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2010.12.28 03:05 aheram Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

Come relax—welcome to Palm Springs. A place to discuss travel, leisure, local artists, music and film festivals, and small businesses in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. No conflicts, just vibes.

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WELCOME TO AUNTY TEDDY’S HAUNTED BBQ We went from niche microblogging to hosting the most notorious group-chat on Paper Street

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Palm Springs Bear


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2023.06.03 22:58 Much_Yesterday_4403 Elimination Poll Options: Brenda's Dramatic Moments

Brenda and Steve tied for the next elimination poll theme! We'll do Brenda first and then Steve. Here are a list of options that I've compiled. Please comment below if I've missed something and I'll include it. Or if you think something shouldn't be included, I'm open to hearing that too! I will post a qualifying poll for each on Tuesday that will be open for two days, and that will determine our Top 9. Brenda's elimination poll will start on Thursday, and Steve's elimination poll will begin directly after Brenda's poll ends.

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2023.06.03 21:55 cactusblossom3 Inside the Barbie Dreamhouse, a Fuchsia Fantasy Inspired by Palm Springs

Inside the Barbie Dreamhouse, a Fuchsia Fantasy Inspired by Palm Springs
So ready for this movie! Really enjoying all the fun promotion we are seeing for it. Would love it if Vogue did a 73 questions interview with Barbie as well!
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2023.06.03 21:23 girl_from_the_crypt Stuck on earth and looking for a job: I'm being recruited by a cult

It’s nice not to be alone. I’ve been staying at Nettie Peterson’s house, tending to her garden in her stead while she's at work. I just sit there reading in the sun, to be honest. When she came back from the larvae today, she was in a surprisingly peaceful mood. Not exactly happy or content, but satisfied. I made us some tea and we settled in to soak up the flowery scents and sweet air. I took the time to tell her in detail about meeting Kit Sutton in the grotto, relaying the other woman’s message. It got a genuinely warm smile out of her; a sad one, but a smile nonetheless.
“Your server texted me earlier to apologize for… well, basically outing me and baring a private secret to my closest friend of five years,” she informed me. “Now that I think about it, I have no idea when or how that boy got my number… Oh, but he was sweet. I told him we were cool.” She took a long sip of her tea.
"Don't forgive him for my sake. If that's what's happening here."
"It's not."
"You really aren't mad anymore? I would be."
"I guess I'm just a very forgiving person." She gave me a sidelong grin and a shrug.
"Nettie, how'd your breeders die? I don't know if this is okay to ask. I hope it is."
"Uh." My savior human took a deep breath. "That, um… it's okay. Just unexpected. It was a car accident. That's all there is to it. I was at summer camp when it happened. Some college kid got drunk, sat down in his car and made me an orphan. I was thirteen… My auntie took care of me afterwards. You know, Elijah's mom. She tried, but it wasn't the same. She was too much for me sometimes, pretty often, if I'm being honest. My mother was so, so different. Both my parents were. My dad had made it into money, so they were never really worried about my future or what I wanted to do with my life. They said I'd always have their support. I guess that made me kinda sheltered but… I don't know. I had a nice childhood, sue me."
She sighed. "Anyways, my aunt was really demanding when it came to school and stuff. I was always a good student but my grades dropped after my parents' crash, and it never got better. So she was picking fights over that all the time. I did recover over my last year, but no thanks to her, I'll have you know."
"And do you miss them?"
"Of course I do. Who wouldn't?"
I shrugged.
Nettie leaned forward, catching my eyes. "Don't you miss your parents? Or was that different where you're from?"
"Breeders aren't like that at home." I paused. "Weren't. They protected their offspring for the first couple years of their life, but afterwards, everyone went their own way. And it was never more than that, just protection and a supply of nutrients. You wouldn't find any breeders kissing or cuddling their young like people do here."
"Oh. That's kinda sad."
"It's it? I never thought about it. Although sometimes I figure infancy in this dimension would have been a pleasant experience. It's nice being held. I wouldn't have minded it, had I known that feeling sooner." I raised my head to smile at her. "Then again, you've given me a lot in that regard."
Nettie reached out to squeeze my hand. "Baby girl." She said nothing else for a while. "So, what's this about Eli having to get his car fixed?"
"One of the windows got smashed in." I held her gently searching gaze. "Nothing was taken."
"Baby girl."
"Baby. Girl."
I groaned. "A folder. With an interrogation transcript from one of the murder cultists. Mary Markov gave it to me."
"And you didn't want to tell me this why?"
I pursed my lips.
Nettie Peterson crossed her arms, raising a brow at me. "I came clean about dating the fishwoman, so you really owe it to me to keep me informed on any magical stalkers you got."
"I don't know that I'd call them a stalker."
"What would you call them?"
"Jewel." My hand absently began tracing lines on my stomach. "That's their name, apparently."
"The creep who hit on you and then disemboweled you?"
"I don't know that they disemboweled me."
"They had to stuff your guts back in at the clinic," my savior human reminded me.
"Stop bringing that up, please." I feel so weak whenever I think about them. Totally helpless. I took a deep, cleansing breath before settling against the backrest of my chair, grounding myself. Then I unpacked.
I'm turning into a regular unreliable narrator with my storytelling for this blog, aren't I. As you may or may not have guessed, there is another reason for me staying over at Nettie's the last couple days. Maybe she sensed it somehow—she claims to have mother's intuition, and even though she's not technically my parent, I believe her. Or perhaps Elijah Carter shared his suspicions with her. Either way, it's true. I seem to have acquired a stalker. I can't hold down a job but at least I've got that going for me. Let me stay over at the beginning.
The day after Eli and I had talked to Kit in the grotto—referring to her as Princess Chandra still doesn't feel right—I was driving out for gas. The whole time while I was filling up my car, I had this feeling that I was being watched. It was beyond uncomfortable, and I kept glancing into the rearview mirror during the drive back. I thought I could hear the roar of a motorcycle, but whenever I tried to focus on the sound or started looking for the source, it seemed to be escaping me. I double-checked whether I'd locked my door that night. In fact, I triple-checked. I was on edge. It was an eerie, uncanny sensation, like bugs crawling beneath my skin. I made dinner, then tried to sit still as I ate it in front of my television.
I ended up calling Elijah. We didn't talk about anything important, but he was glad to stay on the phone with me while I washed up and got ready for bed. It might have been his pleasing dark baritone or the weary relaxation that always swings along when he speaks, but something about his voice helped me unwind. I ended up falling asleep while still on the call. I was faintly aware of him saying my name and then chuckling and hanging up when he received a snore in response.
I have always enjoyed the transition into the sleeping state. My eyelids growing heavier, the world losing focus, my mind drifting off… It's such a soothing, peaceful process. I've found that I dislike dreaming, though. You never know what you get. I've had all sorts of rattling dreams, ranging anywhere from nightmarish and homesick to sexually confusing. But this one truly took the cake, as they say.
It started with me walking through an unfamiliar neighborhood that looked like an abstraction of my own. It was far too shiny and colorful, and not in an aesthetically pleasing way. I was not really walking either—my feet were heavy as lead, my bare skin unprotected from the harsh breeze assaulting my body. I kept staggering forward, aimless and confused, wishing for shelter but unsure of where to find it. My head was reeling from the hunger and desperation, and there was not a soul in sight to help. I started knocking on random doors, but nobody opened. House by house, I was getting increasingly frustrated. The knocks turned into incessant pounding, the sound mingling with my crying. The tears blurring my vision made it even harder to press on. Before long, I was weeping intensely, my steps becoming more frantic as I continued heading from door to door.
Why was nobody answering me? I could hear people talking in hushed voices behind the walls, I could see their silhouettes flitting to and fro in the windows. Anger began to bubble up inside me, heating up my chest and constricting my throat. My fist became more forceful as it clashed with the surface of each door, until I started to throw my whole body against them. My sobs turned into howls of fury, I was beginning to yell obscenities and outlandish threats before finally, my body started to turn. This wasn’t the silent transition I was used to, however.
I could feel my skin rip open as it gave way for my tentacles to spring free. Normally, it’s like these extra appendages simply melt out of my body. It’s not painful, and I don’t even really pay attention to the sensation most of the time. But this, this was pure agony. I broke down in the middle of the street, wailing like a creature of myth. How could a dream give me this kind of anguish? I suppose I knew deep down that I was dreaming, and I willed myself to wake up, to emerge from this state…
That’s when a thought crossed my mind. Was this really a dream?
It didn’t seem like one. It felt way too real and structured, almost coming off as scripted. Like an experience that someone had thought up and planned out for me, vaguely meaningful, maybe in an attempt to prove some kind of point, maybe just to terrorize me. The realization had my blood run cold, and that little part of my conscience that was aware of this not being real went wild. What in the world was happening to me? Who was doing this to me, and just how? And yet, a spark of fight lit up within me over it all. I had to tear myself out of this trance by any means necessary.
For a moment, I managed to push aside the pain and uncertainty, trying to focus. I pushed against the heaviness of sleep, through the fog of my clouded mind. Apparently, that was enough. The surreal, unnaturally bright world around me grew dark and I could once more make out the familiar shadowy outlines of my bedroom. I was in the present, back in the actual, physical realm of the waking.
The first thing I noticed was that my eyes were burning. There was a demanding pressure around my brows and lids, and my heart sank when I realized it was fingers peeling them open. My nightlight provided a soft blue sheen that came to rest on a chair that had been pushed up from my bedside, and furthermore, on the figure that occupied it. Their arms were extended, their hands resting on both sides of my face as they forced my eyes open. In the gentle cerulean glow, I recognized the shimmering vast irises of the cultist.
A deep, almost primal fear took hold of me. This was worse than the not-dream, a thousand times worse. The cold that seeped into my bones at the mere sight of them sent shivers running up and down my spine, trickling through my body like electric shocks.
I instantly started thrashing, or I would have liked to; except not a single muscle in my body would respond to the frantic outcries of my frenzied mind. My eyeballs had gone as dry as sandpaper, the painful sting penetrating my vision and setting my senses ablaze, paired with an accompanying feeling of nausea. And yet, I couldn’t help but remain transfixed on that horrid stare piercing into mine. My lips parted a mere fracture of an inch, just enough for me to take in a ragged, wheezing breath that I’d meant to give way to a shout. Not a single sound left my parched throat, though. Still, the cultist appeared to notice that I was awake.
With a sigh, they withdrew, releasing my eyes for me to blink furiously. The moment they averted their gaze, I covered my face with my hands, aggravated tears wetting my trembling palms. “You piece of shit,” I pressed out the second I regained my voice. “You fucking piece of shit…” I found myself unable to form any clear thoughts. My heart was thundering in my chest, my ears were ringing—I was a horrified, shaking mess.
“I didn’t think you’d wake up.” There was genuine astonishment in their tone. “Proper shame, too, I was just getting started.”
“What the fuck,” I breathed, still shielding my face. “How the hell did you get in here? Why… just… just why—what even was that?”
“What, you think doors keep me out? What a very human notion.”
I was slowly beginning to recover my wits, reason restoring to her throne. I squeezed my eyes shut, opening my mouth as my fangs came out. “You’re not getting out of here alive.”
“Calm down, okay? I was just having some fun. I was going to let you wake up, alright?” their disembodied voice came from my bedside. “I’m here to talk, is all.”
I vaguely turned my head in their direction. I knew I shouldn’t even bother, I should rip the bastard’s throat out now that I had the chance. There was something there, though; something in their words intrigued me. Besides, they could have easily killed me in my sleep, so why didn’t they? There was something they were after. I figured I would have to tell Mary Markov about this, and the more information I’d be able to give her, the better. “This feels like a fever dream,” I muttered.
“Doesn’t it?” Jewel asked giddily. “I get that a lot.”
“Speak then, leech. What is going on here?”
“I came to—Oh, will you open your eyes already? I’m not gonna try anything else, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.”
“Don’t you dare mock me.” I tried to mask the tremor in my voice. “Either you talk now or I swear I’ll skin you.”
“Okay, well. I’m here on behalf of the Collective. You have one week to report to the warehouse. We’ll have someone waiting there to welcome you. Simply put, you’ll join our cause. But you know, you can sleep on it or whatever. Take your time. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision soon, especially since there’s only the one option, really.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Part of me considered the possibility of all of this merely being part of another, bigger dream, but sadly, everything seemed to point against it. “What if I don’t?”
“Then we will come after you and probably the rest of your little found family, too,” Jewel explained nonchalantly.
“You’re awfully sure I’d let you.”
“Yes, yes, you grow big, sharp teeth and tentacles, I get it. You’re a menace. To three to four people. But if you’re up against half a dozen, all armed and unintimidated by your admittedly glorious and utterly terrifying appearance, I imagine things would be different.”
I wanted to offer some sort of confident riposte, but I simply couldn’t. A tiny voice inside my head actually agreed. “So what is your cause? Or are you aiming to recruit me based on fear alone?”
“Oh, not at all—I was just getting there. We want to, in essence, end all things.”
A brief silence settled upon us. I dropped my hands to lock eyes with Jewel, this time without any hypnotic side effects. They were beaming at me, my nightlight adding an unearthly quality to their bright, dimpling smile.
Jewel’s grin grew wider. “Oh, you heard me, baby. We want to… we will bring about the apocalypse. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be fast. It’d be a boon if we had another being such as yourself at our side for it.”
Impossibly, the corners of the cultist’s mouth curled even further, their eyes shining with mirth. They tossed their pale blond hair, responding only with a huff of laughter.
“You,” I whispered. “You too.” I swallowed, reaching up to massage my throbbing temples. “Why do you want this world to end? You aren’t native to it, right? But do you really hate it that much?”
“Oh, it’s not that I hate it. I just don’t care for it all that much. Okay, listen, it’s not gonna be a real apocalypse. It’s just gonna look like it for a moment. And sure, the humans may or may not survive—they probably won’t, not gonna lie—but it’ll be for the greater good, and the two of us are gonna make it for sure.”
I frowned. “What?”
“You keep saying that.”
“Yes, because you aren’t making any sense. I don’t get what you’re trying to tell me.”
Jewel sighed. “Well, I can’t give you everything. Just… just trust me. You’ll want to be on our side, you’re gonna want to help us. Again, you literally have no other choice, so… yeah.”
“You know, I’ve been asked to go on a murderous rampage by someone far more attractive before, and I still said no.”
“Oh, you won’t be doing any of the killing. Not much, at any rate.”
“That’s a great comfort to me,” I said, without much sarcasm at all.
Jewel tilted their head at me. “I gotta admit, I do not get you. I kinda wish I did, though. Anyways, I guess I’ll leave you to it, then. Goodnight.”
“So you’ll head right out now? Just like that?”
They twinkled at me. “Want me to stay?”
“Oh, Lord, no.”
“Yeah, well, if you wanna fight now, I gotta disappoint you. I’m not feeling up to it.”
I wanted to tell them that it was not their decision to make, that I wouldn’t let them leave, but somehow, I thought better of it. Quelling the anger raging inside of me, I strained to keep my tone calm. “What was your home like? What kind of a dimension are you from?”
The question seemed to catch them off guard. “Please don’t ask me things like that.”
“You… just stop.” Their voice had suddenly become brittle and quiet. I’d rattled them. A warm feeling of glorious triumph surged through me like a wave.
“Do you remember what they called you back there? I don’t. Maybe we didn’t even have names, I really don’t know anymore.” I shrugged.
Jewel rose to their feet a little too quickly. Their eyes were shining with moisture, and before they could wipe them dry, a single tear rolled down their cheek. To my complete astonishment, it hardened the second it dropped off their chin, forming a tiny, sparkling yellow stone. They caught it with practiced precision, hastily stuffing it into the pocket of their jeans. “‘Scuse me, I, uh… I gotta go. See you soon.” Without losing another word, they headed out into the living room, and after another moment, I heard the front door slam. The noise of a motorcycle engine revving was carried in on the breeze through my open window a minute later.
I stayed seated upright in my bed, staring blankly at the wall across from me.
Thus ended my retelling of events to Nettie Peterson, taking us back into the garden. She regarded me with wide eyes, her jaw slackened. She then shook her head, letting out a string of incoherent murmurs as she sank back into her seat. “I don’t believe this,” she breathed. “What… what are you gonna do about this? You’re not seriously gonna go along with what that psycho wants from you, right? Have you told the agency yet?”
“No,” I admitted. “And I haven’t been to the warehouse either. My week is not up yet, so that’s probably okay… I really don’t know what to do, though.”
“Well, that’s an easy one. You call this Markov-lady, have her raid the warehouse and arrest every last one of those freaks she can find!”
“But they won’t leave it at that. They’ll come after me. And you, too.”
“Don’t worry about me. I can hold my own.n” lg
“I’m not saying you can’t, but—”
“No buts. I’ll be fine. Both of us will be. And I hope you know I won’t have you going back to your apartment after this. You’re staying here with me, where it’s safe.” Her eyes looked almost golden in the light of the setting sun. “Let's go back inside. It’s time I showed you where I hide my guns.”
I pursed my lips. “Gun-s? As in plural?”
“Oh, absolutely.” She took me by the hand, pulling me to my feet with a melodic hum falling from her lips.
I know I have a lot going on in my life right now, but Lord, am I grateful that this woman’s in it.
2: deadbeat roommate
3: creepy crush
4: relocation
5: beach concert
6: First date
7: Temp work
8: roommate talk
9: a dismal worldview
10: warehouse
11: staircase
12: explanation
13: hurt
14: hospital
15: ocean
16: diner
17: government work
18: something in the caves
19: shopping cart
20: olms and Jewels
21: long hair
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2023.06.03 19:01 searayman Bighorn Sheep Along South Lykken Trail - Palm Springs

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2023.06.03 18:58 searayman South Lykken Trail Palm Springs

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2023.06.03 17:42 AccomplishedArtist5 Moving to Palm Springs area - need recommendation for storage facility and creative space

Hi - my wife and I are going to soon be moving to the palm Springs area - not sure where we will ultimately end up but will be initially renting a furnished place in Palm Springs. Meanwhile we will need a storage facility for our stuff - mostly non climate controlled but will need a small climate controlled space for artwork. Recommendations welcome.
Also eventually I will want some studio space to paint and get messy - we may eventually get a place with a garage that I can use, but maybe not - any art studio spaces - or small warehouse type spaces for rent? I don't need gallery space.
Thanks All.
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2023.06.03 16:47 FightingUrukHai The Development of Aluwa

Prehistoric Aluwa is often thought of as a primitive society, but although the progress was slow, over the centuries they continued to advance their knowledge in every facet of their life.
Arguably the most significant advancement of this time was the gradual development of tanning leather. First, a deerskin would be cleaned by soaking it in water and scraping it with flint or clamshell tools. Then, it would be soaked again, this time in the same lime solution used in nixtamalization, in order to remove the fat and grease. Finally, the hide would be worked with deer brains, preferably the brains of the deer from which the skin had come – this was thought to improve the durability of the leather, since it was all from one animal – and stretched over an oak fire. The combination of enzymes from the brains and tannin from the woodsmoke would soften the hide and convert it into buckskin leather. The lime soaking and oak smoking also had ritual significance, being linked to similar processes in food preparation; it is thought that these elements were used in deerskin preparation for at least a century before the brains were added to the mix.
The development of tanning caused significant changes to Aluwa society. Now that buckskin clothing could be expected last for many years, it became much more common for people to wear pants and shirts during the spring and autumn, instead of only during the coldest days of winter. They also began decorating their clothing with chalk and ochre, both as a fashion choice and as a signifier of tribe loyalty. These didn’t replace earlier traditions of wearing short skirts and loincloths or decorating themselves in body paint (face painting in particular continued to be a major feature in Aluwa fashion, since it would be visible even when dressed in full buckskin), but it did begin a parallel development that would gradually overtake them in importance. Leather also replaced earlier materials for many other purposes, from wigwam coverings to waterskins to sandals.
Even as leather became more prevalent in Aluwa society, hunters themselves were becoming more marginalized. In Aluwa spirituality, birds and mammals were considered a higher tier of being than reptiles, amphibians, fish, or invertebrates. Hunters, who killed deer and gamebirds as a way of life, were viewed with suspicion. The development of tanning only increased this suspicion – the noxious smells the process produced meant that it had to be done at the border of the village, so the hunters, who also did the leatherworking, ended up living at the edge of society.
But it was not only hunters who were making technological innovations at this time. The herb-gathering wise men who had learned to identify medicinal plants improved their knowledge of healing. They invented splints made of wood and palm fiber rope, which could be used in an early form of bone-setting. The results can be seen in the healed bones of skeletons from people who lived at the time, many of which have growth patterns showing that they lived for decades after the injuries that would have been otherwise deadly.
Other gatherers, less wise in the ways of herblore, developed a new type of axe with a long wooden handle and a head made of flint or bronze. This was much more effective than earlier tree-felling tools, and the ani’Aluwa used it to clear away farmland at a significantly faster rate, the fallen trees becoming fuel for their cookfires or material for their houses and boats. With the new ease of acquiring wood, these houses and boats slowly started increasing in size, with larger constructions becoming a status symbol for powerful tribal matriarchs and wealthy seafaring merchants.
Aluwa fisherman were also innovating. Previously, the gathering of clams and oysters had been entirely passive, but now the ani’Aluwa began to shape their environment to fit their needs. They built long, low stone walls parallel to the coast, which trapped sediment that would otherwise wash out to sea and extended the width of the tidal zone. They would also clear out rocks and churn up the sand to provide an ideal environment for bivalves, and harvest said bivalves in a sustainable way. Using these new clam beds, they were able to greatly increase the clam and oyster harvest, providing more meat and more mother-of-pearl, which became quite popular for use in jewelry and decorations.
New technologies also changed the way of life for women back in the village. Previously, maize (nixtamalized into hominy) and cassava had been treated much like beans, squash, peppers, or sweet potatoes, being cooked and smoked but otherwise left in their natural state. During this period, however, Aluwa women first began to grind maize and cassava into flour using handheld grindstones. This led to the innovation of new foods: hominy flour (masa) would be baked into a flatbread called Yatilu, while cassava flour would be formed into dumplings called Plopayam, which were most frequently used in Globiplo, cassava dumpling soup. A uniquely Aluwa dish was Ha’uwam, a ball of dough like a swallow made by pouring either masa, cassava flour, or a combination of both into boiling water and stirring it until it had enough consistency to stick together. These dishes would prove to be the staple foods around which Aluwa cuisine would grow.
At the intersection of different Aluwa lifestyles and gender roles was the domestication of citrus. Aluwa lies at the intersection of the native ranges of various wild citrus fruits – wild oranges (Citrus indica) to the west, wild citrons (Citrus medica) to the northwest, wild mandarins (Citrus reticulata) to the northeast, and wild limes (Citrus hystrix) to the southeast. Male gatherers had begun the practice of grafting fruit- and nut-bearing trees centuries earlier, which reached new heights as they combined the different citruses, breeding them into a new form with bigger fruits that had smaller rinds. The result was the Hihuwi, or Aluwa yellow lime, a somewhat bitter fruit that became a mainstay in Aluwa cooking, especially when combined with chili peppers.
The changes this brought to Aluwa society were less to do with the fruit itself than with its cultivation. Wild plants of the forest were the domain of men; cultivated plants of the farm were the domain of women. Lime trees were trees, descended from wild cultivars, but required constant careful tending and were short and shrubby enough to grow alongside other domesticated plants. In the end, the question of who should be in charge of tending the limes came down to practicality: the most efficient place to plant the lime trees was among the farms around the village, and the women were already working those farms. This represented the first step of women, who were for the most part expected to spend their whole lives in and around their home village, expanding into the broader territory of a domain that had once been exclusive to men – even if, in this case, the trees came to the women rather than the women to the trees. Still, it was at around this time that myths and legends began to include rare examples of female heroes venturing forth to wander the world like their male counterparts had long been doing.
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2023.06.03 14:35 Orphan-Prince What if Finn & Kol survived (TVD) part 1

What if Finn & Kol survived (TVD) part 1
Considering on the thread suggesting these What If ideas, Kol’s got the most upvotes, while more comments requested Finn, so, I decided to mix the two together, having both Finn and Kol survive their altercations with the Mystic Falls Gang (as they should have). Rather than leaping straight into TO, we’ll start with the changes to TVD with Finn alive and the difference with Kol’s altercation with Elena & Jeremy.
Finn and Sage enjoy a nice date at the Grille, Sage convinces Finn to choose life and promises to teach him to enjoy life as a vampire, Finn smiles and nods, Matt delivers their shots and Sage asks if Finn has ever had tequila, he chuckles and shakes his head, citing that he hasn’t drunken it before. He takes his shot, licks the salt from his wrist and sucks on the lime, asking Sage if she’s happy and expresses his awe for the evolution of mankind.
Finn expresses disgust when he finds out that Sage turned Troy, stating that he turned her because he loved her, Sage chuckles and says that she’s in enemy territory, claiming that she did so for precaution and expresses her distrust in Klaus and Rebekah. As she says this she grabs Matt’s wrist and asks for more shots. She tells Finn that passion overcoming morals is considered living life, Finn gives a small laugh and nods, willing to learn from Sage, they give a cheers to “living life”. When they get their drinks from their waitress they find out it was laced in vervain, they spot Stefan leaving and smirking at them, in anger they follow him out.
Stefan goes to stake Finn, Sage quickly springs into action and grabs Stefan’s wrist, she snaps it and tosses him to the side without effort. Stefan drops the stake and it falls down the stairs, Finn looks from Stefan to Sage as she shouts at him to get the stake, Finn nods and as he goes to get it Stefan attempts to rush at Finn, but Sage grabs Stefan by his throat and lifts him off of his feet, glaring daggers at him. Finn rushes down the stairs after the stake, getting to the bottom in less than a second, as he makes it to the bottom of the steps the door swings open just as he grabs the stake, Elena points the crossbow at him.
“Do you expect to scare me with that crude little toy?” The Original asks in a bored tone.
Elena doesn’t answer and shoots the crossbow, though, Finn easily catches the stake and tosses it to the side, giving an irritated look towards Elena, Matt goes to rush at Finn to stab him with the White Oak stake that he held, though, Finn easily grabs Matt’s hand and breaks his wrist, causing Matt to drop the stake, Finn kicks him in the chest, sending him flying back and against the brick wall, he groans as Elena shoots a panicked look at Stefan, she grabs onto the stake and goes to stab Finn with it, though, before she can Finn backhands Elena, knocking her to the floor, she keeps a firm grip on the stake and tries to stab him in the leg, Finn takes a step back.
As he does, Matt jumps on his back, trying to hold him for Elena to stab him, Elena catches her bearings, though just as she goes to stab Finn, the Original flings Matt off of his back and onto the floor, as Elena raises the stake over her head to stab Finn, he slaps her hand aside and backhands her to the floor, knocking her out, the stake sliding across the floor when she was knocked down.
Finn turns his attention to Matt as he goes for the stake. Finn steps on Matt’s hand right before he can grab onto the stake, the sounds of bones snapping and joints popping being heard, the jock looks up at the Original with wide eyes, a fearful look on his face. Finn smirks and looks towards Stefan as Sage drops him, Stefan falling to his hands and knees.
“Are we done? My mercy only extends so far, stop now and I shall let you live.” Finn says as he stares at Stefan. “Yield, and Sage nor I will take action against any of you for this attempt on my life.” The Original offers.
“Try it again, and we’ll kill all of you.” Sage adds as she glares down at Stefan, the young vampire gulps and nods, accepting their offer, he cautiously walks down the stairs, holding his hands up the entire time until he reaches Elena, he scoops the unconscious doppelgänger into his arms and glances down at Matt, Finn gives a pressing look and stares at Stefan. He releases Matt, grabs the other stake and stuffs both into his jacket before he walks towards Stefan, threatening that he will not be so merciful next time, he walks towards Sage, leaving Stefan and Matt to contemplate their defeat and breathe a sigh of relief that Finn spared their life.
Finn pauses at the top of the steps and glances down at Stefan. “My siblings will not be as lenient as me, I would not suggest trying to kill them, if you value your lives that is.” Finn says before he and Sage leaves.
Sage and Finn wait until he is delinked from his siblings, Finn expresses how little he can wait to leave the city that was the birthplace of all his pain and sorrow. Klaus sarcastically tells Finn how much he will miss his dear older brother, Finn snorts and tells Klaus to use his hollow charms elsewhere, putting his foot down on leaving. Klaus merely shrugs and wishes Finn luck, telling him he has much to catch up on in a joking tone, though, there is some sincerity in his words.
Finn stares at Klaus, clenching his teeth.
“Don’t act like you care now, brother. You left me there, in that coffin for 900 years….. cold and alone, trapped endlessly in that black horizon.” Finn says before walking out with Sage. Klaus is visibly confused by Finn’s statement, not understanding what he meant by the “black horizon”.
It was meant to be a slumber, Klaus found himself saying in his mind. You can see him trying to piece it together, that he wanted to ask Finn more. He knew that he could drag Finn back and force him to tell him more, but he ultimately decided to let Finn leave. He had little use for him now, and having Finn around would kill all the fun, or at least that’s what Klaus was telling himself.
Sage asks Finn what he meant as they walk to her car, but Finn tells her he’d rather not talk about it, that he hadn’t meant to say so much.
Soon after Esther is killed by Alaric, Rebekah calls Finn to tell him the news, he asks her why she is telling him this, but she merely responds with “I thought you should know. If you want, you can come and say your goodbyes.”
Finn sighs and looks to Sage, telling her what happened, and mentioning that he wants to go back to Mystic Falls, that he wants to see the body for himself. Initially, Sage tries to talk Finn out of it, but he is adamant so she acquiesces and gets the keys to her car. The duo departed quickly after packing the basic necessities. Upon getting in the car, Finn asks why they can’t just run there, that they are much faster than the vehicle and can get to that “dreadful city” in minutes. Sage responds that cars are useful and have their perks, such as holding their things. Mentioning that she will go to Mystic Falls with him, but that they are driving there.
Once the couple arrived in Mystic Falls, they were quickly stopped by Rebekah standing in the road. Sage swore under her breath as she slammed her foot on the brake, swerving slightly as to avoid hitting Rebekah. She knew that being hit by her car wouldn’t hurt Rebekah, it would certainly damage her car. The car barely missed Rebekah, nearly hitting the sidewalk, but Sage managed to stop it.
Sage swiftly left the car, followed by Finn, ready to give Rebekah a piece of her mind. But she paused as she saw what seemed to be a flicker of fear in her eyes. Finn seemed to have noticed as well as he gently pushed past Sage, standing in front of her, staring at his sister.
“What is it?” Finn asked, turning his head ever so slightly, taking a few steps forward.
“Finn, we need to get Klaus and leave.” Rebekah said softly, confusing Finn and Sage both.
“I refuse, first, tell me what’s going on.” Finn demanded.
Rebekah gulped, explaining what happened at the school and what happened with Alaric, calling him “too strong”. Finn looked confused, pointing out that Alaric should be dead, Rebekah corrected him, causing Sage to pipe up, asking just how strong.
“As strong as us, maybe stronger. That’s not what scares me the most, brother. I stabbed him with White Oak.”
“And?” Sage pushed. “If you stabbed him with White Oak, he should be dead.”
“That’s the problem! He was immune!” Rebekah argued, shocking both Finn and Sage.
“So, you're saying, we’re dealing with a vampire with the power of an Original that is immune to White Oak?” Finn asked, trying to make sure he was hearing what he thought he was. Rebekah meekly nodded.
Finn glanced at Sage before looking back to Rebekah with a sigh. “Then mother truly plans on killing us all even after death.”
“So, she didn’t tell you?” Rebekah asked, Finn shook his head.
“I only knew of the linking and my sacrifice. I knew nothing of this.” Finn steps forward. “Get Niklaus, we’re leaving.” Finn said in a serious tone, Rebekah asking them to come with her, Sage asking if Alaric has a daylight ring, something that Rebekah confirms he does not.
Sage, with a sigh tells Rebekah to get into the car, which she does, the three driving to the manor house that Klaus was in, the three entering together, going to Klaus. Rebekah, of course, stood in the front.
The conversation with Klaus remains mostly the same, Rebekah explains to him the situation, explains Alaric and how White Oak couldn’t kill him, that he was too strong, Klaus showing annoyance, but acquiesced, stating that they will leave, but he needs to collect Elena first, claiming that he’s making an army to protect them. Rebekah argues that they’ll protect each other. To this, Klaus looks at Finn, asking if they would truly protect each other in a backhanded tone.
Finn takes a step forward. “You have never once given me reason to wish to protect either of you.” Finn said coldly, he looked at Rebekah. “I’m willing to defend her, she came to me for help. But I will not stay and help you with your greed.”
Klaus steps towards Finn, getting in his face, but Finn doesn’t back down, he glares at Klaus. Rebekah gets between them, frustratingly saying that now is not the time for family squabbles. Klaus tells them that he is not leaving with Elena. Finn and Rebekah both look at each other.
“We’re leaving now. You could either walk out that door with us or you are on your own.” Rebekah warned, causing Klaus to look at them, seeing that Finn is willing to defend Rebekah, but is quick to dismiss him. Rebekah shakes her head at Klaus’s silence, telling him to trust his hybrids over his family.
Finn shakes his head at Klaus one last time before leaving with Rebekah, Sage following close behind, choosing to remain silent during the exchange, knowing that whilst Finn and Rebekah would be able to hold their own for some time and may even be able to win if they worked together, she would instantly be killed.
Later that night when Rebekah gets a call that seemingly came from Damon, she goes to Finn, requesting his help in moving Klaus’s body, Finn at first is confused but Rebekah explains that Bonnie must have done the heart stopping spell on Klaus, Finn nods apathetically, mentioning that Klaus earned some time in the box. She asks him again, stating that she had no intention of feeding Klaus blood, just moving him somewhere safe while Alaric is still alive.
After some convincing, Finn agrees to go with her. Telling her that when they get Klaus, they’re leaving. Finn offers to allow Rebekah to leave with him and Sage, elaborating that he wouldn’t want to see her murdered despite their strained relationship, explaining that he now sees the joy of living. Rebekah tells him she’ll think about it and they set off, leaving Sage behind. Finn implores Sage to leave if she does not hear from him in two hours.
As the duo enter the storage Rebekah begins calling for Damon as Finn trailed behind her, gazing around curiously, this being his first time in such a place. So many places to store things, his mind wandered to how many things must be there. Getting tired of waiting Finn sighs.
“Let us just tear this place apart and find him.” Finn said in an annoyed tone. He swiftly looked over as Rebekah was grabbed and dragged to the side, spotting Damon holding her. The much younger vampire motioned for him to follow, which Finn does. Damon tells the two where Klaus’ body is and asks for their help in moving him.
As the siblings and Damon attempt to move the coffin containing Klaus to the truck, Finn and Rebekah on either side and Damon at the back, Alaric suddenly appears in front of them, catching the trio off guard. Alaric grabs Rebekah, flinging her into the side of the car, the force of the impact sending him flying back stunning her. Damon dashes at Alaric only to get kicked back. Finn looked conflicted for only a moment before his eyes narrowed.
(Considering Finn fought for Elijah in TO while they were on less than good terms, I’m certain that he’d do the same for Klaus here.)
The eldest brother rushed Alaric, grabbing him by his jacket and threw him back, standing in front of the coffin for a mere moment and quickly following on the assault before Alaric could fully recover, being the first Original to have an actual fight against Alaric. Alaric jumps up, hitting Finn, stunning him and sending him stumbling back, Finn follows with another hit, sending Alaric back, he follows through with three more punches and a kick, Finn goes for another strike, but his wrist is grabbed and snapped, he is flung to the side but lands on his hands and knees, quickly gathering himself. Alaric moves to Klaus, but Finn intercepts, tackling Alaric, sending them both tumbling to the ground Finn places his hands on Alaric’s face, attempting to break his neck as Alaric holds onto Finn’s wrists, the two struggling for a few seconds before Alaric wins, pushing Finn off.
Rebekah attempts to rush in, to help Finn as Alaric kicks him in the side, sending him flying.
Finn shouts at Rebekah and Damon to get Klaus into the car as he rises, he and Alaric have a brief fight, it’s clear that Alaric is more powerful than Finn but not by an absurd amount, showing difficulty in fighting him. The eldest Mikaelson brother mainly sidestepping and parrying and throwing a few blows here and there, trying to avoid being hit as much as possible, just as Rebekah and Damon puts Klaus in the back of the truck, Rebekah announces it, telling Finn to hurry, Finn turns his head to make sure, this small distraction allows Alaric to snap Finn’s neck and toss him to the side, the Original slowly looking towards Rebekah and Damon.
Alaric rushes Rebekah, grabbing her by the back of her jacket, flinging her back, she lands next to Finn as Alaric boots Damon.
Alaric quickly drags the coffin out and opens it, Klaus staring up at him as Rebekah gets to her feet. She goes to rush at Alaric, but is too late, the hunter stabs Klaus in the heart before tearing the stake out and slamming the coffin shut, Damon leaps in front of Rebekah before holding onto the distraught Original.
Alaric sighs and fully turns to Rebekah, pointing the stake at her. “Next.” He said coldly.
Damon pushes Rebekah back, urging her to run. Without hesitation, Rebekah rushes to Finn, grabbing onto her unconscious brother and rushing off as fast as she could. Damon rushes at Alaric in a bid to buy Rebekah some time to escape with Finn but is instantly shoved to the side before Alaric himself rushes after the siblings.
When Finn wakes he is leaned against Rebekah, the blonde holding him up. His vision is blurry but quickly recovers, he sees Elijah and rubs his head, moving away from the teary eyed Rebekah. He asks what happened as Elijah gives a concerned look. Tears fell from Rebekah’s eyes as she spoke.
“He’s gone, there was nothing I could do to stop it. Finn, Finn tried but… Alaric defeated him… He… Nik’s gone.”
Finn sighs as Rebekah speaks, turning to the side he looks down, despite his hatred, Finn couldn’t help but feel a bit of sorrow for Klaus’s death, though was nowhere near as distraught as Rebekah and Elijah. He looked over as Rebekah and Elijah embraced, Finn glanced around as Rebekah and Elijah spoke, speaking of Klaus’s bloodline.
“It won’t take long, he’ll be behind us.” Finn looked over to his siblings. “We need to leave. Niklaus is dead, we’ll be next, the longer we remain, the longer we are in danger.”
Elijah and Rebekah look at him, as if they just remembered he was there.
“We need to flee. I’m going to, I recommend you do the same. He is no stronger than Niklaus, but without a way to kill him fighting him is futile.”
Finn doesn’t wait for either sibling to answer him and speeds off, going back to where he stayed with Sage. Finn doesn’t explain much to Sage other than “we need to leave”, the duo getting into the car and leaving Mystic Falls in quick order while Rebekah runs Elena and Matt off the road.
The initial conversation between Kol and Elena remains the same, Elena denouncing her search for Silas if it means putting everyone she loves in danger. Kol saying he’ll consider her request before going on his way, realizing that Elena was planning something, he returns, saying that their request was denied. Elena slams the door in his face and he kicks it down.
As Kol searches the downstairs of the home, he calls Klaus, alerting him to what was happening and threatening to chop off Jeremy’s arm, kill Elena, then hunt him, hanging up he looks up, spotting Elena with a crossbow. He glares at her as she shoots and effortlessly catches the bolt before it touches his leg. Looking up, he spots Elena missing. Throwing the bolt down he goes upstairs.
Kol listens carefully, listening for any noise and smirks when he hears the moving of a dresser. In a mere moment he appears at the door opening it and placing his hand on it as Elena tries to slam the dresser against it. Try as she might, Kol’s hand never moved, he never struggles against her strength. With one swift push of his hand, Kol slams the door open, knocking the wooden dresser and Elena back, causing her to fall to the floor. As he steps inside, Elena speeds off, locking each door behind her.
Kol follows, kicking down the door in front of him before punching through the door to the room Jeremy and Elena were in. Jeremy shoots at him, Kol catching the stake.
“Missed.” Jeremy shoots again, and Kol catches the second stake. “Missed again!” Elena shoots at Kol, hitting him in the chest a few times, screaming at Jeremy to run before he flings one of the stakes at her, hitting her shoulder, causing her to fall to the floor, tearing it out.
Kol ignores Elena, choosing to chase after Jeremy, swiftly intercepting him, hitting him in the face just hard enough to daze him before shoving him down the stairs. He goes to follow, but Elena jumps on his back, prompting him to fling her and turn around to grab her by the throat, shoving her into the wall. He tears out one of the wooden pillars under the stair rail and stabs a struggling Elena into the wall. He leans in and smirks as she gasps.
“Be a good girl and wait here, I'm not going to kill you, Elena. Death would be too easy for you, you'll have to live with the consequences of trying to awaken Silas." He smirks and twists the makeshift stake.
He turns away from Elena and smirks as he goes to Jeremy, hopping down the stairs and dragging him down. He ties him to the table and muses about how he’ll heal Jeremy right up and apologizes for the sting. He raises the cleaver over his head and goes to slam it down onto Jeremy’s arm before he is jumped by Elena, she pushes the cleaver down, causing Kol to inadvertently cut Jeremy’s right arm free.
With a sigh of frustration, Kol grabs Elena by the throat and rams the cleaver into her shoulder before kicking her in the gut, sending her flying back, turning around, he backhands Jeremy to the floor, kicking him in the gut several times, stopping only when Elena jumps on his back, wrapping her arms around his throat and legs around his waist. Kol tries to fling her off of him, but she manages to hold on, With a growl he backs up against a wall, slamming Elena against it until her grip loosens, when it does he flings her over his shoulder, knocking the breath out of her. He snaps his head over as he hears his brother's voice, shouting at Jeremy to invite him in. With hesitation and a nod, Jeremy invites Klaus in. Kol turns his full focus to Klaus as Elena and Jeremy get out of the way, watching as Klaus steps inside.
“You should have just behaved yourself.” Klaus said in a mocking tone before rushing Kol as fast as he could, fast enough to where Elena couldn’t even see him until he had Kol pressed against the counter, holding him by his jacket. “But now I’ll have to punish you, put you back in a box!”
Kol glared at Klaus as he slapped his hands away, grabbing Klaus by his jacket and tossing him back, causing him to land hard on the ground and slide back, Klaus catching a glimpse of the White Oak stake in his inside jacket pocket. Kol goes to follow up on his assault, but the moment he got to Klaus, his brother was already on his feet and uppercutted Kol hard enough to send him flying back, slamming through the table with a groan, breaking it in half and splintering the wood, as Klaus rushed back at Kol, in an attempt to lift him and continue his attack, Kol lifted his foot in time, kicking Klaus back, giving himself enough time to get to his feet.
Kol sped towards Klaus, grabbing him by his jacket, he lifted him, punched him in the gut and headbutted him. Though, his hands were quickly slapped away and Klaus kicked him in the chest, sending him flying back. Klaus quickly followed, grabbing Kol by his coat and flinging him to the side, causing him to land against the couch, knocking it over. Elena gasping and grabbing onto Jeremy, scurrying away.
Klaus follows as Kol gets up, the hybrid goes to punch him, though Kol parries, Klaus follows up with another punch and Kol blocks, taking the opportunity to grab Klaus’s arm and fling him into the wall, knocking him through it and to the feet of the Gilberts.
Klaus growls as he rises to his feet, his eyes turning yellow, veins bulging and growing underneath them, Kol rushing towards him. He goes to punch Klaus, his eyes returning to normal, the hybrid dodges, hitting Kol in the stomach before hitting him in the chest open palmed, knocking Kol back slightly, while Kol is stunned, Klaus uses every ounce of his speed to get to Kol taking the stake from his jacket pocket. Kol recovers and instantly slaps it out of Klaus’s hand as his brother is distracted, the stake clattering to the floor, landing in front of Jeremy who quickly takes it, hiding it in the back of his pants.
Kol follows this up with a few punches to the face and chest, all connecting, though Klaus quickly turns the tables, hitting Kol in the face, sending him stumbling back. He follows his assault, kicking Kol in the chest, Kol goes to punch Klaus, but his hand is knocked to the side and Klaus grabs him by his throat, pushing him against a wall, Klaus swiftly pulls the dagger from his jacket pocket and goes to stab Kol, but his younger brother manages to grab his wrist with one hand and place his hand onto Klaus’s chest with the other, doing his best to keep Klaus at bay.
Kol manages to begin pushing Klaus back, but Klaus keeps his grip on the dagger, continuously trying to push it forward. Eventually, Klaus places his left hand over his right, pushing the dagger with more effort, forcing Kol to apply more effort, Klaus inching the dagger closer and closer, yet, at times Kol manages to push it back slightly. It’s clear that Klaus has the advantage in strength as Kol visibly struggles to keep it at bay.
Elena, spotting the struggle, glances towards the table Kol crashed through and spots a broken table leg. She swiftly speeds towards it, picking it up before speeding back to Klaus and Kol. While the Original was distracted, Elena jammed the makeshift stake into his side, causing Kol to yell out in pain, turning to face Elena. Causing him to falter just enough for Klaus to take advantage and push the dagger into his heart. Kol lets out a shout of pain, looking at Klaus, his lip twitching in anger, his eyes narrowed as he begins turning grey, his grip weakens on Klaus’ wrist and chest until he falls limp and his arms fall to his side.
“You poor fool.” Klaus softly says as Kol falls against him, gently sliding down, his head against Klaus’s chest, Klaus holding him up from his underarms. Neither Elena nor Klaus notice Jeremy inching closer with the White Oak stake. Klaus notices at the last moment when Jeremy went to stake Kol, he manages to push Kol to the side, saving his brothers life, taking the hit instead, Jeremy ramming the stake into Klaus’s lower gut, causing him shout in pain and shove Jeremy hard enough to send him flying, taking the stake out he held it to the side.
The rest of the scene goes on mostly like in canon, Klaus angrily speaking to the duo, pointing out that Kol never would have gotten inside had they not set a trap for him. Though, it differs when Klaus threatens to kill them, instead of threatening to burn the house down and kill them when they flee, he instead threatens to rip them apart and leave pieces of them artfully arranged around Mystic Falls.
When Bonnie attacks, she uses her magic to first knock the stake out of Klaus’s hand before crippling him, making him scream in pain. It goes as it does in canon, Klaus chasing them around before being locked in the living room, Kol laying on his side in the kitchen. Jeremy takes the stake and goes to kill Kol, but is stopped by Elena when Klaus begins screaming threats, the trio leaving the home and the rest going as it did in canon.
TO Season 1
Rebekah brings Hayley through the secret passages of the plantation until they reach three coffins, two of which are covered in dust while one is clean, she keeps her gaze on that one, asking if Klaus killed Elijah, Rebekah calls Hayley a “silly girl” and explains that when they inevitably disappoint Klaus, he daggers them. She nods towards a coffin and opens it, showing Kol’s body with the silver dagger in his chest.
Hayley asks what Kol did and Rebekah explains it as she stared down at his body.
“He was daggered quite recently, in fact. See, we found a cure to vampirism, and he found out that getting it risks awakening a being named Silas. Kol knew who Silas was where the rest of us did not. He grew paranoid, tried to stop us. Klaus daggered him when he tried to destroy the map. Turns out, he was right, Silas was more powerful than we could have imagined.”
“So, if that coffin is yours.” Hayley points at a dusty coffin. “And that one, Kol’s. Who does he put in the third coffin?”
“That one belongs to my brother Finn. Luckily for him, Klaus allowed him freedom. However long that may last. For now, he’s somewhere in Europe with his lover Sage. I always hated that bitch.” Rebekah lets out a sigh as she turns to the werewolf, closing the coffin, leaving the room with Hayley, the latter looking back at the coffin.
Later that day, Hayley returns to the room that Rebekah showed her, searching for and collecting the daggers, figuring out that they were under Rebekah’s coffin. She glances over to the coffin that held Kol, pondering until she finally walks over, opening it, she stared down at him, tucking the other daggers into her pants she grabbed onto the hilt of the dagger in Kol’s chest, breathing in she yanks it out and stares at him, figuring that removing the dagger would awaken him, not expecting how dangerous Kol truly is, believing him to be a safe guard like Elijah and Rebekah. Figuring that waking him up would annoy Klaus, she wanted to do something against Klaus after him choking her, and stealing his daggers and awakening the only remaining sibling that she could reach sounded like a good idea at the time.
With a sigh, she leaves the room, meeting Rebekah on the front porch, she sits next to her, thanking her for what she did in the house. Rebekah smiles and tells her that “us girls have to stick together”. Hayley smiles and pulls the daggers out, showing them to Rebekah. Her eyes widen as she counted them, realizing that they were all there.
All she could reply with was. “Kol…”
Klaus sat in his room with a cup of bourbon in his hand, he faced one of his paintings, contemplating the baby. He sighed as he heard someone enter the room, believing it to be Rebekah, he spoke.
“I’ve already told you, if you don’t like my plan, you know where the door is. Marcel has Elijah, that won’t change until my plan is through.”
“Gave Elijah to Marcellus, huh?”
Klaus immediately stood once he heard the voice, snapping around, he faced Kol.
“You must be desperate, brother.” Kol commented as he walked forward, he cocked his head at the wide eyed expression. “I take it you weren’t the one who woke me?” Kol asked, turning to the side, pouring himself a glass of bourbon. “How long has it been this time? 50 years? A century?”
“Kol…” Klaus uttered before gaining his composure.
Kol smirked as he turned to face his brother. “Now, what is this diabolical plan of yours?” He asked, curious as to why Klaus was moving against Marcel, despite his anger at the moment, Kol couldn’t pass up on the chance to mess with or even harm Marcel without being shoved back in a box.
Klaus speaks up, explaining his plan to Kol, telling him what he told Hayley and Rebekah. Unlike Rebekah, Klaus knows that Kol has some serious bad blood with Marcel, knowing that he’d have a much easier time convincing him to help sabotage Marcel despite what he did, convinced that having him help with Marcel would distract Kol from his anger with him. Klaus smirks as he walks towards his brother, placing his hand on Kol’s shoulder.
“Now, brother. Will you help me?”
Kol pauses, rubbing his face. “A baby?” Kol asked, turning away from Klaus.
“Loophole in nature if you believe the French Quarter Coven.” Klaus said in a dismissive tone. “You're the one obsessed with magic, what do you think?” He asked, genuinely interested in what Kol had to say.
“It’s certainly possible.” Kol muttered. “Half werewolf, half vampire. I hadn’t thought about it until now. Conceiving a child could theoretically be possible, although incredibly unlikely.” He said, thinking deeply.
“I’m still rather cross with you.” Kol said, turning back to Klaus, pointing at him. “I will find a way to get you back-”
“Enough with the threats.” Klaus said with a chuckle. “Lest you end up back in a box.”
Kol gritted his teeth, crossing his arms and glared at Klaus.
“Now, if you truly want to help me.” He paused at the door, glancing back at Kol. “Behave yourself for now. Two Originals in town is bad enough, but three? Marcel’s men are going to get antsy, too antsy.”
“Let them.” Kol scoffed, crossing his arms. “They’re right to fear us. They’d be fools not to be.”
“Don’t cause too much chaos, not until I’m ready.” Klaus warned, Kol mockingly putting his hands up.
“Your role is to cozy up with the witches, learn as much from them as you can. I want you to focus on Sophie Deveraux. Use your charms to get close to her.” Klaus said before leaving the room.
Kol gives a simple smirk as Klaus leaves, indicating that he has plans of his own.
He doesn’t stick around for long, he instead instantly heads to where he recalls the French Quarter witches to reside. He had entered to see it mostly empty, which was odd. Typically at this hour someone was there, someone was often always there last he recalled. Then he heard it, a voice. He swiftly moved to where it originated, getting there in less than a second, spotting a witch. She snapped her head over upon hearing the “wooshing” sound that often accompanied vampiric speed.
“Another vampire, great.” Sophie muttered. "I'm not using magic, okay."
“A witch.” Kol said with a smirk, she paused as she stared at him. “I’m Kol.” He introduced himself, gaining a shocked expression from her. She had already met three Originals, the fear mostly wore off, though she still understood the dangers of an Original Vampire and knew that it was right and natural to fear them. It’d be stupid not to fear them at least a bit. This man was one of the most powerful creatures on the planet.
“Another Original.” Sophie said as she turned to face him. “I’m Sophie.” She said, causing Kol to walk over, glancing at the tomb, reading the name.
“Deveraux? Ah, yes. I remember. Your ancestors over a century ago were quite powerful.” Kol commented, glancing back at Sophie. “I presume you're powerful yourself.”
“Yes.” Sophie nodded visibly tense.
“Relax, darling.” Kol gave a dismissive hand wave. “I’ve come as a friend. I’ve always been a friend to the witches here. In fact, that’s why I was daggered a century ago. For helping the witches. I recall quite a few Deveraux witches helping me. A shame that we lost.”
“Why are you telling me this?” Sophie asked, curious and cautious.
“I’ve heard that Marcellus has taken over, it’s odd that the witches haven’t risen up yet, in my time, witches were a force to be reckoned with, they participated in a war against my brother with me at their side. Yet, now it seems they cower in fear of newborn vampires led by a toddler. They fought with me against an Original a century ago, yet they now fear a toddler? How odd, unless Marcellus has something up his sleeve.”
“How can I trust you?” Sophie asked, glancing over at Monique’s grave, Kol following her gaze. He paused.
“Because I’ve helped witches time and again. I hold them in high regard, learn from them, teach them. I’m offering my help and unlike Klaus won’t betray you the moment the other side looks brighter.” Kol explained before gazing at the grave again. “How did she die?” He said.
“The Harvest.”
“Why hasn’t she awakened?” Kol asked, looking at Sophie. “The entire purpose hinges on the young witches awakening more powerful than ever.”
Sophie sighed and explained everything, telling him about what happened at the Harvest, Marcel’s rise and oppression of the witches, how he enoforces it and how he killed her sister and countless others for using magic, Kol listening intently, cupping his chin and turning his back on Sophie.
“Tell you what. If you help me. I’ll help you. With both Marcellus and the Harvest. I have a score to settle with Marcellus and Klaus myself.” Kol turned his face to Sophie.
“The Harvest should work, if it hasn’t, then that means the spell’s been hijacked. I can help reverse it and give the power to whom it belongs, awakening the deceased. If I can find who took the power from the spell and take it back, I can potentially awaken all the young witches who lost their lives. Including Monique. You’d be doing the magic of course. But I’ll walk you through it.” Kol held his hand out to Sophie. “To do this you must cooperate with me. Do that, I can save this Monique and teach you magic of the likes you’ve never seen. If you can, get as many witches to align with us as you can.”
Sophie nodded, taking Kol’s hand. “Tell me what I need to do.”
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2023.06.03 12:06 travel-notes-oliver Belfast City Center Beer Bike Tour

Belfast City Center Beer Bike Tour
Belfast is an energetic and bustling city. Its lively culture can be found through music, food and other forms of cultural offerings.

Political murals found throughout the city serve as visual records of its turbulent past. Some serve as memorials while others remind of religious and political divisions in the area.
Tours provide an insider's look into Northern Ireland's past and present. Expert guides relay tales with candor, expertise, and wit.


Self-guided art galleries

Belfast's turbulent history is well-documented, yet today its cityscape offers visitors a vibrant experience. New hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and attractions keep springing up like mushrooms all over town; its commitment to peace can be seen everywhere you look; while visitors from all corners of the globe come here seeking refuge and optimism from its embracement.
Belfast is a relatively compact city that can easily be navigated on foot or bicycle, and boasts an efficient public transit system. A sightseeing hop-on/hop-off bus tour offers visitors the perfect way to see its highlights at their own pace; buses can be booked online or by phone from Belfast City Hall.

Alternately, you could take a guided walking tour through the city with an experienced local guide. This tour entails exploring street art as well as political murals - and your guide will offer insightful commentary about each one!
The Ulster Museum is another must-visit on any trip to Belfast. Boasting everything from fine art to archaeology and even tropical climate plants in its Palm House conservatory, this museum will delight anyone interested in nature while giving you a great opportunity to socialize.


Doing a walking tour

Walking tours offer a fantastic way to get acquainted with Belfast. There are multiple tours available that feature various sights and activities; these could range from tours that highlight live music venues and historic pubs, to those focused on history (Titanic Museum or Crumlin Road Gaol for example).
As another option, hop-on, hop-off bus tours offer an ideal way to see a city while listening to live commentary onboard. They are especially beneficial when travelling solo as you can hop off at any point to explore any particular sight more thoroughly.

Those interested in TV shows and movies can take a tour that explores filming locations in Belfast. From Line of Duty to Game of Thrones, there will undoubtedly be an experience tailored to meet your interests.
Visit a market to browse for local goods, souvenirs and artisan foods. St George's Market is one of the area's most beloved markets with over 300 stalls offering food and drink - such as Yellowman honeycomb - which makes for an exciting shopping experience!

Joining a Meetup group

Belfast is an ideal city for cycling with its flat paved roads and stunning scenery. Its charming streets and friendly locals make the city the ideal spot for discovering it by bike. Additionally, Belfast provides many guided tours that cover various aspects of culture and history for an engaging learning experience about this unique place.
Join a guided walking tour with a local to gain an overview of the city and its highlights. This tour is ideal for travelers seeking an easy introduction to Hillsborough Castle & Gardens, Crumlin Road Gaol and other major sites. Meet your guide at any centrally-located hotel or cruise ship port and view these major sites together with your guide.

For fans of Game of Thrones series, take an excursion that shows you all of Belfast's filming locations for this famous series. Here, you will visit iconic spots such as Cushendun Caves where Melisandre gave birth and Larrybane where Brienne of Tarth defeated Ser Loras as well as Dark Hedges which appeared in Dragonstone episode.
Take a Belfast and Glens of Antrim tour for a day trip that includes visiting the Giant's Causeway - this unique collection of rock formations was once used as a link between Ireland and Scotland!


Joining a book club

Belfast may have experienced turmoil throughout its history, yet today its city offers numerous attractions that are worth seeing. These include "peace walls" separating Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods; an expansive Titanic Belfast exhibition; St George's Market offering local artisan food products and souvenirs; or taking a walking tour with a local guide for an unforgettable experience.
ToursByLocals provides an intimate Belfast experience when booking a private tour through them. Your friendly guide can tailor it specifically to your interests, making sure not to miss any major sites along the way. In doing so, you will learn more of Belfast's story as well as its cultural aspects behind famous sites.

Start exploring Belfast by bike to see some of its iconic sites like Belfast Waterfront Hall and St Anne's Cathedral - this is an ideal way to familiarise yourself with its history, people, and architecture. Or join a Meetup group dedicated to reading such as Belfast Girly Book Club; reading together is guaranteed over an extended period.
Try something local by enjoying an Irish stew or snacking on some yellowman honeycomb - both are beloved treats of Irish cuisine!
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2023.06.03 11:11 Palm_Tree4 I guess LA is considered central California if you fly JetBlue

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2023.06.03 10:31 EchoJobs Zillow is hiring Senior Software Development Engineer Remote US [Spring React JavaScript SQL Java]

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2023.06.03 10:20 EchoJobs Zillow is hiring Senior Software Development Engineer Remote US [Spring React JavaScript SQL Java]

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2023.06.03 06:58 Shakermakerx Didn’t get a shot of merch booth but here’s what I felt like was the nicest NG shirt

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2023.06.03 06:28 Turbodog702 [Palm Springs, CA] [Flexible] Back Again. GM and/or player gauging interest in offline game (Summer/Fall Post)

This is mostly a repost with a goal of starting mid SummeFall.
Not to be deterred, I am ONCE AGAIN gauging interest in who might be willing to start up a local game. We can work out GM and player positions or take turns doing so around the table. Scheduling could be figured out as well when a player pool is showing. Ideally, I am looking to play once a week, but no less than once/2 weeks.
30s/Male/ Palm Spring area
I am unable to host, but I am looking to start something in the surrounding area. I have heavy experience with 3.5, Pathfinder 1E, and 5E D&D. I have done some Call of Cthulhu and Mork Borg. I would also be very receptive to trying out Delta Green, Alien RPG, Godlike, Orbital Blues, or Best Left Buried.
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2023.06.03 05:43 gotopump Any dance classes in Palm Springs/La Quinta CA?

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2023.06.03 05:38 GrandpaDick3 Palm Springs Bear

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2023.06.03 05:10 d1mbo1 I guess LA is considered central California if you fly JetBlue

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2023.06.03 04:59 LinusRanger13 Breaking Down The Timeline of Season Six

Hello, you beautiful human beings. I, like many of you, am chronically online.
You may remember me from last year when I pieced together, in excruciating detail, the timelines of season four. (If you don't, yes, I do exist. 🥲)
Well, folks, I'm BACK! And while I won't be writing my usual snarky commentary, I did want to provide you with crucial info about when most of season six was filmed. Using paparazzi shots, Instagram posts, news headlines, and fan videos, I pieced together many of the scenes from this season to see when exactly this season was filmed.
1.) Yes, I know it's a reality show, which doesn't always present "reality." I'm doing this for fun.
2.) I didn't grab the filming date from every scene; that would've taken too long... and I have to go outside at some point. I know that the cast may not post any pics the same day they were taken, so I did my best to cross-reference each post with other cast members and paparazzi shots to ensure maximum accuracy. Again, this is all for fun, and I may not even be 100% correct, but I did my best.
3.) I missed episode six, "Mary In The Middle," because I fell asleep watching it (not that it was boring, I was just too high). But you get the gist. Enjoy!

Episode 601 - “I Wanted To Hate You”
Scene 2 - Mary @ Penthouse project visiting Romain. Filmed on August 19th, 2022
Scenes 3 and 4 Intercut with each other:
Scene 6 (final scene) - Emma’s open house. Jason/Chrishell tell each other they’re over each other by saying they have partners decades younger than them. Bre thinks Chelsea is a triflin' ass hoe. This scene was filmed on/around August 26th, 2022

Episode 602 - “TBD on Bre”
Scene 2 - Chrishell “returns” back to the office. Nicole tells the camera that she doesn’t fuck with Chrishell. Bre confronts Chelsea during the team meeting about Emma's broker's open. Filmed on August 25th, 2022

Episode 603 - “Old Deals Die Hard”
Scene 1 - Amanza, Chelsea, and Heather tour Manhattan Beach home and fulfill their dreams of seeing a home with a stripper pole. Filmed on/around September 1st, 2022
Scene 2 - Jason brings his 25-year-old and criminally young girlfriend, Mary Lou, to the office. Filmed on August 28th, 2022 (a Sunday!)
Scene 4 - Mary/Romain and Jason/Mary Lou's date night, paid for by the production team. Filmed on October 7th, 2022
Scene 5 - Mary, Heather, and Nicole discuss meeting Jason’s girlfriend. Filmed on/around August 19th, 2022, a week before they “actually” met in scene 2.
Scene 6 (Final scene) - Chelsea’s open house in Manhattan Beach. Bre tells Emma to steer mothafuckin' CLEAR of her billionaires. Nicole and Chrishell have a blowout in front of clients, co-stars, and the cameraman. This remarkable scene, which made it to the headlines, was filmed on August 31st, 2022.

Episode 604 - “Between You and Bre”
Scene 1 - Heather and Bre are looking at a house that I, like everything else in this show, cannot afford. Filmed on/around September 8th, 2022
Scene 4 - Heather’s birthday dinner. Filmed on September 15th, 2022
Scene 5 (final scene) - Chelsea tells Heather, Amanza, and Nicole about Bre’s reaction to Nick Cannon creating his own colony (aka, having another baby). Filmed on/around September 16th, 2022

Episode 605 - “Miss Management”
Scene 2: Bre shows Hollywood home to Telli Swift. Filmed on September 8th, 2022
Scene 5: Nicole and Chelsea hash out their "differences." Filmed on November 9th, 2022, nearly two months after the rest of the episode takes place
Scene 6 (final scene): Girls at the office, Mary questions Chelsea’s common sense and pricing on the Manhattan Beach listing, and Chelsea/Mary have a 1:1 on the drama. Filmed on/around September 16th, 2022

Episode 607 - “If You Can’t Stand The Heat”
Scene 1 - Girls talking at the office regarding Chelsea selling a home, Jason leaving again, and their upcoming trip to Palm Springs*.*
Scene 4 - Amanza and Bre discuss office drama while everyone else is in Palm Springs.

Episodes 608/609 - “Bre Bites Back” and “Lawsuits and Listings”
All Palm Springs scenes were filmed between October 4th, 2022 - October 7th, 2022

Episode 610 - “Something’s Gotta Give”
Scene 1: Girls talking at the office about the Palm Springs drama. Filmed on October 11th, 2022
Scene 3: Heather’s baby shower. Filmed on November 12th, 2022
Scene 4 (final scene): Chelsea/Jason double date at Catch LA. Filmed on November 2nd, 2022

Episode 611 - “It’s Not Worth It”
Scene 1: Mary/Jason at the Oppenheim office discussing Mary’s responsibilities as a manager. Filmed on/around October 19th, 2022
Scene 3: Mary shows some of the girls the final product of the ridiculously overpriced penthouses. Filmed on October 20th, 2022
Scene 5 (finale scene): Penthouse open party. Filmed on October 25th, 2022
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2023.06.03 03:57 pooped_good After 42 years of Dolphins fandom, I get to go to a game in a Miami. Need help with recommendations.

Hey fellow Fins fans!!
I have been a Dolphins fan ever since I can remember. I remember the pain of watching the Dolphins lose to the Redskins & 49ers in the Superbowl. Unfortunately(or fortunately) I’m not old enough to remember the 72 Dolphins. I live in Idaho so I have never watched the Dolphins play in person. Anyway, I won a trip through my work. I won 2 round trip plane tickets anywhere in the lower 48, 5 day/4 night stay in any Marriott listed, free rental car, meals, and $500 Visa card. I figured this would be the perfect way to go watch my Dolphins play a home game. The game that I decided on going to (due to work schedule) is the Broncos/Dolphins on September 24th. There are a few hotels that seem close enough to the stadium, but I’m not sure which one would be the best to take. I’m hoping to stay at a hotel that is on/near the beach. I have NEVER been to the coast of been in the ocean, so I want to get the best experience possible. Below are the hotels I can pick from. Could anyone give me recommendations as to the most scenic locations and stadium section recommendations? I’m pretty sure I wanna be on the Dolphins sideline side, but are the 300+ sections so far away I won’t be able to enjoy the game? One more thing, I am copy/pasting ALL the Florida hotels listed. I understand that some are not in or near Miami. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything on accident.
The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village Sheraton Sand Key Resort
Courtyard Miami Coral Gables
Delta Hotels Daytona Beach Oceanfront
Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa
SpringHill Suites Fort Lauderdale Miramar Renaissance Fort Lauderdale
West Residence Inn Fort Myers Sanibel Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel Miami Marriott Dadeland
Courtyard Miami Coconut Grove Courtyard Miami Beach South Beach Residence Inn Naples
Renaissance Orlando at Sea World Orlando World Center Marriott West Palm Beach Marriott
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