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Mom is dating someone I don’t like

2023.06.04 05:04 ButteronmyToast789 Mom is dating someone I don’t like

I dated my high school boyfriend for 4 years. My mom and dad were married at the time but weren’t happy, and it was very clear to everyone who saw them. They both had issues at the time, it happens.
So I start dating my boyfriend back in 2017 and about 6 months/1 year into us dating my mom and my then boyfriends dad meet through us. Apparently they hit it off. To make this not a very long story, my mom cheated on my dad for about a year or two with my boyfriends dad. We all had suspicions and she didn’t really hide it very well but that’s what lead to their divorce. He is not the best person either. He has money issues and control issues and tends to yell a lot. He’s also my then boyfriends dad. There was so much tension for years between my mom and I. I wouldn’t go near her or my then boyfriends dad. I broke up with that boyfriend about a year ago and my mom and I’s relationship is slowly getting better but I still will not be seen in a room if her boyfriend is there. She seems to think it’s ridiculous but it brings back awful memories of my parents divorce and all the tension between me and my ex boyfriend before we broke up. I don’t know if I could ever be in a room with him let alone talk to my moms boyfriend. The only thing I’m worried about is big life events happening in the coming years (weddings, babies, my future children having my ex boyfriend as their “uncle” if my mom and her boyfriend get married, etc.)
I guess my question is, am I being unreasonable for how I’m acting with him. Maybe someone can talk some sense into me if I am being unreasonable but everyone (except my mom) seems to be on my side of things considering I have so many things tied to their relationship and it’s just so freaking weird to me! I can’t get over it!
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2023.06.04 05:04 Sniperkitty_1 Operation Overlord

The new operation, operation overlord, might’ve been a bit too ambitious from easytech in challenging veteran players.
Playing on easy difficulty (haven’t even made it to medium or hard difficulty yet). Made it past Normandy, Paris, and Bastogne with ease, no issue at all. Then I hit the f…ing Berlin Wall.
Between Hartmann and Goring, they nuke the everloving heck out of you. Doesn’t matter if I avoid putting my generals in cities or not and doesn’t make a difference if I add a little air defense on a general cause Hartmann will go right through it.
I took Nuremberg for level 4 industry so I had Marshall Manstein with a lvl 3 legion medal (+90 hp) in super tank, Marshall Guderian in super tank, Marshall 5 star Armor EC with lvl 3 legion medal plus lvl 4 camoflauge and lvl 4 shelter expert (as well as other armor skills), Marshall 5 star Artillery EC with lvl 4 ace commander (and other artillery skills), Marshall Govorov with lvl 3 legion medal, and my Marshall 5 star air EC. Well over 2500 hit points. Tons of durability and damage related skills and all 5 stars in their respective categories and have lvl 4 medals on them (some have lvl 3 legion medal but rest are pretty much lvl 4 rn).
Despite this, the generals I initially set (Manstein in super tank, EC artillery in rocket artillery, and Govorov in field artillery) are all less than 1/4 health by the start of round 4 due to excessive air attacks. Enemies don’t focus me quite as much then, but as soon as I get through Munich and Nuremberg they immediately start targeting those cities. When I try to spawn Guderian, Armor EC, or Air EC, they are all 1/3 hp or less by the start of the next turn (even Marshall Armor EC in super tank with Nuremberg’s air defense as well as lvl 3 legion medal, lvl 4 defense medal, lvl 4 shelter expert, and lvl 4 camoflauge who I tried to build as a bullet sponge type of general). I expect those generals to be weakened a bit before I get to use them, but I usually lose like 30-40% hp in other campaigns/conquests, not 70+%. I also usually leave or spawn an infantry or armored car in the cities I take, but Goring’s attacks are strong enough to kill and paratroop the city in the same turn so I have to turn back around and retake them. And yes I have infantry, armor, and artillery all maxed out in the tech upgrades.
I’ve tried focusing cities with strong air generals (Nuremberg then straight to Berlin and vice versa). I’ve tried isolating and focusing one enemy general at a time. I’ve tried just slowly taking my time from South upwards. Nothing works. I could maybe do it with 30 turns, but 20 isn’t enough. Enemy generals have tons of high level defense and legion medals on them and get to hide in ridiculously strong cities.
I mean seriously, why does Goring get 667 hp on a rocket artillery in Berlin with lvl 4 missile air defense and lvl 3 blindage while also being surround by wielding, a couple super tanks, and tons of rocket artillery, field artillery, and heavy tanks all of which have boosted hp and stats ON EASY MODE?!?!?
Best I could do before time was up was get every city except Hamburg and Berlin, and even then I barely put a dent in either of those. Plus Goring was still 3/4 hp (483) in Berlin, enemy Manstein was still alive roaming with half hp (312), and enemy Guderian was still alive in Hamburg with full hp (517).
My space laser thing is still pretty low on upgrades (every 7 turns with 115 damage) so that plays a factor. But still…. Berlin is dang near impossible.
Would love some tips or to see a walkthrough on it cause I’ve never struggled anywhere near this much in this game in the past.
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2023.06.04 05:03 nvt Gym buddy

Is anyone looking for a gym buddy?
I live downtown near the Orange theory fitness or Anytime fitness and would love to start working out regularly, but still need somebody to nudge me and make it more enjoyable while holding one another accountable.
I have an 8 to 5 job so I would prefer evenings and weekends. Mornings would be hard but doable.
37, female, and serious.
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2023.06.04 05:02 fyhr100 Why is Pozzik a good card?

When Pozzik was introduced, I tried him as he was put in a lot of decklists at the time. I was playing undead priest at the time, and the times I had him he was terrible due to no undead synergy and because I kept drawing him late where he was nearly unplayable. I took him out of my deck thinking he was bad, but I continued to see him in lists, even being proclaimed as one of the best cards in the set.
Here's my issue with the card. When it comes into play, it's a 5/4 for 4, or a Lost Tallstrider. At best, it may also mill an opponent's card, and if they kill it, then you get two 3/3s for free, which is an excellent deal. However, you give the opponent a choice - they either kill Pozzik and let you have the two 3/3s, or they don't kill pozzik in hopes of dropping the 3/3s for themselves.
The argument I was given for why this is good is because the opponent is wasting tempo summoning 3/3s for 3 mana. But you're playing a Lost Tallstrider yourself to do so, which is barely a tempo advantage (5/4 for 4 vs. 3/3 for 3). What's more, and this is the part that gets me, is you're giving your opponent a choice. Most people familiar with Magic: The Gathering are familiar with the Punisher mechanic, which essentially gave the opponent the choice between two slightly undercosted abilities. Despite their popularity among new players, they all turned out to be horrible, because giving a choice meant the opponent usually ends up with the advantage. In fact, the only card playable with the Punisher mechanic had the choice flip flopped so it only gave the illusion of choice to the opponent (Fact or Fiction) and it ended up being way overpowered compared to the rest.
In conclusion, when I tested Pozzik, it was too inconsistent. When I played against Pozzik, it was ineffective. In theorycrafting, I do not find it viable due to my experience with Punisher mechanics. I bring this up because the last time I said I didn't like Pozzik for these reasons I was downvoted to oblivion without much explanation, so I'm hoping a more thorough writeup would generate some better responses.
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2023.06.04 05:01 astriapo One of my after hour calls this week...

One of my after hour calls this week...
It was about 10k bees on Tuesday. They flew off sometime on Thursday.. it was a wonderful experience and no stings. None were harmed. I wrapped a screen around the vac motor about 5 times and it reduced the suction. Made my whole week, honestly. I checked them daily. The tenant wanted me to kill them, but I wouldn't let anyone near them...
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2023.06.04 05:01 TargetingPod The Goon Squad. Great Idea, Terrible Execution.

The fact that they can Track through LARGE ROCK FORMATIONS from far away mind you is enough to wonder, did they even play test them?
I spawned near the chateau on the coast line and walked up to the main road only to get shot at by Big Pipe, So i run up to a hill and hide behind the rock. Got a good look at him with my rifle, until he started suppressing me. man was tracking my every move through this rock. so I said fuck it and run down the hill back to the coastline to the sunken pear,
and this man's still shooting at me. That was not fun.
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2023.06.04 05:01 A_Stony_Shore Murkintok Municipal Airport

I was going to be late. I was on the verge of panic, uncertain of where I’d come from or why I was late, but I was going to be late.
Today was supposed to be different. I was sure of it. The start of something new. My only opportunity to move out of my little dead-end corner of Appalachia rested on me arriving for the night shift on time.
I sped over the rolling road in a panic. Dense old growth rushed past in a blur periodically broken by small plots of pasture, apple orchards and fields that a few months earlier were brimming with corn. Shadows danced out there in the dim moonlight and the closer I got to the airfield the more separated from the small outlying town I felt.
My steering wheel was cold and it vibrated wildly in rhythm with my heart. I tapped it impatiently.
The rusted hulk nearly left the road each time I crested a hillock. My suspension groaned under the salt spurred corrosion and strain.
I can get a new car if this all works out.
I nearly missed my turn. Fishtailing, I plodded off the main road onto an aptly named “Airport Drive”.
I came to a halt at the designated stall and turned the car off.
A minute to spare.
I looked out into the darkness beyond the parking area and a tingle ran down my spine. The shadows that were once dancing as I passed were still now and the air oppressive. My hands were tingled with cold yet brimmed with sweat. Before opening the door, I took a few deep breaths, flattened my hair, and made sure my uniform was sharp. Looking into my image in the rearview mirror I cleared my throat.
“Alright buddy. You’ve been drifting from service job to service job in this dying county for half a decade. Somethings got to change. *You’ve* got to change. You’ve got a daughter now, you can’t be out there chasing bar weasels and getting drunk every other night. It’s time to up your game. You aren’t the little boy who had to stand in the corner with his nose to the wall every time you messed up anymore. Now your choices matter for her life too. The pay and experience here are going to help springboard you off into something bigger and brighter. You can do this.”
My car door shrieked open causing the chirping and croaks in the forest around the airfield to briefly fall silent. The crunch of gravel followed me across the unpaved, unmarked parking spaces poorly illuminated by one lonely floodlight. I made my way to the entrance of the terminal and pulled open the door to the chime of an old brass bell.
“Oh, hey buddy.” He glanced at the clock. “You’re early.” Stepping into the room I saw Gus casually looking up from his crossword, bifocals resting on his fat, bright red nose.
“Yessir. I figured maybe if things weren’t too busy we could get started early. I’ve heard night shift can be a lot to take in.”
His brows furrowed and his mouth hung half open.
“Well….alright, I guess. But we’ll be easing you in. Just the basics for the first week.” He held up a finger, “Will and I are gonna rotate each night, until we know you’ve got the hang of it, then we’ll start giving you more responsibilities – if you’re up to it.”
We spent several hours on the night shift responsibilities for the airfield. Many of the duties weren’t too complicated. When we went to the control room at the base of the single tower overlooking the tarmac we flipped several very clearly marked switches turning the runway lights on and off. Then we walked over the several generators tucked away behind baggage claim to check their fuel and oil levels.
“Checking these emergency generators things each night seems a bit overkill, no?” I asked.
Gus smiled. “These aren’t for emergencies. This is our power. Yea, this past winter much to our surprise we found that some of the power poles came down. Some heavy rainfall right before the first snow turned the ground to soup and the just sort of…fell over.”
“They really shouldn’t do that.”
Gus shrugged. “Yea well, corners get cut all over the place. Damn things still aren’t back up, so here we are.”
As we walked back over to the portables for baggage claim and arrivals/departures. Another tingle ran down my spine. Instinctively I looked around and caught sight of something out in the dark. It was the feeling of being watched. I tried to focus my eyes on the darkness. I saw some gently pulsating shadows near the trees but nothing more.
The chirping and croaks were nowhere to be heard and I shivered.
“Come on kid, I ain’t got all night.”
I came to and trotted over to where Gus had stopped. “Sorry, I thought I saw…something.”
We continued onward, restocking the restrooms, went over baggage tagging and safe lifting procedures and the other mundane parts of preparing for the night’s departures and arrivals.
Finally, we wrapped up my first training session with perimeter checks.
Gus’ labored breathing alternated with his footfalls on the blacktop as we walked down the small runway.
“Every 3 hours you are going to be making this walk.” He gestured around. “You start over at the ATC tower and head out to the tree line, then follow that parallel to the tarmac until you pass the last of the landing lights and keep going until you hit the transmission shack. Don’t get distracted and go off following the transmission lines. Had a guy do that a year or two ago and it took us a week only to find his ass mumbling by the side of the road talking about the linemen – boy wasn’t right after that.”
He paused thoughtfully for a moment.
“Anywho, after the transmission shack you hook right following the shore of the river until you hit Eddie’s orchard then head back. You’ll pass his cornfield and follow that until you see the two terminal portables, then you check the parking lot and come back to the office to enter it all in the logbook. Just need to make sure there ain’t nothing out there that shouldn’t be.”
We continued walking in silence for a few minutes. “So what do I do if I find something? Are we looking for the Wilson boys or something? I thought they stopped causing trouble after you…”
“Well, you need to enter it in the logbook for one.”
“Bears? What do I do if it’s bears?”
He stopped. “Bears? What the hell are you rambling about? We don’t get bears this time of year. Oh, and be sure to bring your bear spray.”
“Even though there aren’t bears?”
“It’s under the counter next to the logbook.” He paused again. “If you see any wildlife, just take the truck out there and honk at it to get it away from the runway. Be sure to use your high beams, too. Very important. You see any people you get back to the office and call the Sheriff – don’t need to be a hero. You hear anything weird out there in the dark you leave it be, if it’s off property it’s not our problem.”
“Any questions?” he asked as we got back to the office.
A few.
“No, I’m good.”
“Great, Will’s in the control tower if anything comes up. No flights scheduled for tonight so it should be awfully quiet. Here’s the keys to the castle. Adios.”
He placed a massive key ring into my hand that had more keys than there were doors on the property and took off.
I sat down behind the counter, looked at the broken clock and sighed.
I was able to knock out the task list before midnight and had 6 more hours to kill before the end of my shift. There was no cell service, because of course not. I tried reading an old Town and Country magazine I found stashed under the desk and found most of the pages had been covered in circles and doodles by someone who must have been just as bored as I was on some unknown shift prior.
I decided to sweep up and clean the counters to keep myself busy and after I was done it was only 12:15.
I groaned.
The silence was oppressive. Outside the window was an empty, dark expanse with a slowly strobing series of red lights marking the flight line. I felt safer indoors but even then as I stared into the dark something felt off. If I turned my gaze from the windows I could see something out of the corner of my eyes. Branches swaying in the breeze.
There was no wind here.
I pulled the logbook out from its shelf and placed it on the counter entering my start time, grabbed my flashlight and headed out into the frigid night.
The occasional whistling of the wind punctuated my footfalls. I passed red light posts every few yards on a never-ending runway. I kept walking for what felt like half an hour, losing count of the lights I’d passed. I turned back out of curiosity and still saw the slowly receding light of the air traffic control tower confirming that yes, all was well. After the runway ended I continued into the dark until coming to the boarded up transmission shack and the power lines that ran off into the forest.
I came the edge of the marsh and began following it. Minutes passed. I turned to get my bearings on the tower and found it’s lonely beacon, but I also noticed a void in the dark – not a blackness per-se, black is a color. No, it was a complete lack of color, a hole in existence out past the power lines. It was getting larger.
I picked up my pace.
I got to the orchard and looked back finding that the lights were out. All of them were out. And that thing in the forest was growing near.
I stood there and watched it for several minutes waiting for it to move. It didn’t.
I turned back now walking as fast as I could. After a dozen yards I stopped and turned around.
It was closer, I was sure of it. Much closer.
I turned and began to jog forgetting everything Gus had told me. It was gaining on me.
Now I was in a full-blown run down the flight line, glancing back every few moments, still unable to see it but sure it was there. The thing that had been watching me since I got here. The thing that drove a cold shock down my spine. This was it.
My legs pumped like pistons and the sting of cold air shot through my chest with each strained, gasping breath.
I passed the recently harvested cornfield, in which stood two perfectly still Deer judging me for my frantic escape.
It was gaining on me.
Finally I came to the portables. I slammed into the nearest door but it stood firm. I slammed my shoulder into it three more times and it didn’t budge. I remembered my key chain.
I pulled it out and started flipping through the keys. *too many keys*.
First key. No.
Second key. No.
Third key. No.
The fourth key worked, the tumbler clicked and I was in. Slamming the door back in place, I frantically locked it.
My hands were shaking and even though I was panting, I went to the window. The void cast long shadows across the field as it stood transfixed not on me, but on the deer.
“Shhhh” a man’s voice whispered from behind me.
“Oh SWEET JESUS FU-“ I screamed as a hand clamped down on my mouth.
“SHHH.” Sharper this time, commanding. “It’s me.” Will whispered, releasing his hand from my mouth.
“What..” I replied quietly as I turned to see him using his phone to maneuver the drone. “What’s going on? You scared the shit out of me. Nice to meet you by the way I’m..”
He smiled, “You gotta be more careful buddy, Didn’t Gus tell you not to go out into the woods?” Now that I could hear him clearly, his odd vowel pronunciation took me off guard. He’d fit right in, in Venice beach. Surfers. He sounded exactly like how I imagined California Surfers sounded. Very out of place for this part of the country. I shook the thought from my mind.
“I didn’t, I..”
He shushed me and pointed to the deer.
I’d never seen deer stay still so long.
I strained my eyes to see. The shadows, tilled earth and wilted corn husks broke up the terrain making it hard to see what was hidden in plain sight. I’d see movement then have to dismiss it as wind kicking up gentle curtains of soil or the shifting of a shadow from the small movements in the night.
Slowly a thin sharp shadow moved, followed by another, then another. They moved in concert from that enormous void that had followed me.
The deer stood transfixed before it all happened at once.
A mixture of humanlike screams erupted as each of their bodies were slammed into the ground. Viscera painted the wind. In another moment the light went out and I heard Will sigh.
The wind whistled and died, but we could still hear it out there breathing heavily as it gorged itself. From where I stood I could only see a throbbing silhouette breaking the horizon as it went to work. A crisp snap rang out as it pulled limb by limb from the carcass. The throbbing of the shape slowed as a new sound arose. A contented hum made its presence felt through the rattling of the windows and doors and threatened to overwhelm my own beating heart.
The sound rose as the shape slowly moved closer.
“What do we..”
Will shushed me.
I jumped and stifled a scream as a wet, boneless appendage slammed against the window curiously. The doorknob rattled though this time not from the creatures’ purr but from it’s clumsy efforts to open the door and join us inside.
The ceiling creaked above us under a massive weight.
It groaned as if remembering something and suddenly began moving away back towards the trees. There were no footfalls, just the gently receding sound of a blissful purr.
When it finally entered the world beyond its movements melted into those of the swaying branches becoming indiscernible. The more I tried to focus on it the harder it was to recall its form or the impossibility I’d just witnessed.
Will smiled and patted me on the shoulder sadly, “Welcome to Murkintok.”
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2023.06.04 05:01 Valentine_Zombie How Does World Tour Affect Battle Hub?

Can anyone tell me exactly how World Tour's customization will affect Avatar Battle in the Battle Hub? I'm particularly interested in whether or not amounts of meter come into play, random perks stick around, health and general stats carry over, and if I restart the story or delete World Tour, do I lose all my stuff for my avatar?
I'm also curious as to whether restarting World Tour makes me lose all my stuff or if I can replay the story with high levels and full move sets. Not that I'm anywhere near finishing, so please no spoilers!
Thanks in advance for any answers, I understand most people haven't finished this mode yet!
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2023.06.04 05:00 CohesivePage103 Is Shein legit?

I've heard about many scandals with Shein, such as their poor working conditions, many people not receiving their items, etc. But Shein has so many cute clothes which I can't find anywhere near me. My cart totaled up to $50, and before I pay, I wanted to make sure I am actually going to get my items. Is Shein a trustworthy shopping cite?
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2023.06.04 05:00 BlindLDTBlind Summary of the Holden, MO investigation site:

Summary of the Holden, MO investigation site:
(475) BIGFOOT! AMERICA'S CREEK DEVIL Bigfoot in Missouri, new activity with Carol Episode 221 - YouTube
Please listen to the entire episode before reading, so it makes sense...
797 SW 1101 Road Holden, MO
Here is my summary:
The site where she was living is basically a giant trash heap of old cars, mowers, junk, and a trailer that looks like it was in a war zone in Nigeria. There is so much stuff stacked up everywhere you can barely see the woods behind it. However, the place is very eerie. There are fences to the north and behind the trailer clearly smashed down with game trails of raw dirt going back into the woods. It looks like the damage from 4-wheelers but there are no tire tracks. To me it does look like something big and heavy has smashed the fences and is traveling through the trails. They are about 3 feet wide and have zero plant growth on the trails.
The woods behind the house are very thick. It's a great place to hide.
I met the neighbor to the west. She calls herself "Chaquita" (Cha-kee-ta) and seems to be part black, part Hispanic. She is a very odd person. When I first met her she was very friendly, but her demeanor changes very quickly and starts acting out things, showing signs of histrionic disorders, and contradicting herself. She told me that when she saw me driving by slowly, she thought that she should "call 911 and get my tag number". I drive a fairly new truck and had my windows down to wave at people. She seemed paranoid, and schizophrenia affected to some degree. She told me that for about 7 months out of the year she sleeps on the front open porch. I thought that was odd, given the potential for mosquitos from the Carol Johnson trash heap across the road, about 500 feet away. I asked her about any "bigfoot" activity and she said "oh you mean Yeti?". I asked her if she had seen anything and she laughed hysterically and said "oh my God no. None ever".
I don't find "Chaquita" credible whatsoever. She's bat shit crazy and paranoid. She was mowing the lawn when I met her, which Carol had a lot to say about her "mowing".
I drove into town and went by Carol's house. She was outside watering her plants on the back porch. I pulled up and said "hello Carol" and it really caught her off guard. I told her that I knew Tom from Creek Devil and she said ok, and asked me to park and come speak with her.
The conversation with Carol was odd, but interesting. She is very coherent, aware, sensible and logical. Most people would think that because of her story that she is completely delusional and has totally lost it. I don't find that, but I do wonder if she is the only one seeing the creatures like she does. She goes back and forth a bit on her mother and whether she had seen them or not. At times she tells me about her mother seeing them, and then later says her mother questions the existence of them. To Carol's credit, her mother suffered from dementia in her later years, so that might explain it.
One thing that is odd, but might be explained by the effects of PTSD, is that she is still seeing the creatures at her new home in Holden, MO inside of town. It's right off the main road, highway 58 (her address is 711 South Pine). It's in a residential section backing up to some commercial properties a few blocks away. She is convinced that the creatures are coming in through an area heavily wooded by a baseball field, and that they only come on nights when it's raining outside. She cannot explain how she knows this, she just "does". There was a red flag that popped up when I asked her if the investigation team with Creek Devil had seen anything out at the property, she shrugged her shoulders and motioned like she didn't know. I told her that Tom from Creek Devil told me that the team had seen something on the property and she looked utterly shocked, her eyes popping out of her head. This was a major red flag because she should have been "blank faced" as if "of course they did" nodding her head. Maybe I am reading her wrong, but I don't think so. That was the one thing that stood out to me that maybe she knew that she's been making this all up. Like I said before, maybe she's the only one seeing them. Maybe not. Her emotions seem very real, that is for certain. Carol's story is very consistent. Her dates of times and events are very accurate.
When I told Carol I met "Chaquita", she just kind of sighed and mumbled "oh yeah..."
Carol said that Chaquita mows the yard incessantly. She will be out mowing all day, and into the night. She said sometimes she's still mowing at 11 pm at night, in the dark. I believe this, and confirms my theories on Chaquita's mania, paranoia, whatever. Carol said that it was her that was attacked by the BF and tried to eat her intestines, according to the official Carol story on Creek Devil, episode 221. Carol looked confused when I told her that Chaquita says that nothing is going on out there.
Carol went on to becoming very unstable and emotionally distraught and described seeing a "dogman" type creature out there. Large, black and with a snout, teeth. Also, that her and her mother have seen on two different occasions a red orb about the size of a basketball floating down the highway. It followed her car north on 1101 Rd. for a while. Another odd one was when the riding mower ran out of gas, they left it overnight in the field south of the trailer. In the morning she said it was flipped over and pushed near the pond.
In conclusion, I'm left with more questions than answers. This feels like the time when I mixed real butter with "I can't believe it's not butter", and I was left confused, wondering what to believe. ???
I don't know....
Is something going on out there? Yes, I think so. Is Carol nuts? I don't think so. Is she and her mother the only ones seeing anything? Maybe. There is a neighbor to the south whose father claims to have seen them, and they have calves and pigs go missing. I spoke with them on the phone a few days ago. Can they all be crazy? Probably not.
I have an interview coming up with another guy that lives about 2 miles from the Carol site. He claims to have seen one run across the road in the area.

Follow up:
The other day I got a threatening phone call warning me about "staying away from there", and I better "watch out". This was from some hillbilly idiot from Texarkana area. I told him what to go do, and it wasn't pleasant.
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2023.06.04 05:00 omkar73 Which top unis can I aim for my master's/phd in chemistry?

Hey everyone I am a student from India planning to apply for masters/phd chemistry programs abroad for fall '24.
Many top US colleges do not offer a direct masters in chemistry, instead offering a PHD. I know PHD is much more about my fit with my potential advisor and the lab I will work in, but I have also seen that prestige and other stuff matter too.
I wish to know if my profile is competitive enough to apply to the top universities for masters/phd in chemistry, I will be applying with a focus on theoretical chemistry and ML/AI.
BTech Chemical Science and Technology from IIT Guwahati. CGPA - 9.01/10
Department Rank 1
Branch Representative
Have taken around 15-20 Chem courses with 10/10 grades in all except 2.
Have taken electives like optimization, biotech electives, and CS courses.
Awards: Institute Merit Scholarship where the fee gets refunded to the department rank 1 of that branch.
2 months in National Chemical Laboratory - Could not get very fruitful work there much as I was still at the end of my 2nd year and had no experience.
6 months under a prof at UNSW. Got 1 ML paper (pending approval at a mid tier journal)
6 Months at Central Food Tech Institute, worked in Computational Biology/Chemistry - Will get 2 papers out in the next 2 months
Projects -
Project in DFT/Molecular Mechanics - (Yet to start, will be my final year)
A collaborative project with a huge herbal product manufacturing company near my college. We proposed insights and testing for how to dispose their waste effectively.
2 projects in Optimization - 1 in scheduling algorithms, did not publish a paper, but did enough work for one, other one was in optimization for route delivery systems.
1 project in ML for text summarisation applications
1 project in Game Development where we made a 3D model of the entire campus for players to roam around in and play.
GRE: Havent given yet, but am confident that I will get 320+ (plan to give once before the pattern change)
LORs: 1 from prof at UNSW with whom I had 1 paper, 1 from University (Close professor, has helped me connect with professors too), 1 from intern.
I have some strong extracurriculars but they are not related to chem at all.
My main issue is that my profile does not look very chem focused. Please help me and let me know what schools I can aim for, and whether its worth applying to the ivies/any top schools.
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2023.06.04 05:00 Icy-Relationship1390 Ive loved you a lot, not anymore

I’m really tired. I’m tired of days when I don’t think of you. When you are so minuscule in my life. And then there are days when I can’t shake the feeling of you. Unfortunately the later days last more than the former ones. I don’t even know what I want. I fall deeper and deeper in your absence. Then I emerge and detach. Then you contact and I remember why I despise you, with your thoughtless words and offers. Trying to salvage whatever self respect I’ve gained for myself .And then you leave, as always. Or try to after getting rejected. And I’m happy for a little while, but you always know how to leave snippets of our “could be love story”. Bread crumbs. And then I piece them together and a flame of hope arises in me again. And it seems like all my progress has erased and I’m back to pining for you. I don’t want to anymore. I don’t. I’ve worked really hard. And hardwork pays off. And I’m telling myself that since I can acknowledge this cycle this time, I must be doing something right. It’ll get easier. My goal is near by. I Will learn to live without you. And I will learn to live happily.
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2023.06.04 04:59 Tibetan_pika Dealing With Family Events — Silver Divorced Grands

So my parents got divorced 3 years ago… about a year and a half before my daughter was born.
It was pretty NASTY divorce (I/e: police reports, a temporary restraining order, destroyed property) it was during a time when my mother was not properly medicated or supported for pretty severe mental illness. She is much more stable now, but still has some pretty low lows, and intense mood swings.
They, for the most part, only communicate through me, when absolutely necessary.
For the past year and a half, I have had (or offered) separate events for special occasions… including my daughter’s 1st birthday and winter holidays. Nearly every celebration was done twice. It’s exhausting… and not sustainable.
My mom lives in town, but post-divorce my dad moved about 4 hours away… no one else in my family has toddler proofed homes to host events… so hosting duty falls to me every time. My mom (the aggressor for lack of a better term) is willing to come to events that my dad is present at, but he doesn’t reciprocate that willingness.
Anyone have advice dealing with grandparents that can’t/won’t be in the same event? I can’t imagine doing this for the next 18 years…
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2023.06.04 04:59 Strange-Dog7621 31F Looking for a genuine friend

I'm looking for someone who is kind and willing to share his time for a fun/decent conversation with me and for near California.
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2023.06.04 04:59 dayrock1225 Just kind of lost and confused

 This entire experience has been so emotionally draining. It’s so frustrating to not have a clear answer and I feel as if I’m left with a decision to make that I’m uncertain on how to make it. This all started years ago. It began when I would sit for prolong periods of time, I would get a sharp pain inside my groin (Near adductors) as soon as I would go to stand up. My leg would get weak and I would walk with a limp for 5-10 minutes then I’d be okay. Then it eventually became an uncomfortable ache that would happen if I sat for anymore than an hour or two. At the time I had no insurance so I couldn’t really do anything about it, I just had to “Deal with it”. It never was disabling though. Once I got up and moving, the pain would subsided At the end of last year they pain became a lot more constant and painful. I decided I needed to get ahead of things so I went to physical therapy and paid for it out of pocket. Upon going my PT said he thought I had an FAI. He gave me a few workouts to do at home and after a few weeks my pain got much better. I continued to do these exercises until I finally got insurance at the beginning of the year. The pain never went away so I decided to go to a specialist and get some x rays. My specialist looked at my x rays and said he could see that I had an impingement. He then sent me to get an MRA. Once I did the MRA they got the results back and it mentioned no tear of the labrum. I went back to visit my specialist and he told me he wanted to do the steroid shots in my hip to see if it would help. I asked if I could try PT one last time before I did so, and we both agreed it was worth a shot. When I finally arrived to PT my symptoms were at an all time high. Pain was excruciating. My adductor and upper inner thigh were on fire and extremely tight. My PT evaluated me and she mentioned she believes that my pain could potentially be coming from my spine, because of the symptoms. So we began to do more exercises consisting of strengthening and stretching. It began to help and I asked her eventually if she though I could lightly jog on even ground. She said yes but to listen to my body. So that night I went out and lightly jogged for 10 minutes. I noticed I started to ache in my groin so I immediately stopped. The next morning my pain was back again. I did everything I could to get it to calm down. Ice, heat, rest, pain relievers. Nothing worked. Ever since then my pain hasn’t went away and it’s been almost 8 weeks. I can’t get it to go away. Sitting is extremely uncomfortable and if I stand to long in the same place it’ll start to hurt as well. I do notice that if I walk around for 30 minutes or so my muscles loosen up and begin to stop hurting but as soon as I sit back down for 10+ the stiffness and pain returns. This Tuesday I decided I’m going to get the steroid injection and see what it does. I got them for both hips. It felt like 30 minutes after my shots the pain got better but not substantially. I was able to sit in a car for an hour and not be miserable although it was still uncomfortable. The next couple of days things “seemed” to get better. The pain was better but the tightness in the surrounding muscles were still present. I went to PT yesterday and once I left I noticed I was aching again and when I got back in my car the pain came back. I’ve read that those shots are supposed to be diagnostic. I feel they relieved some of my pain but not all, not exactly enough to convince me my hips are 100% the issue. It’s also confusing reading about people saying the could hardly walk when walking doesn’t give me much issues but sitting and standing still does. If my arm were broken, doctors could clearly point out what’s wrong and attempt to fix it, but because nothing is technically broken or definitive, it just all feels like it’s a shot in the dark. I don’t want to go through surgery, pay all the money for it, go through the recovery, and still not have my issue fix. It’s making my anxiety crazy right now, but I feel like I’m in a corner. My quality of life is horrible, I can barley get around and I can’t do the things I want to do because both my hips are in pain. I just wish this was so much more simple. It’s hard and I feel like soon I’ll need to make a decision because I can’t keep going on like this. I just really hope what I decide is the correct decision. I want my life back. I’ve had two opinions from separate surgeons. Both agree I have hip impingement and the ROM on both legs internally is limited. My physical therapist is still convinced its a spine issue but I feel like the exercises they have had me doing is not helping. I just feel like stuck right now. Most of my pain is in my groin and not exactly at my hip so it’s confusing 
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2023.06.04 04:58 Big-Text-4930 How to get over middle school trauma?

Will sound ridiculous but I really need advice:
Nothing really bad actually happened to me, I was just like chubby, annoying, hyperactive etc. etc. and for some reason it continues to bother me (I think in part bc I stayed near my hometown for college, but I'm moving out for grad school soon, 22F).
I hope people don't remember cringe and awkward stuff that I did. For some reason I remember it very clearly, and none of them were traumatic incidents either, but I just have an unnecessarily acute memory. Someone told me that people who have a strong memory can't get over things quickly because they remember them more than other people do. I hope this is the case? Again I'm 22, so could someone give me some insight to what the average person who isn't insane like me remembers from like age 12, 13, 14 etc.? My friends have all told me they don't remember middle school at all and it makes me feel insane.
Like I remember specific sentences I said, and I do get that people remember like certain events that involve them, like idk, winning something at the science fair or something?? But I remember interactions with lots of people that are seemingly benign, and sometimes really really absurd specific things, like when someone unfollowed me in Instagram in 5th grade. (I am probably going to start seeing a therapist lol)
I also recently lost a lot of weight which I had always wanted to do (I had hormonal imbalance that made me awkwardly chubby, nothing insane but just not thin and I am reasonably thin now) and now I'm just embarrassed that I ever looked like that. It keeps me up at night and like when people call me pretty I don't believe it? Can someone help lol
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2023.06.04 04:58 LayanDimplez I’m not Rihanna, so I don’t love the way you lie. I’ll block you

I’ve been dating a guy I’ve met online for the past 2 months. He charmed the heck out of me but lied about his whole life and background. Little did he know that my father’s family and his family were neighbours from the same home town and have known each other since 1954. All his lies were debunked within a week once I got suspicious about his unusual silence. Some were big lies and some smaller silly ones. Here are few of the lies he told me:
  1. He lied about his age and made himself 5 years younger ( from 47 to 42).
  2. Lied about his marital status (He’s still married).
  3. Lied about at what age he got married. Said he married at 22 and his ex wife was 18. They were 28 and 32 instead and are still married.
  4. Gave me a fake home town that is close to the town my father and his family is actually from.
  5. Lied about his family’s trade and pretended to be from a nomad family. His father owned a clothing shop and my grandfather was a business tax collector for the city council and used to collect taxes from his father’s shop.
  6. Lied about being financially well off and able to retire whenever he wants. He’s a professional working a 9 to 5, supporting a family of 5 and paying a mortgage Nowhere near financial freedom.
  7. Lied about having attended an Ivy League university in Boston/Cambridge area but actually graduated from a normal state university in the Midwest.
  8. Lied about his current employer and mentioned a previous company he worked for.
  9. Lied about his father being alive in his 60s and having a second wife a decade younger than me. His father passed away long time ago. His oldest siblings are in their late 60s as his father married few times. Some of his older siblings and cousins went to school with my father and were childhood friends.
I’m sure there are more lies he told that I can’t think of. What serious and silly lies did your narcissist tell during the love bombing stage?
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2023.06.04 04:58 StarPaladin I'm going through a lot and am completely stuck with my relationship.

Okay, so long story short, my Nan has dementia and doesn't have much longer to live, she's barely eating and drinking and her health is constantly declining. She is moving down to a care home near where I live since she lives 4 hours away currently. Also, my sister has been evicted from her house because her Landlord doesn't want to fix any of the ongoing problems in the house she has been renting, so she is stuck at my other sister's house, which is a 2 bedroom house, that now needs to hold 7 people. My sister and my mother are extremely stressed, and so am I. I have exams as well, I've already done a few but I have more coming up and I just feel extremely stressed with everything.
Now, onto my girlfriend. She's amazing, she honestly makes me feel really happy, but sometimes I don't know if I'm fit for a relationship right now, I don't know what to do. She is going through her own problems and I really want to be there for her, but at the same time, my mental health really isn't good right now. I did try breaking up with her before, as I wanted to focus on myself, but I ended up feeling really bad about it, and we're back together. I told her if my mental health got worse I may need to consider a break up but I really don't have the heart to do it. She's such a lovely person and she's going through a lot right now. I just can't bring myself to break up with her. Seeing her upset in school would destroy me and I know it.
I don't know what to do. I don't think I'm fit for a relationship, we don't see each other much now, and I constantly worry about the fact that I'm doing something wrong. I'm taking a lot of time to talk to my friends and do things alone that I really enjoy, as it takes my mind off of things, whilst also spending a lot of time with my mother, and other members of my family, because we are all going through a tough time. I love my girlfriend but I am so stuck. I want to be there for her but at the same time I feel as if I need to focus on me. I don't know if I'm being selfish, or an awful boyfriend, but I just feel stressed and confused, hence why I turned to reddit.
I apologise for such a long piece of writing, I hope everyone is having a lovely day.
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2023.06.04 04:57 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's & Women's Singles Round 4 Day 1 🐢

Splitting the matches into the daily schedule this round, Monday's matches will go up tomorrow (hopefully this lets me get this stuff up before play finishes for the day). Women's and men's matches are below :

WTA Singles :

Pavlyuchenkova vs Mertens :

After an extended stretch of middling results, Pavlyuchenkova appears to be back in form. She’s been taking the long route to the finish line, requiring third sets in the last two rounds, but wins against Samsonova and Potapova are really high quality stuff. She’ll have a chance at another great win in the next round against Elise Mertens, who is collecting her own Pokedex of big names. Mertens beating Osorio in two was a good sign, but continuing her dominance against Pegula puts her near the peak of her performance results-wise. Generally, I’d like Mertens against Pavlyuchenkova, but I’m not sure how much weight to put into the Pegula win. Jessica really wasn’t at her best, and it seemed like she was fighting off the ball rather than directing it. Pegula hits a very flat ball so if she’s struggling with her timing on clay things can go bad quickly. Mertens played solid but I felt like it was a team effort with Pegula playing poorly to complement Mertens’ play.
Pavlyuchenkova has a more traditional swing production and hits the ball very hard. Mertens is faster, but Pavs has a way of keeping the ball out of her opponent’s strike zone and her weight of shot can be effective against someone like Mertens who is more about skill and accuracy than power. There’s really no way this won’t be close. I’m cheering for Mertens but I think Pavlyuchenkova has gotten through higher quality matches thus far and she might be slightly more experienced at this level. Pavlyuchenkova in 3.

Muchova vs Avanesyan :

This round, I guess unsurprisingly, contains a lot of very solid baseliners. I expected Begu to get to a third set against Muchova, but it was evident early that Muchova’s speed around the court was going to play a major difference. There have been a few matches in the past round where lateral speed (or slight lack thereof) was the deciding factor (Hurkacz/Varillas, Fritz/Cerundolo, Tauson/Avanesyan) and that was the case here. For Muchova, this is a very welcome run at a major event. She’s had some huge almost-results at majors, and her results have suffered a bit afterwards. Here is another chance to make the quarterfinals, and she’s a pretty heavy favorite. But is she?
Avanesyan seemed outmatched early in her match against Tauson, and Clara was able to hit through her a good portion of the time. Avanesyan had trouble defending her serve, and plan B went into effect. Luckily for her, outlasting Tauson worked. Elina dug in and Tauson started to force the issue, making dropshot errors and sending forehands long. The third set was competitive but Tauson’s narrative about her legs being tired had become fairly public, and she was forcing the issue an awful lot. It’s possible, but it’s really tough to come up with a whole set of offense on slow clay. Avanesyan dug in, and to her credit there was a good 30 minute stretch where she actually didn’t miss the court. The result was pressure on Tauson’s serve, and they traded a number of breaks until ultimately Avanesyan got through.
Muchova having proper stamina means she can win where Tauson ran out of gas. I think it’ll be a lot tougher than the -400 pricetag indicates though. Avanesyan has a heavy forehand, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that she barely missed a shot in her last set of tennis. Working against her is the 12 hours she’s spent on court this week, and Muchova possessing a lot of variety in her offense. It’s just a tough opponent to play for the first time, but given what we’ve seen from Elena so far she’s likely to play her best. Muchova in two, with the second set likely being the closer one.

Svitolina vs Kasatkina :

Svitolina played Blinkova a week ago in the finals of Strasbourg. The odds were even for both. It was a blowout. They played again in the third round, which Svitolina coming in at -340. This time, she barely won in a marathon 3-setter. The quick turnaround runback on tour produces some of the wildest deviations in pricing and results, but it seems like Blinkova’s familiarity with Svitolina’s patterns allowed her to make adjustments. She was a bit more aggressive, and seemed to be a half-step ahead of Svitolina during rallies. The question for Svitolina here is how much she has left. Elina is 6-0 against Kasatkina, although none of the matches are within the last 3 seasons. That type of dominance is due to their similarity. Svitolina and Kasatkina are both extremely consistent, and win from making it clear to their opponent that they’re not going to end the rally. Forcing the issue is tough against them because they have great speed and good defensive skill. The big difference is Svitolina hits the ball very hard, and Kasatkina gets through with finesse.
Kasatkina is nearing her best level this week and that makes her a favorite in this matchup for one of the first times ever. She had a very easy match in the third, since Peyton Stearns made a number of errors and seemed to get rattled by the occasion and the scoreboard. She’ll be the fresher player since Svitolina is coming off a title run, but overcoming a player who has always beaten you, and who has an easier time scoring points during neutral rallies can be really difficult. Svitolina’s serve isn’t likely to score a ton of points here, but it’s stronger than Kasatkina’s. This is a bit like the Gauff/Andreeva match to me because I’m a bit more excited to see it play out than I am confident that I know what’s going to happen. Svitolina is Gauff in this one, a bit faster, bringing more power, but not as technically sound with her groundstrokes. Kasatkina is Andreeva, tremendous skill and consistency, but it’ll be hard to end rallies. If Kasatkina wins, I expect it to be in straight sets. Svitolina in 3 is what I’m expecting though.

Stephens vs Sabalenka :

I thought Rakhimova might give Sabelenka a little trouble, but my worry that her old form might return is unfounded, like most worries. Rakhimova went up an early break, but Sabalenka is crushing the ball this week and the slow courts are giving her plenty of time to set up. Having a huge serve is a big boost in this next match, because Stephens is also thriving in these conditions. Sloane doesn’t really play with a sense of urgency, but she’s such a good athlete that she’s able to run down most shots. Putintseva extended rallies and was really effective at working multiple shots and remaining patient until she could employ a dropshot, but overall Stephens was having success while doing less. When she gave up a short ball or was out of position, it felt like Putintseva was under immense pressure to try to end the rally right there. When the same opportunities came for Stephens, she was able to just hit heavy forehands and usually wound up well inside the baseline on the next shot if the ball came back at all. It’s a benefit she won’t have in this matchup, and I’m having a hard time imagining her winning this match.
Stephens’ defensive ability and power will let her play even against Sabalenka in a lot of rallies, but a lot of the points she created against Putintseva won’t be here in this one. Sabalenka having power doesn’t make her any better technically than Putintseva, but it means she doesn’t have to focus as much on depth on these returns. Stephens should be competitive but I think she’ll lose by a break in each set. Sabalenka in 2.

ATP Singles :

Khachanov vs Sonego :

This is going to be really good. Generally, Rublev is regarded as a better player than Khachanov. He has had higher rankings, more titles, and his game is more flashy since his groundstrokes are huge and his noises are notorious. Here though, Khachanov is likely a tougher test for Sonego. Sonego was going uphill against Rublev, but he was the player getting more benefit out of his serve. Rublev earning his points is fine, but against a server it can create some pressure over time. Khachanov’s delivery is at least as good as Sonego’s, so it comes down to which player is more solid from the baseline. For me, that’s Khachanov. He has a better backhand, and his forehand is a bit more about arm & muscle than technique but he hits with a heavy Western grip that works well on clay. Sonego is much more efficient in the frontcourt and his dropshots are tremendous, but he’s going to need a mercurial performance here to win.
These two have split matches on clay, with Khachanov winning the most recent one. They’re obviously not the same players they were in 2019, but both have made similar amounts of improvement so I think there’s a good chance that the Rome 3-setter is a decent data point. Since Kokkinakis was able to win a set and be competitive in the others, I expect that Sonego’s similar serve/forehand combination can make inroads. Khachanov doesn’t deviate from plan A, and periods where his opponent redlines are acceptable to him and his team. I think Sonego will win a set or two, but the quantity of offense he’ll need to come up with against Khachanov may see him come up a bit short. Rublev has bigger groundstrokes, but his lateral movement is poor compared to Khachanov so I think defense beats offense here. Khachanov in 4-5.

Djokovic vs Varillas :

Djokovic needs to be careful here. Varillas has appeared completely overmatched in every single match in this tournament, and that seems to be when he strikes. Hurkacz was ahead early and looking solid, but I didn’t think it would last. Varillas was putting a lot of returns in play, and Hurkacz makes a lot of rally ball errors on his backhand. I’d say he’s up there with Madison Keys for casual swings that sail long. It’s good to remember that most guys his height can’t even come close to his baseline prowess, but for Varillas the slight inability to escape baseline rallies meant he got worn down as the match went on. Varillas moves the ball extremely well and rarely misses. The 3/5 format seems to really suit him, and having better results as majors is a really good thing for a young player on tour. I can guarantee that he’ll be down in the scoreline again against Djokovic. Can he come back?
No. For ADF fans, this was the best chance for him to beat Novak at a major. He played the match of a lifetime, and he didn’t win a set. The best quality matches on tour seem to negate the server’s advantage, and this was no different. Djokovic and ADF combined for 12 breaks across 3 sets, 3 sets which included a 6-2 blowout and still took 3 and a half hours. This was great tennis, and ADF acquitted himself well, but what was clear in this match is that it is extremely difficult to score on Djokovic. Most of the breaks and momentum shifts occurred at changes of ends. The south (if you’re watching TV) side of court Philippe-Chatrier seems to be way more worn at the baseline, and Djokovic and ADF both struggled a bit there in the slightly windy conditions. Something to keep an eye on if you’re betting as there are break markets I suppose.
Varillas is going to treat fans to a gutsy performance, but he’s been winning thus far by outlasting his opponents, and he’s not going to be able to do that here. Add in that those heroic performances mean he’s played 15 sets of tennis already, and he’s likely going to display a lot of heart but quietly be ready to accept the loss also. This is a great moment for an extremely deserving player, but Novak’s level thus far tells me only Musetti/Alcaraz can really compete with him. Djokovic in 3

Alcaraz vs Musetti :

If you have Alcaraz futures, this is going to be a tough sweat. So far this tournament, Alcaraz has looked ridiculous good. I won’t disparage the hard work pros put in, but when you see guys like Alcaraz the mind goes to how good everyone could be if they all took their training to the next level. He has natural gifts of course, and speed can’t be taught, but Carlos has been training harder and playing harder than everyone else on tour for a good 2-3 years now, and it makes it really hard to catch up. You can elevate your game to compete with him, but it becomes the Nadal question of how long you can stay at that level, and what the mental effect is of watching them pull away as you choose between going to a more conservative approach (likely the right choice but equally likely to be a losing effort longterm) or continuing to exert and losing to your own errors. Shapovalov gave us a great show, but his red-line game almost appears to be a fun treat for Alcaraz to play against. The slow conditions are really good for Alcaraz, because he has the ability to generate his own pace and the ultra slippery courts (dry conditions) mean that dynamic movement is a big key.
When I’m done gushing about Alcaraz, there is somehow a legit contender waiting. Lorenzo Musetti flies under the radar for big chunks of the season, but here he is one of the few people who can win the title. His defense is tremendous. He is extremely quick around the court and has great skill and depth on his gets. The part that really gives him a chance here is that he has the ability to infuse power at any time. Alcaraz is a rhythm player, and seeing difference paces leads him into the one aspect of his game (besides the serve) that is still less than optimal at times, decision-making. He is suffering a little bit from success lately, and the bailout dropshot or ornate volley/winner for the crowd is entering his game a bit. Carlos is good enough to get away with it, and he is actually good enough at tennis that he still makes a big percentage of these attempts. So wild that occasional highlight reel shots is considered a leak, but it’s hard to find them with Alcaraz so you take what you can get. Criticizing shot selection almost feels a bit absurd here, because pretty much every player from the Spanish federation has exceptional decision-making on the court.
That paragraph was supposed to be about Musetti, so I’ll try again. Musetti rolled Cam Norrie in round 3, and he won the previous meeting against Alcaraz, a three set thriller in Rome. Alcaraz has made improvements, but Musetti should still be able to hang. Physically he’s there. He has a good enough serve, he has enough power, and his one-hand backhand presents an interesting challenge for Alcaraz because most one-handers on the tour aren’t that good at this stage; it’s a shot Carlos doesn’t get to train against much. The slow courts and balls mean both players will have a hard time hitting past the other, and that means we’re going to get treated to what I expect to be the best match of the tournament thus far. I don’t think Alcaraz can win this in straight sets, but Musetti has taken losses this year on clay and Alcaraz has pretty much solved every single problem that has presented itself. Alcaraz in 4-5. If he can win this in straights just hand him the trophy.

Ofner vs Tsitsipas :

Sebastian Ofner is in the top 100. This has been a long long long time coming. If you look at the best performers on the Challenger tour for the past few years, his name is at the top of the list. The other guys like Stricker, Bergs, Sachko, etc have gotten their shots on tour though, while Ofner has mostly grinded away. He’s currently ranked 70 in the live rankings though, which means direct entry into Wimbledon and the USO. Ofner is at his best on clay, but he has a big serve and a great work ethic so there’s a good chance he can rack up more points in the North American hardcourt swing. Ofner will have a tough time continuing his run here, as Tsitsipas is playing great tennis. He’s also fresh after a fairly simple match against Diego Schwartzman. Diego battled as usual, but his lack of a serve meant that Tsitsipas was never really in danger. Ofner presents a tougher challenge since he has a great serve, but he got past Fognini through determination and being the slightly more consistent player. Against Tsitsipas, he’s outgunned in the serving and stamina department, and Tsitsipas has a heavier forehand also. It’s no knock on Ofner, but all his specialties here are eclipsed. This section of the draw is shaping up for this to be one of the best majors in a long long time. Tsitsipas in 3-4.
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2023.06.04 04:57 purpleitch Near adult fantasy/romance

Fantasy romance about a modified American world split between two magical countries where magic is drawn from physical sites, and the protagonist is an heir to a cruel mother (abusive, etc etc). I believe the protagonist has a brother, but I can’t remember if they’re twins or just close in age?
I remember pretty clearly that there was a diplomatic situation going on for the first chapter or so, and that character is killed and the protagonist ends up getting kidnapped across the country.
It might be a full-on adult novel, but some of the elements in the book that I can remember make me unsure so I put “near adult.”
Any tips y’all have would be greatly appreciated 😊
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2023.06.04 04:56 throw_away_154678 AITA for letting the dog attack my little brother

I (15) heard my step dad talking to my crying little sister (7) who has a huge fear of dogs. I came out and asked what happened
"The dog is inside" And when I looked he was playing in the front yard while the door was open. I told her I would be next to her if the dog tries to get her. After I told her that I noticed that she was wearing a swimsuit, I asked my other sisters (6 and 8) where they were going, and they said the river. So I asked them if they wanted their goggles. And they said yes, but my sister(7) didn't want to go outside and get them, instead she stayed on top of the couch. I took my siblings outside (backyard) to get their goggles including my little brother (4). As you know when you leave a child alone for a few minutes terrible things can happen. I went near their playground, and I thought he was following me, and then I heard my stepdad open the door and let the dog out where we were. And a few seconds later i heard crying and yelling, and when i turned around i saw my little brother on the ground while the dog was pulling him by his leg This next part sounds bad but i just reacted instead of thinking
I ended up harshly pushing the dog off him and yelling at the dog, then I carried my crying brother inside onto a Chair in the kitchen. Naturally my mom and stepdad asked when happened and i said the dog attacked him. He wasn't bleeding but i know it hurt, and i noticed his shoe was missing, i got up and started walking to the door to get his shoes This is when i feel in the wrong My step dad started yelling at me and told me why I would let the dog get him, and stuff like that. Now I'm a very sensitive person, so of course I started tearing up, and just walked out to get his shoes. When I came back he started yelling louder saying i should've been watching him and stuff.
( Yesterday I took care of them from 9am to 8pm at night, and yes while I care for them I cook, clean, and all that stuff. So naturally i care for my siblings a lot)
I left my brother's shoe on the table and started rushing to my room to cry. I Heard lots of arguing where my mom was defending me, and my step dad defended the dog. My sisters were all crying and my brother was confused My step dad ended up saying ,"alright let's go to the river" and my mom kept saying no became he would just yell at them
I was crying in my room so hard because I felt like I should've been watching my brother, and I kept yelling at myself stuff I shouldn't have, and ended up throwing up in my trashcan. After I was done throwing up I told my sisters (my brother was in another room slowly falling asleep)to get in my room and told them they were absolutely not going to the river, And they agreed. I put a show on for them and they are feeling better.
I however feel like an ahole, especially since I was out there with him. I could've leashed the dog or told him to come here.
So reddit AITA? Also sorry if there are any typos.
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2023.06.04 04:56 Joker_Says Di2 front derailleur

Hi All,
Just upgraded my 2019 Emonda sl to 12 speed di2. I have everything sorted except the front derailleur. For the life of me, I can’t work out the angle. When I try to tighten it to the hanger it distorts the angle I was trying to lock in. I’ve tried just about everything with no luck. Unfortunately, it’s so far off that the di2 adjustments won’t come anywhere near solving the issues.
Anyone have issues like this with the trek front derailleur and di2?
I might cave and take it to the shop, but I built this up from the frame in 2019 and enjoy doing my own wrenching!
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