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2023.06.04 05:21 Sour_Lemonz78 90s Hip Hop

The song is mid to late 90s. It was an east coast group. I cannot remember any lyrics but the song had a chill vibe. The music video was unique as it pointed out the facade hip hop artists portrayed of themselves as. There were captions displayed during the video which showed how much the expensive cars were rented for and how much the hot girls in bikinis were being paid per hour. This went throughout the whole video from champagne to the rented mansion. I cannot remember what this song or group was called for the life of me. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 05:21 smalltown_dreamspeak I need a little encouragement, please!

I recently got a better job and moved out of my parents' house. I worked really, really hard to get to this point.
My entire life, up until now, has been marred by poverty (and unwell parents, and my parents' legal issues). I grew up hearing "no" so often that I learned just not to ask for anything. When I started working as a teen, 100% of my paycheck, for years, went straight back to the household, and even when my parents were financially stable enough not to need ALL of my income, they still often needed SOME of it, or would need help with the mortgage, bills, etc. I have never, in my life, felt financially stable or secure. I was never able to save, because my parents would encounter some issue and end up needing most/all of my savings.
A couple of years ago (when mandates due to the pandemic started being lifted), I started developing the terrible habit of knowing that if I spent my money ASAP, I would not have any to give to my parents. At least then, I would be able to enjoy (with guilt) the work I'd put forth. I still gave my parents a lot of money, but I was able to do things like eat out, buy pretty clothes, go drinking, etc.
Now that I'm out of the house and trying to be independent, I have ~$7k in credit card debt. I'm very lucky in the sense that my mother worked her ass off to instill the wisdom in me that bills CANNOT go unpaid and CANNOT be paid late- consequently, my credit score is in the 700s and my overall credit usage is low compared to how much credit I have. Considering this is my total debt after years of horrible habits, I'm doing really good. In a lot of ways, my mom did the best with what she had and taught me some really good habits when it comes to keeping my life together.
I think it's mostly just residual trauma of growing up living and breathing restriction, but now I am struggling SO bad with learning to just stay home during my off time, entertain myself, and practice healthy spending habits. All I want to do is go out and eat somewhere, drink myself silly, obtain some Trinkets(tm), and have a goodass time. I've forgotten how to tell myself "no" and the few times I do, I feel like it's somehow the end of the world. Like maybe I will get hit by a bus tomorrow and my life will have been capped off by the same resounding, suffocating NO that it's always been mired in.
Honestly I have done a really great job with the wisdom my mom taught me and my own work. My total living expenses per month now come out to around half (or less) of what I am projected to earn each month. This is absolutely the most "rollin' in it" I've ever been, and my current job is far easier than any other I've had. IF I really tried, my debt could be gone by the end of the year. All I have to do is exercise an ounce of restraint. (Even if I only cut out the drinking, that would probably solve 1/3rd of my debt, in and of itself).
But I am really struggling at this whole self-control thing. It's REALLY hard to invest in my future when before, I could never see a future worth investing in. Usually, I couldn't see a future at all. I've lived longer than I really thought I would. Kudos to mom and dad in that department.
Staying home feels like I've wasted a day. The boredom makes my skin crawl. I struggle to focus on any task that doesn't reward me with instant gratification. I stayed home today, fixed my own healthy food, sat outside, cleaned up the apartment, and the Sunday Scaries are threatening to fucking kill me.
How do you convince yourself that the future doesn't have to be swamped in debt?? How do you stay home and chill out?
I'm always anxious, always disappointed with myself, and the only things that I can do to keep from blowing my paycheck (and then some) is to focus on the intense shame of my debt being MY OWN fault. I'm the only one to blame.
I just. Need some encouragement to stay the fuck home, and doodle or watch TV or something.
I've worked really, really, really hard!!
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2023.06.04 05:21 3arsonist colorblind?

So a couple years ago I had an incident where my mom asked me to hand her a blue jacket she owned. I told her she didn’t own a blue jacket but I could give her the green one. Me and my mom argued for a while in whether it was blue or green and everyone in my house said it was blue, and my mom thought I might be color blind.
Over the past couple of years i’ve had a couple instances of this happening when asking “hey will you hand me that blue/green thing?” and I get told it’s the opposite. It also happens with Gray/blue, blue/purple, and even sometimes yellow/green.
I have never been tested for color blindness and I don’t even know where to start to go about that, but I also don’t want to say i’m colorblind of any kind if i’m not. I know red/green is common for colorblindness and men are most affected but i’m a woman and I don’t struggle with red/green.
I’ve been doing some looking and researching online but I was just wondering if maybe I am actually colorblind and what I do about this? It’s not really negatively affected me too much (some slight embarrassment when i get the color of something wrong or can’t tell things apart) but i really don’t want to put myself in a community or label I don’t belong in.
So any similar experiences or information would be so helpful!
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2023.06.04 05:21 Outrageous-Fail-2236 I’m so desperate

My kids mom hired a babysitter to help out and work but she didn’t get a job yesterday I come home know one is there so I go to the babysitters house and find my kids there I work two jobs so it was after midnight I got back home and found a note she wiped out my bank accounts I owe my babysitter for the past 2 and a half months now of 40 hours a week + now I don’t have any money for rent I need help anything will help
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2023.06.04 05:20 azolosun Adventurer 3 - layers not sticking together

I replaced the collet for the tube as the tube was popping out mid print. Now I'm having issues with the print sticking to the base plate or to the subsequent layers. I've had the printer for about 6 months and normally have used a gluestick on baseplate to help with first layer adhesion. Generally print with a raft as well to guarantee adhesion. Prior to this issue I was printing PLA at 195 nozzle and 50 base. With these settings now the plastic leaves the nozzle, but ends up just building up around the nozzle and won't stick to base.
Now at 210 75 - it still looks like under extruding first layer but first layer is sticking to base mostly At 215 75 - first layer prints ok, subsequent layers don't stick to each other. The issue goes all the way up to 230 75. The first layer seems to print completely normal, but subsequent layers will adhere at some places of contact but not at others.
I've noticed at the intake gear where the filament is fed in, it looks like the filament is constantly getting ground up as there is filament shavings/dust in/around the gear. I took it apart to give it a good clean but the issue remains and the filament is still getting ground up during feed in. Doesn't seem extreme but it is happening. Using creality white PLA filament.
I have tried cold pulling, which didn't really result in anything. I have also tried re-calibrating on and off about 20 times now. Any advice?
I have ordered a new nozzle anyway to make sure it's not a jammed nozzle. I got this printer in summer where temperature generally sits between 20-30C. Now winter it's dropped to around 5-15C.
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2023.06.04 05:20 leonidas1215 Please forgive me.

A few years back, I tried my hand at dark souls after beating Bloodborne, and I was not ready. I came to this sub to vent, and I got torn apart. Lol. But I completely get it now. It took a few months after my previous post, but I got through it. And let me say, I apologize, wholeheartedly. That game is very incredible. I still felt that the mechanics were a little clunky, but I finally get that it's just part of the character of it. I finally got gud and I'm sorry for my previous harsh words. It's almost 2 years too late, but thank you all for your advice and complaints. It actually got me through it. ❤️
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2023.06.04 05:20 princeofallcosmos92 I feel like I ran from one narcissist home and into another. I live alone now and I'm processing it all

My ex invited me to live with him and his mother and her boyfriend early on after I had a falling out with my parents (was living with them for a time after a different breakup a year and a half prior). They treated me in ableist ways after my adult autism diagnosis and said that I had the brain of a 14-year-old at 28 and had no right to come and go as I pleased, to do my own laundry, eat what I wanted, or see friends. My mom said I would be acting like a whore if I stayed overnight with him. I blew up at her and almost slapped her and they kicked me out. My mom acted like I went off on her for no reason and she never said she was sorry for anything she ever did to me. That interaction wasn't the first time I had been treated like that by far. That was just the first time I did anything more than yell back. I am in therapy and I regret going as far as I did that day and I am working on boundaries and emotions, but even the therapist agrees that she pushed me and I reacted after years of pent up hurt and abuse.
Anyway, saying all that is just to set up the kind of life I was escaping from and explain why I felt betrayed by my ex. When this relationship eventually failed, I eventually got a place of my own and I have a superficial and distant relationship with my parents. I don't have to think about their feelings anymore and I don't think they are capable of true introspection. The older I get, the more I see how much they didn't teach me much of anything and they were only really there financially. They praise themselves constantly just for providing basic needs and having a bit of money. I feel like I'm raising myself and approaching 30. It's hard for me to rely on people.
So, he offered me a place to stay with him and his mother and her boyfriend. I didn't want to look at it as him saving me, but some part of me probably felt that way as he got me out of an abusive situation. I was vulnerable and scared and grieving all over again about my parents, but I felt like I could never discuss how much pain I was in.
Every time I tried to talk about it and process my past, he would say I was too much and that I was out of there and I should be happy with what I had with him. I would talk about struggling to feel at home there or being bothered by clutter and trying to find solutions to clean it with him and he would just get mad. He forced me to name things I was grateful for when living there.
I started being more critical of the mess he made and I would get frustrated with him for shutting me out and telling me how he thought I should express myself. He told me his family overheard me talking about my past and they said it was unhealthy of me and that I wanted to live in the past or be toxic. No, I was just trying to talk with my partner about what I lived through and what I overcame in therapy. He then told me that they don't talk about mental illness because his grandmother has BPD and they don't want anything to do with it.
On top of them seemingly seeing me as a problem and not just a person who had seen some shit and was trying to move on and do better, they were very irresponsible about covid and they left the house while all of us had it. They even lost a family member to covid after attending a family wedding during a nationwide surge where nobody wore masks and they still acted like it was nothing. I shared with my ex that they were being incredibly irresponsible (and I lost a grandparent to covid) and he was angry at me for criticizing his family. He got very drunk sometimes and one day, he told me that his dad beat him up while drunk and that if he could forgive his dad, then I should forgive my mom. I told him that wasn't his choice to make and he was crossing a boundary by treating me that way.
Not long after, around the same time I had covid and I was rejected by the housing authority for an apartment over 18 fucking dollars, I punched pillows in frustration after yet another dumb argument with my ex. His mom heard and asked what the noise was and I said I was stressed from trying to find housing and being sick and had punched the pillows and I didn't mean to concern her and I was sorry. She just walked out.
He went to his mom and seemingly asked her to tell me to leave by the end of the month because he was tired of me. I was very scared because I didn't know how feasible that would be, and I was sad and anxious because I wanted my relationship to go back to how it used to be. I wanted to believe it would get better and if it was my fault, then I could change it. Luckily, I got a room in a house just down the street while I waited for an apartment to open up.
Even after that, I still fought for the relationship. I wanted the kind man who had "saved" me to come back. I realize now that he was probably just love bombing me and then got mad when I wasn't what he wanted or didn't do what he wanted.
He pushed me away even more after he had a sudden eye problem that turned out to be an MS attack. I wanted to blame his behavior on the illness and I hoped we could come to an understanding or something, but he left me anyway.
I had hoped to have fun with someone new and know a happy family after having to leave my dysfunctional one. I just ran into more dysfunction and I feel angry about thinking that he was going to be a safe person. I feel let down and lied to even though I have a partner that I have a healthy relationship with now.
That was a very hard thing to go through. While my parents never really apologized, they do act embarrassed when they realize I went through all of that without their help and they probably see now that I'm not mentally 14. I hope they feel stupid for it.
I tried to be friends with my ex. He seemed somewhat regretful at first, but I didn't want to sit around hoping for him to come back and I didn't like his mother, so I started dating again. After I got a new boyfriend, he asked out his other ex/our mutual friend...and he'd always told me that he just saw her as a friend and not to worry about her. So, I ended the friendship then. I've been able to see how dysfunctional he is since then and while I was critical, I did own up to my mistakes. I tried. And I really had hoped to be there for him during his illness diagnosis. I thought that would stop our bickering and bring us close, but it didn't.
I see now that he was toxic in a lot of ways. I'm much happier without him. I'm very happy with my new guy. But, thinking of my ex still fills me with resentment and bitterness. He has a new gf and I don't want him to be happy. He certainly didn't help me with happiness during a very hard time in life.
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2023.06.04 05:19 OtherwiseError8099 I can't do this shit anymore.

So I suspected BPD for a little bit and looking back, it's been a problem for a god damn long time. But in the past maybe 3-4 months I've had 3 different doctors diagnose me with BPD. Now that I know for sure that I have it, I can't fucking stand myself. I can now see all the little bullshit I do and the fucked things I think and a lot of the time I know it's my BPD but there is not a god damn thing I can do about it. I'm currently in a phase where I feel like everyone around me and everyone I love fucking hates me and is mad at me for reasons I couldn't even think of, I'm aware that it's my BPD but no matter how fucking much I try to ram it into my mind that it's not true I just can't fucking get past it. This had been a problem for yearrs of my life, super on and off with my friends and family, going from loving them to death to either me hating them or thinking they hate me. Like how the fuck do I even deal with these things? On top of that, I have extreme fucking anxiety and also have had that for years and that works wonders fucking up my life. I just want to have stable friendships and relationships and family connections but I can't fucking do it and I want to confront my family and friends about it and ask them if they've been irritated with me but I feel like they'll just think I'm fucking crazy and thats pretty much the truth. I don't know. That's just the biggest and hardest thing for me right now. The fresh diagnosis and education on BPD and now I pick myself apart for the shit that I do and I'm driving myself insane. I can't fucking do this anymore, I just want to break down and cry sometimes but at the same time I'm fucking numb and can't cry. I'm so fucked. I gotta be having an episode as of lately, I really hope and need it to end because theres a girl I really like but my god damn fucking BPD is absolutely ruining any chances I have with her right now.
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2023.06.04 05:19 Localtouristmuine Private car Transfer from Tien Giang to Vung Tau and to Ho Tram

Private car Transfer from Tien Giang to Vung Tau and to Ho Tram
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add: https://www.xedulichvietnam.com/private-car-transfer-from-tien-giang-to-vung-tau/
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2023.06.04 05:19 Fuzzycheetohq WIBTA if I told everyone what my brother did to me?

I’m young, 14 years old. I’m a male. My brother’s 17, 3 years older than me. Probably wondering; “omg what are you doing on here?!” But I honestly do not care. My brother SA’d me when I was 7-10 years old, I blame it on me. I wasn’t stupid, I knew what he was doing. I didn’t want to say anything though, I don’t know why. I didn’t like it; but I didn’t stop him. I just complied. He would tell me to go behind the shed and sit on his lap, pin me on our bunk bed.
It was traumatizing, he acts like it never happened. I do to, I love my family. My family isn’t fixed though, it’s already kinda torn apart. My mom isn’t around, my brother sneaks out a lot and went to juvie thrice; also went to the hospital three times as well. He fractured his spine, got stabbed, his thumb nearly fell off.
My brother’s put my family through a lot, some of it traumatized me. Like for instance when we went to go pick him up from his girlfriend he started screaming that he wanted to get out the car since his gf couldn’t come, and if we didn’t stop it he would jump out. I never leave that day, that day is always playing in my mind every time we pass that road.
What drew me to the final straw is today. It’s my dad’s birthday, he’s turning 40. My dad, brother, and I share one room because my dad can’t afford his own house. My brother knows my dad hates when his girlfriend comes over yet he invited her at 3 AM to spend the NIGHT! ON MY DADS BIRTHDAY!!!! I got pissed, my dad does everything for him. Y’know how much people I’d KILL for that much love my dad gives my brother? So many.
My brother SA’ing me was always kept a secret because we’re both boys and he’s straight, my aunt one time gave me the talk saying I can tell her anything. I think she knows. Anyway, I haven’t told anything because I’m scared. What if they blame me or don’t believe me? I’m just terrified.
But I might do it tomorrow, I don’t want to ruin my families reputation though. I know I should do it but I’m still debating, so;
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2023.06.04 05:17 theoneinashes Retaliation from landlord???

So I had texted my landlord about pets and if I was allowed to have a service animal (was going to get one for PTSD because I can get panic attacks so badly that I look like I'm having a seizure, also my hips do not function sometimes). She then proceeded to call me and tell me that I can't have a service animal because my apartment was too small (It's not that small) and she also is thinking about evicting me for renovations. There is a massive hole in my ceiling because of a leak that she hasn't fixed in months. She also said that my cabinets are old and my shower needs repairs (I didn't notify her of these issues, my shower just needs a quick snake and my cabinets are fine) I do not have the call recorded by I do have documentation of when the leak happened and then her telling me that she wants to renovate after my request of a service animal. Is there anything that I can do?
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2023.06.04 05:17 EmptyCharity9014 I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

(REPOSTED) I (F28) went to my girlfriend’s (F29) province the other day kasi graduation nya from Law School. We’ve been together since 2018 and she wasn’t out yet to her parents then they finally knew kasi chinika ng mga kapatid and she really like parang made me believe that her parents knew she’s dating a woman. I’ve never met her parents so this is going to be the first time. So pag dating namin, ang pakilala ng nanay nya sa tatay nya a girl friend not girlfriend but like girl na friend AAAAAAAAAAH!
So you know I thought like they are going to correct it but nahhhh— we just had synchronized side-eyeing.
Alam ng dad nya na may jowa na anak nila pero di sinabi yung gender. So when they were asking kung kelan papakilala yung “gayyem” (in Ilocano it’s gender neutral), my gf the mom and her sisters just kept quiet. (Another synchronized side-eyeing)
Then tinanong ako ng dad nya if may bf na ako sabi ko wala tapos halla si tatay nagrereto na. Nirereto daw nya sa gf ko pero kasi may jowa na daw si gf.
Tatawagan nya daw itong guy na ito para makilala ko. Omg I thought he was kidding hanggang dumating nga yung lalaki bumyahe from other side.
I was so uncomfy talaga pero di ka masabi sa gf ko becoz I’m so pissed. Makulit yung tatay jusko. Anyway, nag-iinuman kasi sila nagluluto kami sa kitchen tapos yung dad nya tawag ng tawag para ipakilala ako.
Parang for me dahil first ko naman silang mameet kaya sige na nga, I’ll just talk to guy then reject haha pero nagdabog yung gf ko sinigawan nya na wag syang namimilit kung ayaw kasi nakakahiya and hindi daw nya ko inuwi dito para maghanap ng jowang iba. Nagsalita itong si pudra na pakilala lang naman wala naman masama.
Tapos sumigaw si gf ng ; masama kasi girlfriend ko sya or gayyem ko sya (yung term kasi na gayyem is pwedeng friend or jowa— so pag sinabi mong gayyem mo yung opposite sex— matic jowa pero pag same sex— eh friends lang)
Nagsumbatan pa sila. Yung nanay inaawat na yung mag-ama tapos ako nagiistress eating na lang ng lumpiang shanghai sa kitchen kasama yung ate nya may dalang sweet and sour na sauce. Tapos si nanay na nagspill kung ano talaga kami. Nalito ngayon si tatay parang nagkakamot ng ulo. As in para syang pinanganak kahapon habang nageexplain nanay nya na meh jowang girlaloo ang kanilang junakis.
Nagsalita na sila in their own language. Konti lang naiintindihan ko. Eh di pumasok na si gf sa kusina umiiyak tapos nagsosorry.
So ayun after magluto, kumain, umalis kami ni gf magkakaraoke sa malapit. Palabas namin ng gate ayan na naman ang tatay nya. Hinila hila nya yung irereto nya. Tangama naman si tatay— yung nirereto nya matandang walang ngipin (sorry sa mga matatandang walang ngipin pero— not sorry— pero sorry kung naoffend kayo) like srsly. Pinapakilala nya, hinila na ako ng gf ko palabas, hinahabol pa din kami hahah— Anyway, nagexplain explain naman girlfriend ko kung bakit. Akala din daw nya alam ng tatay nya. Nabanggit na ata daw nya ako pero akala nya lalaki ako. Gender neutral kasi din yung name ko hahah— tsaka yung tatay nya eh hindi tolerant sa mga lgbtq daw talaga. Di daw sya naniniwala eme.
So we spent our time outside and around, nagjoyride muna kami and car fun bago umuwi. Kinabukasan, mga hapon na— nagising yung tatay tinatanong kung magjowa ba kami, kung tibo ba yung anak nila (technically she identifies as bi pero di ata nila alam yun) So sabi ng gf ko, hindi Dad sinabi ko lang yun kasi ang kulit kulit mo eh hindi na comfortable si .
Sumikip dibdib ko dun-nagsolo side-eyeing ako. Mag-iistay pa sana ako dun kasi gusto nya ako ilibot sa sitio nila— kung san sya nagschool and yung community pool nila etc etc — Sabi ko wag na alis na ako. Kinuha ko talaga yung bag ko tapos sabi nya sya din so hatid ko sya sa apartment nya pabalik ng Baguio City. Di ko sya inimik the whole 1 hr ride kahit nangungulit sya. Masama kasi ako magalit kaya natuto ako magtimpi kesa makasakit.
Di ko pa din sya iniimik hanggang kahapon. Nag-aantay sya sa bahay namin, nasa bahay naman ako ng sisteret ko para iwasan sya. Pero nag-usap na kami kanina and Sabi nya pag nakapasa na daw sya ng bar saka sya mag-a-out kasi hindi daw maiintindihan ng tatay at wala daw sya courage to do so.
Nainis ako kasi ganito din yung sabi nya na mag-a-out sya totally sa fam nya pag graduate na sya. Kaya nga akala ko yun yung reason na ipapakilala ako.
Ayun larngz on— Happy Pride Month!
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2023.06.04 05:17 BigBonesMilk Found Daniel a Apartment.

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2023.06.04 05:16 courteouslandlord I rent out a cottage with non-motorized watercrafts (canoe/kayak) and a dock. How can I limit my liability exposure for any injuries etc? (Ontario)

I understand someone can sue me for anything, but will someone be able to sue and successfully win for things such as:
Will a liability waiver agreement be helpful? I’m being told that a liability waiver will be useless in such scenarios
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2023.06.04 05:16 AizenSankara Feel alone, and used because of friends

So I'll try to not to write a text book, but for some reason, all of these emotions suddenly rushed to me, and I need somewhere to put it.
As a kid I preferred adult company rather than kids my age; I felt more understood, and more comfortable. When I was with people my age, I always felt like I was too mature for them, so it made it really difficult to make and keep connections.
As I got older that kind of "leveled out" so to speak, and it was almost like my age finally caught up with my mind, and i finally felt like i had a better chance to connect with people in my age group; however, it never worked out great. I was the quiet one--the one teachers would seat next to the trouble maker in hopes that I'd rub off on them.
Maybe this stunt in social interactions is the cause, but now that I'm an adult, the few friendships I do have feel so distant. I feel like I put my all into my relationships...always going above and beyond to make sure they know I value our friendship, and that'd they mean a lot to me; but I never feel like I receive the same effort, and it makes me angry...but mostly just deeply hurt. Hell, I'm almost always the one to reach out after a week or more of no communication goes by.
A recent situation that has been bothering me, is that due to the quarantine, one of my closest friends and I, haven't seen eachother in about a year or two. Work, and college have also kept us from ever getting together, but we still kept in touch via phone calls, and messages.
Long story short, I've been having car trouble lately, so I'm unable to make the trip to her place, yet she has a functioning car and does not make the effort to come to me. She says gas is expensive, and that her car eats it up like crazy, so shes not able to come to me; and let me first say, I completely understand that money is tight for a lot of people right now, as it is for me too...but the punch in the gut here is that while shes giving those reasons, shes also taking trips to places out of town with her girlfriend....places that are just as far, and sometimes even further than my place. I just don't get it...maybe she feels we've grown too far apart and doesn't want to remain friends? If so, why can't she just be honest so I can focus my energy elsewhere? I'd even settle for being ghosted at this point, because at least then I'd get a clue; but with how it is now, it feels like limbo.
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2023.06.04 05:16 OpenOrange6080 A year ago, someone ones told me this

A year ago, someone ones told me this
Now, he has blocked me in all platforms. He chose to focus on his career. What caused the conflict was he ghosted me for days and him knowing my trauma.. i felt abandoned.
Although, I understand. I miss him. I just wish him the best in life. I hope he finds the right support he needs. 🥹
To you, thank you for the kind words.
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2023.06.04 05:16 Breidr [SST: Extermination] 1st Mobile Infantry Realism Unit

We are a Starship Trooper Extermination Realism unit based with people all over the world. We use the UTC timezone to schedule events. We are apart of the United Citizen Federation, using the Mobile Infantry Military system. We follow the movie counterpart and ranking structure, from enlisted to Officer ranks. We are a Serious Milsim unit, but chill and relaxed when we are not doing any Operations. We want to experience Starship Troopers to it's full potential and capabilities. We aim to provide a very immersive, realistic, and organized experience. Our training programs contain lots of educational material, focused heavily on teamwork coordination. We are looking for members who really want a hardcore realistic experience. We understand this is not for everyone. This is for a very specific group of individuals.
Unit Breakdown
Milsim Unit: 1st Mobile Infantry Realism Unit Unit Type: Hardcore Realism Main Language: English Time zone: Coordinated Universal Time [UTC] Operation Times: Everyday, following a campaign. Operation Type: Everything Other Info: We are a chill community outside of milsim, a lot of messing about and memes and all but ingame we are dedicated players that want to experience Starship Troopers to its fullest potential.
Discord: https://discord.gg/ZsrF9eyEsT
If you have any questions or want any information, feel free to DM me here, or just pop into the discord, we are a great bunch of folks!
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2023.06.04 05:15 Arctic_fucks I am the unexpected owner of a storage unit in another state and wondering how to proceed?

Fraud, right?
I received a payment due email and thought it was a phishing attempt but the info was too specific so I investigated it but have not gotten law enforcement involved. All my info, except for payment method ties me to it as the primary. My mom is listed as secondary. We both have not had contact with the occupant for at least 18 months.
My thoughts ranged from dealing with an estate because my sibling passed or they were hiding assets. I have not involved LEO because uncertainty and... hope.
I repeatedly attempted to contact them through the means I have with no success. So, I gave the storage facility approval to cut the lock, confirm the unit was occupied, and secure the unit. I paid the month rent needed for me to process everything.
Finally, my sibling has responded today and well their version is as you would expect; vindictive and gaslighting. They ended our conversation with:
"It's not. It's an unintentional storage company issue that will get corrected. No one wants to use your info for a storage unit. Per usual, you're involving yourself for no reason and much beyond where your interjection is wanted. I do not want you contacting me anymore."
What right do I have to the unit? I don't even know what is in it but suspect assets they are hiding from their ex husband/the state. I don't want to transport it 11 hours to my home. I don't want to donate, sell, or let it go to auction.
When do I get LEO involved?
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2023.06.04 05:14 Octobersilly Is this a good deal? Laguna Beach, CA

I found a package through American Airlines for 3 nights at a hotel and round trip flights for two travelers for about $1,500. We are flying in from Dallas, TX. This is the first trip I’ve booked myself and I’m not sure whether or not this is a good deal. Thank you!!! Also any car rental recommendations that rent to 22 year olds would be appreciated
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2023.06.04 05:13 NewtDisastrous7785 Room Available

Hello! Our roommate is moving out this summer and we are looking for someone to take over her lease. My fiance [m31] and I [f28/SDSU alumni] are in the master of a 2bd 1.5 bath townhome located at the end of College Ave in Lemon Grove. $800 for rent plus utilities separately. She usually pays between $875-900 depending on the SDGE bill. Parking space, washedryer in unit and split AC in each room! We are looking for someone clean and respectful of everyone's space.
Please let me know if you guys know of anywhere else I can post this, thank you!
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2023.06.04 05:13 atlas_rod700 Hunting Videographer (FREE)

I'm a passionate college student with a deep love for videography and a burning desire to capture the essence of thrilling hunting expeditions. As I work towards honing my skills as a videographer, I'm on the lookout for exciting opportunities to document your memorable hunting experiences. I looking for Hunt in Utah!
If you're planning an upcoming hunt and wouldn't mind having a dedicated college student capture the raw beauty and adrenaline-filled moments, I would be thrilled to join you! I'm eager to create a professionally edited video that highlights the excitement, camaraderie, and stunning visuals that define the hunting world.
Whether it's a turkey, deer, or any other exciting hunt, I'm committed to producing a high-quality video that you can cherish and share with pride. Your hunt will become an unforgettable visual story, showcasing the thrill of the chase and the harmony between hunter and nature.
If you're open to the idea of having a passionate college student document your next hunting adventure, please reach out to me with the details of your upcoming trip. Let's collaborate and create a captivating video that captures the essence of your epic hunt!
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2023.06.04 05:12 bunny_fae Trust Issues

Please be kind as I really want to save our relationship and get to the root of this if I can.
My NP and I have been together for 8 years, Poly for 6. We practice hierarchial KTP and each have our own hinge partners. We're normally pretty good about communication, but always areas to improve. We both suffer from some severe childhood trauma but have both been working on ourselves through individual and couples therapy.
My partner has gotten in some type of mode this past week, making fights over very small non-issue s, saying I'm not paying attention to their needs and wants but not being entirely clear about what those are. And when I ask for clarification, I'm accused of not listening to their boundaries and needs in the first place.
I went on a date with someone I met online this week after getting my partner's consent, but I am demisexual and I don't put any expectations on dates as it typically takes me a minute to warm up to people. But before the date took place we got in one of the small fights mentioned (something about me rushing him through the store and making exasperated sighs under my breath, then being concerned I wouldn't have the energy for a party we were planning on attending 2 days later. Sorry if that reads weird, it didn't make a lot of sense.) They decided we weren't actually ready to bring a potential new person into our life so this date would have to be just friends. So I told my date that we were taking a step back, we would just be meeting on friendly terms but not ruling out that something could happen down the road when everyone is more comfortable/if that vibe is there in the first place. The date was very understanding and wanted to make sure my partner was ok and felt comfortable. The day before the date, I asked my NP to go over boundaries and expectations for this "friend" date, and they said "idk no making out" and did not want to discuss further.
Since then and since going on the "date" (got picked up at 6:30, made introductions, got home around 10:30) my NP has asked me only accusatory questions and assumes I am lying when I am giving honest answers. It even got to the point of them asking to look through my phone and asking me to leave the apartment until our next therapy session. Then they started accusing me of spending the night with new date when they can see my location sharing and that I've been at my best friend's place all weekend. To top this all off, I contracted covid somehow and NP does not believe me on that either. They are literally at a point where they are assuming everything I say is a lie.
I've just been so confused because this entire fight feels completely unnecessary, blown out of proportion, and not aligning with our typical polyam styles and procedures. They have had trust issues with me for a while but I have never been a cheater (there was one big lie of mine last year in a fight or flight situation that I was still processing when I lied, but came clean 3 hours later because it didn't feel right) and my instincts tells me this has more to do with insecurities but I am at a loss for communication when nothing I say is being believed. What is the best way for me to go about this situation?
One last note: I wrote down a list on boundaries and needs on my end and asked NP to do the same. NP said they might get around to it, but if they don't have it ready by our next couples therapy session I see it becoming bigger issue.
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