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Imagine a Place... where you can belong to a school club, a gaming group, or a worldwide art community. Where just you and handful of friends can spend time together. A place that makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often.

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A SFW subreddit featuring women gaining curvy thickness through workouts or other exercise.

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2023.06.04 05:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (Genkicourses.site)

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 05:50 skeeterskeetparty Going to my First Pride Event, My straight Wife is Coming too

tl;dr: wife asked about pride parades and I’m taking her; it’s my first pride event.
Hey everybody, sorry for the long post. Anyways, I’ve (28m) accepted my bisexuality for 10 years now, so 2023 is sort of a big bi-aversary for me (granted, it was begrudgingly at first, but I’ve done some growing since the dark days). Since starting this journey, I’ve met and married my (straight) wife (40f); we’re coming up on five years married this year. She’s never been phobic or close-minded of the community, but because we’re monogamous she has fallen into this habit of bi-erasure, which is frustrating (“are you really bi/does it matter if you’re bi if we’re married and monogamous?)
SO, about a month ago, she asked me about any pride festivals near us. Keep in mind, this is the first time she’s initiated a conversation anywhere close to my sexuality in YEARS, so it was a notable step. It’s not usually my scene as visibility isn’t exactly high on my list (my blue collar coworkers don’t really need to know about the bi guy working in a pipe mill. It’s just easier that way, the jokes write themselves and I don’t have the patience for it), but I think it would be really good to get my wife out and about to see and support it as an ally. I don’t want to necessarily be visible to the public, but I need to be visible to her.
This will be my first pride event I’ve ever attended, and granted, it is Houston, Texas, just to temper expectations. Any tips, tricks, or advice? Thanks again guys, gals, and everyone else!
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2023.06.04 05:50 No-Animal210 [Discussion] Imposter Syndrome resources?

To be honest, I'm not really even sure where to start, so I'll dive right in. Foremost, I am not seeking to brag or to boast, nor am I a narcissistic prick. With this said, I have a serious case of imposter syndrome that is hindering me from taking risks I normally take, and that is creating an anxiety that is over powering me at times; it is pining me against me, and it is creating a lust for success that is coming from a place of fear rather than creativity which hasn't always been the case....I just dont know how to get back to "normal" or what steps to take. I am able to bring moments of instant anxiety back down to earth, but I often find myself wondering (in a prolonged way) what ___thinks of me, if I fail, what _(insert person, community etc)____ might say about it. I'm not sure why, and I know the road to hell is paved in comparison, but something has snapped in me recently.
I feel that our country only has 2 classes now, rich and barely scraping by, and my zest and personal ambition to become ultra succesful while also pleasing everyone around me, has led me down a dark path recently.
I am 29 years old with an Afghanistan deployment, when I got home I worked a random job for a year while training for the opportunity to play college football. When I made the team as a walk-on, I was awarded scholarship status my first year. Despite a 5a.m. to 9p.m. school and football schedule, it didnt feel like I was accomplishing enough, and along with my GI bill, I took the extra money and created a business that thrived while I was playing football, in my final year of football I had 18 W2 Employees, 7 full time. At 29 y/o currently, my two businesses are growing and pull in 400k per year....I handed them off to my fiancé because I was offered a lucrative job as an operations manager for a 35 million dollar per year branch of a corporation which pulls 45 billion.
I have definitely faced bumps along the road, at one point being down very badly, but I have since rebounded. Despite my rebound I've been unable to be the effective leader I typically am. I am in charge of a lot of older folks, ranging from my age to over 55 years old. I actively earn more than all of them just based off my salary for the company, let alone my bonuses... I know this because their raises ultimately go through me and I have access to everyone's profiles....this basic knowledge of the positions pay, as well as some individuals tenure in the company, has created some very serious rifts in my ability to effectively lead my team of more than 30 people who are sour about my position, age, and authority over our team.
I have been a disciplined leader for as far back as I can remember, I've always separated myself to accomplish more, and I lead the way by doing not demanding. This time, I am left feeling ..and being treated ..as inferior by those I am trying to lead in a way that puts made the military look like a cake walk. I have been working 7 days a week, and showing thanks by completing small gestures. I've also been doing the "dirty" work.
I know that to be a leader, you have to prove yourself, so I've been rolling up my sleeves and doing some really gritty work to make sure my team knows I lead from the front and am in their corner. I've also given out 6 raises of 12 percent or more, to those who have performed consistently.
I feel for the first time, unqualified to be a leader, and I feel lost. This has caused a very odd depression, and anxiety where I am obsessed with others perception of me in my business and personal life. I've become more irritable and angry, and I'm unsure how to find my center and get back into my masculine frame. Everything I do lately, I consider what it will look like from the view point of someone else, rather than simply making the right decision as I usually would. I've found myself deleting old friends off social media because in this new mindset I have, if they're not there, they can't judge me, and if they can't judge me, then I don't have to think about my decisions through their perspective of me.
I know this is fuckin insane, but this is a seriously detrimental case of imposter syndrome, as well as subsequent mental issues. Any resources, books, videos, or philosophical considerations would be of great value as I attempt to correct course and restructure my mentality.
Thank you.
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2023.06.04 05:50 Azulunae About hero selection and playstyle

Just recently downloaded this game, literally just tried it for the first time last night. I do have a background in mobas, i play a ton of league as well as various mobile ones, so this game doesn't feel absolutely incomprehensible to me. I just dove right in, not studying anything first lol, i learn better that way sometimes - try something first, learn later.
Character design is honestly really important to me when picking something to play, and i found hoodwink adorable, so i gave her a shot. I actually really like how her kit feels, but i worry that how i seem inclined to play isn't actually viable, and the way i won a game yesterday isn't actually viable even if i had a great time with what i was doing. Probably just a matter of being a beginner lobby, but no one seemed to understand the concept of applying pressure through splitpushing, it seemed like people just wanted to mindlessly fight.
So what i ended up doing was hoarding most of my teleports for later in the game, and just sneaking off to sidelanes when enemies weren't there. I'd just oneshot the waves, take a turret, get like 3 of them trying to collapse on me, and then just QW them and E to slip away, either path to secret shop if i needed to buy something, or tp somewhere wildly different, etc.
I main top, adc, and a bit of support in league, and it felt like i was honestly just taking different elements from those 3 roles and throwing it together at different times tbh.
I have heard that there is a lot more flexibility with dota as far as roles go, but i feel like each character probably has a viable gameplan regardless of that? Or can you really just figure out your own customizable strategy, at least in low elo? Is this a playstyle that has any merit and can this hero[hoodwink] do it in more than just beginner lobbies, or not really and it was probably just me having a general moba experience advantage making something dumb work against people who may not have had that?
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2023.06.04 05:50 KirkHammettJigsaw Firestorm 120 Results!

Boa noite, everybody, welcome to São Paulo! We’re here for Firestorm 120, and we have four phenomenal matches for all of you! Let’s not waste any more time, we’re jumping right into these results!

Wife Lover vs. Wife Killer: Victor Williams vs. Cactus Mike (c) - FBE Television Championship Eliminator
In our opening contest, Cactus Mike, our FBE Television Champion, is taking on Wife Killer Victor Williams. The Weeknd’s biggest fan has a chance to add himself to the FBE Television Championship Match at WarZone, but to do so, he has to get through the Cardiac Cactus. After a phenomenal contest, the man getting his arm raised at the end of it all is…CACTUS MIKE! Mike gets the W tonight, and will only have to focus on Hunter Maguire at WarZone! However, before that, he has to take on his fellow Ark brother, Kaze Tanaka, in the first round of the Heyman Classic.
Cactus Mike (12) def. Victor Williams (4)

Not-So-Warm Welcome: Vix vs. Maxwell Davis
Vix is a former FBC Intercontinental Champion, which is VERY important. The stalwart Junior is welcoming a new one to the squared circle tonight, as Corey Youngblood’s mortal enemy Maxwell Davis makes his debut for us. Both Juniors gave tonight’s contest their all, but at the end of the day, Vix picked up the victory! A rude awakening for Maxwell Davis, but he showed obvious potential to do damage in this promotion.
Vix (9) def. Maxwell Davis (6)

Live and Let Thai: Bengt Holm vs. Jay Castle
Bengt Holm showed up tonight looking for a fight, and decided to indulge himself by setting up an Open Challenge. Out came The Hometown Hero, Sãu Paulo’s favourite son, Jay Castle. Castle has had himself a hell of a past few weeks. He joined The Aether Aces, taking Code Blue’s eye out in the process, and now, he’s the FBE “Intercontinental Champion” in possession of the belt that Ethan Fadely stole from Travis Crowley. This Pure Rules match was back-and-forth…BUT JAY CASTLE SENT A MESSAGE TO TRAVIS CROWLEY, GETTING THE WIN AND CELEBRATING LIKE A CHAMPION SHOULD! He’s got The DeadStar in the first round of the Heyman, and tonight was a statement victory for him!
Jay Castle (11) def. Bengt Holm (4)

Why Is A Doctor Fighting A Psych Patient?: Logan Wright vs. Misery - Guerrilla Warfare Qualifier
And now, OUR MAAAAIIIIIIINNNNN EVENT OF THE EVENING! Misery, perhaps the most dangerous member of DTJ, was a tremendous Junior Champ, looking to be the second member of her faction to enter the Guerrilla Warfare match. Dr. Logan Wright, double champ, The Ark’s MVP of 2023 so far, gearing up for a huge match with Apeirogone on P.U.R.E. Only one of these two warriors can claim the fourth and final spot in Guerrilla Warfare, and despite both of them doing incredibly well…THE DOCTOR WALKS AWAY WITH THE WIN! If all goes well for Logan Wright, he could get through Apeirogone, and then get through Capital STEEZ, Joshua Epps and the FBE World Heavyweight Champion Inferno, potentially becoming an FBE Triple Champion!
Dr. Logan Wright (11) def. Misery (5)

Next week, we got the first round of the Heyman Classic, but after that, we got WarZone, and we want it to be a HUGE show! If you’re not booked for it, but you want to be, just message me or message Inferno and we’ll get you on the card! Great work by everybody tonight, you all killed it. Next week, the dance floor opens up, and the party rages on until fifteen of us die off. We never go out of style.
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2023.06.04 05:50 CobaltCrusader123 I can sympathize with George RR Martin delaying The Winds of Winter

Inb4 "this one's actually unpopular"
Yes, I know that the last book in the main series came out in 2011, about 11.5 years ago. Yes, I know about that time Martin said his fans could throw him in jail if he didn't finish the manuscript by July 2020, and then didn't finish by that self-imposed deadline. I've seen and listened to all the Preston Jacobs videos and podcasts about the delays of TWOW (and refuse to watch the Nerdrotic ones, even at gunpoint). And I definitely get why people want a real ending to the story- season 8 of Game of Thrones sucked, and the story of the books really feels like it's nearing it's last act. But I still logically and emotionally understand what is taking him so long.
A Song of Ice and Fire is a truly EPIC series. It spans multiple countries and hundreds of main characters, all of which have deep, rich, entwining and interesting backstories and relevance to the plot. The total word count the main series (A Game of Thrones to A Dance with Dragons) is, 1,736,054 words long, according to Wikipedia. This is longer than The Hobbit (95,356 words), The Lord of the Rings (481,103 words) (according to Foster Grant) and The King James Bible (783,137 words, according to Word Count) combined (this combination being 1,359,596 words) . Hell, book 3 of ASOIAF alone is 414,603 words (Wikipedia), decently close the LOTR trilogy's total word count. Imagine how goddamn long and hard George had to work, plan, and write and write and write on this series. Then take into account his writings of the prequels and historical novels surrounding the peoples, cultures, geography, and histories of Westeros and Essos. And also writing episodes of the most mainstream cable television show of all time. And going to conventions, and doing interviews, and showing up to HBO offices to record video bites for Behind the Scenes content, and answering fan mail personally.

However, I do not entirely and unambiguously think George is correct in his delating. Personally, I believe that an author's creation of a series comes with an unspoken social contract with the fans, this contract being that as long as the fans continue to purchase a writer's stories, that the author will do their best to supply them with worthwhile (and existent) stories. Yes, I think that George has taken too long putting out TWOW. But unlike some others, I can understand why it's taken so long, and would have forgiven him for the delay if TWOW came out in 2021, a decade after Dance.
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2023.06.04 05:49 InfamousAssistant750 GUYS!!! Does my co-worker want to ask me out????

Does this guy actually want to ask me out or am I just reading too much into it?
Me [21F] and I think he’s maybe 24 or 25. I recently started working at this job a few months ago and my first two months there I’ve seen him around but never actually needed to be around him since we work in two different ends of the company. He comes over to my area A-LOT recently since we’ve started “talking”. Writing that in quotes to put emphasis on the fact out conversations are very short 5-10min no more. I’ve had two other female co-workers who are in their 40s maybe older who have suggested he IS IN FACT flirting with me. But the convos between us are mainly banter and friendly work talk.
One interaction which stand out to me from the start until now is when my friend mentioned to him that I used to be engaged. For context, I’m a AVID ring wearer. Like, one of two rings per finger but never on my ring finger for obvious reasons. When he heard her say this he quickly reached for my hand and looked at my ring finger to see for himself if I was wearing one now. I wasn’t. I don’t know how to describe how he did this in words. But it was more like when someone shows you something on their phone that peaks your interest so you quickly grab the phone and read it harder than you did the first time. I hope that makes sense. But that sense of urgency was his body language at the time. He’s normally chill and low-key about his actions but that was abrupt. Why was he that invested on something like that?
Fast forward. Last night, we were working a late shift together and he was closing so he came over to my department to “help where he can”. Of course the convos were all laughs and giggles. Only this time, it was just us. He came over to me when I was standing in the back working on something and I don’t remember what I said but we were laughing and he really liked whatever I said and was laughing pretty hard about it and said “you’re so cute.” While he’s laughing????? What does that actually mean? Do I take that how he said it or is there underlying meaning?
Few minutes later, he comes around to where I’m standing and says, “I’m gonna ask you something but afterwards, I never asked this”
I say okay and wait for him to ask. He’s hesitating so I gently press on and say “go ahead ask me anything.” And he just said “never mind I’ll ask you later”
Ask he was walking away I said tried to get him to ask me anyways. But he wasn’t making any eye contact and was kinda smoothly walking away to go “take care of something real quick”
Now, I’m the kinda woman who does what I do and if I sense something I’ll play it cool until he says something directly. I’ve been this way for a while because I used to take friendly banter as someone being interested but I always end up finding out that I was just reading too deeply into things.
Omg!!! And then today. Bro. TODAY. I didn’t know he was at work and he came over around 12pm randomly and he was helping someone at the desk next to me but I was leaning in the vicinity and he looks over at me and says “your hair looks nice today” and I look at him and say Thanks.
We talk a few minutes later and I asked him about the question he had yesterday. And again tried to leave so I pressed on and asked him to tell me. He said it was out of work so it’s not important. I encouraged him to say it anyways and he said he just thought I was at the same festival and didn’t know if it was me but didn’t want to ask me about actually being there or not at work because it was potentially “awkward” I made a joke that it was fine nothing is awkward for me. He called me “cute, very cute” (I died).
Anyways, later on I text him on our messaging app for work for help with something in a different department. Side note - he is a manager so he’s our entire staffs first contact always by policy. So I didn’t text him out of the blue. Anyways he doesn’t answer in time for me to figure it out on my own. So I text him back saying it was fixed.
He texted back hours later “my bad, are you still here?” And I said I was. And lo and behold he’s back walking towards my section.
What am I to think of this? What’s he really doing? Is it worth me investing myself or does he seem unsure? Just feedback if any kind at this point please. thanks!
Sorry about the length of this. I want to just get accurate advice/explanations.
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2023.06.04 05:49 randomwhiteboi69420 I (22M) just need someone to talk to and give me opinions when it comes to my endless situation (with 26F)

I’ve been in a relationship for so long. We had broken up, we tried to amend it and it got messed up again. I try my best to actually not being with her anymore but my feelings overwhelm me and I end up sticking with the decision of staying. It’s a quite long and complicated situation, I might overthink and be anxious if I don’t have anyone to talk to (my friends are unavailable atm). If someone’s down to have a dialogue, we can FaceTime, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc
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2023.06.04 05:49 GoofGaffGrin Say what you want about the refs, the Power Plays, the shots. These TNT announcers are shit tier at best.

Its been hit or miss in the playoffs with how the announcers speak about the Panthers. Tonight’s game felt egregious. Goldie and Moller put in all the work during the regular season and then sit the bench for the playoffs. Why do any of the local guys not get to do anything beyond game 1? I’m sure there’s contracts with Bally vs TNT or whatever but still.
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2023.06.04 05:49 FUCK-4k-downloader Video doesn't download (Youtube) - and why reddit?

  1. Youtube Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYReeMv5sOI) won't download at all and tell me to contact support
  2. My other Youtube downloader that usually works failed with this video so I downloaded your app literally only for this and then after doing that and failing to get me the video you tell me to contact support by creating a fucking account? Why do I have to create a reddit account do contact support? Why not somewhere where I don't have to create another fucking account I have so many accounts what the hell do you want? Why not just an email or something?
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2023.06.04 05:48 Repulsive_Extent1885 The Charred remains - a Star Wars RP

The galaxy stopped at a standstill.
With the First Order finally gone, and the Jedi's return about 20 years later, the Republic is doing well for itself, finally. A time of prosperity has finally come for the people, with a Republic that actually is doing well. For a little while.
First, it was the Empire. Remnants of the Empire and First Order, grouping together under someone who claims to be Darth Vader Reborn.
And then, it was the Cult. An ancient group of Sith and Mandalorians, following a leader who seems to only have one goal; destroy the Republic.
And in the middle of it all.... Holo communication comes to the various Smugglers and Outcasts of the Galaxy, from Jedi and Sith outcasts to Scoundrels and even the common civilian who needs the money. A simple job really. Steal a Datapad from a compound. What could go wrong?
This is a server meant to end my long hiatus from Star Wars RPs, but also group RPs in general. An EXTREMELY simple server with high amounts of freedom of choice, where the story adapts to the main characters' (the group) choices. This is meant to let more simple and maybe even inexperienced or older RPers like me to have a simple, fun way to do things without worrying about bots or any other newer, complicated things we don't have the experience to understand. Age and Literacy isn't really specific, though I do ask nobody below 15 joins. There's not going to be any dice rolls or bots or anything complicated and generally the server is meant to be plenty simple and especially bare bones because while complicated servers seem fun, it is hard for new RPers and semi retired ones to get used to it (me being the latter)
DM me for more details if you are confused, this is an ALT so it may take me a bit to actually see your messages, and I do live in the EST time zone, but I'll do my best for everyone hope to talk to you soon. Once you are in the server I may or may not be around but I'll get you situated as best I can. Server is very simple so it shouldn't take much.
Summary: Star Wars RP, mostly scoundrel or mercenary characters, possibility for others, no bots, no dice rolls, no age requirement, just writer and text. Super simple.
Link: https://discord.gg/P9HcwCYeG6
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2023.06.04 05:48 Lil_Farmer21 21f [chat]

Hello! I’m night (not my real name) I enjoy video games! I’m actually going to start streaming mainly all horror games! As they are my favorite. I do play others such as stardew, RE, we happy few, cod and many more! Although games I DONT play are apex, Fortnite, Minecraft, league or Val so please do not ask. (Kindly) I enjoy the outdoors, and I love art! I don’t have a specific kind that I like that I just enjoy viewing it! I am a cat mama of two, closest thing I will have to a child. I am in the Est and it’s getting to be summer time!
So that means hiding more indoors because I don’t wanna burn but I enjoy watching John Wolfe and such. He’s actually been a big inspiration for my streaming and I can be a bit shy at first but please come on down! I have a dark sense of humor and don’t get offended easily just don’t be a creep and we will get along great! Now I don’t bite..much
And if anyone wants to join my discord server lemme know! Be 19+
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2023.06.04 05:48 Beatsbythebong Window regulator fix

Window regulator fix
Tried the bike cable diy fix, which worked for a bit but the end slipped and damaged the cable run. Pictured is attempt 2 with the 70$ ebay kit which I installed today, working well so far 🤞.
This guy's video was helpful (not an s2k but same style of regulator) https://youtu.be/hYuXjpeAgOA
I think the big take away is that the window rails need to be regreased ocasionally. The connecting wire on the window side also needs to be greased. (rust is what broke mine in the spot where it clips into the white retainer on the window side)
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2023.06.04 05:48 kaytk35 Sigh....I got some sort of malware. It was a perfect storm.

I'm generally a safe computer user but I was in a somewhat hectic scenario that led to me getting malware on my PC. I use a paid anti-virus software. My subscription ended last week. I wasn't sure I wanted to continue with it so held off on renewing, and since I'm generally safe with my internet usage, felt comfortable not using another anti-virus in the meantime. I was on the phone with tech support for work. The guy had an accent, his phone seemed to be from 1800's, I was in a noisy environment, and in a rush. I misheard the website I was told to go to. My adblocker tried to stop me but I figured it was a mistake and ignored it. Then I got an adware-type notification every few seconds from a McAfee look-alike saying my computer was infected. I ran rkill, Malwarebytes, and hitman pro and hitman pro seems to have caught it. It's frustrating though. Be careful. Consistently use an anti-virus because things happen.
Here's some pictures of the events. I apparently was taken to two webpages. I think I went to the second after I proceeded from the first. Not sure how I downloaded something. Looks like my computer blocked an .exe file. Also looks like hitman found a few .exe files. Here's the photos. The first thing I did was shut down my computer. Then, I restarted my anti-virus subscription. If it matters, this involved me accessing my email, opening up the file on my PC that contains all my passwords, and entering my credit card to purchase the sure, which was not smart. I'll reformat my PC, cancel my credit card, and change important passwords. Any other suggestions?
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2023.06.04 05:48 Dizzy_Ditz34 Time Machine Not Working But Payment Went Through!?

Anyone having issues with the Time Machine option? I tried it twice, thankfully its only a dollar, and it does absolutely nothing... except just take my money... This app has been so buggy lately!! What is going on?!?!?!
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2023.06.04 05:48 inxsible_ Wood Blade guards vs ABS/felt lined guards

Any ideas/opinions about these wooden blade guards?
I have the ABS/felt lined guards for 2 of my knives, but the 3rd didn't come with any. I am still keeping the knives in the boxes that they came in...but these are cardboard boxes, so eventually they will wear down. So I was planning to get some more of the same ABS/felt lined knife guards when I found this wooden blade guard on Amazon:

Sayas are more expensive and there's no guarantee one would fit my knife perfectly. So these might be a good and cheaper alternative as long as I buy the ones that are longer than my knife blade length.
Does anyone have any insight into how these would work out? Any Pros or Cons that I might not have thought about?
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2023.06.04 05:48 sindigage I hurt my own feelings by assuming what he meant

We've had some pretty rough times I still don't know how we got out of. He's not great at opening up and explaining his feelings and marriage counseling has helped a lot! Here's where I messed up. I saw my husband posting a lot on reddit. I really wanted to know what he was writing books about. Wanted to see what he's into. I had the names of his accounts but never looked them up before. I looked them up and saw posts from a few years back during a tough spot before counseling. I did this while 6 months pregnant. That was terribly stupid on my part. He kinda uses reddit as a diary or anonymous space to vent because we don't tell friends and family our business anymore after it caused a lot of issues and they encouraged one another to stay mad over things we were working through. So I see what he wrote and it wasn't pleasant, and about me. He never thought I'd see it and the only thing on that particular account were 2 posts about me. We've talked about what he said but he isn't good with words or communication and I suck at interpreting what he does say. He speaks vaguely since I used to be more reactive with criticism. While I've improved immensely and even our counselor said I've been doing great, he and I have put each other through some times. I was 6 months and now my baby is 7 weeks. I took what those posts said at face value. I've been sitting here thinking I didn't know him like I thought and while not resentful over what he said, definitely hadn't worked through it. It lingered in the forefront of my mind. I won't go into very much detail as i don't want this to somehow be a talk shit fest, he's not bad. He made comments on how I was in bed and how he debated cheating to find what I wasn't offering. Today I had shower thoughts like, wait, I do quite a bit so what did he say again? I looked up the posts again and realized he hadn't truly specified what he was looking for. "Wild sex" "mind blowing last-night-of-your-life-sex" and he'd want to go out and do "insert almost romantic date description here". I didn't know what I could possibly not be doing besides 3 some, orgy, swinging stuff he's into but doesn't take part in because I couldn't handle sharing and public stuff. But that didnt seem right. I asked him today how he would describe mind blowing sex. To sum it up- passionate. Not some crazy position or situation or fetish i wasnt doing.... he felt like I didn't actually want him sexually. He didn't feel loved. He wanted to he romanced. The timeline of the post and our relationship lines up to almost immediately after he made that post, job situations changed, I lost some weight I'd been struggling with (I had issue with my weight, not him), kinda touched the subject in counseling, and had become more confident sexually which in turn... was more passionate. For months I just wondered what was so wrong with how I was during sex and he just didn't feel loved or wanted. I've been hurting my own feelings assuming he would risk our marriage when things get rough for what I imagined as wild sex. Turns out my imagination needs Jesus and my husband just needed me to be more present and showing him how I love him in general and sexually.
No advice or anything, but maybe just remember to communicate with your partners and try marriage counseling. We may speak the same language but assuming made an ass out of me. I'm gonna go tell him I love him now. Goodnight everyone
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2023.06.04 05:48 Infinite-Ad-1055 What Happened to the Majohn Ti500?

I have had a hell of a time trying to find and purchase a Majohn Ti500 pen. I found one on Amazon, purchased it only to find that it could not be fulfilled and notified that I would be reimbursed in full. This pen has disappeared on AliExpress, eBay, Etsy and now Amazon. Did something happen to this pen? Is there a way to purchase this pen that I am not aware of? I'd like to add this to the collection and would rather skip the Ti200 which does not interest me. Any assistance or information will be greatly appreciated. All the best!
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2023.06.04 05:48 Repulsive_Extent1885 The Charred remains - a Star Wars RP

The galaxy stopped at a standstill.
With the First Order finally gone, and the Jedi's return about 20 years later, the Republic is doing well for itself, finally. A time of prosperity has finally come for the people, with a Republic that actually is doing well. For a little while.
First, it was the Empire. Remnants of the Empire and First Order, grouping together under someone who claims to be Darth Vader Reborn.
And then, it was the Cult. An ancient group of Sith and Mandalorians, following a leader who seems to only have one goal; destroy the Republic.
And in the middle of it all.... Holo communication comes to the various Smugglers and Outcasts of the Galaxy, from Jedi and Sith outcasts to Scoundrels and even the common civilian who needs the money. A simple job really. Steal a Datapad from a compound. What could go wrong?
This is a server meant to end my long hiatus from Star Wars RPs, but also group RPs in general. An EXTREMELY simple server with high amounts of freedom of choice, where the story adapts to the main characters' (the group) choices. This is meant to let more simple and maybe even inexperienced or older RPers like me to have a simple, fun way to do things without worrying about bots or any other newer, complicated things we don't have the experience to understand. Age and Literacy isn't really specific, though I do ask nobody below 15 joins. There's not going to be any dice rolls or bots or anything complicated and generally the server is meant to be plenty simple and especially bare bones because while complicated servers seem fun, it is hard for new RPers and semi retired ones to get used to it (me being the latter)
DM me for more details if you are confused, this is an ALT so it may take me a bit to actually see your messages, and I do live in the EST time zone, but I'll do my best for everyone hope to talk to you soon. Once you are in the server I may or may not be around but I'll get you situated as best I can. Server is very simple so it shouldn't take much.
Summary: Star Wars RP, mostly scoundrel or mercenary characters, possibility for others, no bots, no dice rolls, no age requirement, just writer and text. Super simple.
Link: https://discord.gg/P9HcwCYeG6
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2023.06.04 05:48 Lazy-Action1256 My (20M) girlfriend (21F) has been ignoring my calls and texts for almost a week.

A little bit of backstory: my family history is not all that great and I know this personally. My parents were separated (never married) since before I was 4 years old so I never really got to see them together. This considered, my dad still stayed in my life and tried his best to give me good experiences when growing up and supported my mom with child support for me while I was staying with her. My mom on the other hand, is super lazy and whenever she would try to go for a new career would always find an excuse to not take that career. This resulted in me and my siblings living in housing for most of our lives (aside from me when I was staying with my dad). As a note, my siblings are only half-siblings and were born from a different dad (we’ll call him James) who my mom had dated before my dad. James, on the other hand, wasn't supportive of my siblings and actually moved to a different state to go date other women and make a new life out there.
All of that considered, me and my mom were having a rough patch a few months ago before I called her about three weeks ago. However, I’m not the best at standing up for myself when it comes to my parents so my girlfriend was there to help guide me with what to say to my mom. So, after the first time calling her, me and my girlfriend also discussed on what she had said and how far gone she is. It makes sense since my mom has been pretty isolated in housing for the past 20 years and doesn't go outside unless it's to get food or groceries.
However, as it turned out, I regretted calling my mom with my girlfriend since it started an argument with me and my gf where I would agree with the words she said but she didn't think that I saw her point of view. So, we spent the next few days talking about my mom and what I think about her. Personally, I don't like talking negatively about my parents unless I'm already angry at them for something, but I still agreed with what my gf had said. But, again, she kept going until she felt like she had gotten her point across (which I felt was too much).
Anyways, now it seemed like whenever my gf would get mad at me that she would make me call my mom with her listening in, almost as a way of reminding me how bad of a person my mom is. So, after the second time (there were only three times we did this), I felt like she was using me calling my mom as a way to feel better about the arguments we were having. But, I will say that the information we heard from my mom was valuable in seeing how far gone she was. We found out that my mom preferred James over my dad even though my dad was much more supportive of me than James was of my siblings. The reason for this was that James was the type of guy who my mom could have fun with and wasn't worried about spending money whereas my dad was very conscientious of his money.
So, what my gf and I were talking about in regard to my mom were true statements (her being delusional), but I still felt like it shouldn't take days to get that point across and I would rather be spending time playing games or watching shows/movies with my gf than talking about how my mom.
Now for what happened this past Saturday: my cousin was having a graduation party and I went and asked my gf if she wanted to come. Note that my gf hasn't met much of my family outside of my mom or dad, so her coming to the party and meeting everyone would take a lot of energy. Add that onto the fact that she has work on the weekends and it's understandable that she would just want to stay home after work. So, she said she didn't want to come, but still wanted to see me after the party which was cool with me. So, I went to the party and I got a little buzzed with alcohol so I asked my dad to drive me back to his house and then me and my dad started talking while the alcohol was wearing off. I also started talking to my friend who lives next door since me and him don't get to talk all that much now. However, in this time, my gf was expecting me to come over to her place soon, but I let her know I had alcohol so was letting it wear off and was talking with my friend. She seemed to get angry since she was waiting on me and I was only texting her sparingly and that I'd come over soon, but wasn't really precise with when (this is a flaw of mine). But anyways we do end up hanging out and she is mad at me briefly, but then it seems like things become more like how they usually are between us, but I tell her that when I get home we wouldn't be able to talk since I had an assignment and it seemed like she was fine with that.
So I end up getting back to my apartment and by the time I'm home she's already asleep so I just get started on this assignment which I actually stayed up all night to do. That being considered, the next day (Sunday) when she gets back from work, we start talking over the phone briefly and I tell her that I'm almost done with my assignment so I'd spend time with her afterwards. So, she kept asking me for a time estimate or an estimate of how much percent I'm done, (which is kind of hard with coding assignments because of all the potential bugs), but I said like 80-90%. So when it was taking longer than expected, she was getting angry with me and was telling me that if I shouldn't have gone to the party the day prior if I knew I had an assignment that was going to take this long. I said I understood that, but I said that this school semester has been really busy for me and I quite literally have homework all week, so there's no point in really cancelling going to the party if this week is like any other week.
Keep in mind also that because this semester has been really busy for me, that me and her do spend a lot of time together, but not as much as last semester, so there's been many situations where she was waiting to spend time with me but I was busy. Anyways, me and her argued this night over her waiting on me to finish my assignment and going to the party, etc. But, then she also brought up my mom at the end of this argument and said how I'm her son so I'm like her.
Ever since that argument she's been ignoring my calls and texts, but still has the "seen" notification on for the social medias where it shows that, so I know that she can see my messages. So, my question is why is she ignoring me? Is it because she's breaking up with me, or that she's just really mad or because she wants me to experience the pain of not being able to spend time with her like she has felt like with me (only a lot worse)?
This is my first relationship advice post (on a new account), so if more information is needed then let me know. Keep in mind that this is just the negative stuff and there's many positives with being in a relationship with her, but I can only get the feeling that letting her know too much about my mom's bad history has clouded her judgement of me as a person. Now I feel like she looks at me like I'm a much worse person after knowing all that my mom's done, whereas when it was just me without my mom's history, I felt like she looked at me like I was a better person. I love her more than anything else in the world and I'm just desperate, so if anyone has advice, let me know.
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2023.06.04 05:47 ThrowRA8097 Surface pro 7 stuck on infinite restart loop

Its been like this for 2 weeks, it was working fine then when i was trying to use my SP7 suddenly was infinite on updating/restarting loop. Ive let it "update" this whole day and took me to a blue screen if i want to recover from a drive or any other options and when i try to click any one of those options it restarts again.
Im not a tech person but ive also tried to put in this key password for it to work and it still didnt. As well Ive got taken to a screen when i press the volume and power button called UEFI which im unsure whats that for.
I tried reaching out to microsoft and they werent a help honestly.
How do i make this stop ?? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.04 05:47 Alpha_Invictus Freelancer Prestige Leveling Guide

I wrote this as a response to someone asking me for freelancer leveling tips recently in another post. It's just a draft written in one sitting but I thought I'd post sooner than later to help people out, if I can be bothered I may polish it as time goes by. Many obvious things have been omitted. Feel free to add your own.

Plan ahead to bring back as many free guns as possible using this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2931568179 The guide has some errors and omissions but is a great guide overall.
After you prestige level up and are starting anew, make sure to milk the early maps for everything it has until all free items are retrieved. At syndicate completion reward time, you want to be receiving mercers, not common items.
Using Mendoza as an example, I will bring back the Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle and the Bartoli Hunting Shotgun from the dual silo area of the map. On the second Mendoza run, I will bring back the Sapper's Axe and the Sieger AR552 Tactical rifle from the villa area.
Every item you retrieve is one you don't have to pay thousands for.
Get the Assassins's HWK21 Covert pistol by neutralising and assassin in the first showdown.

*** You can bring back 3 items by carrying one on the back (useful for Isle of Sgail), one in the briefcase (vendor purchase, only some maps have briefcases), and one hand-held weapon such as a sapper's axe***
*** BE CAREFUL as the many a time a bug causes the item in the briefcase to not return to the safehouse, resulting in an item loss***
*** If you risk this method then ensure the weapon in the briefcase is a cheap one and not something like a legendary weapon***

*** Sometimes the HITMAN 3 servers malfunction at the end of the map when you exit successfully ***
*** I have noticed this happens repeatedly when I have retrieved too many free items in Isle of Sgail (everything you can bring back for free and carry) ***
If this happens, you lose everything and take another 15+ minutes to run this map again and finish all the objectives.
Solution: separate your item retrievals instead of doing it all at once - you WILL play that map again on your way to the next prestige level.

Check the map (press M) at the beginning of every map to check where the targets, couriers, and safes are, then plan the most efficient route.
This will save you a lot of time compared to just using instinct to navigate.

I use the DAK DTI as my primary weapon most of the time. This means picking a contract with Dubai straight after a level up. This solves two problems:
  1. If you die, you lose a weapon you can easily obtain for free with a visit to Dubai
  2. You won't have the lockpick on you sometimes for long durations (yet to obtain or died), and the DAK DTI quickly and quietly opens most, not all, doors. Doors seemed to be bugged, as some open and some do not no matter which gun you use to shoot them.
It has the advantage of being quieter than a crowbar when opening doors, and it is a suppressed weapon.
- One downside is that it is rather inaccurate, and long (sniper) distance kills can take a very, very long time.
If I die I will use the Assassins's HWK21 Covert pistol as my primary weapon, as if I die again, this can readily obtained at every showdown.

Spend your mercers as quickly as you can, converting them to weapons and storing them in the safehouse. We all die sometimes no matter how careful (or careless) we are, and losing even 10k mercers is approximately another 2 maps you have to play to get the 10k mercers back, plus getting back the items you lost.
You will realise after many prestige levelings that you sometimes have many mercers left over before you prestige level. This applies especially if you're chasing the remaining missing pistols that don't spawn every map at the vendor. This translates to the amount of times you wasted on a courier or a safe. Skip the courier or safe if you have to go out of your way substantially to get them, it is a waste of time.

I used to prioritise bringing back bulky and illegal items like sniper rifles, so I don't have to worry about carrying them back later, but I realised that this resulted in many pistol slots being empty at the end of each run when the weapons wall is otherwise full. This is because there are more pistols than other weapon types.
Prioritise pistols a litte bit more when purchasing from a vendor if you don't want to be wasting time doing another almost full campaign run just to get all the remaining pistols.

Aim for time efficiency over blind mercer gathering. I aim for an absolute minimum of 1000 mercers per 1 minute of in-game time.
Ideally, you want to get 2000 mercers for 1 minute of in-game time. If a safe is on the other side of the map, I often skip it and move on.
The quicker your maps the quicker you reach the 10k, 20k, 30k bonuses and your free reward weapons.

Losing some mercers by not completing objectives such as "no bodies found" (1000 mercers), or "hide target bodies" (1000 mercers) is a good thing if it saves you more than 1 minute. Go ahead and shoot a target from long distance to save yourself walking across the map, or waiting to isolate 3 separate poisoned targets, etc.
Trickier targets that are embedded in areas surrounded by people can be easily taken care without triggering a shootout by dropping an explosive next to them, running away, then detonating.
You may lose some mercers due to collateral damage, but it is well worth the time saved as you don't have to isolate the target, or trigger a massive shootout and risk mercer and inventory loss.
Examples include many areas of Colorado, targets outside the front bay area in Bangkok, deep inside crowds in Mumbai, etc.

Choose the contracts that you find the quickest and easiest. Some contract objectives take more time than others, and have a much lower success rate, resulting in less mercers and more time spent trying to achieve them. Hiding target bodies, or arranging an accident kill, or pacifying 3 guards unnoticed with a rare melee are going to take longer and more stress than poisoning a target with a dart gun, or killing 3 guards with a shotgun.
This is a personal preference but I've been just grinding the Arms Trafficking (80%) and the Big Pharma (20%) contracts.
I personally find them to be the most efficient and easiest for quicker leveling, and importantly, fun. Arms Trafficking contracts can be risky compared to other contracts though, but I'm well versed in combat tactics and map knowledge.
Big Pharma contracts can improve efficiency in showdown maps by using your dart guns and remote emetic device to poison suspects for identification.
With the Arms Trafficking contracts, the Shashka A33 Covert can be used as the primary rifle, and easily reobtained for free if you die.
With the Arms Trafficking contracts, weigh up the benefits vs risk. If you are risking a 21,000 golden sawed-off bartoli shotgun for a 1k objective, is it worth risking on a map like Colorado? Probably not.
Another benefit of Arms Trafficking contracts is that many a time you don't need to bring the weapons as they can be taken from guards or found in the map.

In a showdown map, isolating a target and aiming a weapon at them to trigger an escape is sometimes a very helpful way to identify a target without triggering a map-wide evacuation.
Shoot around them even if they have an escape icon above them, because sometimes they are the target but the "target is escaping" doesn't show on the objectives list until you start shooting around them.
If you don't do this, you'll knock the real target out to stop a map-wide evacuation, then you'll be running around the entire map looking for a target that doesn't exist, wasting tons of time.
The remote emetic device is great for isolating the showdown target in busy areas where dart gun use will be spotted. The remote emetic device is an illegal item, so if you're not in a guard uniform, put it in a briefcase, stand next to your target holding the briefcase, and trigger to poison your target. This is sometimes needed for a quiet showdown target kill in maps like Mendoza, where the target won't leave the area surrounded by people, and it's rather difficult to use a dart gun. That, or you can just use micro or duck explosives.
If you have triggered a map-wide escape, whether the target is already killed or not, no disguise will save you from the guards at the exit point. Running to the exit without killing the guards first is a sure way to die. Kill them all first. This another situation where explosives can come in handy.

Avoiding death is the number 1 priority, even if you have to exit the map early.
Before engaging in a risky kill, always have an exit strategy in the case of a mass shootout. A shootout actually isn't so bad if you are in a room killing guards running through a choke point, given you have sufficient ammunition to fend off until you can pick up dead guards' guns.
Map exits can also be used to this effect, for targets and objectives such as kill 3 guards with a rifle.
Don't be afraid to kill non-target witnesses and lose some mercers, it can save a lot of time, risk and stress by preventing a massive shootout.

Waiting to prevent a risky event from occurring is often the right thing to do. A little patience goes a long way. It's false economy to believe that you are saving time by taking overtly risky actions, because if your impatience results in a death or campaign failure, you have not only lost progress, mercers, your inventory, and all your tools, all of which you have to spend time regaining, you have also lost the legendary item reward at the end of the campaign.

Don't be afraid to get spotted by enforcers to save yourself time en route, you just need to run away fast enough and be out of sight.
The most useful items in freelancer are (very arguably) probably micro and duck explosives. They make killing embedded targets (that you can't shoot secretly and run) easy to kill and avoid shootouts and the risk of death. Dont'be afraid to spend mercers on buying them at the vendor. Use them wisely and they will make life easier.
If you play Colorado, explosives can help a lot as mentioned above.
Concussive devices pretty much useless (apart from objectives if you play that contract), but I discovered you can use them to open safes. Save yourself running around photographing documents and save your explosives for harder embedded targets. The remote concussion ducks take up only 1 inventory space and are legal items, unlike the Breaching Charge MK III (3 inventory spaces).
You can get the HACKL 9S COVERT for free from the Isle of Sgail map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdJX-kS9XwE
Make as many mistakes as you can. It's how you learn and get better. I'm currently level 4565 and have made every mistake any player can possibly make.
It only makes you better.
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