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2023.06.04 06:30 aroace_sloth Is it weird for men to shave their legs?

Honestly asking this because my cis brother said that he wants to shave his legs when he gets older. A lot of people seem to think it is but I don't really see the issue in it. Maybe cause it seems 'unmanly' or something?
My sister also said that people would think he's gay, or on some sort of swimming team (which she said he could use as an excuse). He's not homophobic (or at least I don't think he is, could be wrong though, it could be internalized or something) but he hated being seen as or called gay because everyone on my dad's side of the family (mostly homophobic side) would make fun of him and call him gay (which my dad thought was gonna make him gay, he thinks that's why my other brother is gay T-T, he literally cries over it).
I'm honestly not sure, I mean his body, his choice I guess. Doesn't bother me but I figured I'd ask the internet because why not you know?
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2023.06.04 06:28 king_koala_01 21 [M4M] Looking for a friend, maybe something more

Looking for a decent human being whom I can connect with. Some casual landian/ fun on the side maybe, but definitely open to something more if we click.
About me: generally discreet. around 5ft4in. a twink. a small spoon. a sucker for a good conversation (i.e., good convos > good sex) plays wildrift on mobile (usually midlane) (if you also play, let's grind maybe? lol). typically replies fast. from one of the big four unis, if it matters. cute daw? idk, you be the judge
About you: generally discreet also. preferably older, taller, and relatively more dominant (?) a good conversationalist (i.e., pls pls have some substance). preferably someone with a place around qc para malapit or someone with a car. can regularly reply fast to messages. would be a bonus if you're cute lol
HMU and let's see if we vibe 😉
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2023.06.04 06:28 ExoticLifeguard8613 When to start dating older

Hi so I’m 17 which is the age of consent in my state (NY) and was wondering whether I should actually start going for older men now? My other gay friends find older men disgusting but I don’t and wanted to try it out. Am I still too young? How would I even find an older man?
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2023.06.04 06:27 the_greek_italian I am so disappointed in women's clothing today

To start off, I am not a small person but I am not plus size. This is due to my body being built with broad shoulders and a big butt, I've been like this since I was a kid. I decided to refresh my clothes because I haven't done a wardrobe purge since before the pandemic, so I've started ordering some things online and my friend and I went shopping today.
Y'all... I had such a shock at some of the clothes. It was like almost every top my friend and I looked at was TINY. This isn't even an exaggeration. We're talking stores with clothes for young adults like us, and there was barely a difference between sizes. My friend, who is a smaller size than me, even commented on how everything for women seems to be short or some form of a crop top. Like, what if you want to just wear a full length top? What if you need clothes for work which requires a dress code?
Don't even get me started on the fucking denim. Women's denim has always been so bad, but now it's like they are cutting back on the extra large size! Like, you know that size before you hit the 1X in the plus section? Yeah, good luck finding a pair of denim jeans in that size anymore. I went to Aritzia today and asked the lady what was the biggest size they carried. Jeans always made me nervous because of the butt and thick thighs. She tells me the biggest size in denim jeans is a 32, which is equivalent to a 12. So basically, no extra large at all. Yet the biggest size in other pants is a 16. Someone explain that fucking logic to me. What do they honestly expect me to do, drop 50 pounds by tomorrow and then buy their $80 pairs of jeans???
I'm just so pissed off. Clothes today are not what they used to be, and these God Damn companies want to just make you feel like absolute shit for even having a natural, Kardashian-sized ass. Even if I tried, I will never be a size 2 or as skinny as the photoshopped model on their fucking posters. Because that should not be the norm and clothes should be made to fit real people. But no, they would rather save money by cutting down on fabric, then raise their prices and blame inflation. Fuck those assholes.
Thanks for reading my vent y'all. ❤️ ✌️
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2023.06.04 06:27 Southern_Audience_43 The Lab

The Lab

Oh, hello there, friend. Are you real? I cannot tell anymore, I see memories, old friends and always that Thing, but that’s unimportant..For now anyways.
May I tell you how I got here, that is if you don’t mind-anyway, It all started when my Girlfriend kicked me out of our apartment, saying that I wasn’t good enough for her, and after five years at that! She had fallen in love with my neighbor and sold the house-How could She! I loved her, and She did nothing to help me.
I was all alone in a void of my world, lost and empty. So I did what I could do, I picked myself up and stayed with my best friend Abe. I met Abe in ninth grade, he was a shorter kid who loved science. His blue eyes lit up when he told me about all the things he wanted to be. A researcher for a famous laboratory, a doctor for this hospital. He wanted to go to Harvard Medical but could never afford it. So he ended up staying in our city, I wont say where for safety reasons, if you’re real anyway. But I moved in with him for a while. 

Abe had changed since school, he was more paranoid and cautious when talking about what he did. All he told me was that he worked in a small research facility and had signed an NDA. I didn’t ask much about it until some unusual things started happening.
It was small at first, I saw that the rats were a little bigger, I thought they just had more food. Then I saw in the alleyway next to his apartment a five legged cat that same week. It was a greenish color and it had five legs. As I watched it move from dumpster to dumpster I shouted for Abe, if anyone knew what it was, It would be Abe “Hey Abe, what the hell is that?” He walked from his kitchen to the window. I pointed to where it had been only a few seconds earlier. “There’s nothing there man, you’re going crazy.” He told me. I looked and no five legged cat.
Then my life got worse, despite me apparently hallucinating due to my depression and the alcohol I had been drinking, I got fired from my job at the burger joint down the street.
I took it hard as I had lost everything I worked for. That’s when my life became hell, That single day. Abe had gotten home and saw me on the couch watching the Office with a beer in my hands. “You look rough man,” Abe said as he sat next to me.
“Come on Isaac, you need to do something,” As if a lightbulb had illuminated over his head he pulled out his phone and made a call. Apparently he had gotten his boss to hire me as an intern for the research facility. And when he walked back into the living room, he looked at me and said: “You need a shave, you got work tomorrow.” And just like that,I, Isaac Nelson, was a new man.

The next day we headed to his work, it was a small brick building just outside of
The city. It had a sign outside reading ______ Research. Now I was not expecting much but inside was a high-tech paradise. The walls were all shiny and metallic and the front desk had a large desk-top computer that must have been at least 16k. I didn’t even know that was possible. Anyway, Abe showed me downstairs into the actual facility. There was at least twelve corridors all looking identical except each was a different color. The one Abe worked on and the one I was interning at was labeled: EXPERIMENTS. It was a light blue color and must’ve stretched on for at least 200 yards. The boss of the lab was a man by the name of Moses, he was a tall dark man in his mid thirties with salt and pepper hair and beard. He had me sign a NDA and showed me what they worked on in one room.

I was horrified at first, I saw rows and rows of animals kept in cages, most of them dogs,cats, lizards and the occasional monkey. The barking, meowing and howling nearly deafened me as we walked through it until we got to a testing room.

There was a poor small gray kitten, no more than six months old, put onto a small bed. A doctor I guess? Pulled along a small dish that glowed a neonish green onto the cat. In seconds I saw it go from a small kitten to nearly the size of a cheetah. However, it had something extra, Two tails flicked from its behind. When it looked around I saw it had gotten a third eye. “What the hell happened?” I shouted at Moses and Abe. “Just some genetic experimentation, don’t worry, its only temporary, soon that cat will be back to normal.” Moses explained. His voice was confident and knowledgeable but I was unsure.

I worked in the lab after that for a few weeks, And I saw that it was indeed temporary, I was shocked at first but it eventually went away as I wrote down what happened and how to proceed.
The Last day I worked there I remember clearly. Moses told me I had gotten promoted. I was ecstatic but I realized something was wrong when I saw Abe crying. I was confused but told everything was going to be alright. I had just entered a testing room when the door was locked. Now this was unusual and I felt nervous, more nervous than before.
“Moses, whats going on!” I yelled. The bearded man simply shook his head and spoke into a microphone “Do not worry, We have to decontaminate the room before we send in the test subject, but we need someone in there so we can make sure that everything works alright.” I was puzzled and I didn’t trust him, something about his voice made me sick to my stomach. Then, to my horror, I saw the Walls begin to glow a neonish green glow. I screamed as I felt my body melting like wax under the glow. My Face became little more than sludge as my body was exposed to radiation and I felt pricks as dozens of needles came shooting out and injected whatever into me. My body contorted, I spasmed and my hands melted together forming bonds that I can never escape. I cannot walk, talk, or move at all. I’m told I can speak telepathically but I doubt you’ll ever hear me. After all, the Doctors don’t. Moses is a monster, and he forces me to look at myself in the mirror all day. I do not know why he did this to me, I don’t care anymore. All I want to do Is scream.
This is my first short horror story i have written and I need some feedback and insight on what I can do better in the future, Thank you
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2023.06.04 06:27 TranquillizeMe Regarding *Balance* this year...

I wanted to type this out to consolidate the general feelings of myself and maybe also the player-base into a singular post.
The balance this year has been seemingly all over the place; it has been disheveled and abrupt at times, or even just straight up late to the party. I wanna give a few concrete examples of examples of things that to myself are non-sensical and damaging to the perceptions of the Balance team.
  1. In the past, TitanForge has raved about True Damage being a problematic stat due to it's inability to be mitigated by protections, and how that can power-creep tanks if it isn't handled properly because penetration as a stat is not necessary to deal damage. Yet, they add more True Damage in 10.1 by introducing Tablet of Destinies, which was bad upon release, but subsequently over-buffed in the 10.1 balance patch, almost DOUBLING it's damage (which they said they don't do buffs in Bonus Balance unless absolutely necessary AND they said they are usually small), until it became a must buy on every mid mage and Solo Guardian (even sometimes support). Then they nerf it and Book of Thoth an appropriate amount in 10.2 Bonus, before they nerfed Book of Thoth and Tablet of Destinies AGAIN in 10.4 (Ix Chel release) for seemingly no reason as it had fallen out of the meta, and was getting virtually no play in the Pro League. The general response to this was that it was generally unwarranted, and it is not clear why they nerfed it a second time. It is still rarely seen. Those items IMO were balanced in their 10.2 Bonus state, and the fact that they buffed it so much on a Bonus Balance only to nerf it back almost to its original state just doesn't seem healthy for the game.
  2. Cyclopean Ring for some reason got nerfed alongside Telkhines ring in 10.2 Bonus, even though people were only building Telkhines. Cyclopean was already extraordinarily terrible compared to it's physical counterpart, Qin Sais, and this item's DPS is not noteworthy enough on tanks, plus it costs 350 gold more than Telkhines which offers more DPS to squishies with the added benefit of Lifesteal. Cooldown also seems like an odd stat for that item to have as I don't think Magical ADCs really prioritize that, it should likely be 8% Penetration instead, or both. And at its current cost, it would maybe be balanced. Just the fact that they touched Cyclopean when it wasn't problematic is bizarre, especially when they knew that Gilded Arrow was bugged, and Purple Buff was literally providing more Basic Attack damage early game to Mages than Hunters.
  3. Crit Chance has also been a problematic stat to the point where they altered the crit chance algorithm to be pseudo-random. They even removed Crit from Artemis passive, Jing Wei 2, Ne Zha passive, and Hun Batz passive in the 5.13 update to prevent from early crits because they were frustrating. Yet, in 10.4 they add passive crit chance to Serqet's ultimate, which is not only a lazy, uninteresting balance change, it does a couple things: it makes her more viable as a bruiser because she can deal more damage for free without having to itemize into it (which is something they literally partially reworked her and Fenrir away from) so she's now a hyper-mobile one-shotting bruiser god, and it also reintroduces the problem of BS early crits when she hits level 5. Adding a stat to a god as a passive I think can cause issues further down the line when it comes to balancing around items/roles because it allows the god to forgo certain stats in their builds in lieu of something else, such as protections.
  4. In a very similar vein to #1, Mitigations are another set of items that were overly nerfed only after they had fallen out of favor to a point where they were seen as balanced by the community. They also made the change in possibly the worst fashion, which was to completely nullify the mitigation build-path for any god with % Damage Mitigation barring Osiris by making ability+item mitigations not stack. My biggest gripe with this is that they immediately did a much better change in the 10.5 Bonus Balance a week later, which makes me wonder why they didn't do the current state now in the first place. Why would they purposefully make a stat non-valuable to a specific group of gods? It just doesn't make any sense when the current implementation is much more equitable to those gods.
  5. Healing is yet again another hot topic for debate, especially when they completely removed the brawling debuff and changed all the healing or self-healing gods (barring Cliodhna for some reason...) the same patch. One of my biggest gripes with this is they didn't catch all of the healing gods in the first go-around which is sloppy balance IMO, and then they also crazily over-buffed certain gods, like Aphrodite and Hel. Aphrodite got to grant 25% of her prots with a god in perpetuity, which on paper is just a ridiculous amount, and I'm surprised they ever thought that would be balanced and not problematic. I feel that the balance team should be experienced enough to look at that number and be like "yeah, that's probably not ok." That same sentiment is something I share with the Tablet change to 0.14% from 0.08% as well, AND the Envenomed Deathbringer change this patch, too. That item stayed bloated from 10.3 until 10.4 Bonus Balance when it was finally nerfed. Crit was finally killed off once Spectral was buffed, too, which took way too many patch cycles to do IMO. I also think the healers that have AoE team heals were not adjusted appropriately and have been bloated since 10.3, especially since Anti-heal is capped at 80%, or 50% against people with Rod of Asclepius.
  6. Vamana's change to have his healing on his ultimate shifted from healing to lifesteal completely removed his counterplay (Ankh), making him impossible to deal with. This, coupled with many buffs, has made this character which was already frustrating to play against in some cases, much more powerful and frustrating, even to casual players. They have no way to out DPS him or escape him if Vamana plays right in most cases. The balance team should have known this would eliminate his only true counter-play, yet it seems that they either didn't care or didn't think about it. (edited)
  7. Class-scaling attributes are another thing I think that completely missed the mark by decreasing average TTK back to pre-9.5 levels and also furthering the squishiness Tanks have late-game. I think giving Assassins 5 flat pen at level 1 was reckless and nonsensical given that they should know that flat-pen is the best penetration stat in the game against people with low protections - which everyone has low protections at level 1. That, and Guardians got the worst stat as their scaling attribute, CCR, while other classes get things like Power, CDR, Pen, or Attack Damage.
One other thing I want to shout out are how the Penetration Changes were also sloppy, and some items/text were entirely missed (or in the case of Dominance, were not changed at all even though the text says it was). Also, Aura prots have been a topic of discussion for several patches due to how boring they are as a mechanic, and they haven't really been touched at all. I am hoping they do so next patch though. And finally, Erlang Shen has been a mess of a character with seemingly no end in sight to being either overpowered or totally trash, and I hope they change that soon.
While all these things above are negatives, I wanted to give a quick shout to some positives:
  1. Shielding changes to no longer stack shells and such was a good change.
  2. I like where we landed with the mitigations change ultimately.
  3. The Anubis change was very interesting and fun and I would love more changes like that.
  4. I like that the antiheal items are no longer 1-dimensional stat sticks.
  5. I like that Hel can heal mana now, including her own, and the stance switch cooldown change was nice.
  6. I like the changes to Fire Giant timer to be more fast-paced, 180 seconds with 60 seconds downtime; I think that is interesting.
  7. I like that they removed the Gold Fury bug abuse.
  8. I like the Pyromancer bomb as a mechanic.
  9. I like that they are trying to make historically bad gods viable again in conquest (Ah Puch, Anubis, Arachne, etc)
  10. I like that they're willing to change-up the meta drastically with large sweeping changes, but I wish they were executed more carefully.
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2023.06.04 06:26 oluarry A B2B app for borrowing/lending new/used items for a small cost from people rather than paying full price. Which would have people’s credit card linked to prevent scammers.

Users can also sell items and put in a post to request an item to borrow. An example, if you need something for a day, you can get it cheap for that day rather than going and spend 2-3x the cost of borrowing
View Poll
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2023.06.04 06:26 Disastrous-Agency675 It’s about time I made a “good guys review”

So for the small crowd of people that have heard me ranting on here about how irritating this book is I just want you to know it’s not all bad.
First off the world building is AMAZING, there was always some new lore,creature, or power being discovered in almost every chapter. Each area had their own history and intresting characters in them. Like nothing gave off that feeling were the world revolves around the MC and everything is catered twords him. No this world feels big and active. So much so that when you read “the bad guys” you’d be more suprised if the two MC’s ran into each other.
The characters are another thing too. It’s funny because I enjoyed the side characters and the interactions with them more than I enjoyed listens to Montana or Clyde. Every single person had so much dept that you could probably write a spin-off series on them (and it would probably be more intresting), and I love the little extra depth that’s added when they do something off screen that gets vaguely hinted at it just adds to the immersion.
Those two aspects of the writing and story telling are what I love about this series but unfortunately they might not be enough to make me keep reading.
As we all know Montana is infuriatingly stupid that at times you feel like your turning into nicholie. Reading TGG I was cool with it because he’s a barbarian class that out all his stats into str and dex so it made sense that he would be dumb as fuck. Then I read “the bad guys” series and quickly realized Montana’s low IQ was just a stalling method ugland is using to stretch out the books. In his defense Clyde in “the bad guys” dose come into his own unique character as the book gose on but he’s still stretching them out as much as he can. One thing he dose is particularly that irritates the hell out of me is the “umms” and “ahhs” from Montana like JUST GET TO THE POINT ALREADY AND STOP DANCING AROUND WHAT YOUR TRYING TO SAY! as for Clyde it’s when he keeps asking if he has enough credit like holy shit JUST DO SIMPLE MATH OR ASK HOW MUCH FUCKING CREDIT YOU HAVE!
But yeah it’s not only that but a lot of other little things ugland dose to stall for time and swing as I’m paying $16 per book it’s just not worth it in the long run and I was fortunate enough to marathon all volumes of both books. I feel sorry for all of you that waited months just for a filler arc. Like the book is good but I wish he’d stop trying to stretch them out, I’d say I wished for longer books but you and I bothe know it would be 70% filler and pickup at the end for the cliffhanger.
So that’s my opinion on TGG and TBG series. I don’t think I’ll continue reading until after I read the reviews on his next book.
P.S. kinda spoilers but anyone else realize that the “viewers” mr Paul is referring to is us, and ugland is literally taking the criticism and directing it to the MC lol
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2023.06.04 06:25 Dry-Butterfly-5712 How to look for someone to help with my small business 🙏

Hi, it's me again! I posted last time on what shall I do on my business and full time job.
I don't have my full time job anymore since the company will file bankruptcy na. (It's like a sign for me so I can go full time sa business ko but feel bad for my ex-employers.)
I am decided to hire someone na since packing orders and preparing for inventory takes time. So please, How can I look for the right one? Yung sideline lang nila since it will not take 8 hrs. Most prolly mga 3-5 hrs lang.
As much as possible, ayaw ko sana ng friends or relatives but ang hirap naman magtiwala :(
Small business lang po ako and still growing. Naka-based lang sa house since online lang naman po madalas.
I want to focus on sales and marketing sana so I don't want to handle inventory, shipping etc.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 06:25 TomGNYC Scoot and the injury history of Super-explosive smaller guards

Scoot is one of the most explosive sub-6'4 point guards we've seen in the last 25 years. We tend to worry about the injury risks of recent high draft picks much over 7 foot like Chet and Victor but as I was trying to think of Scoot comps with similar athleticism and size, I kept coming up with guys that had injury riddled careers. We're dealing with small sample sizes (not many guys hit the NBA at his size with his level of athleticism and tools) but I can't help wondering if guys with that kind of rim explosion and change of direction winds up putting a larger amount of stress on their bodies leading to more injuries and shorter careers. Maybe smaller guys, exploding at the rim, hanging in the air take a lot of bad falls or maybe these guys get very reliant on start/stop explosion can be pretty hard on their knees. I always remember watching Derrick Rose his first few years and marveling at how he could explode in one direction, plant and explode in a different direction then explode at the rim the next second. It seemed almost impossible. I always wondered if his injuries were an inevitable part of his unique playing style or if they were just bad luck.
I sifted through the tops of the last 25 drafts looking for 6'3 or shorter guys with similar types of athleticism as Scoot. They needed to have vertical explosion in addition to horizontal explosion. Guys like Mike Conley and Chris Paul had insane quickness but didn't explode at the rim the way Scoot can. I came up with 5 guys who had both types of explosion at an elite or nearly elite level and the injury history is not great:

  1. D-Rose. first 3 seasons 78 or more games each then the ACL and was never the same player again. He never played 70 games for the rest of his career.
  2. Baron Davis: first 3 seasons 82 games each, then ran into some injury-riddled years. He did have a couple seasons over 67 games. He retired at 32 after tearing his ACL and MCL.
  3. Steve Francis enjoyed relatively good health up to his age 28 season then blew out his knee and was out of the league by 30.
  4. John Wall: after his age 27 season he never played more than 42 games in a single year.
  5. Ja Morant: has yet to play more than 67 games in a season.
  6. Russell Westbrook: an absolute physical freak that throws off the curve. 10 years at 70 games or more despite flinging his body around the court like a rag doll every night.
Note that I am not a doubter of Scoot's talent. Barring injury I think he's a perennial all-star. I'm hoping he can stay healthier than some of these other guys because he plays more under control than them. He doesn't play 100 mph the whole game. He has elite change of gears and a really good pull-up that he can get to pretty easily. He was pretty nicked up last year, though, and I think he may need to become a really proficient pull-up 3 point shooter to save his body from the wear and tear that some of these other guards have dealt with. I don't think that's out of the question. We've seen that guys who have great pull-ups from 2 are often able to extend their range to 3s. What do you guys think of this? Small sample size or is there something there?
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2023.06.04 06:25 Free_Layer2116 Dried round things for the pepper grinder?

It's for a creative project with a young child. We're looking at small round spices suitable for pepper grinders.
So far I've got
Dried papaya seeds
Juniper berries
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2023.06.04 06:24 Traditional_Ad7334 Super

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2023.06.04 06:24 APD69 I think someone tased my neighbors dogs

My security camera captures live sound footage. These 3 dogs were barking from 9:13 pm to 12:03 am. My cam picked up a small light and a sound that sounded exactly like a taser for 5 seconds. Then the barking stopped. I’m wondering if it was someone else annoyed by the barking or the neighbors themselves? Oh well. It made them shut the fuck up so now I can sleep. 😎
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2023.06.04 06:24 SinisterAkira M 26 - may I offer you a free voice call later 🤔

Well, anyway I got nothing else better to do later so rn so why not chat with a random stranger on a call ??
I’m down to talk to people around my age or older also ! I would list all the things that’s like here, but 1. No one ever reads your post and 2. We’re gonna be on call sooooo like 🤷🏽‍♂️ we can do a little small talk prior to it, but let’s save all that for later.
I can offer a funny, chill, wholesome, flirtatious conversation if you need 😁 I’m down for whatever. Well anyway if you wanna hit me up by all means go for it and if not then have a good rest of your day ❤️
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2023.06.04 06:24 royalpenny Feeling disheartened by WLW dating in Brooklyn, where my BK gays at?

Broke it off with a girl today for yet another failed talking stage (she was flaky a lot). When I moved to New York from Amsterdam I assumed just the pure volume of people dating here would be amazing but it’s been very difficult. Anyone else having such a hard time in the city and have some perspective? Feeling lonely and resentful of my queerness.
I am open to casual and more serious encounters but I feel like all I meet are unicorn hunters, baby gays looking to experiment (nothing against anyone’s journey but just not where I’m at stage wise) or just people being very unintentional, difficulty actually meeting up and following through.
I’m feeling crazy like am I the only femme seeking femme/stem who is down for casual encounters & dates and knows what they want? Feeling heartbroken by my city and that I may need to start reconsidering dating men because my libidos too high/ it’s not been working with women.
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2023.06.04 06:24 tasty-corpse IRONIC BIGOTRY IS SO FUN!

I just called a non-binary person the f-slur because they were presenting feminine, isn't ironic transphobia / homophobia so funny?
It doesn't matter that I don't know them and that I'm basically harassing a stranger online, I'm queer too! so it's fine.
Hey guys, AIDS was a good thing at the end of the day, right? righttt??? we don't want those pesky AMAB people around, they all suck.
What I am saying is indistinguishable from what your average transphobe / homophobe says but I'm vaguely queer so it's fine if I say it.
I'll push gender roles onto any AMAB person that wants to express slightly more feminine, it's just a joke... remember god made a mistake and you'll be in hell.
When Paris Hilton said that gay men were infested with AIDS, she kinda ate ngl. That's why they have monkeypox too, take a hint god hates you.
Those queer teenagers on their prom night deserve to be hate crimed, ngl.
uj/ Jesus Christ, can't some queer people not read the fucking room? like, the dog was funny for a while but it has gotten out of control. Joking about this is funny when you're in a group of friends you're close with, not strangers on the internet.
Seeing how any AMAB person that does something slightly out of their gender role called an f-slur or fruity is so weird, particularly because it's always "queer" people. Azealia Banks was a mistake.
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2023.06.04 06:23 Lucky_Amphibiian Should I be hurt that my (30f) partner (32m) of 7 years forgets our memories together?

He forgets places we went, he forgets if I was at an event he went to, he forgets which friends we went with where, and many of these memories are within the last 2-3 years. Like we had gone to a bar with some friends from out of town for example, and he forgot which bar it was. We’re in a small town, there aren’t more than 5 options. And that memory should’ve been a big one as we were there for many hours, took a lot of photos, and those friends hardly ever come down. What gives? Am I being too sensitive?
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2023.06.04 06:23 hotsnot101 America Nickel and Diming Everything

Curious what your guys thoughts are. Every time I come back to the states it feels like every service is trying to extract as much money out of me as possible. It's small things like tipping, needing to rent airport carts, needing to pay for "premium" wifi in the hotel. What are your guys thoughts?
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2023.06.04 06:23 ImSeriousHi Wise Up!

As society looks at closures of vital organisations/cuts, we have half-wits attacking wheelie bins, footpaths and PSNI locally.
What does this achieve? (Open question to Saroadh/supporters)
A minority with an inferiority complex who offer zero to Derry or Ireland are intent and content to view destruction as a viable alternative to societal progress and demand society refer to them as 'Republican'.
These people are transfixed with YouTube videos of the past and yearn for a Flux Capacitor equipped Dolerian to enter a time we've moved on through and never want to return.
In 1998 Jim Molyneaux said that the IRA ceasefire was the most destabilising thing to ever happen political unionism; he was correct.
Since then, republicans vote share has risen in NI and RoI. The conversation on a united Ireland is now academic and also readily accessible by all sections of society. Data exists in relation to how to prepare for a new Ireland and what a new Ireland means and contains.
But the men/women who are intent on violence (mainly through teenagers) have said that this preparation and the opportunity for democratic vote is wrong and should be shunned.
They seem to want to do it through sporadic disruption and nostalgia..
Unionism is fractured. Leaderless. London/English nationalism has disowned them and used Brexit as that vehicle.
Its fractured as it relied on London for direction and subvention since day one. There is one thread that runs through unionism and that is distrust. Political unionism fears change as it would change the hierarchy and leave them open to questions like:
Political unionism, like Saroadh prefer uncertainty as its easier to point the finger than to suggest a collective way forward.
It's vital nationalism plan a future with unionism at the core of a new society and Ireland. It's also vital that unionism speak up outside of that I referred to as fractured.
(Unionism current plan: Dont engage, it'll go away!)
If this isn't done we open a door to a past in which mirrors the injustices where nationalism was looked upon as inferior - we are all equal.
We have to support each by istening to each others concerns, whether this be anon online or in a public setting; a conversation has to begin and be maintained outside of political structures and then fed in as a blueprint for discussion and change.
What we cant allow is for stagnant unionism and YouTube republicans direct where society is pointing and deserves to go - forward!
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2023.06.04 06:23 unbreakinglife Men’s Garment Advice

TL/DR Need recommendations to replace DryLux garments.
When I first got endowed, I tried almost all the fabrics and hated the cotton & cotton/poly ones. They seemed to stretch out and felt terrible. On my mission in Brazil, I tried the mesh ones so many times but ended up with swass way too frequently. I’ve now been wearing DryLux garments for the past 20yrs. They don’t seem to last as long anymore. I bought 8 pairs of tops and bottoms less than a year ago and I need to start replacing many of them. But, DryLux has been discontinued. I never liked the crew necks because I hate having garments show around my neck when I wear a t-shirt. I’m thinking of trying out Corbin. I have 1 Corbin top that feels ok, but haven’t tried the bottoms. I’m worried about swass with it. I’m also considering trying out the stretch cotton, but worried it will stretch out and look terrible. I’m fairly physically fit and don’t wear oversized or extremely loose clothing generally. I live in southern Idaho with pretty warm summers and moderate winters.
Men of Reddit, what fabric do you prefer and why? What should I try? Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.04 06:23 Mobile-Package-8869 Purplish bumps on upper arms?

I (17F) have had a bunch of these small bumps on my upper arms for quite a few years now, probably since middle school at least. They don’t hurt or really feel like anything, just look weird. I haven’t gone to a doctor for them since it’s not really a huge deal, but if anyone has any idea what they are let me know because I want to find a way to get rid of them somehow. Thanks.
Pic (sorry for bad quality this is the best shot I could get):
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2023.06.04 06:23 lgheartssp2 Am I missing something?

Am I missing something?
Before swiping, guess how much the thrift priced this small faux succulent planter thing.
The crazier thing is I found a listing of the same item on ebay for $24.99. no brand name though. Maybe someone can enlighten me in the comments.
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