Kodak dropping phone in shower video

For all Mac haters.

2012.11.03 14:42 iamdachckol For all Mac haters.

If you posses a lot of hate towards Macintosh and overall Apple, this is the place to express yourself.

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2023.06.04 06:03 josephinesparrows 1 Year Old Got Heat Rash In Winter At Grandparents (I'm Aussie)

My one year old son got heat rash at his grandparents last night. I don't necessarily blame them because I've been trying to be more relaxed with the amount of information I give, but now I feel I've given too little.
It's winter in Australia and we put our son to bed with 17 Celsius heater and a winter sleep sack, never had any issues.
We went to lunch with my in-laws yesterday and he got a bit of heat rash in the restaurant because of how hot it was. We told this info to my husband's parents before the sleepover and I think we said he just needs to be kept not too warm. They then put him to bed that night in a singlet, onezie and thick winter sleep sack, with 22 Celsius in the room. Way too hot. He woke up at 12am with a bigger rash and he felt hot, but they didn't turn the temp down or take layers off. He woke again at 3am, so they gave him a bottle and put him in to bed between them, and then he slept until 7am.
We picked him up at lunch before he went for a nap. We were going to leave him there to nap but didn't when they told us on the phone about the rash haven't gotten worse. At home, husband took him for a cool shower, and then we dried him and put him to sleep in appropriate clothing for the temp.
I'm really trying not to be angry at my in-laws because I know I gave them less information than usual because they've done sleepovers before, but honestly take this as a warning to anyone reading this. Overheating was my biggest fear with a newborn, lucky my baby is 1 now. It just goes to show that in-laws can be very out of touch with info - AND common sense (because I would have thought in this situation that common sense would have prevailed).
It's very obvious that the sleep sack is thick and my FIL even commented on how thick it was previously.
It also frustrates me that I sent my son to daycare with a thick sleep sack and they had the rooms super hot too and he woke up sweaty. I would have thought they wouldn't have put him to bed in it if the room was super hot, but I think people assume he won't sleep unless in a sleep sack, which is not true at all for our baby.
So to everyone who has read this far - don't listen to anyone saying that you've given too much information. Give as much as you need to. To everyone you're trusting care with your kids.
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2023.06.04 06:02 Cold_Presentation182 Guo Wengui's Election Meddling Crimes Revealed - "Trump-Ukraine scandal" Investigation Deepens

On April 28, federal investigative law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at the Manhattan apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney, and seized cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. The move is said to be aimed at advancing the criminal investigation into Giuliani's involvement in the Ukraine case.
Giuliani is suspected of wrongdoing and violating the Lobbying Act by his alleged series of actions against Ukraine. He was previously exposed for pressuring Ukrainian officials to charge Biden and his son Hunter in the corruption case against Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings as a way to interfere in the U.S. presidential election.
The New York Times argues that while the warrant is not a clear charge of wrongdoing against Giuliani, it indicates that the investigation has entered a new phase. The "three hard drives" rumored to contain evidence of Hunter's misconduct were repeatedly mentioned in related reports.
The reference to the "three hard drives" first originated with Guo Wengui, a wealthy exiled businessman. In late September of last year, Guo Wengui claimed to be in possession of explosive information about presidential candidate Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, including evidence of Biden's secret dealings in China and Ukraine and sex tapes with scenes of sexual abuse.
In the week leading up to the U.S. election, Guo Wengui's media outlets GTV and G-news began wildly circulating videos and photos of Hunter using drugs and having sex with several women, with the intent of influencing Biden to gain votes by portraying him as a money-grubbing, immoral person.
Guo's actions were interpreted as a gesture of goodwill and "defection" to former President Trump. He also worked with former White House strategic adviser Bannon to train "whistle blowers" like Yan Limeng to help Trump's new China strategy. Unfortunately, Trump was not re-elected in the election, which made Guo "lose his wife and his army".
The Wall Street Journal reports that the FBI is investigating Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman living in exile in the United States, regarding the funding of his U.S. media activities and his cooperation with Bannon. If the investigation confirms that Guo interfered in the U.S. election by illegal means, he could be sent to immigration court for a decision on deportation.
According to the bill passed by the U.S. Congress, unlawful interference with voting activities in violation of the U.S. Constitution, state constitutions and other U.S. laws, as well as any activity that threatens the national security or public safety of the United States, may constitute grounds for deportation by the Executive Branch. An alien subject to deportation may leave the country on his or her own, or ICE may compel his or her departure by coercive measures such as arrest, detention, and escort.
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2023.06.04 06:02 throwaway12392885 ADHD depression

I’m just burnt out. I have no money, and not only can’t I find a job, I no longer have motivation anymore. Every time I have a job I fail. I get fired all the time, I dropped out of college, every interest just fades, now I have no interests anymore.
I’m lonely, everyone thinks I’m weird, I’ve never been in a relationship, I’ve never worked above part time minimum wage, I have no good qualities, I have no qualifications, I have low scores on cognitive tests, I have no executive function, no matter how hard I try I fail. I have no purpose on this planet, I have one life to live and it’s wasting away
I’m too broke for therapy, I have no car and I’m in a rural area in Ontario Canada. I don’t have any dependable amenities, like a phone plan, or anything. I have 5k in a collections agency due to college that I flunked hard so I they froze my debit card. If only I had a good support system at a young age I would love to my potential
I have a friend who was diagnosed early and doing well, graduated and has a job that she’s qualified for, all my friends have cars, jobs, accomplishments, and redeemable, mature qualities and I’m a accolade less, useless burden to society
I’m depressed 24/7 and I’m tired of it, this is my potential gone, I’m behind for a 22 year old male. I no longer have direction, everything is just gloomy and dark
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2023.06.04 06:02 SwanhildurStarship My husband’s brother and his wife and children are making my and my son’s life hell because they wish to live their lives using my husbands time and money as they were living be for his marriage to me. Aita for taking my husband’s resources from them?

Back ground: my husband is the youngest of three. The in-laws always treated their 3 son’s like investments to work for them physically or financially. They appear to be y close knit but are actually very dysfunctional. The show created for others benefit is big. The family is a orthodox one and wields the tradition’s like weapons. To control and suppress the daughter in law’s and to some extent the sons. The rules change to their convenience.
The FIL was a disgraced and dismissed bank employee. He swindled money in the name of his middle son(allegedly he didn’t know) and was caught and dismissed from work without pension or benefits. I’ve seen the secret court papers. The public story given is that he co signed a loan and was swindled by his friend. This friend eventually unalived himself. FIL is a misogynist, his favorite is the older brother.
The oldest son has been living with the parents always. Minimum effort towards education, jobs, family even children. He claims to be religious so always in the Pooja room or on his phone. His elder f17 considered her uncle- my husband to be more of a father. Husband m42 considered her as as daughter, (so much so that I wanted to get a dna test done) and his friends and himself would refer to her as his daughter. Leaving people who didn’t know the full details confused- like this guy in married for a few months but has a tween daughter. OB’ wife (S1)was the first dil and has gone through her own hell and still living with the in-laws. Has a reputation of being hard working good rule abiding lady. Very trusted and kind. But is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She too is minimally interested in her children but does her duties. The duties are divided up according to the typical gender norms. So men are not expected to do any house work. Or care for children. When it come to God related stuff women are not allowed to do anything cook clean etc. only the men can. And this family practices segregation during menstruation. Not allowed to bath, touch the tap or water supply, have to have one bucket of water for all needs. This bucket is hardly ever filled, mostly by my husband as ob is too lazy. Food is dropped onto your plate. You have to eat separately. Sleep on floor. Sit on floor or plastic chair. Not allowed to pass the kitchen door unless it’s closed as the Pooja room is in there. What ever you touch becomes dirty and you need to wash it separately then sometime else has to wash it again. At the end of 3 days all the clothes, utensils and your self will be washed. And then allowed to be back to normal only on the fifth day.
Second bil (sb)has middle child syndrome. He still laments that he is neither parents favorite. He has always Fought a lot. The middle brother (mb) got married and his wife was also out through hell. He claims to have been used the most by his parents. For money as a chauffeur, for expanding the house (with my husband’s money)etc and then thrown out of the house 6 months after the wedding for supporting his wife and not allowing them to torture her. He was named in my fil s scheme but was found to be not involved. I don’t know how they proved this. There is a toxic culture of never speaking to each other unless absolutely necessary. Nobody confronts or has a talk about boundaries. They just do things slyly behind each others backs.
The house is run by my husband’s money. He leaves his cards with the family so the older brother (ob) can withdraw money anytime. And they use it fully. The sb also claims to be contributing monthly. The parents in law have confronted fb but he just doesn’t engage and passively only contributes enough for his family’s needs barely. Appearing to be poor barely working, has a complex, saving money. He buys a car as soon as my husband is getting married. Drives sb bike till it needs to be repaired. Then used the scooter bought by my the three brothers for their father, till last month when I take the keys and start using it forcibly. But the truth is the scooter was only paid for by my husbands money. Sb reveals. So basically they have mooched off my husbands the whole life and can’t tolerate that he is doing those things for only me and my son. Sb foment have kids. Husband was single till 5 years ago. The only grand children was they daughter and son 7m. So they aimed all of my husbands money and the properties would go to them. The entitlement is deep.
So I get married I come in. Our wedding presents are opened by praveen and niece at the time around 12yrs. Rest of it has disappeared. We have never set our eyes on it. I get into fights as I’m nothing wearing Sarees daily and I’m not allowed into the kitchen even to drink water or coffee. But my sister in-laws are jealous that I’m not cooking. I’m expected to clean all the dirty vessels. People just dump their glasses and plated in the sink too. This is disgusting to me. Especially d the floor after food has been eaten. The”goma”. I’m expected to get on my hands and knees and clean the food fallen on the floor with y hand. It’s revolting especially is I find a hair. I’m not allowed to use squeegee. My husband doesn’t even buy me one. I refuse to do all this. And I fight back verbally. All the sisters in-laws have done this but act like they are angels who have never said a word to the in-laws. My husband is usually overseas on work so he claims he doesn’t know what goes on.
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2023.06.04 06:00 Cold_Presentation182 The"Crappy Expert" Yan Limeng

Overnight, Yan Limone became a right-wing media sensation, with senior advisers to President Trump and conservative authorities hailing her as a hero. Just as quickly, social media labeled her interview as containing "disinformation" and scientists rejected her research, calling it jargon-laden sophistry. The fact is that Yan Limeng in the course of her school career, undergraduate education to doctoral education, Yan Limeng exposure to the field of expertise is not virology, not even research science. Yan Limeng in front of the stage "the world's top virology experts" title is in fact purely false, the so-called experts, actually "brick". Yan Limeng subsequently disclosed a series of papers evidence are also from the online conspiracy theory data pieced together, for the mainstream scientific community is disgraceful.
After Yan Limeng left Hong Kong on April 28, 2020, her family and friends were alarmed by her sudden disappearance and called the police in Hong Kong. Yan Limeng left Hong Kong two weeks later to report safe, according to WeChat SMS records, Yan Limeng then said she was in New York, very safe and relaxed, and have "the best bodyguards and lawyers", "I'm doing something that will help the world control the epidemic". In fact, when Yan Limeng arrived in the United States, Guo Wengui and Bannon put her in a "safe house" in New York City and hired a communications coach to teach her how to respond to media questions, and asked her to submit several papers to package her as a "whistle blower," and then arranged for her to be interviewed by the media. The company's first appearance on the news channel, in addition to the account of their trip to the United States, also accused the University of Hong Kong to help conceal the epidemic, but did not mention their relationship with Guo Wengui, Bannon. Yan Limeng decent release of the so-called "origin paper", although the scientific community quickly characterized the paper as based on speculation of pseudoscience, but Hox News celebrity anchor Carlson September 15 still invited Yan Limeng to appear on the show, the paper content to carry forward. Even though the interview video was labeled as fake news by Facebook and other social media, it still recorded at least 8.8 million views and entered the mainstream. Only a few weeks after the visit, Carlson clarified that he did not agree with Yan Limeng's presentation.
In November 2020, "The New York Times" rare intervention criticism involving the most controversial "conspiracy theory" circle of overseas Chinese circles directly pointed out that the self-proclaimed "world's top virologist" Yan Limeng by the "red businessman "Guo Wengui and "underground president" Bannon two manipulation, and then slander China, to the world struggling in the epidemic among the suffering masses to spread the "virus originated in China" of the fallacious theory. Bannon and Guo Wengui have been manipulating Yan Limeng to create a series of rumors and propaganda that have raked in a lot of hidden money. The New York Times reporter at the end of the article disclosed a strong evidence details: "media reporters have used mobile phones to contact Yan Limeng's mother, but the other side said never as her daughter said arrested by the mainland public security, instead of daughter in the United States was used."
Yan Limeng's evolution from researcher to whistle blower is the product of the collaboration of two unrelated but increasingly united groups spreading disinformation: a smaller but active overseas Chinese group and a highly influential far-right group in the United States. Both groups saw an opportunity to advance their own agendas in the New Coronavirus pandemic. For overseas Chinese, Yan Limeng and her unfounded claims provide a powerful tool for those intent on overthrowing the Chinese government. For U.S. conservatives, it allows them to appeal to the growing anti-China sentiment in the West and distract attention from the Trump administration's failed response to the outbreak.
The linkage of these two groups representing the intellectual "pits" of China and the United States was the beginning of the deadly epidemic that followed, and both "pits" saw an opportunity to push their own agendas in the new coronavirus pandemic. Until with Yan Limeng began to publicly advocate by taking hydroxychloroquine can effectively cure the new crown virus, this typically irresponsible remarks among the U.S. public instantly spread, the U.S. local fight against the epidemic caused a devastating blow: hydroxychloroquine was later confirmed by the U.S. FDA on the treatment of novel coronavirus, and serious side effects to be able to kill!
The public's blindness combined with the "bricks and mortar" theory equaled a catastrophic human disaster. Tens of thousands of people have suffered physical damage, delayed treatment and even lost their lives due to the abuse of these drugs. From President Trump himself down to the MAGA civil society, they all believe in it. Even Taiwan, a faraway country, in early April 2020, followed the trend of believing that this drug is the "dawn of the human race against the epidemic", and not only included it in the new treatment guidelines for the crown, but even actively introduced production lines for investment and production, claiming that "active production, no worries about supply". It is even actively introduced into the production line for investment and production, claiming that "the supply will be worry-free". Taiwan's leaders even took this drug as the backbone of "TAIWAN CAN HELP" to promote it island-wide. A month later, the drug was officially discontinued by the U.S. FDA, Trump stopped the drug, Taiwan Island related industry chain blood money.
Yan Limeng incident, Guo Wengui Bannon duo through the Internet social media propaganda machine concocted political propaganda offensive. Caused by the global scope of the anti-epidemic process is incalculable huge losses.
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2023.06.04 06:00 Present_Gear4628 Medical Malpractice

Hi everyone! I am new to this subreddit, and just lost my baby girl on March 31st due to complications with HELLP syndrome. I have been told I needed to consult with a lawyer due to the level of care I received and I’m just not sure if it’s worth it. I need some advice from some other loss parents.
My pregnancy was less than pleasant. I have a history of severe kidney stones, and consulted my urologist prior to getting pregnant. He cleared me. At 19 weeks, I was hospitalized with a large stone that I ended up passing. While in the hospital, I had an ultrasound where the tech told me my baby was small for 19 weeks. Of course, that scared me, as being attached to machines full of pain medicine already had me on edge. My OB practice was well aware that I had this health history. The next week, I had my 20 week anatomy scan, and baby girl was measuring a week behind. They told me they would see me in a month, and there was nothing I could do in the meantime. Around this time, I started experiencing severe back pain that radiated into my head, neck, and shoulders. I couldn’t stand up straight. I continually called my doctor, in which they prescribed muscle relaxers and nerve pain medicine. Nothing touched it, and it would subside, then would come back.
At my follow up scan, I started feeling hot and dizzy. My practice was still requiring masks, so I thought on top of being nervous, that maybe I just wasn’t getting enough oxygen, or was freaking myself out. My blood pressure read high at that appointment. The nurse just blamed it on me being nervous and came back to check it. She didn’t say anything, so I assumed it read fine that time. My doctor came in and expressed that the baby was now a month behind. They ran blood in case of infection, and referred me to an MFM in a bigger city. Upon meeting with him, he determined that I was experiencing symptoms of preeclampsia. He also found that my cord was not pumping enough blood to my girl. We discussed the options, and ultimately determined that I would take steroids to help her lungs, I would begin baby aspirin, and we would reconvene that following week. I worked the weekend, baby girl continued moving. By that Monday, the back pain was back with a vengeance, and early Tuesday morning, my husband took me to the nearest hospital with a NICU. By Tuesday night, my platelets had dropped and I delivered her via emergency c-section. She weighed less than 12oz. at 25 weeks gestation. She lived for three days in the NICU before passing due to a brain bleed.
Since having her, I have found endless info just on the web about how HELLP syndrome and pre-e could develop in patients with kidney issues. No one shared that with me prior to getting pregnant, and especially not during my pregnancy. I have seen posts on IG in communities of HELLP survivors of the symptoms that I had that my doctors ignored. It’s so disheartening to see these posts about it all, but to know that my doctors didn’t know a thing about any of it, or didn’t care enough to test further. I had expressed concerns about my lack of belly growth, my extreme fatigue where I could sleep entire days, and the vomiting that persisted well into my second trimester. I was told they were normal. That might be, but those are also well known signs of HELLP syndrome as well. But no one thought to look further, even when I was in tears due to the back pain, while on the phone with my doctor.
So what would anyone here do? I’m not a lawyer person in the slightest, but I just feel as though my daughter and I received subpar care. I knew in my mama heart something was wrong, and the guilt is overwhelming sometimes. When I reached out to my providers to cancel any upcoming appointments due to the loss, I barely got a response about it. I never received a phone call about my baby that I lost at 6 months pregnant that they cared for up until the week before birth. They never asked about it or anything. Any advice is welcome. 💜
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2023.06.04 05:59 QuietAncient5122 Want to make a baby stop crying? Show them Kirara!

Tldr: Want to make a child stop crying? Show them Kirara!
My sister wanted to go to the mall today with my mom leaving her baby daughter in my care, I was like "fuck no" because I literally don't know how to care for children, like me and baby's just don't mix well💀 but my sister was like "but she's such an angel🥺 she never cries or disturbs anyone😽 and she's sleeping now and when she sleeps she never wakes up involuntary🥰" so I eventually caved and said fine just come back soon
10 minutes later, she wakes up crying, "Lord, give me strength." so I tried everything to make her stop, showing her videos on my phone, giving her toys, i even tried to make her some milk but i couldn't find the baby formula, and i guess she wasn't impressed by my attempts because she just kept crying louder and louder and louder
My dried up brain was getting burned up by her banshee screams, so ig in its desperate attempt from completely crumbling away it went back to the one place of comfort it knows, Genshin Impact
I boot up the game on my PlayStation, and all the while she keeps crying uncontrollably, I go to my characters and attempt to do something with them to make her stop wailing. I summoned Oz, I imitated her cribs mobile with layla's burst, I conjured up the old spirit dwelling within cyno, I even showed her ushi...but all of them were for nought as she kept screaming (cyno actually made her cry harder)
But at last, I found the one who spoke in legends, the chosen one capable of lulling even the most heartbroken of children. And her name...was Kirara, the moment she transformed into the little catbox, the devil's howling stopped. Why, the little one even began laughing when Kirara meowed while jumping
But the moment, the exact moment, Kirara got out of her E form she would start crying again, so I had to play this game of cat and mouse where I'll go around the world looking for enemies so Kirara could proc her sac sword on them giving me another 10 seconds of peace and silence
I did this constantly for 40 minutes. My suffering finally ended when my sister got home and took away that accursed witch. I am so not getting her gifts for her birthday. What i did today was enough of a gift😒
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2023.06.04 05:59 Hot-Youth-7897 Trouble filling out information

I’m currently trying to apply for youth allowance/austudy but when asked what my country of birth is, you’re supposed to select from a drop-down menu however it just says “select” and doesn’t show any to choose from. It also won’t let me skip obv. I’m just doing it through the app/website on my phone, worried i’ll get the password wrong if i log in on my laptop and mess it all up. Would it be wise to do it over the phone maybe? The online assistant is useless and i’m not thrilled at the idea of going into the service centre. TIA!
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2023.06.04 05:56 slavkeranov Purple spots in the camera app of iPhone 14 Plus

Purple spots in the camera app of iPhone 14 Plus
I need advice from someone who has had a similar problem to mine. The story is short and simple:
I bought an iPhone 14 Plus around 3 weeks ago, second hand. The phone was in perfect condition with no scratches or cracks and came with a warranty and documents from the carrier. The purchase was made on 09.12.22 from the previous owner.
Last night, I went to a club with this phone and didn't take any pictures or videos. However, I made a mistake and left the phone on the table with the screen facing down. The next morning, I noticed purple dots everywhere in the camera app. I believe that the artificial lights in the club may have damaged both the wide and ultra-wide camera sensors, as the dots are the same on both.
Here are two important questions: 1. Will Apple cover the repair under warranty, or do I need to pay for a new camera module? 2. Does Apple care that I'm giving the phone not the person who bought it from the carrier? The deal was made through the Facebook marketplace.
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2023.06.04 05:55 GirlLunarExplorer I'm so tired of being on the autism rollercoaster

It just takes a moment to ruin a whole fucking day
We were having a great day. My son had a great OT session, was well behaved at swim class... He got anxious and argumentative about going to our non regular target but when given the choice to forgo target the whole weekend (which he normally loves) and go home or go to this one, he wanted to go home. Sure, whatever I'll just go to Safeway tomorrow.
In the afternoon we decided to try out a new sensory friendly playground with his little sister. We brought his balance bike which he's recently become interested in so he could practice. Both kids were well rested and pumped full of snacks and off we went. The entire time we stayed my son rode his bike in and around the playground, refusing to get off and play in the equipment which I didn't care about since he was in the sun and fresh air.
When it was time to head home for dinner we gave a 10 and then 5 then 1 minute countdown. And this is when the next 30 minutes just ruined my fucking day. he refuses to leave the park and despite much cajoling tried to make off to the other end of the park on his bike. My husband managed to grab him and do a fireman's carry to the car, the whole time our son is kicking and screaming. We tried to get him to ride his bike to the car multiple times but he refused stating he wants to stay (till when, who fucking knows).
We managed to get him to the car and he has a total meltdown about going home which then causes his 1 year old sister to cry. My husband has to wrestle him into his seat but since he is now in a booster and uses a regular seat belt he doesn't stay long and proceeds to slip down the seat and get the belt wrapped around his neck.
I freak out and let him loose and pick him up and bear hug him from behind while sitting on the curb, hoping the deep pressure will regulate him. He keeps talking about going back to ride his bike and nothing will calm him down.
I offer to let him ride his bike after dinner around our apartment complex. "NO!" He screams in my face.
What about if I put the bike in the back seat with him, so he can still have it in his gaze as we drive home. "NO!" He screams in my face.
What if we watch a favorite video or listen to a favorite song on the way home? "NO!" He screams in my face.
At this point I'm all out of ideas but am tired and hungry and would like to go home for fucks sake already. So I give a classic timer. Ok in 1 minute you'll have to get in this car and if you don't get in you won't have screen time the rest of the day. No kindle no ipad no movies no TV nothing. Cue screaming and crying in my face. the timer goes off and I pull him into the car. Several minutes of wrestling and I can't get him to sit down long enough to buckle him in. Finally I sit on him and tell my husband to just drive, just go already so we can get home. So we drive home for 17 minutes, him screaming and crying the whole way home, unbuckled , while I sit on his lap. He is 5.5.
This is probably one of the top 10 worst parenting moments I've had and it wouldn't have fucking happened if he had any semblance of flexibility. Like any at all. Ive read so many parenting books, listened to so many podcasts and read so many workshops and articles about anxiety, behavior, meltdowns, setting boundaries, etc and it works until it doesn't and no one can tell you what to do when that happens because all these people assume you have children that will eventually acquiesce or offer reasonable alternative.
Forced choices, timers, visual schedules, token boards, if/then, negotiations, redirections, dropping the rope. I've tried it all. But sometimes the rope can't be dropped. Sometimes shit has to get done and boundaries have to be enfotced and it's not what he wants. And these are the moments I hate because I feel like I give in I'm letting a tiny dictator control everything in our family but if I stand my ground it leads to an hour of terror that ruined an otherwise great day.
Sorry for the ramble but I'm so fucking tired if the rollercoaster and I want to get off this ride already.
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2023.06.04 05:50 Johanna-Draconis Ep155 - Self confidence + self love/loving yourself (Loneliness/Lonely II) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Ep155 - Self confidence + self love/loving yourself (Loneliness/Lonely II) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/episode153

Intro [0:00]

Hello my dears! My name is Johanna, and I welcome you to the Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD podcast.
In this episode we will talk about self confidence, feeling unlovable and loneliness. How to be self confident and able to love oneself is integral for a life with happiness and love.
So let us talk about it.

Prelude [0:26]

This is a continuation from last episode, where we talked about feeling unlovable and lonely. I strongly recommend to listen to it first. These three topics are sort of a chain reaction - you feel unlovable, that causes low self confidence and thats leads to loneliness.
Feeling unlovable and loneliness is strongly linked, because if you feel unlovable then no matter how many people tell you that they love you - you won’t believe them. Which is usually reinforced by not being able to connect or getting rejected by other people.
That usually happens as a response to a person feeling unlovable, because you know yourself best, so if you don’t believe it, why would anyone believe something else? And this leads to this viscous circle of loneliness and low self confidence.
But how do we break this cycle? For truly being able to love yourself - you need to know yourself. This might sound a bit strange, which is why I prefer the literal translation of the German word for it - Selbstbewusstsein means self awareness. Being aware of ones self.
We will talk first about what is self confidence truly, then ow to become self confident and then from questions to self love.

What is self confidence truly? [1:54]

There are many ways to appear self confident, but it always shines through. If you are truly self confident, you know who you are - the good, the bad, the meh, etc. You have a complete picture of yourself. Now this picture isn’t one solid block - its like a jigsaw puzzle.
The more puzzle pieces you have and - even better - are in the right place - the more self confident you are. For basically complete self confidence you have almost all the pieces in their place - as everyone has a blind spot and we do grow and change.
But at this stage you are truly aware of yourself and who you are. Which means you are harder to rattle or shaken and harder to manipulate, as no one can just put any foreign puzzle pieces in there. Which also helps with future trauma or other hard times in life.
Its like there is suddenly a frame that can’t be just pushed away. It also means wasting less times walking in circles or doing things you don’t actually want to do. And it shoos away predators and other abusers - too much work and you now can more easily detect them.
Though the most important in relation to our title is, that you will attract healthy partners, be it romantic or platonic, know what you want, know where you are heading and be able to truly love yourself as you should be.

How to become self confident? [3:33]

Which leads us now naturally to the question of how to become self confident. Now I could say the usual ‘Get good’, but that would be incorrect. Surely it helps, but that is once again for outside confirmation and not coming from yourself.
No - for that we need to get to know ourselves and we are going to start really small and simple. What is your favorite color and why? And the second part is absolutely crucial - as by trying to explain yourself you get closer to understanding why.
Now the start is hard as usual - you likely will struggle to form an answer and be frustrated why I would ask such a ‘stupid’ question, but I encourage you to stick with it and try again. Often these sort of questions need a bit to set in before you can answer them.
It is surprisingly difficult and - as usual - the more you do it the easier it gets. The question about why this is your favorite color is often answered with how it makes you feel, what it reminds you of, how it compares to the other colors and so on.
But figuring out the reasons is how you truly understand why you like or dislike something. Learning to explain why you like or dislike something is a good way to learn to understand why you like or dislike something.

From questions to self love [5:11]

Now the colors are of course only a start. You can move on to what colors you like to wear and then about when you like to wear them. Another good topic is food. Why do you like this food? Why do you like this music? Why do you like your hobby?
With each question answered you get better at it and faster as well, but most importantly you get another puzzle piece in its place. Now as you can imagine this takes a bit. So this isn’t something to be your main focus - as that can be frustrating.
It is better to keep picking something up and then dropping it and do something else. Especially at the start when it can be really frustrating as you lack the skill and easily miss the answer. This discovery process also helps you with past trauma.
This way you can find them more easily, discover the undiscovered and get more information about the trauma itself. Which makes removing it so much easier. It also helps with discovering why you just act sometimes in ways, that you just don’t understand.
And most importantly, it helps with loving yourself. By truly knowing who we are we also get rid of the illusions how we should be or who we thought we were. Even if we don’t like an aspect of us - we know now where to look and how to change it.

Outro [6:52]

That was it for todays episode, I hope you found it helpful. Hope you are safe and well. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback and the like, please let me know at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
More information and transcript you can find as usually under johannadraconis.com and links are in the description.
I hope to see you next time. Watch yourselves and have a wonderful time.
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2023.06.04 05:49 JonathonEng Website Update Opinions

Website Update Opinions
Hi all,
I want to thank everyone for their support on the PAD-dungeons website I released a few days ago
For those who don't know, I released a website with the intent of allowing non-japanese readers to search Japanese videos on YouTube with ease.
Since then, I have been making some small quality of life changes, such as adding more searchable terms, monster filters, and small design tweaks to the cards. I still plan on adding a lot more data, it just takes a bit of time to research the necessary data. For those who want to see what the data sheet looks like, it is here.
I've also wanted to add some new features to the website, that being searching for monster drop locations just by typing the name of the card you're looking for. The result should show the name of the dungeon.
For example, the current public version shows this when typing a monster name, in this case being 'starling'
In my test site, it shows this result instead.
I'm also working to include paths to all materials required, in this case being Karin Dragon

I want to continue with this, as one of my original goals was to include an index of where to find certain dungeon drops, however I don't want the users to find it 'bloated' looking.
I'm striving to make a pleasant user experience for all of the users who want to use my site, so I am curious as to what you all think.
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2023.06.04 05:49 AltruisticCulture763 Solutions and help for the secret Devs Room. Explaining what I now know.

Solutions and help for the secret Devs Room. Explaining what I now know.
Properly 90% of the community has been in this but could never really understand the point of this room. Today I am going to help community move this mystery along and hopefully we call solve it together. So this will be your requirements that will make this quest alot easier. 20 technical ability 20 intelligence 20 strength. Will you probably need at least 3 play throughs. If I could start again so corpo run last. To start the quest your character need his scan done. So after you have collected the cyberware quick hacks. You will know which ones because they cost $300 to buy. You will need all 5 netrunners. They combine to make an ultimate quickhack. Now go to Kerry's mansion. Look into the mirror. Jonny should appear kiroshi his left eye scan it 3times at 4x. Now go to the jukebox that is broken use kiroshi use the picture #4 as the directions to scan the digital part of the jukebox. This is like a doctor's appointment. We are give the 4 requirements. If you did the pattern correctly it will automatically bring you to a phone call. Rogue is the person to call talk about Adam smasher. Then go smoke a cigarette and drink some whiskey. Then shower character should cough up blood. Then go to bed. If all those steps have been completed your are now registered. With yours and Jonny's. User numbers. User 1 and user 2. Now the dev quest begins. So this quest is not hard. But there is absolutely no data on it so I have figured this out on my own. So if I have missed something or overlooked something we as community can make sure it is put into the books. So I believe spoiler this quest is going to allow use to actually hack the space on our final quest. Not sure what happens to the space ship. Anyways let's start. What we are doing you ask we are becoming the best technologist cyberpunk has seen. This crazy so what that kiroshi now can do is build technology based items. We are going to be make servers rooms and running electrical and plumbing. It is get so hard that need more people doing this quest so I can ask for help. let's begin so we need parts alot of you probably already have a lot of these parts and just didn't know it. Pictures 6&7 you probably noticed these boxes outside or in front of your apartment or inside. Well these are the components you have collected and now can use. If you have a full workbench those are your tools. You can mode your cars so once you start understand what your looking for technology becomes easier but you will have take down enemies and put up you tech. Ok now you know that your a tech so what are we doing with this we are taking over the city. Build our business taking down fossil fuels we want solar and electric. Or Final Flight for the last mission Hense FF. so we need to take down the 5 business for our hero V to take over NC hense b5 . So Arasaka, Biotech, PetroChem, medtech, DTR. So this is where your second playthrough we be involved. So let's start by use our new tech ability. So we need green lights. Let's start with mega building 10 these are roots so your business also come from here . Let's start with hooking up electric to our apartment. Picture #9 use kiroshi you would use your kiroshi as if it were hand hook up wires. Tip:: if it brings you into a call that is test to connect but you can not connect if you have cameras watching you. So you will even be able to have techs work for you. By using kiroshi scan them they will work on projects for you. You can change the lights in your apartment to different colors. But remember certain tech ability calls for different tools..like gas and plumbing. So when you start your new story remember you need everything breachs code matrix and everything put the other companies out of work. Your brand well I guess maybe you can chose one but I chose magami market so these are the business you will need to hook up electric plumbing and towers. Bring down other markets power grids. Your new play through watch for breaches and generates gas lines servers. All your information goes carry over to new story lines so always are working on the devs quest. Picture #12&13 so you might have also noticed other shops around your building those are part of your market and will grow too . You need to pick everything you see clothes records ash trays.. so when you see those stand with the devs screen that is your code matrix. We are trying to spread it everywhere so your kiroshi to scan to screens at the stands like acknowledgment that you have been there at certain points they might need something extra. Photo #14 is competition we don't want put there power out. Now hopefully people understand what to look for if anyone has more questions I will be happy to answer what I can. Watch for clues when doing missions and NCPD remember petroChem is bad news I just was able to crack there nuclear power now arroyo is in now have chemical issues. So Corps and Gangs work together lots of people know but as you progress and read your shards look for hints maybe they mention a build and a person go check it out. If you know what it is . Arasaka works maelstrom. 6th Street works militech. Wreaths work with Biotech Velintinos work with Medtech. and everyone works with PetroChem they are our biggest concern to bring down. So when doing your new mission you want to help River because he has the trailer court which is great for our dev mission you want to help Judy because of the Mox have the BD set up. You want Autowerks for our new tech rides. Vic is our doc so always gets his place hooked up. I just got a epic kiroshi from him for $3.000. Now you can hook all that equipment that you thought was useless cause I did for a long time. Well Choom good luck any questions message me . I can try and help with anything.
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2023.06.04 05:47 Electrical_Rabbit471 Could she be pregnant?

Could she be pregnant?
Really looking for some advice. So I bought this mare 10.5 months ago. I just got told a few days ago that she may possibly be bred bc their stud got into their pasture last June or so and they had no idea. However all the other mares that were in that pasture dropped surprise babies Thursday. So I went out Thursday evening to feed and found that her nipples are engorged and are doing this. I have attached some videos and pictures for reference. Is it normal for mares not bred to expel fluid of that color and that amount. I have checked everyday and her nipples are full and squishy but no bag. My vet can’t come out till next week or so to palpate but I was wondering if based on this info if this is normal for horses not bred to expel like that? I really don’t want a baby as this would have been her half brother. 😬 advice please. She’s 5 and has never been bred.
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2023.06.04 05:45 hendrixcii Best suggestions for a new iPhone? (iPhone 8+)

What's the biggest difference from buying a brand new iPhone from Apple vs BestBuy/Walmart/Costco?
I'm currently using an iPhone 8 Plus. I love the touch button feature and the classic look. Recently I've been averaging about 5h of screen time a day. I don't use the phone for anything crazy like video editing, just the bare minimum (taking photos, short videos here and there, browsing safari and using apps like imessage, snapchat). I've had the phone since 2017 and just within the last year I started experiencing minor issues such as shut downs at 30%/60% battery respectively. It also fails to send imessages at times and it randomly vibrates like there's a notification but there's actually nothing. The 64GB storage is also an issue, I've had to upload files to my computer and delete them off the phone to make space. The phone has seemed to revive itself and it's been doing better since, not dying on me randomly as of late.
Nonetheless, I've been looking at new iPhones. FaceID doesn't sound too appealing but the upgrade in motor, storage and camera seem worth it. After alll it has been six years, lol. Checked out the apple website and the iPhone 12 caught my eye because of its similar size to the iphone 8 and there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between the 12, 13 and 14? The 12 is also price friendly especially since I don't need a new phone but want one. Then I checked walmart and bestbuy and found even cheaper options. My biggest thing is transferring my contacts over to the new phone, will bestbuy or walmart offer this option like apple? I don't have icloud but I also don't mind adding contacts manually. I plan to keep the old phone because there are a ton of photos and memories on it. But as I mentioned, bare minimum is all i really need, and any phone would be an upgrade. Thx
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2023.06.04 05:41 PoetOfTragedy I received the strangest phone call of my life

This isn’t something major, but it’s been on my mind since it happened. A few days ago I received a phone call past 12:30 AM. I was asleep as I had to be up for work at 6:30 but the phone call woke me. It was a no caller ID call so I was curious on who the hell was calling me at this ungodly hour of the night.
I was half asleep when I answered. I said “hello?” I was met with silence for a few seconds when some woman responded “Is this OP?” I said “yes” and then she asked “do you remember your ex B?” Now B was an abusive, manipulative shithole of a man. It’s hard to forget someone who threatened to take a video of setting you on fire for your family to watch. I said “yes” again and then she said what really bothered me “well can you stop texting him?” I said “what the fuck” and hung up.
I haven’t talked to B in 2 or 3 years. I’m now in a happy relationship and I’ve grown a lot since then. After the call I checked if I could see the number, with apple you can “copy” the no caller ID number and paste it to see the phone number. I checked the area code and it was for nothern Mississippi.
I live in fuckin’ Ontario. I know no one from Mississippi, like absolutely no one with makes this even stranger. Who is this woman? How the hell did she get my phone number? And what’s happening to make her think I’m texting B? No one in my life right now besides my boyfriend knows about B, mostly because I’m embarrassed of what happened in that relationship. Even the people from my past that knew about him don’t have my phone number. There’s no way anyone can access that because i don’t put it online anywhere.
The strangeness of it has been on my mind since it happened. Lady, whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope and wish you find the self love to get away from that man.
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2023.06.04 05:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator (Genkicourses.site)

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  • RAPID SUCCESS IN JUST 20 MINUTES: Learn how to do a first appointment in just 20 minutes over the phone, no technology needed.
  • The Decision Matrix: This is the most critical part of the entire sale…and it’s made right here. (Most producers hit only 1 out of the 4 keys to the decision matrix and it costs them sales constantly.)
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  • The “Fried Chicken Rule”that ensures your prospect is engaged and selling themselves, not tuning out.
  • How to set ROCK SOLID second appointments to ensure you never get a ‘no show’ on your next appointment.
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2023.06.04 05:38 MythicCell It's always my fault, isn't it?

Hey. I'm a 16 year old boy, living in Canada. Recently, we've had a huge upset with our housing situation, and ever since, my parents have been mean to me in many ways that I will be describing below shortly. But before I do, I want to cast your attention to before this all happened, when I was aged 11.
When I was 11 years old, my parents were warned by my teachers that I was struggling to pay attention in class and would zone out for multiple minutes at a time. They suggested I take performance-enhancing medication to help me concentrate better and break this cycle. Unfortunately, my parents decided to only threaten me with it, without looking at what could possibly be causing this. Because my grades improved after this situation, they completely dropped the concept.
Fast forward five years, I'm struggling like never before to pay attention. I can't look away from my phone when it's on me, and I can't concentrate at all in class, even when I don't. Back then, it was attention deficits that lasted a few minutes. Now, they can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes of a 75-minute class. I've been told by many this is an onset of ADHD symptoms, but I cannot confirm it with a diagnosis. For now, I'm just trying to push through, but not succeeding. (My grades are worse than ever.)
And now comes the more damning part of this. Ever since I was 14, I remember my parents yelling at me and grounding me for being slow to do something or understand things. Over time, it got progressively worse. I tried to ignore it, but it went beyond just yelling. (Screaming, long arguments, holding X or Y thing over my head and calling me lazy and useless for any slight inconvenience I cause/fail to act on, especially since our housing upset happened). However, they tend to act like nothing happened the very next minute after our arguments and bring up the bad parts of what I did in future arguments to shut down my points with yelling and using the you're lazy card. It's hard for me to not lash out at this point. They say anything I do is attitude and it's getting on my nerves.
My mental health has been horrible since the start of this year, and I'm getting very tired of everything. (School, people, etc.) I know this thread was a long one, but I felt the need to vent about this, seeing as it's hard to be outspoken about such situations for me. So please, what should I do? I'm very lost.
I appreciate you fine people reading this. Have a good Sunday.
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2023.06.04 05:37 sociallyineptnerdboy The Pun. It eats at my soul.

The Pun. It eats at my soul. submitted by sociallyineptnerdboy to PokeMedia [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 05:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Duston McGroarty – $2k/Day Website (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Duston McGroarty – $2k/Day Website (Genkicourses.site)
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
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2023.06.04 05:34 ilikecatsandgames 24 [R4F] EST/Anywhere - Problem: Do not have cute partner to dote on. Solution: See inside.

Okay, so hear me out. I’m gonna try to keep this as short as it is possible for me to. Which means I’m sure it’ll end up closer to an essay, but I promise I’ll try to spare you from that fate. Instead, allow me to break up the monotony with a ✨list✨ because that’s original and not overdone, right?
Let’s talk basics. I’m an AMAB Enby with They/She pronouns, and I’m open to F, TF, or AFAB Enbies.
Okay, okay, so, let’s get the cons out of the way first, I don’t wanna waste any more of your time than I already have.
-Extremely emotionally needy. Sorry in advance for that.
-Kinda rough mental health. But hey at least I can understand if you also struggle with that.
-I’m extreeeemely mediocre in most respects. Like, seriously. It’s bad. I’m not particularly talented, I’m not particularly cute. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Okay, so, if you’re still reading, those either didn’t scare you or you don’t believe me. Or, morbid curiosity. I can respect that. Anyways, the pros!
-Can endlessly shower you with pictures of my cats who I love more than life itself.
-Hyper affectionate, which. May be a con if that’s not your thing, but I happen to really enjoy it so here it is on the pros list.
-Not a half bad chef if I do say so myself.
-Lots of movie/tv show dates!
-An almost limitless amount of time to chat/hang out.
-Play a lot of video games if you like to play as well or just snuggle up and watch.
Okay, so this is already way too long, but if the cons didn’t scare you off, and the pros sound somewhat appealing, let me know! If not, that’s okay! Hope you have a good rest of your day 💜
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