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2023.06.04 06:02 stocks10093 Buying my first home and should I get a 30 year fix or 7 year arm

Buying a home for 1.2M. Putting 600k down. Got quotes for a 6% rate for 30 year and 5.6 for an Arm. The difference is really only 100 bucks in monthly payment. What would be better option for me?
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2023.06.04 06:02 Mizque The Pantomath Becomes a Dungeon: Chapter 42

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Curator POV
Watching the runners sprint out from the camp I can't help but heave a mental sigh. A'right Poppit, more than one ran, make a show of each of them. Maybe throwing a bit of game theory at them was a bit cruel, but, I mean, do I really want stupid people escaping from a slaver camp. The smart ones will understand not to do stupid things like trying to retaliate against me in some manner.
That said, the mana income from Poppits' feasting on the former beast is nothing to scoff at. It did say that tainted flesh rewarded a significant amount more, perhaps there's levels of tainting where it increases the amount further? Although, wouldn't that have been listed to start with, or maybe the descriptions are just kind of an 'overview' and a 'usually how it works' type deal? Ah well, thoughts for another time.
Watching the sand shift and writhe as my lil hungy boyos split off into groups to chase down the runners, I can't help but think of how fish will move to swarm a piece of bread. The smarter folks who realized that running is a trap if any one runs though look at the idiots who fled with pale faces, and a pallid expression that I am quite familiar with. Not many folks can look away from a car crash as it's happening after all and this isn't much different. With almost simultaneous shrieks the Poppits catch their running quarries and with a surge burst up from under the sand lifting their victim up into the air for a moment before rapidly silencing the screams as they swarm over and bodily drag them under the sand.
The pregnant silence that follows is, understandable, even as the sand rapidly turns red around the camp. While I can make out a good overview of things without jumping into the senses of my followers, I want to get a proper feel of things. Shifting into Vahlu's point of view, I can feel the shudder of horror he also suppresses at the sites just now.
"Ah, right, your people have had issues with Poppit's kind in the past. Don't worry though, that'll not be an issue again lil buddy." (Curator)
My voice seems to break the heavy atmosphere of that little...demonstration. Vahlu shakes his head which, while understandable, is also really weird when I'm riding side saddle in his senses like this. As he turns to face our foe, they simply seem to collapse. Weapons or tools dropped, some just looking off in abject horror as they fall to their backs, others falling to their hands and knees, looking down at the sand as they shake, sweat, and gasp for air almost like a fish out of water. The interesting ones though, those are the ones that start kowtowing toward my little Pandora's box of a surprise.
"Hey, Vahlu, you and Paul gonna be okay sorting things out for the minute, getting every one freed, and getting the slavers all 'lined up' so I can judge them properly? I don't think they'll give yall ANY resistance in this current state. Their morale is completely shattered." (Curator)
All that and none of my people are hurt, gotta say this makes me really appreciate the attention to leadership being so important in table top games. Fear is a much more powerful weapon than a gun at times. If any one tries to start stuff in the future, that'll come in handy.
"Ah, yes Curator, we should be able to handle it, and if people act up. I don't think Poppit is ever not hungry anymore." (Vahlu)
"Good lad, ya really get it. Oh, right, Poppit does have a new skill that should come in handy, if being close to some of those slavers results in them starting to drool uncontrollably, that means that person is irredeemable. If they make any sudden movements, or make any threatening movements, END them, be it you, Paul, any of the rescued slaves, doesn't mater. That said, those that are properly subdued shouldn't be attacked or harmed until I've had a chance to judge them." (Curator)
"Understood, and good to know, that's...weird that they drool from that, but also, like ya said, it's pretty handy." (Vahlu)
"Your will will be done Curator, you can trust us with this." (Paul)
Good good. With that big mana influx, and the weirdness of what I've seen through the eyes of Vahlu, or...when I tried it Poppit, I need to do something about that...limitation. I've also got the best idea, and well, if I'm going to be an object of Worship, I should give them a proper thing to worship, no?
Returning my view back to my domain, I sigh, this really is home. Hey there lil snaketus, I didn't forget about you and how you supported me when I first came too in this place. Seeing how magic is all about how you visualize things, aaand, how I changed your flower some too, well, more changing is fine and this will be great for both of us I think.
Looking at myself, I have a good bit of mana, so...lets only conserve one ring and spend all the rest on this. After all, I'll be getting more soon. With that, I need a good name to focus with what I intend. Hmmm...yeah, let's go with that, and it should make that other idea work even better I bet. Now, the image of how I want the change to take place, and that's surprisingly easy. Now for the proper pomp and circumstance, just to make things feel right. Heavily focusing on the snaketus I start to flow mana into it, the density of it almost visibly palpable and I can feel eyes of all the skinkles looking in on this, which isn't surprising really.
"First to bear me, and give me shelter. Rearing me in my earliest stages of existence in this new land you are indispensable to my early survival. I name you Renenutet. You shall bear me forth inside yourself, sheltering me from those that would dare wish me harm, act as my flesh and sinew so I can better exert my will. To help me raise those I feel deserve to be uplifted and protected, while also allowing me to unleash my wrath properly on those that have truly earned my ire." (Curator)
Those words spoken the massive flow of mana rushes out compared to it's comparative trickle before. Part of me wishes to cackle as the snaketus starts to rapidly morph and grow. A proper head developing, eyes forming from azure flower petals as a wide hood opens to give the proper cobra appearance. Colorful 'scales' in the forms of petals and short spines forming inside that distinct spread neck to give a properly regal appearance. Surging forward toward my ziggurat as it grows, a mouth opens up, sharp and long quills for teeth easily seen, yet it carefully takes me in. My gem like core being hidden away inside it, stopping at the back of it's maw, veins of it's soft flesh covering over me, properly hiding me away as it yet grows longer and larger. Already I can see from it's eyes, as though they are my own, even turning it's head and shifting it's gaze.
Through that connection with it, like my other scions, there is simply a sense of joy and contentment. Not that I mind, honestly it's quite relaxing. Although....I do need to do something to keep my domain 'locked' here, don't I?
As if reading my mind Renenutet leans her head forward once more, and through me passes a...surprisingly large seed which is placed where I once was, crushing the pedestal and causing Babe even more distress than seeing me be engulfed like this. Seeing roots rapidly dig into the structure I feel a strong connection to it, almost like an anchor, or maybe a keystone of sorts.
"Will that keep my domain here, even if we go elsewhere?" (Curator)
With a quick nod of affirmation from my new 'body' I guess, they would speak.
"Yesss, that isss the cassse my Father. Alssso, sssister Archivissst, do not fret ssso. I will keep Father sssafe and sssound, from prying eyesss and the harshnesss of the elementsss till the end of daysss." (Renenutet)
Oh, they can talk....and have a properly effeminate voice to boot. That's good. I think.
< Next >

Not gonna lie, kinda bummed that despite having this planned out early on (why do you think I noted how specifically the snaketus flower changed so early on!) I didn't get it done sooner on. Ah well, as the pacing feels is right. I wanted to do this around the time Curator would be bringing in an influx of people, but only after he had a large amount of mana to do so. The 'Sin Eater' was the solution I came up with that actually two chapters before that skill specialization was pointed out.
And today's Random Fact: Basket Ball was originally made as a random PE sport by a high school coach who cut the bottoms out of some fruit baskets to use (thus why it's a 'basket'!)
Also find this on Royal Road and if you feel like getting me a drink, I did set up a ko-fi
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2023.06.04 06:02 YandereSupremacy 22f - need some motivation to clean my room :3

I’d appreciate any motivation. Just terribly unmotivated and just laying down on the ground debating if I should just go to sleep even tho I won’t have any time or energy for it tomorrow and a busy week is worse with a messy room
It’s been in a messy state (not very messy but just not organized) since I returned home from college. My summer job started as soon as I moved back and I haven’t had the energy or time to clean up anything
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2023.06.04 06:02 Knalxz Honestly, have alien allies has only increased my urge to purge the non City aliens.

It's no longer a matter of "US VS THEM!" it's "Oh you guys are dumbasses!" While before, I longed for the day to stomp Fallen Hatchlings into the curb, grab them by their wraps, pulling them from their cold dead hands of their mothers as I smash them into the nearest wall like the Romans used to do, I now have the comfort of not having to OBLITERATE ALL NON HUMANS and that I can take that sweet little NOT EVIL ALIENS back to the City so it can have a reasonably logical future. Now that baby could grow up and hate the systems of The City and even openly rebel against us but atleast I know that they had a choice to become an asshole and killing them then would hurt because it could of been different.
While on the topic of causing maximum suffering to the four major races I leave you with this. When you see a group of Fallen to blow up the nearest servitor, first. Then kill all the FOUR arms expect for the Captain who you weaken to one shot and leave them that way. This means that they'll go home with a group of Dregs who know they'll begin starving soon, are also on a leveled playing field and not only will it be an extremely awkward ride home but either the Dregs will betray and cannibalize the Captain or the Captain will have to kill their surviving crew to stay alive.
For the Vex they're mostly semi unaware but remember that Cyclopes are their collective self-preservation protocols. The reason why they spaz out when low on health is because it realizes its about to die and freaks out so be sure to get it's health low, wait for it to stop panicking, chill, relax then repeat this process allowing it to constantly feel the fear of death as you slow tear it apart with laser fire. Be sure to stomp on the pools of goo as well, to ensure whatever matter remains gets extra destroyed, shot it if you have to, I don't care just kill it all.
For the hive, this one is simple, just don't kill them but wound them greatly. It's a serious degree of dishonor to them for you to willingly let them live despite knowing they should of died. If you do HAVE TO KILL THEM! Make sure it's a head shot to disgrace their sword logic and to have their worms pop out of their heads so you can kill them too. If you must kill them by the way, kill only the higher ranking members. It takes centuries for acolytes to reach the esteem ranks of Wizard and Knight so killing them either forces a field promotion for an unprepared warrior or leaves an important spot vacant resulting with the hive likely infighting for the position. Also failing thralls get turned into ogres or cursed so the more of those you see means you're on an optimal path and you're free to kill them thought letting them live isn't all too bad since their existence is suffering but they are also risking targets so you can 50/50 those bitches. Kill them if you can but don't be sad you missed one.
For Cabal similar to the hive, aim for the head and leave as many alive as you can, failure to them is going to lead to harsh punishments that death will only stop. On top of that, they're forces in our system are running extremely low on resources so the more alive means less resources overall aka they're just big Fallen at that point. Also headshoting them makes them experience their organs imploding as well as it being a general morale loss so do this frequently. For Psions specifically, melee them. They dread physical contact and will try to run. Use their terror against them and beat, stab and whatever the Warlocks do to them with your melee. In the cases of both species, opposite to the Hive, if you are allowing any to retreat to be punished, make sure it's the most esteemed and leaders of their ranks, it'll be worst for them for their failures because of their past success weighting down on them greatly and their new troops likely having no faith in them for their failures leading to a divide in their command from a lack of trust, respect and morale making further engagements easier for your fellow City/Reef folk.
BONUS ROUND! So for Scorn, their existence is already pain but when the die and respawn it becomes more painful, so do whatever you can to kill as many of them as possible at any given time. While this is what you all should already be doing, take solace in the fact that these creatures are going through extreme and deep pain while respawning into more horrid abominations where they lose more and more of themselves as they return from the grave. And Lastly, Taken. Body shots, we don't know exactly how to cause them pain but headshotting them seems to either implode them onto themselves or warp them away. Don't risk the 50/50, just blast them point blank with a shotty. Confirm the kill, never leave it to your imagination.
I've got nothing on Tormentors, they can feel pain as from their groans, but further data is required to maximize their discomfort before expiring. Just kill them slowly and call it a day, this is your only pass to just killing them all.
I don't recall what I was talking about but this is more important for our shiny blue friends spawning in every day.
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2023.06.04 06:01 preppydetective1996 Is there a routine for taking medication that is better than others?

I was wondering if there are some strategies when taking your morning meds that will increase the efficacy of them? I’m currently on 70mg of vyvanse and I take it at 5am, go to a Pilates class at 6, and then come home and have my first bite to eat at 7 (I have oats and berries for breakfast and don’t want the vitamin c to decrease the effectiveness of the meds before it’s had time to absorb). I feel that this works well but I’m worried that having any vitamin c until later in the day might not make it as effective. Do you have a routine that you do when it comes to your meds? Or does not having a routine work for you?
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2023.06.04 06:01 Froggieboi2319 Went out for dinner, came home to these??? Help!!?

Went out for dinner, came home to these??? Help!!?
We just came home from eating out and there are thousands of these micro swimming things, did we get a pregnant fish or is this a parasite that needs remedy?…. Just opened the lid and found this in the filter too…. Wtf??
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2023.06.04 06:01 Ok-Cartographer8054 Sunnyside v. Astoria

Hi all! Looking for some advice on my next neighborhood.
I'm currently in Cobble Hill and liking it, but want to cut my rent and move to somewhere with a more diverse and community-oriented feel. I'm eyeing both Sunnyside and Astoria (but am open to other ideas)
A little more about me:
- Transit: Work 2-3x a week from West Village/Meatpacking. Don't go in enough that I care that much about commute time, but accessibility to ACE/2-3/L are a bonus. I like biking and use Citi so I'd rather live a little of a hike from the subway if it saves me money.
- Age/demo: Early 40s, in a relationship but not married, no kids
- Interests: Gym nearby is important. Don't drink but I like having cool bars/breweries around to meet friends. I like food but mostly cook so restaurants are nice but not everything. Good grocery a big bonus
- Neighborhood feel: I like neighborhoods with "charm" whether it's unique architecture, cool parks or spaces, etc.
- Population: I like diverse communities for the opportunities to broaden social circles and for cool arts/culture/food. Immigrant/POC communities a plus (non-white myself); welcome areas with sizable LGBTQ+ community or diversity of ages. Not having kids, looking less for an area that's "family oriented"
- Budget: Absolute max of $3K/mo for 1bd/1ba, but really hoping for less
Thanks all!
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2023.06.04 06:01 intothenighttt First Car Camaro/ Camry?

Short background about my self.
I'm 26 years old. Just moved to the US a few months back. I'll be starting as a resident physician and will be earning around 62k. Was looking to buy a car in the 25-30k range. I have money available for a significant downpayment for the car. Autoloan . Insurance will be high as I am a relatively new driver. Got my licence only 2 months back. Used autoloan calculator and insurance quotes and I believe my monthly car payments are fine.
My question is should I buy a Camaro as a first car or a Camry. I know. Very different cars. I've always wanted to drive a Camaro. Living outside the states, it's always been a dream of mine to own and drive one, but I don't know how practical it is as a daily driver. Or should I get a Sedan (was thinking Camry) Or should I play it uber safe in savings and just get a Corolla or Civic.
Because I will be living mainly rural and will be driving around a lot to the city I wanted a big robust and comfortable car that's relatively reliable but also fun. I don't plan on owning the car for not much longer than the loan length which will probably be 4 years. Maybe even less. I thought since I'm young and single I'd enjoy the Camaro for a bit before settling down with a dad car. But reliability as a daily driver and ease is what is sort of stopping me. Plus I've seen some posts about a Camaro not being your first car. Technically it's the first car I'm buying but I've been driving in my home country since I was 17.
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2023.06.04 06:01 Halozhelos Economics 9708/31/o/n/20

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2023.06.04 06:01 chevy_11_ Panicky

Had a real good day today son played baseball tournament all day and did really well and couldn’t be happier with life. I slipped up though and hit a vape throughout the day with being 7 days nicotine free and then had a few drinks at dinner. Now at home everyone else is asleep and starting to feel it coming on and can’t sleep. I tell myself I gotta cut out the bad habits for him but it’s hard and I was doing good. Just needed to vent don’t wanna wake anyone up hope everyone is feeling alright though. If not just know you’re not alone and you’ve got this.
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2023.06.04 06:01 TaskSlight3634 Installing

Not sure if this is just a waiting game or not but it’s been stuck here for a few hours any solutions?
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2023.06.04 06:00 FaithlessnessLive488 closing the gap

My partner and i have been dating for about a year now. We met in 2020 but it was just a fling and we went our seperate ways, amicably. fast forward to 2022 - im 4 months post breakup and he reached out (again just supposed to be a fling or catch up as friends) then, naturally we fell HARD. he moved 600 miles away 2 months after being with eachother every day. we werent planning on continuing the relationship (or at least i wasnt) and then the day he left, he just never stopped texting and calling me. before i knew it, we were planning flights and becoming exclusive. weve seen eachother 4 times since then, each time for a week. the plan was always for me to leave my home city since i need a change and wouldve done it reguardless, maybe just not to his new state. a couple months ago, we started talking about living together. he told me he wanted to live with me and he genuinely believes there isnt another partner he would ever want to be with, so the stress of moving and planning would be worth it and he would do as much as possible to help with my transition. hes never lived apart from his parents - hes 23 and i am 20 and have lived on my own since 18. he doesnt fear not living with them, but making a committment this large is scary for him, being that he normally takes it slow and traditionally (which i get). i have lived with a partner before so i know the difficulties and i know the warning signs, i really dont see any big ones with him , maybe just a fear of him playing video games too often lol. a few days ago, he said theres a possibility his dad would say “shes going to have to get her own place, youre not moving out” ????? when i asked him what his response would be, he kinda made this face 😬🫤. what the fuck does that mean?? i asked him - does what your dad say dictate us living together or not? i said - it shouldnt be you asking for permission as a grown adult, but giving a heads up and asking for support. we wouldnt be more than 30 minutes away from his family and ive made the comittment to move 600miles away. i got a job down there, told everyone in my life, weve been discussing expenses and apartments. he pretty much said its not asking for permission or giving a heads up, but everyone gets involved so if any objections were to occur within his family he would have to “coax” them into the idea. he reassured me several times that reguardless, our relationship would be intact but he cant burn bridges to move in with me. what does this mean and what should i do if his family isnt okay with him moving out. does it seem like if they say “no” then hes not going to follow through with me? hes said multiple times that he makes his own decisions - but if that were true why are we having this issue at all?
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2023.06.04 06:00 Glittering_Buddy828 Sublease my spot in a double in 2bed 2 bath

Sublease my spot in a double in 2bed 2 bath
Hey people, I am planning to sublease my spot in a double in a 2b 2b apartment shared by 3 people for the summer, the dates are negotiable. It is 1 mile from the apartment and takes exactly 15 minutes by bus to reach the campus. There are 3 bus stops near bus, 2 for routes 1,8 and 1 for route number 12. The bus stops for 1,8 are a 2 minute walk from the unit.
There is a roof top pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, reading room, 2 parking spots available along with the unit. So you know you can really enjoy your stay here.
The rent is around 1075 per month per this spot and is completely negotiable. ( higher than other places because we are only 3 people).
Hmu for more details. Attaching a picture of the unit along with the post.
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2023.06.04 06:00 Independent-Act3560 [REQ](500)(#ALBANY,OR,USA)(JULY15)(ZELLE,VENMO,CASHAPP)

I need to borrow money to help with rent I start my new job on the 19th and am getting a generous sign on bonus so can pay back 800 for 500. Thank you
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2023.06.04 06:00 aitaix 2 bedroom house available for rent

I'm posting this to Reddit first before Kijiji and Facebook in a few weeks.
Downtown Creston 2 Bed 1 Bath Two-Story Upper Suite
Top floor of a house in Creston BC. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathrooms with 2 small decks. Small yard.
For rent August 15th $1750 per month including water, garbage, recycling, plus utilities (natural gas and electricity usage)
Half month rent required damage deposit. Half month rent required for pet deposit.
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2023.06.04 06:00 abused_ae Going to receive my salary soon and worried

I'm going to receive my salary for the previous month soon. My mother already wants to get involved and "set up a meeting" with the agency that hired me so that "we" can receive the money. They already expressed to me that they want to hand me the money and not to her.
The problem is that we're supposed to move soon, and she says she has no money even though she's doing tutoring classes. I also do online freelance writing so there is some money from that.
I want to save some part of my salary so that when I move out I have some money saved. I'm worried about the struggle that is to come. She will tell me that she needs me to hand over most of the money to her for rent and groceries. Not sure what to do in this case. I know I have to hold my boundaries but I'm just having a really bad time with this. I am thinking of giving a certain amount towards rent but saving most of it for myself, but I know this will be a super difficult challenge as she is already starting with the emotional manipulation, name-calling, destroying my character, etc.
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2023.06.04 05:59 lianne_tran Why won't he text me after the first date?

The date went well for me.
He was late and we couldn't get a table at the original restaurant, so he lets me choose where to go upon meeting me. We went to a nice place, he did most of the talking, wanted me to talk more, I did but not too much
He mentioned a second date here and there, told me all about his past relationships, exes and that he has quite a few girl friends (to make sure I know)
After our dinner, he wanted to have a walk with me and we sat and talked for some time. Then I mentioned the time, he offered to uber me home, told me to text him when I got home safely
But I didn't because I never text a guy first after a date. And he also didn't text me, whereas he used to text me everyday and told me he prefers only seeing one person at a time.

So what now? Is he uninterested?
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2023.06.04 05:59 QuietAncient5122 Want to make a baby stop crying? Show them Kirara!

Tldr: Want to make a child stop crying? Show them Kirara!
My sister wanted to go to the mall today with my mom leaving her baby daughter in my care, I was like "fuck no" because I literally don't know how to care for children, like me and baby's just don't mix well💀 but my sister was like "but she's such an angel🥺 she never cries or disturbs anyone😽 and she's sleeping now and when she sleeps she never wakes up involuntary🥰" so I eventually caved and said fine just come back soon
10 minutes later, she wakes up crying, "Lord, give me strength." so I tried everything to make her stop, showing her videos on my phone, giving her toys, i even tried to make her some milk but i couldn't find the baby formula, and i guess she wasn't impressed by my attempts because she just kept crying louder and louder and louder
My dried up brain was getting burned up by her banshee screams, so ig in its desperate attempt from completely crumbling away it went back to the one place of comfort it knows, Genshin Impact
I boot up the game on my PlayStation, and all the while she keeps crying uncontrollably, I go to my characters and attempt to do something with them to make her stop wailing. I summoned Oz, I imitated her cribs mobile with layla's burst, I conjured up the old spirit dwelling within cyno, I even showed her ushi...but all of them were for nought as she kept screaming (cyno actually made her cry harder)
But at last, I found the one who spoke in legends, the chosen one capable of lulling even the most heartbroken of children. And her name...was Kirara, the moment she transformed into the little catbox, the devil's howling stopped. Why, the little one even began laughing when Kirara meowed while jumping
But the moment, the exact moment, Kirara got out of her E form she would start crying again, so I had to play this game of cat and mouse where I'll go around the world looking for enemies so Kirara could proc her sac sword on them giving me another 10 seconds of peace and silence
I did this constantly for 40 minutes. My suffering finally ended when my sister got home and took away that accursed witch. I am so not getting her gifts for her birthday. What i did today was enough of a gift😒
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2023.06.04 05:59 violetflower09 Negative self image

I have always had low confidence and a negative self image ever since I was a kid, after I started my pcos journey I have lost all the confidence I have been trying to rebuild since I became an adult. I feel disgusting every single day. I feel like I just need to lock myself in my home and not leave because I’m so ugly. I’m very overweight not in the cute curvy way :( and have a lot of body hair that I didn’t have years ago and acne that I didn’t have before I turned 20. I don’t have great style and opt for comfort and I have shorter hair and don’t wear a lot of makeup. I could not be less happy with myself. I feel nasty I feel like pcos symptoms have made me into a monster sometimes. I struggle with gender dysphoria, but recently I have found myself trying to hyperfeminize myself to attempt to feel nice enough to leave my home. I stopped trying to date because I’m humiliated about my appearance. I also have severe body dysmorphia and an Ed to top it all off. I pick apart every flaw every time I look at the mirror. I can’t stand myself. I don’t know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.04 05:58 Ordinary-Bus4563 Losing Luggage Under AC

Hi there,
As from my other posts around Reddit, my story goes that I have lost my luggage in the SEA airport under Air Canada.

My travel itinerary was HND-SEA-YVR-YEG (ANA->Air Canada Jazz->Air Canada) and I picked up both of my checked luggages at SEA, and dropped them off and basically one of them never made it through with me back home in YEG.

It has been a week, and still nothing has been done even though my AirTag inside shows that it is inside the SEA airport.

I reached out to an AC representative at the EIA, and they said they were going to talk to the AC staff in SEA, but nothing. The baggage number they make you call goes to a call centre, and they only read off the website.

What should I do? How do I claim compensation for this?
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2023.06.04 05:58 randomusernumber123 It’s embarrassing how deep this landsogynistic narrative is being pushed. Now us tax paying landchads have to pay for this renthog’s rent.

It’s embarrassing how deep this landsogynistic narrative is being pushed. Now us tax paying landchads have to pay for this renthog’s rent. submitted by randomusernumber123 to LoveForLandchads [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 05:58 Aurelian2300 Missing the casino feeling

She is a 32-year-old from California who recently had a revelation and was curious if anyone had anything to do with it. She wondered why she liked casinos and gambling so much. Why did she like to go so often, even though she lost on most of her visits? Suddenly it dawned on her that casinos were like home to her, and that her family would go to Las Vegas for vacations multiple times a year during her childhood. Every time she walked in, that smell of cigarettes and alcohol and the sound of the machines hit her, she got a chill of excitement. She loves the casino because it reminds me of her childhood, does anyone else feel that way?
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