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2023.06.04 05:58 Legitimate_Cattle_62 Trying a new restaurant starter pack

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2023.06.04 05:58 FFJLS27 Breaking into Sales Career?

Hey All,
I’m interested in figuring out how to break into a decent paying entry level sales job ($70k-$100k). I have a 10 year back ground in restaurants, some as a server, but majority in restaurant management. I left that industry to pursue my “dream career” in the fire service and have been at it for 2 years working as a firefighteEMT. I need more out of my career financially and have always been of the motto “doesn’t matter the job as long as your making the money that makes you happy”. I’m willing to grind my teeth, but I genuinely want a career where I have the potential to make $150k-$250k and work 40-50hrs opposed to the near 70 hours, including mandatory overtime, that I currently work in the fire service making near $65k-$70k. I’m just curious to see what suggestions folks in the sales field who may have come from a similar background to mine have and which sector they best translated their skills into. I don’t have a degree, just high school, but have my vocational education, extensive customer service experience, and if selling food/drinks/service to customers counts, I’ve done that for 10 years in restaurants, vast majority of that experience being at Disney locations in Orlando,Fl. Thank you in advance for response and guidance, it is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.04 05:39 KingofDragonPass Just got back from the vacation of a lifetime, thanks to VIP Guide

My family and I finally made our first trip to Disney World, and despite having young children with us and having almost no knowledge of the parks it was the best vacation we have ever gone on. We did a lot of things that made the trip easier on us, but the most important by far was hiring a Disney VIP guide for all of our park days. I can't fully describe the professionalism or personal touch our guide brought to the trip. All I can say is that he made us feel like the most important people in the world the entire time, giving us insight into the parks and their history, arranging quick service lunches so they were like sit down meals waiting for us after rides to avoid wasting time, and making sure we never waited more than a few minutes to get on any ride. We were able to ride literally everything multiple times, without any stress or needing to figure out (or buy) genie+. He also made park hopping seamless and let us do things like spending the day going on rides at other parks and then dropping into MK at the last minute for fireworks with excellent vantage points. Having the guide also let us start off at our own pace each day. We could get up, eat a leisurely breakfast, get ready without time pressure and then start the day at 9:30 or 10 instead of rope dropping. Of all the things we did on the trip, I would definitely say the guide was the best, especially since we had him for multiple days and didn't feel pressure to maximize the time too much.
I would also quickly flag that we used a guide in Universal as well and had a much worse experience. The guide there had great front of line access to rides but had very little knowledge of the parks and didn't really give us direction or help us plan our day well. We will not use a universal VIP guide again in the future.
A few other things I would call out that made the trip easy and relaxing for us:
  1. Anytime we weren't using the guide to drive us we used Minnie Vans and they were a life saver. The drivers were uniformly excellent and they were able to handle car seats which made our life much easier. Most days we went to the parks in Minnie vans and met the guide to avoid using expensive hourly guide time driving to the parks.
  2. We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa, allowing the kids to have their own room with the living room as a buffer from us. This let us actually spend time as adults at the end of the day without worrying about waking the kids and it allowed us to spend time in the rooms without dealing with the clutter of suitcases and clothing in our living space.
  3. We spaced out the trip enough so that we usually had a down day by the pool in between park days.
  4. We made a point of having a sit down meal in a signature restaurant each day (before or after the guide time) which gave us a chance to relax even on park days.
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2023.06.04 05:03 Ok-Technology-2647 Family Spring Break Trip Easter 2024?

My family of five really wants to travel to Greece but the only time frame that works is the week before/after Easter in late March 2024. We are happy to participate in religious festivals surrounding Easter, tour historic sites, and experience local restaurants and traditions. We'd love a 5-star resort that may have a heated (plunge) pool. We aren't concerned that this isn't the popular time to visit Greece, but want to make sure it will still be a fun and cultural experience. So many sites say everything is closed and the weather is bad this time of year.
Is it worth it to travel to Greece with a family of 5 over Spring Break 2024? We are thinking of visiting one/more of the following locations - Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete - open to suggestions. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 04:43 KannabisDealer Florida Man inappropriately touched kids at Disney Springs!

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2023.06.04 04:42 Joe80206 Looking for the Name of a Specific Restaurant

I visited beautiful Cape Town 12+ years ago (Nov 2011). I went out to dinner I believe in the CBD. Was staying on Nicol St, was approx 10 minutes or less taxi ride. I am looking for the identity of the restaurant via the following description:
-Older Building, potentially multiple buildings adjoining as had multiple dining areas.
The main dining level had tall ceilings probably 5+ meters, as I remember old tools or millworks hanging from ceiling, kitchen somewhat open towards the rear. There were multiple seating areas. Host stand at the front.
The stand-out feature, a gorgeous art-deco bar on the 2nd level which was NOT open. Beautiful woodwork, black/white tile flooring, seating at the bar. Reached by stairs looked like used for private functions.
Food/Menu was European influenced however diverse menu, steaks were available, came with a salad as a first-course.
I have been trying to find my pictures however it was back in 2011 and thus cannot find :(
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, welcome to DM....Cheers, Joseph
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2023.06.04 04:36 Europeaninoz Rubbish kids food

Australia has the most amazing fresh produce and an abundance of great cafes and restaurants. Since having a kid though, I’m more and more baffled by the miserable kids meals. What’s the deal with that? Look at the menu at any cafe or restaurant and if there is a kids menu, I guarantee it will be just beige junk meal galore. We went to a birthday party hosted at a play centre yesterday. I seriously felt sad looking at the mountains of beige, the only colour was provided by a cake. All the adult parties I’ve been to, have always served much nicer food. I don’t want to offend our Australian friends, so I’ve never asked about the miserable kids food. I just make sure I feed my family before we go to any kids parties. So I thought I’ll ask here for some insight!?
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2023.06.04 04:20 Cephalomagus 2023 Season 3 Release Notes [Pre-Release Version]

The Release Notes for 2023 Season 3 have been posted on the iRacing Forums!
Find them posted here:

Or read them below!

2023 Season 3 Release Notes [Pre-Release Version]

This is the iRacing 2023 Season 3 Release! This release contains both content and upgrades for 2023 Season 3, which officially starts on June 12th! This season update includes three new cars: Cadillac V-Series.R GTP, Ligier JS P320, and Porsche 911 GT3 R (992). iRacing also expands its track offerings to include MotorLand Aragón (7 configs) and Willow Springs International Raceway, as well as a new 2023 Cup config for Chicago Street Course.
Our Dirt Taskforce has completed their work on the Dirt Refresh Project shared with the community back in February, and we are excited for you to experience the fruits of their labors. The Spotter System has received a Race Control-focused set of updates and new calls that will liven up your racing and keep you better informed about what is happening on the track and in the race. New challengers approach - you will now have the ability to add AI Opponent Rosters to your Hosted Sessions that utilize the Heat Racing format! We are excited to announce we have been investing time into saving you time, loading time to be precise, and this Season Release includes a first phase of loading optimizations that should get you into the driver’s seat just a little bit faster. Willow Springs International Raceway is proud to pioneer a new 3D Foliage System that automatically populates the environment with grasses, shrubs, and other creations of Mother Nature. USB Audio Hot Swapping is now fully enabled and supported by iRacing for all of your headset and speaker needs. A new Graphics Option has also been added which controls the display of all cockpit obstructions instead of this parameter being car setup specific.
The New Damage Model has been put into practice on eleven additional cars. And last but not least our AI Drivers have mastered eight new cars and twenty-four new track configurations. Welcome to iRacing 2023 Season 3!
Season highlights include:
Visit our 2023 Season 3 features page here:
Full 2023 Season 3 Release details are below.



Hosted Racing

AI Racing



Paint Shop



Windows Support

Race Servers


Dynamic Track

Race Control

Qualifying Scrutiny

Dirt Racing

AI Racing

New Damage Model

Auto Fuel



3D Foliage System

Visual Effects






Force Feedback



Official iRacing Sporting Code

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2023.06.04 04:04 lady__birdie angel availability

Hey y’all! I’m going to Magic Kingom on Tuesday to celebrate getting my pixie dust pass, and as a treat I want to get an Angel NuiMOs. Does anyone know if they’re available in MK right now? I looked today at Disney Springs but no luck. I would just order off of ShopDisney but I’ve seen lots of people get defect Angels :/ Please lmk!
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2023.06.04 03:44 SLO_Citizen Food Review - Luna Llena Deli - Morro Bay - 2023.06.03

Food Review - Luna Llena Deli - Morro Bay - 2023.06.03
Luna Llena Deli - 859 Main St., Morro Bay, CA 93442
$9.00 - El Lechon Mojado sandwich - Roast Pork with tomato drenched in guacamole
$10.00 - Juana La Cubana - Smoked ham, sliced pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard
$2.50 - Cucumber and orange agua fresca
$6.00 - Strawberry Tres Leches del Lula
$3.00 - Mango and Chamoy Paleta
Full menu pics are included in this post at the bottom.
I met up with some friends in Morro Bay to have lunch at this newish spot open on Main Street in Morro Bay. We got there around 12:30pm and it was actually kind of wild there weren’t more people in the downtown area. My friends who live in Northern Morro Bay pointed out that most tourists stick around the Embarcadero area, leaving the quite charming downtown to the locals for the most part. It’s been awhile since I have been in this part of Morro Bay and it’s quite charming with several restaurants and bars within stones throwing distance I need to go check out.
From what I read in the Tribune, the restaurant was started by a father and son team - one of which or both, worked at different restaurants in Morro Bay before opening Luna Llena.
The place is really incredible, it’s like a joint you’d find in some big city, a small shop with limited menu and a family running the whole thing. There are a few tables inside and a few outside. Not fancy, not fussy, just right down to business.
My friends had the Lechon Mojado before, so I definitely was getting that and in the interest of going big on Saturday, I got enough other food to make it a meal for later too.

Cucumber and orange agua fresca
There were a couple people ahead of us, but we got all our food within 10 minutes as we sipped on our Agua Frescas. The cucumbeorange version I got was pleasantly cucumber forward and refreshing. Good, yes, but alas Frutiland in Arroyo Grande is still #1 for me and my experience around here. Needless to say, I drank it all greedily and it went well with the two sandwiches I ordered.

El Lechon Mojado Sandwich
The Lechon Mojado is served on a soft bun that has been slightly toasted and perhaps could have used a little more toasting - which I am sure you can ask for if you want. The sandwich was ordered spicy and as I bit into this luscious bit of pork heaven, I got a nice zing of heat along with the tell tale soft bite of long roasted pork. The guacamole was like a sauce with the tomatoes and pork, but it wasn’t too liquid - it all was just a perfect amount of everything. Honestly, I could have thrown down 3 of these and regretted it later. I ate half and then popped open the Cubana.

Juana La Cubana Sandwich
I didn’t ask about all the contents of each sandwich, but I am assuming they use slices of the pork they roast for the Cubana and it all was layered beautifully with just the right proportions of each item - smoked ham, sliced pork, swiss cheese and pickles. I am sure there are people who will see this and cry that it’s a not a true Cubano, but I really don’t care. It was a well made, super tasty sandwich with great textures from the 4 different layers. I chowed down half and although I liked it a lot, the Lechon sandwich was definitely the winner between the two of these.

Paleta fridge

Mango and Chamoy paleta
I packed away the two halves I didn’t eat for dinner and then stared at the fridge with all the varieties of paletas that they make in house and tried to decide what to get. I LOVE LOVE LOVE paletas and the mango/chamoy one I got was so incredibly delicious! I wish I had sprinkled some tajin on it to give it an extra special kick, but it really didn’t need it. Honestly, the restaurant would be worth it solely to go try all the flavor varieties they have. Just amazing!

Strawberry Tres Leches cake
I got a strawberry tres leches cake to go and ate it when I got home a few hours later. A great balance of sweetness, creaminess, strawberry and I think a bit of lemon zest which gave a nice bit of bitter counterpoint to the delectable container of goodness. As much as it was good, the paleta was two times better.
This is just such a cool little restaurant and you can tell that the father and son are preparing all these dishes with a tremendous amount of love and skill. It’s definitely a destination spot for Morro Bay and I hope they will be around for awhile because there are a bunch more things that I want to try when I go back again!

Menu 1

Menu 2
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2023.06.04 03:33 ImRatherMinty My dissection of the CS 2 leak

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2023.06.04 03:06 HumbleBrother2285 Why are they so obsessed with other people? It's like he's an alien observing humans.

One of my dad's favorite hobbies is spying on one specific neighbor. He has been obsessed with this neighbor for as long as I can remember. The neighbor in question is a perfectly normal guy in his 50s or 60s who is pretty active and often outside doing yard work, working on projects in his own yard and driveway, walking his dogs, and spending time with his wife and their adult daughter when she comes to visit.
Unfortunately for the neighbor, him being outside all the time makes him extremely visible and accessible for my dad's obsession. My dad will literally sit at the window and watch him for so long, sometimes with binoculars.
He is CONSTANTLY talking to my mom about this neighbor, having full on speculative discussions and conversations about what he is up to, what he's been doing, where he's going, who he is talking to, what his family is doing. He will call my mom while at work and talk to her about him over the phone. My mom doesn't give a crap about this guy so she just zones out and occasionally says something while my dad goes on monologues about this guy.
He is constantly up to date on what this neighbor is doing and is always asking my mom "Where do you think they're going now?" and discussing his best guesses as to where the guy could be going when he sees him drive somewhere with his wife. I've seen him literally sound frantic, loudly and almost stressfully asking "Where could he possibly be going now at this hour?" The guy takes good care of his motorcycle outside which my dad is also obsessed with for some reason (my dad does not have and has never had a motorcycle of any sort).
He sits at the window, watching him, and just yells out observations and guesses at my mom whenever she's nearby: "He's working on his yard again!," "He's going somewhere - probably going out to lunch or downtown!" Right now as I am typing this, he is scratching his head, asking my mom why the neighbor could have possibly turned his lights off at this hour and gone somewhere with his motorbike.
He does this with other people too. Whenever I come back from hanging out with ANYONE, I get bombarded with a full on police interrogation about the other person's preferences, lifestyle, personal decisions, etc. He literally BARKS questions at me, firing them off one by one with me barely having time to answer one before he asks another.
He will spring random questions about other people at me before he makes any kind of decision. Ever since I got a boyfriend, he's been asking me questions about my boyfriend's family's lifestyle whenever it applies to whatever we are doing: "What do THEY eat for breakfast?" "Do they like this restaurant?" "Where do they usually go out to eat dinner?" "Do they barbecue often?" "What kind of computer do they have?" "What kind of iPad does your boyfriend have?" "Does your boyfriend have one of these (whenever he's buying something"?
You might think these are well-intentioned questions aiming to get to know them better, but I know they're not. His tone and attitude when he asks them, as well as his general demeanor towards other people, always tells me that he's just asking these questions to compare himself for some reason. It's so fucking unhinged and it makes any conversation with him impossible.
I notice this whenever we are out in public too. My dad will CRANE HIS NECK to stare at people in public and observe them for MINUTES AT A TIME while my mom and I just exchange embarrassed glances, hoping the other people don't notice. It's like he's an alien who got sent down to earth and is trying to learn how to assimilate among humans by observing a wide range of human behavior LMFAO!!
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2023.06.04 03:00 CrazyDoritoQueen Found out where RS got the inspiration for the noodle arms (Disney's (1934) The Goddess of Spring)

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2023.06.04 02:54 ConfidenceCritical36 Grill Patio. WTA

budget friendly ka menu dia? mau try new restaurants in kk since aku muak sama fast food.
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2023.06.04 02:48 NewAndOlduphere Local restaurant keeps the employee’s tips!

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the name of the restaurant, but I will just say that they specialize in dumplings and curry. And they recently added some chicken tacos to the menu. Over two months of working there, their most recently departed employee never once got a dime in tip money. The owner informed him that they would pay it out quarterly LMAO! Then they decided they were going to start delivering to downtown, lowered his pay, and informed him that once that begins he doesn’t get any tips from the time that he spends in the restaurant. Needless to say he does not work there anymore. So, if you know what restaurant I’m talking about, and you eat there, stop tipping. You’re paying the owners, not the employees.
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2023.06.04 02:46 chinainworldcup Why did doordash disable special instructions for all menu items?

If you've been on doordash, you will notice that Doordash has disabled special instructions for all menu items for all restaurants. Is there an explanation from Doordash as to why they did this?
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2023.06.04 02:08 Kevin_Cossaboon Trip Report May 25 - June 3, 2023

We just returned from WDW stay at Old Key West. Thought I would post our highlights.
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2023.06.04 01:24 Careful-Somewhere-63 Streak 260: Movies I recently watched

Watching movies is certainly one of my favorite hobbies. I prefer movies over series because, in general, the quality tends to tip over the movies side. Besides, I don't have that much free time these days (unfortunately), so if I pick a series with, say, five seasons, I'll probably have to spend a few months finishing it. But that isn't to say that I dislike series, it's just that there are many series that I regret having watched, so I'm way pickier with series than with movies. I mean, If you watched a bad movie, it was only two hours, so whatever. With series is different though, and you're left with a sour taste in your mouth. As for books, I'd say I like books and movies equally. Of course, the movie has a visual advantage, but books also have their perks. One thing for instance: books can develop their ideas much better. This is why I think the sci-fi genre is much better in the books than in the movies. You can count the good sci-fi movies on your fingers, the real good ones. As for the books, you have an abundance of good stuff, just look for it. This is also why low-budget sci-fi movies are the best. Since they've got no money, they can't rely on visual stuff and action scenes, so they need a really good idea in order to have some relevance.
But anyway, this year I hadn't been watching many movies. In fact, I think I hadn't even watched half a dozen up to a few weeks ago. So, recently I've been trying to have better time management in order to make time for the movies. These are the movies I watched recently:
The first one, and probably the best movie I've watched this year so far is Sincity. This is not just a regular movie. For starters, it's mostly black and white (only a few items have color). Secondly, it doesn't follow a linear narrative but rather shows different short stories taking place in the same universe and being somewhat related to one another. Finally, it's got a very unique style. It's based on a graphic novel, so I guess the directors wanted it to have a realistic style while still maintaining some of the aesthetics in the comics. This movie really impressed me. It seems to have been a success when it was released, but I had never heard of it before. Maybe because it was released almost two decades ago?
The second movie I watched is a more recent one, The Menu. It was released at the end of the past year. The premise seems kind of innocent: a group of people goes to visit a renowned chef's restaurant, which is located on a remote island. But after the show starts, the cook has a little surprise for them. This movie's mostly a comedy with a bit of horror. It has a sort of surrealist atmosphere which reminds me of The Lobster, although I'd say the latter is a full-fledged surrealism while The Menu is a more shy one. Of course, I know all this bizarre stuff in the movie is actually a satire of something. But since this post is a bit longer than usual, I may talk about my interpretations in another post. Suffice it to say that I also really enjoyed this one.
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2023.06.04 01:20 LifeCracker A Big Dining CHANGE is Coming to the Biergarten Restaurant in Disney World

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2023.06.04 01:20 LifeCracker 3 Attractions and 2 Restaurants Will Be CLOSED Next Week in Disney World

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2023.06.04 01:03 sleepy_mike After a year of working at Panera, I think I'm going to be fired.

I've been working at Panera Bread for a year now, and I think I'm reaching my breaking point.
I started out in the front, then slowly advanced to working the drive-thru. When I started I wasn't in college and had open availability.
I used to have a consistent schedule of 5-11am every weekday, my weekends were free. But slowly, they started to schedule me weekends more often, which was taking time away from me going out and enjoying life.
I tried expressing my frustration to my manager who makes the schedules months ago, and she had told me that she tries to keep my weekends free but will schedule me on a weekend if the store needs me. She also expressed that this is how I can get my hours. I was very money motivated at the time, so I just accepted my fate, if thats how I can make more money then whatever.
So she denied my schedule proposal.
I started college this year for the spring, working full time there and at Panera. It was exhausting but I made it work. Obviously I didn't have as much time to give to Panera because of school, so my schedule started to revert back to 5-11am on weekdays.
Now that summer is here, I've taken a break from college and changed my availability to reflect the extra free time I have. It didn't take long for them to start scheduling me weekends again.
Anytime I expressed concern it was very passive, we were working so I guess my concerns didn't really stick with them. I decided I should really make an effort and put my foot down on this issue. I didn't mind having fewer hours if it meant I could regain control of my sanity. So I messaged my schedule manager yesterday, on friday, going in depth about how this has affected me. This was her final reply:
"I don’t know what to tell you Michael you got hired with open availability then you changed it to go to school and now we try to give you at least one day of the weekend and it’s not enough. This is a restaurant business and our business runs more towards the weekends. Again we will do our best but no guarantees."
I called out when I was scheduled to open today, this saturday, I was steamed from how my schedule manager handled my availability so I stayed up later then I should have. I was not in the condition to work. Lucky me, my store manager was the one opening. He picked up the store phone and I told him I wasn't feeling well. He told me:
"Oh, If your not feeling well then I'll post the rest of your shifts for this week."
and that was that.
I realized that wasn't the smartest decision on my part, I wanted to try and make things right so I texted my store manager about wanting to discuss issues with scheduling, how we can resolve things, and when would be a good time to call. I had written down points I wanted to make on my notes app. He has not responded at all since the phone call this morning of me calling out, it's 6:41PM now.
This job heavily relies on me, I'm a consistent opener and I do my job well. A normal morning for me, after I finish brewing coffees for the entire store and cutting bread bowls, we open. I'm expected to cash people out, take orders, work on barista drinks (which include getting pastries, slicing and toasting bagels, and making yogurt parfaits), and make about 100+ salad dressings. All by myself. Meanwhile, my schedule manager sees me get overwhelmed and doesn't do anything. She rather go on her phone and doordash food to the store.
I come home completely exhausted, too exhausted to really do anything. If I go out it feels like a chore. I feel this job harming my inner artist, I hardly work on projects anymore or anything creative because I am simply too tired and unmotivated. The stresses of being overwhelmed everyday while still maintaining a smile for the customers has actually increased the amount I drink, just to cope with it all.
This job feels like it controls me, everyday is Panera Panera Panera. I work so hard but yet I hardly feel appreciated. In fact, I feel taken advantage of. The second I try to gain control of the situation it's a mess.
I'm only 19, turning 20 this month. I feel I should not be this tied down to the job. I'm scared to lose this job because I'm trying to save up for a car, and this is my only source of income. But I'm not sure if all of this labor, sweat, and tears is worth it for $13 an hour (sometimes tips).
But what do you guys think? Am I crazy for wanting my weekends free? Do you think they take advantage of me?
Thank you if you've read this far.
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2023.06.04 00:41 stargirl1410 Is this normal? Or am I over thinking it?

I 26F started working for a small company 2 years back. There are 23 people including the boss. The head count is small but the company makes really very good profits(in nine digits). To give some background, my boss is normally stingy and doesn't show off much, but he doesn't mind spending when he wants to, like for example he got a latest model top brand car worth 90k in full payment within a day.
We have this company dinner every quarter where all of us go out, mostly to places where there is an all you can eat buffet option. During my first dinner, it was to a really nice bbq place I was sitting with a friend who is also vegetarian like me and boss, shortly after my boss joined our table started making small chat. When we mentioned the food is good but the vegetarian options are only three he called for restaurant manager. First he spoke very coldly to the manager pointing out that me and my friend are not eating much because there are only three item and when the manager looked apologetic he calmed down and got new dishes prepared for us from the normal menu(separate from buffet items). He even paid very good tip for the service. My friend and I were quite impressed by his consideration for everyone and thanked him.
Over the last year and half I see similar stuff in every company dinner, nothing like the first event but similar, mostly friendly conversations with the staff . We get free food sometimes or the restaurant staff apologize profusely and offers discounts every single time. I cannot help but feel it is a pattern and sometimes I feel bad for the staff.
Last time I specifically went and checked all the items before eating and told him there were quite a lot to try and the food looks great. While waiting for him at the counter I heard he got discount .
I need some fresh perspective here.
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