out block all of these requests?
  8. Does sending these requests to an external upstream DNS provider always result in "NXDOMAIN"? (which is where they would go if I use CloudFlare for my WAN DNS, right?). u/jfb seems to think it will in this discourse post.
  9. If this is an unused feature, why do devices still make the requests?
  10. Is there a way I can make my UDM-Pro stop forwarding reverse local dns lookups to my Pi-Hole? As I understand, the conditional forwarding just sends them back, causing this loop. Maybe some sort of static entry using the CLI? I thought I read a post suggesting this, but I can't find it anymore.
Thank you for sharing any knowledge you have of this.
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2023.06.04 05:16 Yandere_luver666 I gotta pay over 200k in child support. (Don’t mind his ugly face I had to change it cause of the update)

I gotta pay over 200k in child support. (Don’t mind his ugly face I had to change it cause of the update)
For context I had my sim cheat on his wife and go through the divorce proceedings she got all the money and now I’m playing with him and his mistress just for the drama and I promised myself I wouldn’t use any money cheats this time but damn…😭 I can’t afford to pay this child support
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2023.06.04 05:16 morbidityofanother 7 Things I've Learned From My Highly Desirable, Thrice Divorced Mother

Before I start, I should note that each husband was a high value guy. They each made a lot of money, and were generally pretty nice people (aside from the last one). She also dated a lot of very nice, high value men. This is how she landed these guys, and then lost them.

  1. Marry a man because you love him, not because he can fund your life. She never married a man that she really loved, it was about what they could give her. Money, status, etc. Don't marry a man you don't love completely and wholly just because he checks all of your boxes. It's shallow, selfish, and cruel to the man who thought you were in it for the right reasons. Of course a man should provide, but he does not exist purely to buy you stuff. They should be your partner in crime, your lover, your confidant, and your best friend.
  2. Men really value a playful, open spirit... to an extent. My mom was not the type to turn heads when she walked down the street, but she had her pick of the pack because everyone wanted a piece of her personality. She was the type who could talk to anyone, was down to do anything, willing to try everything, loved a good prank, and knew how to make people laugh. This was her main draw and she knew it. Even when her looks started to fade, this quality kept her young. The downside to this was that she couldn't turn it off. She was incessantly bored and impossible to entertain 24/7. There has to be a line drawn, and you have to be able to settle down, or else your life is going to be pure chaos.
  3. Men also really value the ability to speak concisely, intelligently, and with class. They need you to be able to have a decent conversation not only with them, but with their colleagues, family, friends, maybe even their boss at a company party, If you can't carry an interesting, engaging, intelligent conversation with just about anyone, that's gonna be an issue. He picked you, and so who you are and how you act says something about him and his judgement.
  4. Admit your faults and gracefully accept criticism. The inability to do this is a really common trait these days, and it kills relationships. If you go into a marriage (or any relationship at all) thinking that it's you against him, that you're right and he's wrong, that he's dumb and you're smart..... That will kill your relationship in it's tracks. It sets up a sense of superiority. You end up looking down on him, and he will feel that lack of respect to his core.
  5. Don't allow life to take away your softness. My mother and I both had hard lives as children, and that translated to being very brittle, emotionally unavailable people in adulthood. It's easy to fall into this hole, and I sat with her in it until I got married and realized that it was only pushing my husband away from me. Softness translates into being malleable. You should be able to adapt to anything and form yourself into who or what you need to be in this or that situation, while maintaining that light core.
  6. Take care of yourself, physically. My mother, bless her soul, aged horrifically. She smokes, she drank a lot in her youth, she did a lot of casual drugs, never wore sunscreen, ate like crap, etc. I can see how much of a toll it's taken on her self-esteem. While she wasn't a head-turner, she was beautiful, and she threw that gift down the toilet. While you may not be hot when you're 60, you can still be beautiful if you take care of yourself.
  7. Believe people when they tell you he's not a nice person. If one person says it, that's an opinion. If seven people say it, you should probably listen. Highly manipulative people put on a face for people they like, and drag everyone else through the pasture. He will eventually stop liking you, and the chickens will come home to roost.

I'd love to hear about what things you ladies have noticed in your mothers' marriages, what went wrong and what went right.
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2023.06.04 05:16 Breidr [SST: Extermination] 1st Mobile Infantry Realism Unit

We are a Starship Trooper Extermination Realism unit based with people all over the world. We use the UTC timezone to schedule events. We are apart of the United Citizen Federation, using the Mobile Infantry Military system. We follow the movie counterpart and ranking structure, from enlisted to Officer ranks. We are a Serious Milsim unit, but chill and relaxed when we are not doing any Operations. We want to experience Starship Troopers to it's full potential and capabilities. We aim to provide a very immersive, realistic, and organized experience. Our training programs contain lots of educational material, focused heavily on teamwork coordination. We are looking for members who really want a hardcore realistic experience. We understand this is not for everyone. This is for a very specific group of individuals.
Unit Breakdown
Milsim Unit: 1st Mobile Infantry Realism Unit Unit Type: Hardcore Realism Main Language: English Time zone: Coordinated Universal Time [UTC] Operation Times: Everyday, following a campaign. Operation Type: Everything Other Info: We are a chill community outside of milsim, a lot of messing about and memes and all but ingame we are dedicated players that want to experience Starship Troopers to its fullest potential.
If you have any questions or want any information, feel free to DM me here, or just pop into the discord, we are a great bunch of folks!
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2023.06.04 05:15 Sorry_Shop4057 Advice Needed

Advice Needed
What kind of treatments/skincare products should I do or use to help fade some of my current active acne breakouts and help fade my pie/pih marks on my skin? I’ve been thinking about getting ipl laser done just not sure if it’s worth it plus any other treatments that can help would be appreciated. My main concern right now is getting rid of my hyperpigmentation issues right now and find something that can get rid of it faster.
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2023.06.04 05:14 MusicMeetsMadness Autism career paths.

I’ve been floating around jobs for half my life and I’ve only recently discovered I’m on the spectrum and it’s obvious why I am the way I am with others. But I need to figure out something permanent and well paying.
My main point is I’d like to hear some of your success stories and your journey in this regard. I want some hope because I’m frankly lost.
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2023.06.04 05:14 WhatsUpDudeee I (24m) starting casually dating because I’m new to dating. I’m finding a hard time actually being interested in one person.

I (24m) have been single for a long time. The last time (and only time) I was in a relationship was when I was a teenager I high school; it only lasted 2 months and I had no idea what I was doing. Since then, I’ve gone on a couple of dates here and there. I do go through several months where I just take a break and don’t date at all. Right now I’m at a point where I’m starting to date again.
I’m using dating apps, but I have approached some people and landed dates like that too. Everything felt like it was going “okay”, even though I usually only go on a couple of dates. This is mainly because I’m introverted/shy, and I guess it’s something that doesn’t mix well with cold approaches/ tinder dates.
Up until now, I was dating without wanting it to be casual. By this I mean that I would go on dates with people if I genuinely felt like I’d want to go on dates with them more than once, and possibly be in a relationship. I would only have one person I’d talk, and put my focus on. Since I haven’t been in any kind of relationship, and the only I’ve been on was a long time ago, I realized that maybe I’ve been having the “wrong” approach.
Maybe casually dating would help me find what I like or don’t like, will put less pressure on me, resulting in me being my genuine self. Well, I’ve been trying this, and I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed. I’m currently talking to 6 different people, and I have a couple of dates set up. There’s one person I’ve already gone on a date with, and from what she told me, she only wants to keep it casual.
I guess you could say everything is going fine. But a part of me is lacking the emotional intimacy of dating. Whenever I go on a date I don’t feel anything, why? Well because I know it will be short lived. The last person I went on a date with was kissing me, and I literally didn’t feel anything because her and I just met.
I want to do what I used to do, that is, focus on one person I really like. The only problem is, for the past 5 years or so, I haven’t had any success. This may be worthy of mentioning, but aside from being introverted I do think I might be on the spectrum. This might turn off people, I don’t know. I am still well liked by my friends, and I guess from what my friends have told me is that I’m awkward in an adorable way. I don’t know how to feel about that, because when it comes to dating I’m under the impression that girls don’t really dig the cutely/awkward guy that is too shy to be assertive.
Anyways, does anyone have advice on what I should do? Should I continue this casual approach to dating to test out what I like? I have taken this as far as already losing my virginity, and at this point I feel as if “what else is there to do?”
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2023.06.04 05:13 TemporarySock2985 Vac paranoia

Am i the only one, who gets really paranoid about the possibility of traces of a cheat being detected when i reset windows and got a new main for legit only?
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2023.06.04 05:13 Alesolren2 What’s my hair type?

What’s my hair type?
Hi, my name is Alexis, and I’m a black trans woman who wants to figure out her hair type for future styling purposes, and to take better care of it in general by knowing what to do.
Mainly though, my hair has always been a huge source of dysphoria for me. I’ve always been jealous of girls with straight, wavy, or looser curls than I have. I’m scare my hair is 4c because there is not a lot of styles I like at all that I’d wear, but I want to make sure before anything and I can go forward from there.
I can straighten it with a hair straightener but I think I saw somewhere I can’t get it wet and that’s just not realistic.
I also use my Bitmoji avatar as a model for how I want to present myself and look in real life, but not knowing what’s possible with my hair because I’m not sure of the hair type is holding me back.
Anyway, please help me. This has been driving me crazy and will continue to until I figure it out.
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2023.06.04 05:13 SweatyArgument5835 Feeling uneasy on shrooms

The shroom trip for me felt like what I could best describe as the feeling you get when you’re at the top of a roller coaster, your stomach feels a bit uneasy and there is anticipation but mainly it’s just unease. That’s how I felt most of my trip. Any suggestions ?
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2023.06.04 05:13 mootyhoot Vaylantz World Field spells

So I was having this debate with my brother and wondered who was in the right here. So basically when you use either vaylantz world, you make the opponent's field spell the other vaylantz field spell. For Vaylantz World Kong Wissen, the second part reads " The turn player cab target 1 effect monster in the opponent's main monster zone, in the same column as one of the monsters they control; they place that opponent's monster face-up as a continuous spell in their spell and trap zone in its same column ..."
So my question is, could I use this effect on my own monsters? or could I only use this effect on my opponents monsters?
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2023.06.04 05:13 airsoftheure archer vs mage range. Archer have counter atk which cancels out to a certain degree the slightly better range of mages on top of that they have 1.5x more dmg than mage while mage have aoe dmg and slightly better range. According to you which one is better ? i main mage but id say archer is better

archer vs mage range. Archer have counter atk which cancels out to a certain degree the slightly better range of mages on top of that they have 1.5x more dmg than mage while mage have aoe dmg and slightly better range. According to you which one is better ? i main mage but id say archer is better submitted by airsoftheure to callofdragons [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 05:12 Virtual_Bank6681 Paperman inspired Barbie

Paperman inspired Barbie
AI transformed main cast of Barbie 2023
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2023.06.04 05:12 rpgedgar Still swelling after 6 months?

I broke my fibula back in November, requiring a boot for a month before an ankle brace for a couple of weeks.
Still to this day, the leg is slightly swollen, though pain is mainly gone. I get some slight aching once in a while, but I can otherwise do thing like run, or change direction quickly when playing basketball.
Should I ask my doctor for a follow up xray? Or is this normal after this amount of time?
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2023.06.04 05:12 Pacho2020 Bode and Cal

Does Bode actually turn to the Dark Side? If so, when?
Why is it that Merrin never had a problem with Cal (and her) killing countless Stormtroopers and droids but killing Danvek would cross a line?
Is it that Jedi can kill whoever they want as long as they're not motivated by anger or fear? For example, Cal/Anakin/Dagen were seeking revenge. Maybe because they were making it personal?
These aren't the main questions I'm asking. I'm just trying to give some context.
I'm wondering if Bode could do everything he did and not go over to the Dark Side?
Unlike Cal/Anakin/Dagen, Bode was trying to protect someone.
He saw himself being a "father" not a "monster." Cal seemed like he was making a conscious decision to cross a line and become a monster. Anakin/Dagen made the decision.
Even at the end, as misguided as it was, his main concern was about someone else not himself. I'll admit, he didn't really seem to be concerned about her feelings but he still probably thought he was doing what was best for her.
Even killing Cordova. He didn't do it for revenge or hatred. He seemed to rationalize it as a necessity to keep his daughter safe.
How far can a Jedi go to protect something?
In FO, just during the final mission, Cal probably killed a couple of hundred or maybe even thousands of people when he flooded a base to protect the names in the Holocron. That didn't sway him to the Dark Side at all.
Bode only killed, not counting Stormtroopers, one person to protect his daughter.
"Protect," might not be the best word to use.
There is a line for Jedi, I'm just wondering where it is?
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2023.06.04 05:11 Homie3794 LIBAD is one of the coolest albums to come out in the last 10 years.

Hey all,
First and foremost, I'd like to start this off by saying that I am not particularly an Avenged Sevenfold fan. I mean, I like a few of their songs here and there (Beast in the Harlot, Shepherd of Fire, Bat Country, etc.) mostly because they were in video games I played growing up.
That being said, I scrolled through Instagram yesterday and someone on my feed posted a snippet of their new song (O)rdinary, and I was dumbfounded. I thought Instagram had glitched and was saying a Daft Punk song was an Avenged Sevenfold song. So, I investigated the album. I skimmed through the songs, and was amazed. The amount of varied genres throughout the album is in my opinion pretty groundbreaking.
The chunk of the album I want to go over is the trio of songs I will refer to as "The G.O.D. Complex" (G-(O)rdinary-(D)eath). First off, the main "riff" of G is reminiscent of something Guthrie Govan/The Aristocrats would write. Then you got the backup vocals and completely catchy vocal melody in the chorus. (O)rdinary is obviously a complete derail from Avenged Sevenfold's past discography. What I find cool about it is they make a Daft Punk-esque song, but include some badass modulation at the end which caught me as a listener off guard and kept it fresh. Then (D)eath is just a calming crooner piece, with a haunting and escalating end.
Overall, I think this is one of the most unique albums ever, and certainly one of the coolest in the past decade. If you've been a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, I can understand why you might not like it, considering their discography as a whole. But as someone who was never big on them, I think its completely creative and fresh. I hear inspirations from The Aristocrats and if not them then some other jazz/rock-fusion band (G), Faith No More (another genre-bending band with a unique sound), Alice In Chains (Beautiful Morning), Keith Emerson (Life Is But a Dream...), and obviously Daft Punk ((O)rdinary). Just wow...
EDIT: I should add, I did a full listen through of the album after skimming through.
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2023.06.04 05:11 illuminatixusa PA Business loan proper use?

Assume I took out a business loan for $500k. If I used those funds to purchase land, add sewage/septic, electric and as well as build a barndominium style home that is used for both my main residence and my shop/business am I doing anything illegal? Is this somehow a misuse of funds? Also what tax implications would that have?
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2023.06.04 05:10 SpicyStriker Growing Venus flytraps from seeds?

Growing Venus flytraps from seeds?
Hello! Pictured is a Venus flytrap I rescued ~2 years ago from Lowe’s. It’s been hardy and happy and I allowed it to flower this year. I’ve acted as its pollinator and the petals have died off and closed up. If all is going according to plan, the next step is to harvest the seeds.
What would be the best way to go about harvesting the seeds? I’ve heard that they look like a small blackberry when they’re ready, but is this true? If so, how should I go about getting them off of the main plant?
Next step after that would be planting. Can they grow in pure sphagnum moss? I have some left over from my hermit crabs, but I’m not sure if they can grow in just that. I’ve heard that pure peat moss can be good for them, but Lowe’s sells them in packages that are WAY more than what I need. If peat is recommended, is there a resource where I could get the peat in smaller amounts?
After that is just general care for them. The patent plant currently sits on a small table in our screened back porch so it can get sunlight. Will the seeds need the same amount of light, or will they need less to start off?
Any suggestions at all are appreciated! This is my first time doing something like this, and although Google gives some answers, I’d prefer to hear from those who’ve had experience :)
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2023.06.04 05:09 OnlineCalisthenics 3 Unconventional Calisthenics Moves For Strong Abs

The most common mistake people make when training abs is using a single plane of motion, mainly the frontal plane, doing sit ups.
This DOES NOT work.
The “Core” is a muscle chain you must train using MANY different angles, to tap into its full potential.
The core of the human body can bend forward, back, twist, go side to side, lift your legs, everything in between and much more.
Here are 3 unconventional calisthenics movements to add to your routine to build a well rounded and functional core muscles.
These moves are ideally performed on parallel bars or high parallettes. Click each link below.
Side straddles
In’s and Out’s
Tucked Toe taps
If you are new, click here to join the best calisthenics and coaching programs, from beginner to advanced.
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