Is the mcdonald's steak bagel back


2021.12.14 04:28 huddythebuddyyt timotheechalametmcrib

the best community for the best combination, the actor Timothée Chalamet and the sandwich that is back, the McDonald's McRib

2008.03.30 23:00 Bacon - Nuff' Said...

Bacon is the only food that goes great with absolutely everything.

2015.04.25 16:06 TheOnlyMeta Un/believable Internet Stories

This subreddit is a mixture of true and fictional stories. Guess which is which!

2023.06.04 06:41 Mharris_1991 Considering purchasing the remake, but a few things first.

Is this good for Xbox Series controllers? I played the original quite a bit back in the 2000's, but definitely prefer some comfort these days. Also, anyone happen to know how the difficulty has changed up? Thinking about spending the 40 bones, but wanna clear a few things first. Thanks folks!
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2023.06.04 06:41 SwagMasterChad This is an unusual question for this sub but this is probably the best subreddit to ask it:

I took the 75-hour salesperson prelicensing course, I passed the exam for that course with a 98%, and then I was in an accident that broke my back and put me out of commission for about three months. So, barring the entire story that goes along with this information, I haven’t been studying for the state/national exam since then.
I applied for the state exam before my prelicensing course was finished, all of us in the class were required to apply. My question is this: What action would you would take in a position like this to get back on track? I want to be in this field, but I’ve never been through a debilitating injury like this before, let alone at such a pivotal point in my life.
I’m on my own with this and I don’t know who to call to set up the actual taking of the exam, I want to read through/study the textbook again because of my neglect for retention, I just don’t know where to go from here to be honest. I was so prepared and suddenly I’m unprepared
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2023.06.04 06:41 N0_Reality How much volume can a perm give to thinned out hair?

My hair is usually very thick and long, but I got a bad cut last year and lost over 50% of the thickness. Now it's just incredibly flat and on the sides, it's so thin that you can literally see gaps between certain parts, which is only accentuated by the poorly cut layers. In a ponytail it just looks like a thin vertical stick shooting out of my head. It's been over half a year and it still hasn't even come close to growing back to its original state.
Besides a cut to fix the layers, I'm considering getting a perm but I'm not sure how much volume it can bring back. Does anyone have any insight on this?
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2023.06.04 06:41 Far-Bat5395 Drop a photo of your Picture Purrfect friend 🫶🏼

Drop a photo of your Picture Purrfect friend 🫶🏼
Backstory is we got back from sip & paint and she walked right up and sat in between the paintings as we were taking a picture of them 😂
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2023.06.04 06:40 911tacobar Let us be your personal TACO CHEF. Bringing the heart and soul of a Mexican street cuisine to you. We are a laid back self sufficient mobile taco cart that is perfect for any back yard boogie, corporate affairs, wedding receptions and more. CONTACT US 702-860-1371

Let us be your personal TACO CHEF. Bringing the heart and soul of a Mexican street cuisine to you. We are a laid back self sufficient mobile taco cart that is perfect for any back yard boogie, corporate affairs, wedding receptions and more. CONTACT US 702-860-1371 submitted by 911tacobar to u/911tacobar [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 06:40 unknownpull Difficulty connecting with people on a deep level

I have a few friends that I can talk about different things with, but nobody truly gets me. People usually assume certain things of me or compare me to their loved ones or friends. Some people will create a whole persona for me in their head and will say things like, "yeah we're so much alike when it comes to this," or when I express something very personal, they'll say things like, "oh you're just like my mom, she's so sensitive and emotional and never lets go of anything" I'd be fine if they stop right there, but then when I share something else, they'd go back to their comparisons and try to tell me why I'm like this because they themselves or their mom is like this. I don't know why it's so hard to just treat a person as an individual.
I've only ever met two people in my whole life who gave me the chance to be myself and asked me thought provoking questions that made me feel like they understood me. I don't know why this is so rare, but they actually listened. They were observant and so calm. For a brief moment they felt like home to me. I chase after this euphoria in every social interaction, but it never feels right.
I feel like my soul craves a free flowing, otherworldly, and deep mental and emotional connection with a person, but everywhere I look, I just get people who are content sticking me inside a box they've created for me.
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2023.06.04 06:40 Anoymous966666 Severe pain in vagina

I have severe pain in my vagina like there's fiberglass in my underwear. I went to the doctor and they went ahead and treated me for Chlamydia and gonorrhea but I just got my test results back and they were both negative.i also had a UTI before this and got a script for it but it can't be a UTI cause this kind of pain is different. I've had chronic UTI and this feels like stabbing needles or razor blades. The pain has not let up. What do I do or what could it be ?
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2023.06.04 06:40 myboybingus I am greatly disappointed in my PC

I upgraded my pc from an integrated to an RX 580 back in April. Now it runs like absolute trash.
Don't get me wrong, it's better but I've been getting crashes galore.
I was playing Cyberpunk 2077, on Low settings, mind you.
After a minute of playing, my pc starts to get absolutely trashed, completely lagging even after I closed it.
Even on idle, watching youtube, it manages to crash and no input on the screen (could be unrelated to the gpu)
It can't even run a modded minecraft on the main menu screen without stuttering like hell, affecting my pc as well.
Here are my specs
Intel-Core i5-9400
8gb ddr4 ram single-channel
AMD Radeon RX 580 2048SP
Corsair CV450 PSU
It could just be my PSU or ram. Is there a cause to my suffering or are there any upgrades I can get to make it better?
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2023.06.04 06:40 remmy66 Childish to feel bad about being left out?

Seems silly to post this when other people are posting significant stuff but its been stuck in my head all night. I was recently feeling depressed about shitty life issues when a friend of mine tried cheering me up, and told me he planned to play a new switch game later tonight with a mutual friend of our and he invited me. I told him id download the game and let him know when it was set. After it was done and i messaged him i was free whenever, i heard nothing back. Checking my switch i saw both of them playing the game and immediately my depression and dark thoughts kicked in. Did they purposely ignore me? Is it possible they simply didnt see my msg and forgot? How should i react? Should i even bother telling them i saw them playing? It seems silly and childish but it really hurt and i wasnt doing great emotionally b4 hand. Just needed to put it out there or else itd be on my mind all night
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2023.06.04 06:40 ActivityLiving9030 How do I tell my parents about getting a passport to see my boyfriend (23M)

I (20F) want to see my boyfriend next year. I am 20 years old, almost 21. My parents have controlled me my whole life or like to believe they have. They have stopped me from doing many things in my life and continue to do so. I am very tired of them controlling my life. It makes me feel like I have done nothing in my life at all that makes me happy. My boyfriend lives in another country, and he plans to meet my parents next year. When he flys back home after seeing and meeting my parents, I want to fly to his place with him. I will 100% pay for the tickets and my passport since I have a job. Him and his dad plan on coming here to meet them so I can see my boyfriend in a different country since they restrict me from seeing him alone. I understand that safety reasons and why they say no, but since they will be meeting him, I want to stay with him for a couple months after they meet him. I know they will still say no after that and will continue to do so no matter how many times he comes.
My parents always have been very judge mental and want me to get a boyfriend who is smart, financially stable, good looking, and what not. But I only look for a man who will treat me like a princess, and he does, he notices the little things and makes me so happy. He is so good looking to me and is smart to me! I truly look up to him, but in my parents eyes, they might not see that.
My parents always talks about going on vacation because they need a break from the kids and whatnot. They have always done that my entire life, every week go one vacation because they needed a break from me. So this is my vacation to take a break from them and school. It will be good for me mentally. I just want to tell my parents I am getting a passport and getting tickets, if they say no, then I will tell them they better save up for a passport and tickets. Does anyone have any advice or tips on telling them?
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2023.06.04 06:40 Overall-Term-8839 How can I help my 10 month old who hates food gain weight?

My son hates ACTUAL food like the basic daily cooking, rice, beans, chicken, etc… only thing he won’t mind chewing are his snacks. I only give my son 2-3 bottles of milk throughout the day and he appears to me getting skinnier…I don’t know if I should just go back to giving him only formula or keep trying even though he’s been rejecting actual food since like forever. Is there any safe liquid weight gain supplements to give him or something? I’m a first time mom so please no judgment.
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2023.06.04 06:40 guuuuuuuy I lost my phone in the river 3 weeks ago.

I lost my phone in the river 3 weeks ago.
Someone found my iPhone in the bottom of the river today. They charged it up and it still works. I lost it kayaking 3 weeks ago. I’d say that’s waterproof!
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2023.06.04 06:40 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Latest Updates)

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2023.06.04 06:40 Chefgin Initial stock help

I have a 55 gallon display with 3 separate 20 gallons and a 40 gallon sump all in one connected system cycling right now. The issue is this tank is in my new house 9 hours away from my current. The location it's in is very remote (top michigans upper peninsula about and hour or two from Marquette) and im a bit confused on how I should be going about stocking this tank initially. I'd like it to be a mixed a reef tank, but I am scared of me introducing to much and the tank crashing. It's got about 70lbs of live rock plus live sand and the sump. The fish I want to add are 2 engineer gobies, 2 clownfish, and other various nano reef fish. Plus a lot of coral. How should I go about this without doing long drives back and forth? Thank you!
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2023.06.04 06:40 FrenchFried209 I think my boyfriends aunt tried to threaten me.

So my boyfriends family had a party yesterday and I decided to go. I really didn’t want to go to begin with but I figured we wouldn’t be there too long and I would feel a little guilty if I didn’t go because I haven’t gone to their last 3 parties. Just to preface this entire situation, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and since we’ve started, his mom and 2 aunties have tried to meddle in our relationship in some way. From his mom constantly nagging him about not getting me pregnant, her asking me if I’m on birth control because “her son has things that he wants to do with his life” (as if I’m some type of gold digger), trying to enlist the help of their entire family to talk him out of moving into an apartment with me. Whenever we first started dating, someone started a rumor that he was going to sneak off and marry me and this caused his mom to freak out completely. People in his family were calling him trying to “talk some sense into him”, it was so weird and to be honest, I think his mom made this up.
His mom and aunts are usually “nice” to me but these situations have definitely left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to them which is why I don’t visit them often. I will admit, sometimes I enjoy myself whenever I hang with them but in the back of my mind, I don’t feel completely comfortable with them.
Let me preface this by saying, his two aunts are like his second mother. One of his aunts, is a little…off. (The other one is too but this story isn’t about her) She’s always drunk/tipsy whenever I see her and it 100% never fails that she will go into a long rant about how much she took care of my boyfriend as a kid and how much she loved him. She really sees him as her second son. It was cool the first 2 times but after the 8th time listening to her talk about how much she loves my boyfriend is when it starts to get weird.
My boyfriend and I were sitting by the pool yesterday evening and his aunt came up and starting going on her 58th speech about how much she took care of him as a child and how much she loved him. She starts kissing him on the cheek and calling him little pet names. I can tell he’s 100% uncomfortable but won’t tell her to quit it. She then starts tearing up and crying talking about how much she loved and cared about him. Of course she was likely tipsy at this point but I tried to act natural because I didn’t want to be rude. I kept saying “aw that’s so cute! haha” and looking over at my boyfriend. What pisses me off is when she starts saying how he was “her baby” and how she would FIGHT ME for him if she needed too. I paused for a second while she continued to rant and she says it again, and adds “me and his mom will fight when it comes to him!”. I said “FIGHT ME?” and she tries to play it off as if she was talking in general but I knew what she was trying to say. She then starts saying how “men need to treat women right…but women need to treat men right also” while looking dead at me. Not sure what that was about. She ends up hugging and kissing both of us on the cheeks and FINALLY walks away. My boyfriend just sat there with an uncomfortable look on his face.
After this interaction, I’m mostly quiet and straight faced. It took me about 15 minutes to process everything. We didn’t say much on the way home. I wish he would’ve said something but he is so use to his family acting this way, I’m sure he didn’t even want to bother.
While she very well could’ve been speaking in general, her comments felt targeted towards me. I really want to make an effort to go back over his family’s house next week so that I can give her a piece of my mind but I know it won’t be worth it.
Can someone give me some type of advice?
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2023.06.04 06:40 Ok-Mousse-673 How difficult is it to get trading or research internships at these funds?

A few months back I asked a close friend at school what he was doing for the summer and he told me that he is interning at a hedge fund. I asked him to go into detail about what he does and he just said that he’s in trading. He then went on to say that he shadows desks, does projects, and started explaining random things to me like applying physics to one of his projects and I was lost in the conversation as he tried to explain more concepts. He then told me to look into quant trading so I’ve lurked on this sub for a couple months to try and understand. How hard is it to land an internship at these funds? We’re good friends so I usually see him fucked up 3 or 4 nights out the 7 in a week having fun and going out but I didn’t know he had lights on up there lmao we’re only going into our junior year but he’s returning for another internship at a fund on this list. He never really talks about it.
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2023.06.04 06:40 WalrusSadMyBad Abdominal

29F, no meds except Levothyroxine for hypothyroid. I've never had any surgeries. Severe abdominal pain for the last hour and a half in the upper left quadrant. (The pain actually made me cry-- I've given birth twice and never cried from pain) Constant pain, but does sometimes come in waves. I've taken tums, deank some Sosa to try and burp,, I've passed some gas, but the pain isn't subsiding. No yellowing of my eyes, no fever, some nausea. Pain radiates to my back in waves, not constant. I've tried laying down, sitting down, walking, squatting, etc. Is this just more gas? Do I need to go in?
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2023.06.04 06:40 code_hunter_cc Error when creating a mongodb replicaset - shows unrecognized option '--smallfiles'

I am creating the below mongodb statefulset which creates 3 replicas but when I run the code I get the below error and all pods are in CrashLoopBackOff state.
This is the error which I get when I try kubectl create -f
Error parsing command line: unrecognised option '--smallfiles'
apiVersion: apps/v1beta1kind: StatefulSetmetadata: name: mongo namespace: microservice1spec: serviceName: "mongo" replicas: 3 template: metadata: labels: role: mongo environment: test spec: terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 10 containers: - name: mongo image: mongo command: - mongod - "--replSet" - rs0 - "--smallfiles" - "--noprealloc" ports: - containerPort: 27017 volumeMounts: - name: mongo-persistent-storage mountPath: /data/db - name: mongo-sidecar image: cvallance/mongo-k8s-sidecar env: - name: MONGO\_SIDECAR\_POD\_LABELS value: "role=mongo,environment=test" volumes: - name: mongo-persistent-storage flexVolume: driver: fsType: ceph options: fsName: myfs # name of the filesystem specified in the filesystem CRD. clusterNamespace: rook # namespace where the Rook cluster is deployed clusterName: rook
Answer link :
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2023.06.04 06:39 AbyssalReaper Custom drop down menu for just programs

Back when I was younger during the time of windows 7; my friend would have a folders for different stuff, one might be for games, another for video editing, etc.. Their desktop would be clean and minimal, no icons or whatever, they would be able to right click on the screen like you would now for the context menu but it would list the difference folders then, they would be able to open\launch any game from that drop-down\ context menu.
I like having the option to quick launch my stuff cause of the shortcuts but my desktop is now getting cluster. So that type of thing would really help with my situation.
I'm trying to find something similar to that for the last couple of days to no success. I believe the program my friend used was Black 'something', I don't really remember it well I could be totally wrong on the name.
If anyone knows what program I'm referring to or anything alternative to what I'm talking about if there is such a thing for windows 11, let me know that be much appreciated.
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2023.06.04 06:39 sputmutt Trade In Issues

In February '23 I traded in 4 old samsung phones and got 4 new S23s. The mistake I made was sending all 4 trade ins in the one box they sent the new phones in. I included all shipping labels and documentation for each phone and they received the box on 2/23/23. In April I was charged back on 3 lines and just got credit for the 1 the shipping label was for. I called right away when I got notified of the credit charge backs and was on the phone for almost 2 hours and was promised this would be fixed right away. I have had another lengthy chat saying it will take more time, another hour phone call saying it will be taken care of and she will call in a week (never did), and yet another phone call and was told I would be getting a $250 credit yet that is not showing up. Support thru the site is just a frustrating back and forth of this is Dan and I will help you, I reply, they say need more info, I reply again, and nothing happens. The website still shows 2 of the 4 trade ins have not been received. They verified the weight of the box was more than one device but am now just in limbo I guess until the 2 phones are found and denied as being sent in late. Anyone have any advice on how to get this resolved considering it's June and my current and next bills are still wrong? I switched from USCC a year ago last January and am really sick of this.
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2023.06.04 06:39 Organboner4844 My biggest problem with Destiny post-Lightfall

Listen, I know many are upset with aspects of the game. I understand that many guardians didn’t care for the LF campaign, or had problems with the Season of Defiance, and more recently, many have expressed displeasure with the lack of new armor. I can see where everyone is coming from with these complaints (except the armor one; I’m never taking the Taken King sets off ever again), but these pertinent points aren’t what boil my blood. It’s what they’ve done with the Good Boy Protocol that annoys the hell out of me.
I have some major issues with how they’ve brought back the exo doggo. Firstly, while I understand that as an exo and the pup probably doesn’t experience pain the same as non-exo dogs, I absolutely hate the single shitty rug/blanket that they’ve given him for a bed. The Tower is an elevated place and probably has cooler temps, and since much of it is made from steel, concrete and other hard/sturdy materials, I assume that the tiny rug he has doesn’t provide any real cushioning or warmth. With all the hunter capes we dismantle, I just wish we could donate them to make a much comfier place for our robotic friend.
This brings me to my next point: why must he be all by himself in the basement? The dude just seems so happy when guardians pass by and pet him, and I can’t help but feel bad with his isolation. After all, when we find him, he’s tucked way down in the Seraph orbital station, and now that he’s rescued, he now lives in our basement. Somehow just doesn’t seem like that much of an improvement.
A possible solution: Ideally, I’d like to see him and Ada-1 bond and get closer. She could use her synthweaving abilities to build him a killer set-up and since both of them have significant periods of isolation in their pasts, I feel like it would be fitting for them to find value in each other as permanent companions.
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