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2023.06.04 05:20 princeofallcosmos92 I feel like I ran from one narcissist home and into another. I live alone now and I'm processing it all

My ex invited me to live with him and his mother and her boyfriend early on after I had a falling out with my parents (was living with them for a time after a different breakup a year and a half prior). They treated me in ableist ways after my adult autism diagnosis and said that I had the brain of a 14-year-old at 28 and had no right to come and go as I pleased, to do my own laundry, eat what I wanted, or see friends. My mom said I would be acting like a whore if I stayed overnight with him. I blew up at her and almost slapped her and they kicked me out. My mom acted like I went off on her for no reason and she never said she was sorry for anything she ever did to me. That interaction wasn't the first time I had been treated like that by far. That was just the first time I did anything more than yell back. I am in therapy and I regret going as far as I did that day and I am working on boundaries and emotions, but even the therapist agrees that she pushed me and I reacted after years of pent up hurt and abuse.
Anyway, saying all that is just to set up the kind of life I was escaping from and explain why I felt betrayed by my ex. When this relationship eventually failed, I eventually got a place of my own and I have a superficial and distant relationship with my parents. I don't have to think about their feelings anymore and I don't think they are capable of true introspection. The older I get, the more I see how much they didn't teach me much of anything and they were only really there financially. They praise themselves constantly just for providing basic needs and having a bit of money. I feel like I'm raising myself and approaching 30. It's hard for me to rely on people.
So, he offered me a place to stay with him and his mother and her boyfriend. I didn't want to look at it as him saving me, but some part of me probably felt that way as he got me out of an abusive situation. I was vulnerable and scared and grieving all over again about my parents, but I felt like I could never discuss how much pain I was in.
Every time I tried to talk about it and process my past, he would say I was too much and that I was out of there and I should be happy with what I had with him. I would talk about struggling to feel at home there or being bothered by clutter and trying to find solutions to clean it with him and he would just get mad. He forced me to name things I was grateful for when living there.
I started being more critical of the mess he made and I would get frustrated with him for shutting me out and telling me how he thought I should express myself. He told me his family overheard me talking about my past and they said it was unhealthy of me and that I wanted to live in the past or be toxic. No, I was just trying to talk with my partner about what I lived through and what I overcame in therapy. He then told me that they don't talk about mental illness because his grandmother has BPD and they don't want anything to do with it.
On top of them seemingly seeing me as a problem and not just a person who had seen some shit and was trying to move on and do better, they were very irresponsible about covid and they left the house while all of us had it. They even lost a family member to covid after attending a family wedding during a nationwide surge where nobody wore masks and they still acted like it was nothing. I shared with my ex that they were being incredibly irresponsible (and I lost a grandparent to covid) and he was angry at me for criticizing his family. He got very drunk sometimes and one day, he told me that his dad beat him up while drunk and that if he could forgive his dad, then I should forgive my mom. I told him that wasn't his choice to make and he was crossing a boundary by treating me that way.
Not long after, around the same time I had covid and I was rejected by the housing authority for an apartment over 18 fucking dollars, I punched pillows in frustration after yet another dumb argument with my ex. His mom heard and asked what the noise was and I said I was stressed from trying to find housing and being sick and had punched the pillows and I didn't mean to concern her and I was sorry. She just walked out.
He went to his mom and seemingly asked her to tell me to leave by the end of the month because he was tired of me. I was very scared because I didn't know how feasible that would be, and I was sad and anxious because I wanted my relationship to go back to how it used to be. I wanted to believe it would get better and if it was my fault, then I could change it. Luckily, I got a room in a house just down the street while I waited for an apartment to open up.
Even after that, I still fought for the relationship. I wanted the kind man who had "saved" me to come back. I realize now that he was probably just love bombing me and then got mad when I wasn't what he wanted or didn't do what he wanted.
He pushed me away even more after he had a sudden eye problem that turned out to be an MS attack. I wanted to blame his behavior on the illness and I hoped we could come to an understanding or something, but he left me anyway.
I had hoped to have fun with someone new and know a happy family after having to leave my dysfunctional one. I just ran into more dysfunction and I feel angry about thinking that he was going to be a safe person. I feel let down and lied to even though I have a partner that I have a healthy relationship with now.
That was a very hard thing to go through. While my parents never really apologized, they do act embarrassed when they realize I went through all of that without their help and they probably see now that I'm not mentally 14. I hope they feel stupid for it.
I tried to be friends with my ex. He seemed somewhat regretful at first, but I didn't want to sit around hoping for him to come back and I didn't like his mother, so I started dating again. After I got a new boyfriend, he asked out his other ex/our mutual friend...and he'd always told me that he just saw her as a friend and not to worry about her. So, I ended the friendship then. I've been able to see how dysfunctional he is since then and while I was critical, I did own up to my mistakes. I tried. And I really had hoped to be there for him during his illness diagnosis. I thought that would stop our bickering and bring us close, but it didn't.
I see now that he was toxic in a lot of ways. I'm much happier without him. I'm very happy with my new guy. But, thinking of my ex still fills me with resentment and bitterness. He has a new gf and I don't want him to be happy. He certainly didn't help me with happiness during a very hard time in life.
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2023.06.04 05:19 Zebbers950 ChatGPT gave a talk at church

ChatGPT gave a talk at church
So to give context, I’m 22f, I just graduated college in one state, and my parents live in Texas. So over half of the year I’m pretty much an exmo, while I have to disguise myself and become a PIMO while I’m visiting my parents.
On to the story: I got back to my old homeward/family’s ward in Texas three weeks ago and I actually love going to church for a week or two every time I get back because I get to see old friends and family friends. I go and instead of going to second hour, I’m in the foyer gathering a group of people who want to talk to me. My mom didn’t go to second hour either because she was talking to some friends, but right as my little brother and dad got out of second hour, Bishop cornered all four of us and asked if we wanted to all give a talk the next week. This was like my worst nightmare because I felt like an imposter. I of course procrastinated writing my talk on “the importance of family” up until Saturday night (right after I got home from going to a ren faire with a exmo transmasc friend). I was absolutely freaking out but not for the reasons my parents thought I was. I just had no idea how to blend in as a member and also not be lying to myself entirely. My mom tried to give me some (pretty transphobic/homophobic) ideas on what to write. But I decided I would plug a couple ideas into chatGPT and see what I got. I specifically asked it to write in an “lds sacrament talk” style. It sounded better than anything I was writing. So apparently ChatGPT can write a “spiritually inspired” talk. I gave the talk last week and I did get the normal compliments of the talk being so inspiring etc. etc.
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2023.06.04 05:19 HonoredChain23 Things for Housewives to Do

You just take your time with this stuff. You don’t do them like a checklist of things that need to get done on a deadline. Take your time with it all and enjoy the process of everything and let your mind wander. Relax. No need to overthink things.
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2023.06.04 05:19 UnsungPeddler Reactive Blue heeler in our family with three other dogs.

We had no idea she was reactive. The shelter didn't know either as they had her less than a day before we fostered her and then adopted.
She was growly but nothing we couldn't handle. She would just go off to be by herself or we'd separate her for whatever was making her upset.
I understood her feelings as I get snippy when I get overwhelmed too.
But almost a year later. It just keeps getting worse. We have tried giving her more alone time, extra play time, extra outside time. Her snippy attitude has only increased towards the other dogs. To the point she has been picking fights. She has gotten two of them bloody, one she made bloody more than once. The other babies flinch and are terrified of her. They won't even go near her to get water if she happens to be laying near the bowls. We have separated the bowels to allow the others options regardless where she is.
Tonight she got into another fight with one of the other dogs. This time she is hiding under the bed and won't let anyone touch her. She is bloody and need to get her cleaned and make sure it's nothing serious.
It has gotten out of hand and I'd hate to see how it could get worse. We don't know what to do. We love her so would hate to get rid of her.
I am thinking about maximizing her alone time. I don't know if it will help or make it worse faster. So I figured I'd ask here if anyone knew.
I feel horrible that she is uncomfortable and feels the need to be aggressive to the other dogs. And it's terrible that everyone has to live in fear because of her outbursts.
She can play with then nicely. Ives seen it and encourage it with rewards.... I feel at a loss.
My husband and I are very upset at the idea that we may need to send her to a new home... no telling how many times she has been rehomed. So that sounds more traumatic for her too. Plus she may end up just getting worse where she goes too and...can't bare the thought of her being out down.
We have her on anxiety meds. She is worse off of them, but on them seems to help... or it did until today...
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2023.06.04 05:18 h3artbreak_weather Why is it so bad

I’m sorry I just had a horrible night and this is a pretty safe space for me to rant (if you’re a lurking troll who wants to tell me to get a different job and you don’t tip then just leave).
I had so many tables tonight, normal for a Saturday. I’m just angry at customers, the kitchen, and myself for working here. So I got fired from a fine dining place two training shifts in for extremely stupid reasons. I live in a smaller area so it’s been well known to be horrible to the staff. but the tips are AMAZING. So many people want to work there and end up getting sacked because the bitch owners just don’t like them for some reason. After I got this job, I wasn’t expecting this and they asked how much notice i would need for my old job so i had already quit my old place was left unemployed. I applied for every place I could see and got a job at a crappy place that weekend. I knew what i was getting into, but I need to save up money for school and was glad I just had a job before I was noticeably unemployed. I like this place in a lot of ways, great flexibility, good coworkers and nice managers, however the customers are ass.
It’s unlike any of the three restaurants I’ve worked at before. The customers are rude, demanding, and tip horribly! I do get pleasant customers and good tips some nights but I was shocked at how bad the tips were. “yOu MusT bE GiVinG bAd SeR-“ SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH i try my damn best, i do. that’s my job and i understand how frustrating it would be to get bad service. If I get happy customers, they get a good experience and i’m likely to get a good tip. win win. this is also not a me problem, the tips are ass for all my coworkers.
My first training shift was two older folks. I listened to them ramble and boxed their food, was polite and did well, zero tip. ZERO! my FIRST table and i have experience and never got a zero before. maybe a few bucks but not like that. Oh well it happens i tried to move on
Tonight wasn’t good and the kitchen was fucking up my orders and got multiple complaints and had to send back a bunch of stuff. I was getting like 5-10% tips all night. But it isn’t just on bad nights. I can give the best service and some people will still stiff. I did well on one table, they were paying with a $300 gift card and I got excited because normally people won’t be cheap with the tip on gift cards cause it’s not their bank account. $65 bill, $1.50 tip. INSANE! I was making more in tips doing takeout at my other restaurant. Again, I have some good nights but i have never worked at a place where people were so comfortable tipping NOTHING so OFTEN! “tHe EcOnOmY iS So bAd WhAt iF tHeY CaNt AfF-“ SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME SPEAK i was a little bummed out and my coworker said “hey i’m sorry, the other night I had a $170 check, no tip. it happens it’s not even personal”
I’m sorry but if like you don’t have a lot of money, i notice a 10% tip on a pretty frugal bill i’ll let it go. if you can rack up the bills that some of these people do you can afford to fucking tip. Like a 15% tip on a $80 tab, a bit disappointing, but the way i get tipped is straight up insulting. Im really disappointed. i’m thankful I work in a place that isn’t toxic coworkers and i have some good nights. but oh my gosh i ran myself ragged tonight for $51 after a 4.5 hour shift. not that bad you say? guess how many tables i had.
Whatever I sound like a whiny bitch and I get tonight was kinda bad service but no tip on a fucking gift card to a table that got everything good? People will suck regardless and it’s wrong how much me and my coworkers get the short end of this. it’s like i either have to sacrifice money or my mental health to be able to have a job. sometimes both. “GeT a DiFfErEnT Jo-“ Trust me i did. the economy sucks. you will find many people like me who apply and call and apply and call but no one will hire them. I’ll take a shittier job until I can find a better one. I just needed to rant thank you
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2023.06.04 05:18 crazyhomlesswerido Hi I am stuck in rut

I am homeless right now and I don't need to be I have money to get out of it at anytime I just keep finding that everyday I say I going to get off the streets and then night comes and i back on the streets again because i did none of the work i need to get out of homelessness like move to a.cheaper cost of living city because where i one of the most expensive in the country but it is litterly like i dont care and i have just given up. Like it doesn't matter. I even have health problems which would be severed better by sleeping inside but don't care i just given up. I tried mental health and I hate the system and have been abused by it many times so I avoid it like the plaque. I don't know how ton pull myself out and get out of the rut i am in. Start over again. Iam autistic adhd ocd. I have no family they left a long time ago because of my autism and no real people in my life. I am so sick of this and yet feel so stuck all at the same time.
The world I know is filled with people judging me and telling me to leave. No one really making me feel like I matter. My whole life I know judgement rejection and hate and love compassion and kindness of any kind seemed to be the lie.
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2023.06.04 05:17 priincessuniicorn My Uncles Friend

This whole situation started when I was a teenager (I am now in my late 20's and I am a female). It was one small conversation that I had completely forgotten about until about 2 years ago. But in the past 2ish years more things have happened that have made me really think about that short conversation.
I was about 13 my mom and I had just moved back in with my grandma where my uncle was already living and at the time his friend was living with us as well. He was only staying for a few months, I never knew why I just knew he was staying there. But when my mom and I moved back in one day while the friend was out of the house my uncle sat me down and told me he didn't want me to be alone with his friend, and that I needed to call him if I found myself alone with his friend. Only about a week after my mom and I moved in, my uncle kicked his friend out. I was young and didn't think much about the conversation and had completely forgotten about it.
About 2 years ago my uncle very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. And after he passed, his friend came back into my grandmas life. I think my grandma kinda used my uncles friend as a replacement for my uncle. And at first everything seemed fine. But after a few visits I started feeling weird around him and I didn't know why. Then I remembered that conversation my uncle had with me. But I tried to move past it because it was over 10 years ago that we had that conversation, and he is married to a lovely woman so I thought maybe things had changed.
He made a lot of dumb jokes that I never found funny but were always harmless like I would come home with a bowl with some snacks in it cuz my coworkers and I share our snacks with each other and he would ask where his share was, small stuff like that. But then he made some jokes about what I was wearing that felt a little uncomfortable but I was used to my family making similar jokes so I brushed it off. Things like "oh who are you trying to impress going out like that" and "you must be fighting off men left and right" and other similar comments. I started avoiding leaving my room at that point when he would come over but sometimes interactions with him were unavoidable cuz he would be here when I was getting home from work, or he would come over without warning.
Another bit of back story, I am engaged to a man who lives in a different country, and when I have gone to visit him I have fallen in love with where he lives. On top of that its more affordable and overall much safer for us to live there so we are working on me moving to be with him. Well I don't tell my uncles friend anything because he makes me uncomfortable but I know my grandma shares everything with him. So he knows about this situation. And he has on more than one occasion asked me why I was moving and I would explain that its because that's where my fiance lives and I absolutely love everything about where he lives, my uncles friend will always come back with "oh of course its for a boy" and has also made comments along the lines of "oh I guess you're in love... I just don't understand it but whatever" like he acts bothered that I am engaged and moving away. But again I would just hide myself away in my room and constantly convinced myself that I was reading into things and overreacting. I also knew I couldn't say anything to my grandma about it because my family is one of those "if you don't want comments you need to cover up" and I am not allowed to wear shorts around male family members because what if they look at me and have bad thoughts, then that's my fault.
Now all of these small instances were very uncomfortable but I just ignored them, hid in my room, did what I could to avoid the situations. Then something happened today and now I am just feeling icky. I went into work and my coworker told me how yesterday a man fitting the description to a T to my uncles friend came into my work in the afternoon after I had already left asking about me. And he knew details like what I looked like, where I lived, even details about my move to another country. And he made comments about being my uncles friend. Now I didn't hear any of this as I had already left for the day but my coworker is a very trustworthy person and doesn't just come up with stuff for fun, she will even be the first one to call someone out on their bs if she catches them lying so I trust that what she is saying is true. But he was saying how ever since my uncle has passed he has been trying to see me more and more cuz he just cares so much about me and he sees me as like his daughter.
That comment alone weirded me out because I have barely interacted with this man, and I avoid it at all costs so why does he feel that close to me?? He also started talking at length about my move to another country and he wouldn't leave the topic he just kept talking about how he doesn't get how I could fall in love with someone so far away and how I should just stay here and find someone here to fall in love with and other comments basically about how he doesn't approve of my move to be with my fiance. I didn't tell him where I worked but I know my grandma would have but it still weirds me out that he came into my workplace looking for me and then talking at length with my coworkers about my choices and my future and how he doesn't like it when I barely know him.
I just can't wait to get out of this house and far far away from him.
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2023.06.04 05:15 Apprehensive-Ring487 My bf (22M) will not talk to me (23F) after an incident at the club

I (23F) went to the club with my bf last night and his siblings. An hour did not pass when I was recording a boomerang on IG and he rudely asked "are you gonna send that video to them?" I was not even texting my friend. I used to snap chat a close friend of mine who is of the opposite sex and tends to get jealous when I talk to him. He knows that I've spoken to my friend before I met him and we always had a good friendship. After he asked I responded "I don't speak to Isaac anymore". I responded honestly, but he did not see it that way. He then responded "you answered my question" and walked away. He did not speak to me throughout the whole night and his siblings knew something was wrong because he was ignoring me. They were very nice and let me know that's how he is and that he's just being a dick. This afternoon, I asked him if he had time to talk and barely anything was said. He said he did not want to talk and that his feelings are valid and that he holds himself to high standards, that it only takes one fuck up to "end it".I tried to explain my point of view, but pretty much disregarded me, saying that nothing will change the way he feels. I asked him how does he think of our relationship now and he responded which one? I then said our relationship as a couple and then he said I have no comment. I am beyond heart broken and it upsets me that he does not want to talk things out. We currently live together and paying off our house. What's the best way to around this? Was it my fault that this happened?
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2023.06.04 05:15 ImpossibleLoon Think I might be ftm??? How do I know??

I can’t lie, every time a friend comes out as ftm or I see a ftm transitioner- I get really jealous… In high school I was convinced I was ftm but put the thought aside in college and forgot. Being female never felt right, I’ve always been angry I was born a girl and the experience is traumatic Now I’m- facing my end in a few years and the thoughts come back. Am I too late to know? Did I waste my life not pursuing transition? How do you know for sure??
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2023.06.04 05:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (

[Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (
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It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
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2023.06.04 05:15 Bird_is_the_word_ This is laughable (read rant)

This is laughable (read rant)
I posted this photo on a Facebook melanie group as I did here in reddit and let's just say the Facebook groups are sensitive asf🤣 An older lady commented on my post saying "this isn't melanie". She got alot of angry upvotes and replied to herself "you guys can be mad it's not her" me thinking she meant it's not her under the mask replied asking "who is it then" and how it was posted on her insta. Well this was her response "it isn't posted on her Instagram dumbass" to which I responded "it was on her story dumbass🤣🤣🤣" I get a notification like 15 min later that I've been blocked from posting and commenting on the group for a day🤣 like bitch what? I ain't Jesus I'm not turning the other cheek to blunt rudeness. Apparently you can't be mean to dumbasses who were mean first yall🤣
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2023.06.04 05:14 mr_novack64 Coworkers think I’m entitled and I need to work hard to get anywhere.

It ticks me off that I get told I’m entitled and that I have a chip on my shoulder because I’m a millennial. I mostly get told this by coworkers (older ones). Well, you would be too if you were me.
Went to college to get into debt because I wanted to work in IT and have a better paying job. Too many people are doing IT (IT is not the same as Programmers). Not a lot of businesses hire a lot of people for their IT department that’s if they even have an IT Department.
I just wanted a good life. Own a car that I don’t have to throw money at to get fixed every so often, own a house (not anymore), have kids (nope), take care of my fiancée, have a normal sleep habit, all that stuff.
Nope, I’m entitled. As some of my coworkers say. Also get told that I am still young. I’m 35, not getting any younger. Graduated from college over 12 years ago, still no job in IT, just in debt. Also moved around quite a bit to different cities and states just to end up with nothing.
Had a coworker (one of many that said I was entitled, but she bitched about engineers and want to become one without going to college, but she is not that far from retirement) asked me if working in IT was worth it compared to what I was making when I was working 7 days a week and getting double pay on Sundays. She knew that I worked 7 days a week, but thought it was about money. At the time I was making over $800 a week after taxes and benefits. Told her yes because I won’t be forced into working 7 days a week and I would get to do what I wanted to do. (Yea I know, I could quit, and I did after 3 years.)
(Fun Fact. Nebraska doesn’t have labor laws about working 7 days a week. Any place of work here can work you 7 days nonstop.)
Had a supervisor told me that if I wanted to be in IT that I had to work hard, put hours in and someday I would get a job in IT. Wow, this fucker here. Why did I even go to college now. He said that’s how the IT guys they have got their jobs. One was a maintenance guy other was a folk lift driver. Both didn’t know shit about IT. They got the jobs because they were not machine operators. 99% of the time you will not move up if you are a machine operator at this place.
Finally, an IT position opened. I applied for it. Waited. 3 months went by. I checked up on it a few times. Got told some bullshit on why it was taking long. Not enough people applying, head of HR gone on vacation, etc. Was talking to the plant manager one day. He went and told me that I was more useful to him running the machines than working in IT. Fuck it, done, I’m out. Found out a few days after I quit that they had someone outside of the company lined up for IT already.
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2023.06.04 05:14 Coreybom Big ups to Across the Spider-Verse for showing off other aspects of Spider-Man Mythos

So, i wanted to gush about in two ways, one about the spot and the other on bring light to the Death of Captain Stacy.
One, with the spot, I love that the movie rightly highlights a great aspect of spider-man villains that often doesn’t get highlighted as much, and that his villains are quite often INSANELY powerful and dangerous, but (aside from Doc and Norman) are either so inept or just DUMB that they barely villain of the week. The spot starts the movie a joke, but by the mid-way point has trained so much that he essentially becomes a cosmic level threat. A similar situation happened with Ends of the Earth, where with some upgraded and Doc planning, the sinister six managed to take on the avengers and, for a short time anyway, WIN.
Likewise, them actually acknowledging the other major tragedies of spider-mans life, particularly Captain Stacy. While the andrew garfield films did put a emphasis on Captain Stacy and his death, they were the only ones that did so, and fumbled it hard with the second one. This one actually puts a legitimately LARGE amount of importance on his death, and how much tragedy spider-man actually deals with.
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2023.06.04 05:13 Oksizedwiener I told a friend about my problems

I've known him for maybe 2 years. I knew everything about his problems, but me myself always had problems opening up, especially to him. Typical funny friend syndrome, that's what I call it.
Then, a week ago, I had a weak moment where I told him things I never discussed with my therapist because those things were new, and I was overwhelmed. I kind of regretted telling him later because I really did sound like a psycho but he was supporting:"I appreciate you telling me about this. This tells me that you trust me"
Fuck that. Just 20 minutes ago we laughed about something while talking on the phone and then he said the most out of context shit, making fun about that one thing that upsets and scares me.
I couldn't believe what I heard and just nervously chuckled, asked:"How did you come up with that now?" But he didn't answer and just minded his business, playing on his playstation. For 10 minutes my heart was beating so hard and I couldn't talk. I believe he noticed that something was off but did not know what so he just made random noises I would normally react to.
"Should I say something or just leave it now?" That's what was going through my head while just staring in the air until I opened up:" You know what, that was fucking disrespectful. That just confirmed that I can't talk with you about my problems and I want you to know that I won't forget that. Not a single friend in all those years managed to get me so upset like you just did. Please, and for what even was that?" While he just said "I'm sorry fr" and even changing into our native language "I just said I'm sorry fr"
I just wished him a good evening and said I'll listen to music. That got me off track so bad, I was even shaking and couldn't believe what just happened.
He told me so much where I thought:"Boy, that wouldn't have happened if you just used your brain," but I never made fun of him in that way he just did.
Just unbelievable.
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2023.06.04 05:13 merlinaeus NBME 31 and advice on how to finish dedicated.

How did you guys feel about NBME 31? I felt that I had to just click random answers for some because there were so many lab values, and reading through them took a lot of time. Nevertheless, I scored the highest on any NBME I've taken. My breakdown so far is as follows:
NBME 25: 61% with 83% chance of passing (3/1/23) [baseline pre-dedicated]
NBME 27: 68% with 97% chance of passing (5/12/23)
NBME 28: 68% with 97% chance of passing (5/17/23)
NBME 30: 71% with 98% chance of passing (5/27/23)
NBME 31: 78% with a 99% chance of passing (6/3/23)
I only have 52% of UWorld completed with a 64% on average correct.

I am set to sit for step on June 14th, and I am wondering what I should be doing during these last 11 days. I plan on taking the free120 next week about five days before test day. Any advice on what to look through from now until test day? Side note: I'm super exhausted and am having a lot of trouble getting through UWorld haha.
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2023.06.04 05:13 korrokoro Long rant ahead: feeling like I married the completely wrong person going through this ectopic

So I’m going through an ectopic after having a miscarriage in March, and this has been hands down, the most challenging thing I’ve ever been through in my life physically, mentally, and emotionally and I’ve never felt so alone.
The night I was in severe pain and had to go to the ER, I went alone while my husband stayed home with our toddler. I came home the next day in pain to an empty fridge, nothing to eat at all, and my husband took no initiative to get/make any food. I bought iHop after not being able to eat all night due to the potential of surgery. When he came home that morning, he ate my leftovers without any questions. I let it go.
The next day I had an appointment to redo ultrasound and decide on the next steps (wait and watch, surgery, or methodextrate). I had to ASK my husband to come with me to this appointment (he didn’t offer).
The morning of, I was up early because I was so nervous. I decided to let him sleep in, and took our son to daycare. On my way back home, I called him countless times for over 20 minutes to meet me downstairs so we could go to the appointment together. Of course he didn’t answer any of my calls, so I left and went to the appointment on my own because I was annoyed with his lack of initiative.
He didn’t call back until I was almost at the clinic, and that drove me nuts. He said he thought I’d wake him up for the appointment, but I know he heard us heading out for daycare and that should have been his cue to begin getting ready. I feel like he should have woken up on his own if he really actually wanted to be there. I reminded him about what the ER doctor advised about me not being alone due to the risk of a a rupture and fainting, and he didn’t have anything to say.
What made it even more embarrassing was that I was so dizzy at my appointment and my doctor advised not to drive myself home, to call someone and get picked up. I called my husband at least 3 times and of course, he didn’t pick up. I ended up waiting in the clinic 30 minutes before they let me go home alone. He called me back HOURS later and I just went completely off. I told him how stupid and helpless I felt with his ignored calls. All he had to say was that he was sleeping. No apology, nothing. When I got home he tried to give me a hug and I refused, telling him a hug won’t fix anything.
Now my LAST straw was the following day (yesterday). I had another appointment to get the methodextrate injection. I told my husband I’d go to the lab at 7 am then come home and we could go to my appointment together which was at 10 am. I did this in the hopes that the lab results would be out in time for my appointment. I began calling him right as I’m leaving the hospital, lo and behold, no answer. I called 4 times as I drove 20 minutes home, no answer. At this point I was so pissed off, nothing could calm me down. He called me back as I was opening the door and said his phone was on silent. I simply demanded the Costco card from him (to get gas since I was really low on it), and told him I was running late for my appointment since I had to get gas. He had an attitude and purposely took all the time in the world to find his card. I asked him to hurry up because I was going to be late, and I was so furious I have no idea what he said. He wasn’t able to find the card and told me to take his car. I took his keys and cried all the way to my appointment, feeling so stupid. I feel like this is something we should be going through together, and it’s already hard enough on me having to go through the pain and emotional turmoil of an ectopic. How he’s made me feel hurts more than anything throughout this experience. Part of me wants to give him grace, but I also feel like he should be mindful that I’m in a very vulnerable place medically and needs to have at least my calls coming through. I feel like I’m not seeing any effort on his end to help me or be there for me.
I’m seriously considering a divorce at this point because I feel like hard times are really telling of a person’s true colors, but I don’t know if I’m being too reactionary.
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2023.06.04 05:12 rottenangelfood If anyone has any advice to fix the cycle/ addiction please

I had a phase with alcohol where I kind of masked everything and I was eating a lil normal more recently,,, but I did lose like 50 pounds in like three months and it was the worst time of my life. The thrill of it and the slight self motivation in terms of the illness really kept me going but I was trying to get healthy and picked up some other bad habits and i gained a lot of the weight back. But I can see my collar bones again slightly and if anything it feels exhilarating and super fucked. I hate that this illness encourages me to just not treat myself with the grace and kindness I want and always show everyone else. It's just a never ending loop of never being good enough even if I've been skinny sick or a lil not how I want to be. I just don't know how I'm supposed to get out of the constant addiction cycle of trying to be "better" but in reality it's the most unrealistic idea in terms of ed illness. I also feel like I'm socially aware of what I'm doing wrong but it's like I'll stop at nothing "again"
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2023.06.04 05:12 BOLTS_RULE Tbh the fucking Vegas game was rigged how was that only a penalty to FLORIDA if Vegas started it how did hill not get a penalty in the beginning how did Florida only get the penalty #fuckvegas

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2023.06.04 05:12 Optimal_Visual3416 AITA or did I dodge a bullet?

I am a 32yo woman. In 2020 I went through a divorce w/ my ex husband, who we will call J. I caught J cheating on me for months. He made think I was crazy till I finally wised up and pulled our phone records out. When I confronted him, I had the intentions trying to forget about it and fix our marriage (we had children together). My ex husband told me he didn't want a divorce but he didn't want to be w/ me either. This went on for months. I finally gave up and filed for a divorce to be done, with his knowledge. At that point in time he was still with the girl he cheated with.
I started talking to an old friend, from childhood, of mine. His name happened to be J as well so we can call him J2 (eye room for my stupidity). Everything was going great untill Joe1 found out I was talking to J2. J went through my social media accounts, as he knew all my passwords and sign in info from being married for 10+. J decided to message J2 (on my account) telling him we were still actively trying to fix our marriage, that there was no divorce. J2 had already been warning that J1 was a heavy manipulator. J2 believed everything and broke things off w/ me w/ the understanding that we could try again once I had the paper to prove a finalized divorce (a divorce can take a year here) even though i did not want the relationship to end like that.
In that time period my friends, seeing how unhappy and depressed I was, encouraged me to go on another date. I agree finally after alot of encouragement. That's when I met my now fiancée. We will call him Steven (thank God it wasn't J 😂). Steven is an amazing guy. Didn't heist to let me know I was everything he wanted. Within a year of dating (and of course that divorce being finalized) he proposed to me. I have hardly looking back since as Steven has been a dream come true. We are to be married a month from now.
This is where it gets a bit crazy. J2 messages me saying how upset he was that I was with Steven. I can tell he is looking for closure after all this time (over a year). I explain to him that I didn't plan it. That I still value him as a friend, however I'm marring Steven. That I'm sorry he felt that I wronged him, I had no intentions of hurting him. I reminded him that he broke things off with me. I encouraged him to keep dating and find that person he wasn't willing to let go of so easily. From that I have been called alot of names and essentially told I'm the worst kind of person for allowing myself to be happy with Steven after ruining what I apparently "had" with J2. So am I the A-hole or did I dodge a bullet?
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2023.06.04 05:11 QueenAerea Aerea XVII - Executioner

12th Moon, 200 AC Riverrun Toxicity
You, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder?
Now, somewhere between the sacred silence, sacred silence and sleep
Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep
Lightweaver circled above Riverrun with nary a screech exiting her, before landing in the largest courtyard. Riverrun had been a sight for sore eyes, a reprieve from the mountains and fields and the thoughts within her mind. Sleepless for countless days, there was no doubt in her mind that this event would bring even more of a headache than the one she’d nursed for so long.
The queen and her dragon were a sight to behold. Both unscathed but also bearing signs of clear battle. Weathered and tired. Veterans of a fight they never wanted to participate in to begin with.
The both of them bathed in dried blood, Aerea slid off of the back of Lightweaver. Exiting the saddle and landing on the ground below, she dug her heels into the cobble with displeasure. Her armor had long become uncomfortable with sweat and grime and, of course, blood caked into its joints and on the layers she wore beneath. A long bath will be needed, Aerea idly thought, but nothing would wash the sin off of her.
Aerea would begin by removing her gauntlets as servants rushed to attend to her; Aerea would dismiss them after giving brief feeding instructions for her dragon. Her Grace required nothing and wanted for nothing. She felt nothing, too—how could one feel after they’d killed those they cared for the most? She did not allow guilt to consume her, however. There was nothing left for the guilt to eat at.
The long days and nights spent in flight were eerily calm and without trouble. They glided easily in the skies as though blessed with good, favorable weather, no qualms found. Aerea loathed it. Some part of her wanted struggle, strain, turmoil as to justify the pain that she’d endured. But nothing would do, and she would get no such luck. Only peace and her inability to calm her quarrelsome mind.
She found herself speaking, but did not recognize her deep, raspy voice as her own.
“Bring me to the Lady Tully, and the Lady Hand.”
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2023.06.04 05:11 Informal-Fix-8593 Need Suggestion with upcoming marriage M33 and F30. Groom Lost job with wedding upcoming

using a throwaway as my siblings are on reddit.
My girlfriend(F30) and I(M33) are in a relationship for 6 years now. We are Asians living in SE Asia. and planned to get married later this year during fall and we had seen venues however not booked them yet. We are splitting costs for the wedding as she is working.
A week ago, I was fired from my work for causing an irreparable damage to the company asset(read crashing a luxury car while on transit duty). Even though the car was insured, I am on the hook for paying for some of the damages which will wipe out my savings that I had put together for the wedding and I may have to ask for some money from my siblings.
I spoke to my folks and her about postponing the wedding until next year and only keeping a low key engagement and schedule a wedding sometime next year as I did not want to get married while being out of a job. I told her about my reservations about getting married with the stress of being unemployed, job search and raking together the money for the wedding/honeymoon and other associated issues will not lead to a happy beginning of our married life.
My GF is having none of it and is throwing a temper tantrum that she has had it all planned out however my folks are of the opinion that the groom being unemployed/bankrupt will be bad optics all around.
Asking her to pay for the entire wedding does not sound ethical of me at all and I want to enjoy our wedding, even if I have to post pone this for a few months.
How to make my girlfriend realize this and make her agree to a low key engagement this year and wedding the next(2024)?
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2023.06.04 05:11 AyAy08 As someone who's about to make his first batch of kefir...

Hello everyone. My only experience with kefir has been trying it for the first time (store-bought) last week, and making some by adding it to some pasteurized milk.
However, I just purchased some kefir grains today, and about to make some "real" kefir for the first time. This is what I learned after reading the pinned "How to make kefir" so far—
  1. Add about 2 tsp of grains to 2 cups of fresh milk, in a sterilized jar.
  2. Let it sit in a dark, room-temp place for 24 hours. Strain, and rinse the kefir grains with cold water to start a new batch.
  3. Drink the strained kefir right away or let it sit at room temperature for another 24-48 hours, then refrigerate.
Did I get this right? How long can I store the grain in the refrigerator? Please help me out.
Thank you.
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